• Why are unmarried girls giving birth to children without sex

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    The trend of Virgin Birth is increasing among women. Women are becoming mother without marriage. Women can give birth to children without any relation with men, this process has been given the name of Virgin Birth in medical science. Many women in the world are willing to become mothers through IVF voluntarily.

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    In the UK many girls are heterosexual and their age is around 20-22 years. During the last 5 years, all these women have chosen the option of IVF to become a mother. According to study, they had prepared themselves to be mother mentally.

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    These women claim that they did not have any problem with the conceive. They chose In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) instead of the Vaginal Intercourse to become a mother.

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    Women who chose the option of Virgin Birth says that they took such a decision because they have not yet found the right partner. Although some girls said that they have no interest in sex. At the same time, many fear the sex in mind.

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    Some religious organizations believe that a child should be born and brought up in a traditional manner. One reason for this is that women are also financially self-reliant. A doctor told that these single mothers are mostly strong emotionally and financially.

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    As per the study, When single women started moving forward to become a mother in such a way, then there was a sudden change in society. They said women have the right to choose their way according to their own. If she wants this, she has the right.

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    According to the survey, one in 200 women in the US became pregnant without sexual intercourse. 31 percent of these women said that they pledged to maintain their purity and not to sex because of religious reasons.

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    Pope Francis expressed concern over the change in the family structure. He said, "The trend of trusting someone else in marketism is decreasing. Now people are not even close to anyone. Today's culture is preventing anyone from joining another person. People are looking at everything fearfully.