• The snake head is 25 cm 10 inches in length. These five species (C. Argos, C Barca, C. Marlius, C. Microftts and C. Strata) can reach 1 meter (3 ft 3 inches) or more.

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    Payara is a predatory fish found in the Amazon Basin, where the Tapaje river appears to the eastern boundary of its border. This was the first of the four species described in the genus hydrolyscus.

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    It has 32 razor-sharp teeth that are of similar size to those of a great white shark and has been known for attacking humans and even crocodiles.

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    Box jellyfish are coveted NNEdarian Uppsala tabettes through cubic-shaped. Some species of the box, such as jellyfish, give very strong poison: Chironex Flexi, Rukia Barnesi and Malo Rani. That can be fatal for humans

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    Whales are completely marine mammals with aquatic immersion, they are widely distributed and diverse groups. These are informal groups within the Infrastructure Cetaceaeas, usually excluding dolphins and porposes.

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    The Sinensia family has a species of fish. Sinicides, stonefish, whose members are asymmetrical, dangerous. And also fatal for humans, it is one of the very special fish, it is found in the coastal areas of Indo-Pacific.

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