• Anguralata Deka India's Most beautiful and Hot Legislator

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    In the state assembly, the legislators will sit in front of the country's hottest MLA. And will also make laws for that state. These MLAs are known to have actresses, angurlata Deka.

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    Deka, the country's largest HOT woman MLA, wins the BJP ticket from Batadova in Assam. Angurata Deka defeats Congress's Gautam Bora in election

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    The number of Muslims is said to be quite high in the seat they won. There is a large number of people coming to Bangladesh from Bangladesh. There is also a film actress.

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    Deka has also worked in several Bengali and Assamese films. He is also fond of photo shoots. Angurata Deka first stepped into politics and also got success.

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    Serbanand Sonowal was already declared the candidate of the CM post. Since becoming a union minister, the post of CM candidate Sonowal was very big and the party was also expecting a miracle. After all this bet of BJP came in handy and BJP won.