In the American list related to terrorism, North Korea can be involved.

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In the American list related to terrorism, North Korea can be involved.

US President Donald Trump will announce his decision to keep North Korea in the US list of terror sponsored states next week. White House Advisor HR McMaster said that due to the inflammatory action of North Korea, America should seriously consider it North Korea has been placed in terrorism-sponsored lists with Sudan, Syria, and Iran. Also, McMaster named the dictator of North Korea as the killer of his stepbrother Kim Jong-Nam. Sudan has also expressed his commitment to breaking all trade and military relations with North Korea, whose US welcomes. The US State Department said in a statement released yesterday that the US welcomes this decision of Sudan and he will continue to cooperate with Sudan in this case so that it can be fully implemented.

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First Published: 18 November, 2017, 11:08 AM
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Four million children may die due to hunger in DR Congo: UNICEF

The United Nations on Tuesday warned that more than four million children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are severely malnourished and if the casualty is not interrupted, they may die within a few months. United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF said that this problem has been spreading in a large area of ​​hard-to-reach in the middle African country with this crisis. UNICEF said that there has been adverse impact on the 18-month violence, large scale displacement and decline in agricultural production.

This year on Google search, Bollywood and cricket are Stay tuned. Number 1 Bahubali in Google Trending

Google releases year-in-search every year, which has searches throughout the year, it has been released in different countries. According to Google, this year India is hosting Bollywood and cricket on Google search. This year Google has been number one in Google trending. The second number in this chart is IPL, that is, it is clear that cricket and entertainment are the most popular among people this time too. People searched for live scores for IPL. Live Cricket Stores has been ranked third in the trending quarters in India this year.

Pak Supreme court orders on Katasraj temple.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan,  has said that in one of the sacred places of Hinduism, there is no idol of Ram, Shiva and Hanuman in the Katasaraj temple, why the administration is acting negligently in this matter. The court said that in addition to Pakistan and India, people from Hindu communities come from all over the world to palay religious rituals. If there are no sculptures in the temple, then what will they make about the minority Hindus living in Pakistan?

American scientists put seams on Ram Sethu, political embarrassment in India

Even though some political people in India say Ramsetu as fictitious, a team of American geologists has stamped on RamSetu's existence. The team of American Archaeologist has released this report after studying the pictures from the bridge sites and sand satellite. In this report, American scientists have described the claim of Ram Setu's existence as true.

Scientists have described it as a super human activity. According to the study report, the sand rocks are completely natural in the area of ​​30 miles between Indo-Sri Lanka, but the stones kept on them seem to be brought from somewhere else. It is said to be older than seven thousand years old. At the same time, the stones present here are said to be about four to five thousand years old.

Become the dangerous for North Korea, Kim's madness.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong, he had dreamed of destroying the whole world. He himself has now brought the crisis at that place. By testing one by one after another, Kim has shaken the tectonic plates under the ground of his own country. Now Alam is there that living in North Korea is burning. Especially in Puyang-Ra's area where so far Kim Jong-il has tested 4 times and his father Kim Jong Il 2 times. North Korea has done all the tests so far that Pyonggang-Ray test site did on North Korea's land The tectonic plates under are teased. This is a side effect that North Korean and its supreme leader Kim Jong, even those who do not understand what to do.

Putin ordered partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived suddenly on Syria tour, has partially announced the return of Russian soldiers from the country. Russia first made air attacks on the rebels fighting with the Islamic State group and other jihadis, along with government forces, in support of its ally Damascus, while interfering in the war in 2015. Putin, who was visiting Syria's Hemim Air Base, addressing on television said, "I have ordered the Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff to start the return of a group of Russian soldiers from their permanent base." He said, "I have decided that a significant part of the detachment of the Russian soldiers should come back from Syria."

Israel attacks Gaza Strip by tank and aircraft

The Hamas-ruled Gaza Strike attacked by tank and the aircraft. The army had said yesterday that two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, but Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system destroyed the second rocket in the air. After the first rocket blast, the Israeli army issued a statement and said that in response to the attack, Hamas military checkpost located in the southern Gaza Strip was targeted by a tank and Israel's air force.

1800 soldiers from China making camps, helipads and roads

China has not been able to find its way in Dokalmal. After the dispute, Chinese soldiers have again camped on the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet border and there are 1600-1800 Chinese soldiers. It has been claimed in the reports that Chinese soldiers are doing road construction and other construction work in this area besides the helipad.

White women are targeting the UK's by pak people.

Britain's anti-extremist think-tank has admitted in its report that culprits of culinary origins are targeting white women in UK. He ties friendship with the UK women through drugs and alcohol, and then they are abused or sexually abused by them. The Calamity group established in Britain believes that the people of Pakistan are unable to connect themselves with the British community due to which they is getting involved in sexual offenses. Such attacks on women of Asian descent are very few, because Pak-based criminal gangs consider them as their own.

Assam: 6 elephants killed by train while crossing railway track

At least 6 elephants have died due to a sharp drop in trains in Sonitpur district of Assam. North Eastern Frontier Railway (NFR) official said that the incident happened between the Balipara and Dhalibal station. As reported, the corridor notified for elephants is 131 kilometers and 144 kilometers, whereas the accident has occurred in the non-notified area.

After Max, the court ordered the cancellation of lease fortis hospital.

After Max Hospital in Delhi, the rule  has now fallen on the Fortis hospital of Gururgram. Haryana Health Minister Anil  has taken strict action and ordered the cancellation of the land of the hospital. After the treatment of a child against the hospital, there was an investigation into the issue of paying a bill of 18 lakhs. After this report, Vij has taken this step. Earlier, in the case of Gurujram, Fortis Hospital was found guilty and on the basis of the report of the committee headed by Additional Director General of Haryana Health Department Dr. Rajiv Vadhera, the FIR will be registered against the State Government Hospital.

Australia will investigate damage to news media from Facebook-Google

Australia will investigate that there is no harm to the news media industry from online platforms such as Facebook and Google. Here the loss is from the perspective of consumer and publisher. ACC Chairman Rod Sims said that he too Will check whether digital platforms are affecting the ability of traditional media to pay for content. A few weeks ago, a number of journalists who were working in a news website were removed in Australia. Like the other countries in Australia, the digital industry has suffered damage to the media industry. Companies are shifting their ads to digital platforms. More of this is going to Google and Facebook. 

Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

American President Donald Trump, while announcing the protests, on Wednesday night declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He said that America will take its embassy from Tel Aviv to this holy city. America has always been in favor of peace in the world and will continue to do so. We will not have any role in the border dispute. Tell us that America has always considered Jerusalem as a holy place. Before this decision of the Trumpet was started in protest against the Arab countries. 10 Gulf countries, including Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, have warned America on this. Meanwhile, the US has advised its citizens to avoid letting Israel go.

Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri withdrew his resignation

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has decided to withdraw his resignation one month after announcing his resignation on Wednesday. According to a statement from the Cabinet, Hariri said that the Council of Ministers thanked him for his resignation.Hariri had announced his resignation on 4 November in his speech on TV from Saudi Arabia. In view of the tension between Saudi and its territorial rival Iran, his resignation was being considered. Stronger Lebanese Hezbollah Shiya movement is supported by Iran. Due to this matter, there is a situation of severe tension in the countries of West Asia. Saudi Arabia said that Hariri is in danger of life from Hezbollah, for this reason, he stayed there with his own will.

Intelligence agency foiled a conspiracy to murder PM Theresa.

Britain's intelligence agency has foiled Islamic fundamentalists' plans to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa According to the report, the failed plot against Me was to be executed by an explosive device, under which the terrorists planned to detonate in front of the Mayan residence at 10 Downing Street. The police believe that the terrorists were planning to explode the Downing Street through the explosive device and kill Theresa. One of the conspiracies of several planned attacks in 2010 was that the police and British security services were able to stop.

China's PAK stops funding of major blow, CPEC road projects.

hometown of terrorism Pakistan, china  has given a tremendous blow to his friend. The funds received for the three major road projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) have been stopped. China has taken this step after being accused of corruption in these projects under CPEC. The Pakistani newspaper Dawn told an official that in the meantime, the Chinese government has stopped the funding of three projects of the road network that are being built under the CPEC.

Russia rejects demands to break relations with North Korea

Russia has turned down the demand of the United States to break relations with North Korea. Said that America is doing everything to provoke Kim Jong-nong of North Korea.America had warned a day earlier that if the war had taken place, North Korean leadership would be completely destroyed. North Korea recently got its third ICBM tested. He has claimed that this inter-continental ballistic missile is capable of attacking anywhere in America. Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov rejected Washington's call to break up with North Korea. He accused the United States of trying to provoke Kim Jong-those government. He also said that it should be investigated that America is not planning to destroy North Korea. He said that we have been saying for a long time that the pressure of sanctions has come to an end.

Huti rebels claimed to have killed former President Saleem of Yemen.

During a fierce encounter in Sana after the breakdown of the rebels' coalition in Yemen, Huti insurgents claimed to have killed former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. However, this claim of the rebels has not been independently confirmed. In the army, heavy firing is being held between close forces of Saleh and the Shia rebels supported by Iran. Three years ago, the two had jointly occupied a considerable portion of the Sana. In the capital last week, there was a fierce battle in the capital with the collapse of the alliance. Was accused of betrayal and former President Saleh had approached Saudi Arabia-led coalition to fight the rebels. President Abed Rabbo Mansoor Hadi, who is running from the southern city of Aden, took advantage of this opportunity.

US reprimand given to Pakistan, Take action against terror or else we will act.

US Central Investigation Agency (CIA) director Mike Pompey has warned Pakistan that if he does not take action against terrorists' safe havens, then America will be forced to ruin these bases themselves. Has come when US Defense Minister Jim Matisse will be staying in Islamabad on Monday and Pakistan's co-operation on the new strategy for Afghanistan Will discuss for yoga. The CIA director said that Defense Minister will send this message to US President Donald Trump to Pakistan that the US is serious about tackling terrorist bases. If Pakistan does not cooperate, then we will take every possible action to destroy the targets of the terrorists.

Hearing on Mallya's extradition today in London

In connection with the extradition of industrialist Vijay Mallya, a team of CBI officers will be present during the hearing in the London court starting today. CBI is investigating against Mallya in relation to non-payment of debts of more than 9,000 crores of banks. To bring Mallya back, the case of India will be represented by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) of the UK Government. A team led by Rakesh Asthana left for London on Sunday and starts in the Westminster Magistrates' court Will be present during the hearing.

Donald Trump: I never asked James Commy to stop investigating the flynn.

U.S. President Donald Trump denied that he had never stopped investigating the then FBI Director James Commy from investigating his former security adviser Michael Flynn. He said that he and his campaign in last year's election campaign had no connection with Moscow. He accused it of the Justice Department and his political opponent, Hillary Clinton.I never stopped comic from examining the Flynn. The fake news covering another lie of commy. "Another Twitter post made his situation complex, in which he indicated that he had removed the Flynn because he was not honest to both Vice President Mike Pains and the FBI.

In the 133-year Congress, 43 years the party's power remained with the Gandhi-Nehru family.

On December 28, 2017, the Congress Party is going to celebrate its 133th establishment year. Before that, the process of making Rahul Gandhi the president of the party started on 4th December. The Congress was founded on 28 December 1885. Since then, 59 people have been the presidents of the country's oldest party. Rahul Gandhi will be the 60th President of Congress. Sonia Gandhi was the Congress president till now. He has made the record for the longest party presidential position in the history of Congress.

Christmas Celebration: Megan Merkel will celebrate Christmas with Queen Elizabeth.

This Christmas is expected to be special for Britain's royal family because Prince Harry's fiancée Meghan Merkel will join the Queen Elizabeth II this time with Christmas.American actress Meghan and Prince Harry are going to be married in May 2018. Meghan will join this traditional festival with other members of the royal family. The whole event also includes black-tie dinner, full English breakfast and Pageant shoot. It is being said that Prince Harry asked Queen to allow Meghan to join in. After which the actress will attend the whole event. Permission to join Christmas before marriage shows how the whole royal family Meghan has accepted as a member of the family.

Traveling in the Underground Metro can cause cancer.

According to a study in the US, there is a greater risk of cancer for travelers who travel in underground Ground Metro trains. In 2015, 6.5 million people died due to air pollution worldwide. Researchers say that air pollution is the most dangerous Particulate matter level. The researchers said that two major compounds found in air pollution are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and hexavalent chromium. Both types of compounds include cardiovascular and respiratory distances The causes of the US. Researchers from Southern California, based in the US, found that underage Too much traveling in the round tunnel can cause lifetime cancer.

After the missile test bringing the US To the extent, U Korea celebrated the celebration.

North Korea celebrated Saturday after the successful test of the intercontinental ballistic missile Hwang-15, which took over the entire United States. Thousands of people gathered in Pyongyang's Kim Jong-II Square. During the celebration, fireworks were made and posters of North Korea leaders were installed. All senior officials of the North Korean Army and all the party's big leaders were present in the celebration. After the Missile test, dictator Kim Jong Un told him that North Korea In the world, 7 countries have tested the ICBM missile so far. These include Russia, America, China, India, France, Israel and North Korea.

terrorist attack in Pakistan's college, 12 killed; terrorists were wearing Burqe

Three Taliban terrorists attacked an agriculture college on Friday morning. The terrorists had come in an auto and were wearing a burqa. 12 people were killed in the attack. More than 30 injured The condition of 4 has been severely reported. The three terrorists have also been killed. They entered the campus of the Agriculture Training Institute. Started firing there. Before entering the campus, he shot the injured guard at the gate of the institute and shot him. According to the media reports, the voices of bomb blasts were also heard twice inside the campus. However, it could not be confirmed. According to Inspector General Salahuddin Mehsud, there were many students in the institute during the attack, but most of them were taken out. The Taliban took responsibility for the attack. Let us know that in December 2014 Pakistan Taliban attacked the army school of Peshawar only. It killed 134 children and school staff.

The troubled Chinese person jammed with the road changed the color of the road. Police imposed fines.

Disturbed by the jam on the road while returning home, a Chinese person has changed the way by painting the lines on the road. According to the Express, according to the Expression of the person, the identity of the person is with his nickname Kai. In CCTV footage, he seems to be painting the arrow on the other side to redirect traffic to a junction in the eastern city of Lianyungang.The policeman imposed a fine of $ 150 on that person. After the financing, the police left him. Kai said, 'I used to go home by bus every day after work, which passed through that route. There was heavy traffic and I saw that there were only a few cars on the road going to the left, so I just wanted to expand a driving lane by making a straight arrow.

A clash between supporters of Hutti rebels and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen, 14 deaths Many injured

Shia Hutti rebels in the capital Sana of Yemen and a fight between supporters of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh In which 14 people were killed today. Doctors and officials said that there was a clash around Yemen's largest Central Saleh Mosque in Sanaa. An official from the Congress told that the Hutti insurgents tried to capture the mosque. The official said that the security personnel of the mosque are supporters of Saleh. And they stopped the attempt to capture the mosque, which started firing between the two camps. The firing broke out in the surrounding provinces. Four supporters of Saleh died on the spot and five died after being hospitalized. According to officials of two hospitals in the capital, nine Hutti rebels were also killed in the firing.

Preparing to surround North Korea on missile testing: Donald Trump

After the missile tests on Wednesday from North Korea, there has been a stir in the whole world. US President Donald Trump discussed this issue provoking provocation from South Korean counterpart Moon J-in and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on this issue. The American president is proving to be a big challenge for Trump. The ballistic missile also covers the eastern coastal coast of America, including Washington. After the Missile test, in a conversation with reporters in Roosevelt Room of the White House, Trump said, "We will handle it, we will deal with this situation. The latest provocation of North Korea is not just for America, South Korea, and Japan, but for the whole world.

Tulsi Gabard told. The release of Hafiz Saeed is silly

US Democratic MP Tulsi Gabbard termed Mastermind Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks, as silly to release him from internment. The Pakistani government decided to not keep the head of the banned Jamaat-ud-Dawa in any other case and detained, after which he will be arrested on Friday. Tulsi, co-chairman of the House Congressional Caucus of India and Indian Americans, said that Pakistan Has given shelter to bin Laden, responsible for the 9/11 attacks in America. He also released the terrorist who has declared a reward of 10 million dollars for the capture.

In 75 days, North Korea for the second time, tainted missile in the sea of Japan.

North Korea smashes Hwang-15 missile in Japan's sea on Monday. This is the second time in the past 75 days that North Korea has done a missile test for Japan. After the test, North Korea said that the entire continent of the United States is in their JD. The United States has said that North Korea can now target any country in the world. American Defense Minister Jim Matisse said that the number of intercontinental ballistic missiles tested by North Korea so far is the most powerful of the current missile. North Korea's missile program is threatened by world, regional and American peace. We are working on the bottom line. Donald Trump had a brief briefing at the White House and a look at North Korea's situation.

First time met through 'blind date', Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry of Britain has decided to marry American actress Meghan Markle. Rajkumar has revealed that he propose Megan with roasted chicken. Rajkumar also believes that despite the heavy pressure Megan will be "extremely spectacular" in the new royal role. Yugal says that both of them spent the 'love night' in Prince Harry's cottage at the Kensington Palace ground this month. Were. Harry-Meghan also said that when a friend had fixed a 'blind date' between them, at that time they did not know each other well enough.

Yoga received the status of the game in Saudi Arabia.

The Trade and Industry Ministry of Saudi Arabia has given official recognition to teach as a sports activist. Yoga can be taught now in Saudi Arabia with the license now. A woman named Nof Marwai has also got the status of Saudi Arabia's first yoga instructor. Nof is also credited with giving yoga recognition as a sport in Saudi. Yoga was universally accepted on September 27, 2014, in the United Nations General Assembly and on June 21 every year, Yoga Day is celebrated worldwide.

Protesters stopped the pace of Islamabad The security forces left the tear gas

In Pakistan, the ruckus in Islamabad has wreaked havoc with the action of security forces on the protesters to abolish the continuation of Tehrik-e-Labbak (TLP) or the Islamic organization named Rasool Allah. 20 Pakistani security forces have sat on the fence on Faizabad Interchange The force started experimenting to disperse the protesters. Since then, there has been a continuous eruption of stoneworks and police. The number of exhibitors is not much, but the attacks being carried out by stonework have stabbed Pakistan's security forces.

America's newly elected President Donald Trump was chosen 'TIME Person of the Year'

America's newly elected President Donald Trump has been selected as Time Person of the Year. Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the claimant of Time Person of the Year this time. Modi is also a favorite of the public in the online readers' poll. He was nominated for the annual honor of Time magazine's 'Person of the Year', along with Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This international magazine chooses the Person of the Year for anyone influencing the news at the annual level. In this sense, Time's editors selected 11 people as the last contenders for this honor.Memory gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Simone Bills, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and singer Beyoncé among others were included.

Twitter has closed 90 thousand Fake accounts which were running under the name of women.

Twitter has closed 45 suspicious Twitter accounts involving American president Donald Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Breakesit. According to the report of Bangfied News, Twitter has taken this step after detecting the network of accounts directly related to Russia.A group of data scientists found 156,252 Russian accounts on Twitter this month, in which Breitsit was mentioned and these were During the 48 hours of voting through accounts, 45,000 messages related to the EU referendum were posted. Twitter has closed the 90 thousand fake accounts.

In the UK snowfall, rain and storm together, train-bus service closed.

There were heavy rain, snowfall, and storms together in the UK on Wednesday night. There was an average of 2 inches rain and 8 inches snowfall in one day. Also winds up at 112 kmph This caused the shutdown of train and bus services in many parts of the UK. 6000 houses have been damaged by rain and snowfall. The UK is getting cold this year. This is the highest in 7 years in November. In many areas, mercury has reached minus 2 degrees to minus 15 degrees. In Lakshadhai, there was 43 mm rainfall in 24 hours. About 10 thousand people got stuck on the road due to the closure of trains and buses. Kumariya received 89 mm of rain. Schools have been closed here.

Kendall became the world's highest paid model, earning 142 crores annually.

Forbes is the 22nd model of the world's highest-grossing American and TV celebrity Kendall Jenner. Kendor's annual earnings were pegged at Rs 142.80 crores in 2017. He overcame 37-year-old model Jeisel Bundchen. Forbes has released the list of the world's highest-grossing Top-10 models. There is no model of India on the list. Kendall Jenner's earnings have risen about 78 crores in the last one year by the endorsement of international brands such as Adidas, La Perla, and Este Lauder. Another new trend has emerged from the list. Indeed, the worldwide debate has increased on body shaming. Meanwhile, for the first time in this list of Forbes, a plus size model has made space.

To complete the demand for iPhone X, Foxconn has done work from 3,000 students.

Supplier Foxconn worked with school students in China to meet Apple's new phone iPhone-X demand. This is disclosed by the Business Newspaper Financial Times. About 3,000 students were sent to Fengxian's Zhengzhou plant in September. He used to be employed for 11 hours a day. However, both Apple and Foxconn have said that the children came voluntarily for 'internships'. They were given money in exchange for work. These children from 17 to 19 years were told that they were forcibly sent to Foxconn Plant for three months. They were told that 'work experience' is essential for the degree of graduation, while not all of them are included in the course. A student said that the assembly of 1,200 iPhone cameras was used every day. Foxconn employees claim that work is done by children every year in the name of the internship.

19 dead in fire in apartment in Beijing, 18 detained

According to information received from the government news agency, 19 people were killed and eight were injured after the fire in the southern Dashish district of Beijing on Saturday evening. People scorched by the fire have been admitted to the hospital. No reason has been found yet for the cause of the fire. Police said that seven employees of the apartment block, seven employees of the power department and four workers of the under construction were detained after the accident.

Tennis star Serena married the businessman; Daughter of two and a half months living in the function.

Tennis star Serena Williams married Boyfriend Alexis Ohanian. Alexis is a businessman. He is the co-founder of the Radical Company. The tennis player Carolina Vonzieki appeared. Wedding Beauty and Beast were on the theme. This grand wedding took place in the city of New Orleans, in which about 250 guests were included. Serena gave birth to a daughter in September itself. She was also present at the wedding. 36-year-old Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian had engaged in December last year. At the wedding of Serena-Alexis, guests were not allowed to bring mobile together. Do not go out of marriage photos, it was done so. Photoshoot of this Grand Wedding was given to Vogue Magazine. The guests who attended the wedding were presented their Golden Trophy.

Mugabe retains its position, say- I am the legitimate president of Zimbabwe.

Since the coup in Zimbabwe, the picture has not been clear since the political future of President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe is still stubborn to remain his president. They have refused to leave the chair. The military has given the signal to resolve this matter soon. According to the information, the military officers met Mugabe on Friday morning, according to the information that Mugabe, who has been occupying power for the last 37 years, is not seen in the mood of leaving the throne. They have refused to step down. They are trying to take the time. The caretaker US assistant foreign minister, Donald Yamamoto has completely rejected this fact in an interview that Mugabe can now live in any form of power.

China's decree - to remove poverty, remove the picture of Jesus and take a picture of Shi Jinping

After being called the second most powerful leader after Mao, he became known as Lord, for the second consecutive term in China. According to reports, Christian families living in the south-eastern region of China are now told to order the photo of Jesus Christ instead of Shi Xinging. According to the report, thousands of families living in Yugan County of China have been told that your poverty and all suffering will not be far from worshiping Jesus Christ. Local officials have said that your poverty and suffering will remove President Xi Jinping.

Attack on Afghanistan checkpost, 22 policemen killed, and 40 terrorists were also killed.

In the Kandahar province of Afghanistan, 22 policemen were killed in the attack on two police checkpoints by Taliban militants, while more than 12 were injured. 40 terrorists were also killed in this attack. According to Kandahar police spokesman Jiah Durrani, the terrorists targeted the check post of Jhari and Mewand district at 8 pm on Monday night.

Chinese company's offer in 1 lakh, drink till whole life

China's liquor company Jiangjiaobai has announced that the company will provide lifelong liquor to its selected customers for one lakh 11 thousand 171 rupees. This announcement was made on the occasion of singles day of China's biggest shopping festival on November 11. The company said that the offer will be available on Alibaba Company's Tea Mall platform. Company has some conditions with this announcement, such that the offer will benefit only 99 Lucky customers. Apart from this, only one cortex will be sent every month, which will have 12 alcohol bottles. In order to avoid the possibility of any disturbance in the offer, the company has said that the winner will give a certificate to the customer so that if the company fails to deliver alcohol during the next 30 years, the entire money will be returned to the customer.

The Chinese government is afraid of one of its own democracy village.

Now in the village of 'Wukan' of China, the voice is guarded. This monopoly regime is not allowed even by democracy. Dozens of villages are behind the bars of the prison, the surveillance cameras are being monitored. Rioters have ever prepared a report on the famous Democrat Village of China called 'The village of democracy'. According to this report, after nearly a year after the land acquisition and the protest against the arrest of a local leader, today the wakan is locked in tight security. No one is open to speaking openly here today. During the continued protests, when government offices were broken in Vukan, authorities pulled their steps back. Following these demonstrations in 2011, the authorities allowed open elections in Wukan.

Attacking on 15 Hindu temples in Bangladesh, 100 Hindus burnt the house.

After rumors of posting wrong posts on Facebook, the crowd set fire to 30 houses of minority Hindu community in Bangladesh, while police fired at the mob to disperse the violent crowd, at least one person died. About 300 According to the report, police launched rubber bullets and tear gas shells to control the situation according to the report, which occurred on Friday in the Thakurpada village of Rangpur district. Ode, injuring five people. The protesters had claimed that a person from Thakurbadi village posted a derogatory post on Facebook a few days ago and they were annoyed with it.

American Marine did exploited Muslim raiders, found 10 years imprisonment for prison

A drill instructor of the American Marine Corps was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Saturday for the exploitation of more than a dozen other recruits. One of them died in 2016. A jury of 8 colleagues found the maximum culprit in the 6 instructors who ordered Felix to exploit the recruits and remained part of it. 2 Cloth Dryers used in industrial plants (Clothes drying machines), and in one case the machine was run, when they refused to give up their religion. In October, Siddiqui's family filed a $ 100 million lawsuit against the US Marine Corps

USA launches 3 powerful aircraft carrier against North Korea

Indicating a clear warning for North Korea, USA and South Korea started joint naval exercises in which 3 US carriers are joining. This military exercise, which lasted four days of Anusa of the defense officials, began on the eastern coast of South Korea on Saturday. According to the South Korean army, three US vessels - USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz are participating in this military exercise running from Saturday to Tuesday. Three aircraft carriers are likely to stay together till Monday.

New rates of GST will be cheaper, 10% less tax on building material

At the GST Council meeting, the government has excluded many products from the scope of 28%. Some of them have been 28 to 18 and some have been 18 to 12 percent. With the revised rates, making the house will be cheaper. The construction work can be seen more rapidly now. In the GST Council meeting in Guwahati, the government has made changes in the tax slab of 177 products. The government has made GST 28 to 18% on building material. GST has been reduced from 28 to 18 percent on marble, tile, cement, electrical fittings and switches. With the reduction of tax up to 10 percent in tax, these goods are expected to be reduced soon, which will have a direct impact on building a house. So far, 28 percent slabs had 227 items. Now, on only 50 items, 28 percent tax will be charged.