Group Captain stuck in a week's sex chat.

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Group Captain stuck in a week's sex chat.

The Air Force officer, arrested for allegedly spying for Pakistan, has made several important revelations in the inquiry. According to the information, in the accused IAF, who was killed in Hunitrap, Group Captain Arun Marwah has confused the issue of leaking documents. Smartphones are not allowed at Air Force Headquarters, Delhi. Some high officials are allowed to take the smartphone inside. The accused, Arun Marwah, was a group captain, so there was no restriction on taking him inside the smartphone headquarters. An assistant officer Marwah accepted the hunt for Honey Trap during the interrogation. She told that about six months ago, two women were friends with her on Facebook and talked to them. Later, the alleged maid got started chatting through Marwah through WhatsApp and other social platforms. There was porn chat between the two. Both of them used to send porn messages to each other. According to the information, this series of sexual intercourse for more than a week is going on.

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First Published: 09 February, 2018, 15:31 PM
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Li Keqiang again elected Chinese Prime Minister

The National People's Congress (NPC) elected Chinese Prime Minister Lee Keqiang to this post again on Sunday. According to the news agency Efe, most of the nearly 3,000 delegates in Great Hall of the People stamped the name of 62-year-old Lee for another term of five years by 2023. He became Prime Minister in place of Wen Jiabao. On Sunday, NPC appointed Zhu Qiang as the second president of the Supreme People's Court for 2023. At the same time, replacing Cao Gianming, Zhang Jun was appointed as the procurer general of Supreme People's Prokuretteret.

Emergency removed from Sri Lanka, communal violence took place on 6th March, Emergency announcement

Sri Lankan President Maitripala Sirisena has signed a gazette notification to remove the imposed emergency in the country. The emergency was announced on March 6 after the communal violence in Kandy city of Sri Lanka. Sirisena Secretary Austin Fernando told Xinhua that the President signed this notification after returning from India and Japan tour. Sirisena tweeted, "I have guessed the situation of public security and ordered to remove the emergency from tomorrow (Saturday). After the completion of the 30 years between the Government and Tamil Tiger rebels in the country in 2009, For the first time, the emergency was imposed.

Pakistan will have to take further steps against Taliban: US Vice President Mike Pains

US Vice President Mike Pains has said in a tone to Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi that his country will have to 'take further steps' against the Taliban and other terrorist groups. Abbasi is visiting a private tour to see his sick sister. Meanwhile, Abbasi met with Pence at his Naval Observatory residence on Friday. This meeting took place on the request of Abbasi.A statement released by the White House on the meeting today said, "Vice President Pens reiterated President Trump's request that the Pakistan government has been active in its country, the Taliban, the Haqqani network and other terrorist groups To deal with the problem, more work will be done. The Vice President said that threatening America's security and regional stability Their efforts to end the groups will continue. He said that Pakistan can work with the United States and it should do so.

35 terrorists pile in air attacks in Afghanistan's northern Jojan Province

35 terrorists got stuck in air strikes at the locations of IS (Afghanistan) in North Jazan province of Afghanistan Army spokesman Mohammad Hanif Rezai told Xinhua, "35 terrorists were killed in the air raids at 4.45 pm on the bases of the Kush Tepa and Rakhab districts, in which seven foreign fighters were injured and 13 terrorists were injured. Are. " The terrorist organization IS has not responded anymore to this. In the last month, 17 terrorists were killed in air raids of security forces on the bases of Islamic State (IS) in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. They said that the security forces Haska campaigned in Meena and Achin districts and killed 17 rebels, destroying the firing of terrorist bases and their weapons. There is no comment from IS on behalf of so far.

Mauritius President Aminah Guarib-Fakim resigns over credit card scandal

Mauritius President Aminah Guarib-Phakim, who was hanged in controversy over purchasing personal luxury items from a credit card, resigned today. Earlier, he had vowed not to resign.His lawyer Yusuf Mohammad told reporters that the only female President of Africa, Guarib-Phakim, resigned in 'national interest'. He said his resignation would be effective from March 23. Prime Minister Praveen Jagannath had announced a week ago that Gourib-Phakim has agreed to resign. However, in a statement issued on Wednesday by the President's Office, it was said that he will not resign from his post. It is not clear why for some reason this change came in his attitude, but today his lawyer informed him to leave his post. The role of gurib-fakim was the only rasmi. He is an internationally renowned scientist and biologist.

Issue of poisoning former detective: Russia expels 23 British diplomats

In connection with the allegations made by Britain on behalf of Britain in connection with poisoning a former spy, Moscow said on Saturday that he would expel 23 British diplomats and close a British consulate. Under the counter steps announced by Russia after summoning British Ambassador Laurie Bristow, Russia also said that it will also ban the activities of the British Council in their country. Such a move by the British Prime Minister Terez Me has been defamed by the British Prime Minister Terez Me. During the growing tension on the issue of poisoning four-year Salisbury to Sergei Scrapple and his daughter Yulia, Teriza warned that she was British to Russian government Will not tolerate threats to the lives of British nationals and others on the ground. His statement was praised by his party members.

Company will pay $ 5 million due to not applying a 'comma'

Due to not applying a 'comma' to America's Aghirst dairy, it had to pay $ 5 million. Portland's dairy company will pay $ 5 million to its drivers. The Court of Appeals had said that due to not having a comma, it went in favor of the drivers. State law was revised last year so that this uncertainty could be eliminated by adding new punctuation marks.

PM Modi addresses world government summit in Dubai

Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone of the first Hindu temple going to be built in Abu Dhabi through video conferencing from Dubai's opera house. 14 agreements can be signed between the two countries. PM Modi also participated in the World Government Summit (WGS). Said that we feel in the UAE. People are developing with the help of technology.

Egypt army killed 10 terrorists, 400 suspected detainees

In Egypt, the army issued a statement saying that the security forces have killed 10 terrorists during the encounter and detained 400 suspects. In fact, 38 terrorists have been killed in the army and police campaigns since Friday against 'terrorists, criminal elements and organizations' in Egypt.

Second World War bomb found, London City Airport closed

A bomb was found near the London airport at the time of World War II. After meeting the bomb, the airport has been closed. On the spot, the bomb disposal squad is busy in deactivating it. After receiving the bomb, London City Airport has issued instructions to the passengers. Instructions that they do not travel to the airport.

US drone strikes kill Taliban's deputy chief Khalid Mehsud

Pakistani Taliban have confirmed the killing of their Deputy Chief Khalid Mehsud in the American drone attack. In the name of Commander Sajna, the infamous Mehsud was killed in an attack on Thursday in a village in North Waziristan in Pakistan. The terrorist organization has said that he has declared Mufti Noor Wali as successor to Mehsud.

Krishna Kumari becomes Pakistan's first Hindu woman MP

Krishna was born in 1979 in a remote village of Sindh's NagarParkar district. Krishna's freedom fighter belongs to Ruplo Kohli's family. Krishna is a social worker. The 39-year-old Krishna Kumari has been nominated by the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) for the Senate election. If he wins that election, then the first Hindu woman to be a senator in Pakistan.

PM Modi among people today in Abu Dhabi, people greeted happily

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a tour of the Gulf countries. After Jordan and Palestine, the PM reached the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here on Sunday Modi will lay the foundation of a temple. After this, they will address the Indian community in Muscat late in the evening. The Indian community is also very excited by the visit of PM Modi's UAE tour.The Prime Minister will take part in the program of about 25,000 NRIs in the grand stadium of Muscat. The Indian community here is very excited about it. Padmashree Dr. Azad Moopan is also known in the name of Dr. Farithte. Dr. Mupun, who started 40 years ago with a small clinic, has a world-wide hospital today. At the same time, Kulwant Singh is the owner of Lama Tour and he is named among the richest and successful Indians.

Modi visits 3 Gulf countries: PM arrives in Philistan.

Narendra Modi reached the capital of Ramallah on Saturday. Here he was given a guard of honor in the Presidential Headquarter Al-Mukta. After this, the PM paid homage to former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. Modi will meet PM Dr. Rami Hammadullah and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Modi is on a tour of Gulf countries - Palestine, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. They were in Jordan on Friday. Ramallah is the world's most disputed place, just 8 kilometers from Jerusalem. is far. Last year, the United States officially declared Jerusalem the Israeli capital. After that many country had opposed America's decision. India had supported Palestine on this issue in the UN. Mody is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Palestine. He was also the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel in July last year. India has a three-way contribution to the development of Palestine. First, political support, development of second infrastructure and third economic cooperation

Skorea will go for the Olympic Games Kim Jong-her sister.

Winter Olympics in South Korea starting Friday Its organization Ceramani will join the North Korean dictator Kim Jong, his sister too. His name is Kim Yo Jong. Jong is a member of North Korea's Ruling Workers Party and Politburo. For the first time in the Winter Olympics, both countries will marpast under the same flag. Many countries are watching North Korea's move as an initiative to improve relations with South Korea. However, the US and Japan have accused North Korea of spreading the propaganda during the Games. It is believed that Kim Yong-Jong raises propaganda to improve the image of his brother. The United States blacklisted them for violating human rights.

The US has termed the three Pak terrorists as global terrorists.

Donald Trump Administration has termed three people of Pakistan as Global Terrorist. The three are accused of being linked to terrorist organizations like the Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Taliban.Mirica's Department of Treasury has named three terrorists as global terrorists. Their names are Rahman Jab Fakir Muhammad, Hezbulla, and Khalifa and Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan.After declaring the three terrorists as Global Terrorists, America can block the entire three properties. Any American citizen could stop any kind of transactions with these three. Under the Treasury Department's Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Co-ordinator Segel Mandelker said that America is constantly bringing the names of those people who support terrorist organizations. And are running a financial network in South Asia incorrectly.

The solution to the Kashmir issue for peace is important: pakistan

Kashmir Solidarity (Ekta) Day was celebrated on Monday in Pakistan. On this occasion, Mamnoon Hussain, President and PM Shahid Khakon Abbasi said in his message, "Peace and prosperity cannot come in the area unless the issue of Kashmir is resolved." To fight for the rights of the people of Kashmir We will continue to support. Pak President Mamnoon Hussain said, "Pakistan will once again give political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of India-occupied Kashmir. Shahid Khakon Abbasi said, "The issue of the Kashmir corridor has been going on for more than 70 years. People of Jammu and Kashmir have to constantly lose their basic rights.

Trump approves the release of the controversial Republican Memo.

US President Donald Trump cleared a controversial Republican memo on Friday. Trump had accused the Department of Justice and the Investigation Agency FBI of bias, within a few hours after which Trump has taken this step. This move of Trump will increase the confrontation between the President and the country's top investigating agency. It is alleged that the FBI spied on a member of Trump's election campaign Earlier, a senior official of the Trump administration told reporters in the Air Force One plane that the President can inform Congress that there is no objection to issuing written memos on behalf of the House of Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nuns. Donald Trump had accused the Department of Justice and the Investigation Agency, the FBI, that he was suffering from bias in favor of the Democrat Party and the Republican But 'politicization' of investigations against the leaders is done. White House spokesman Raj Shah said that the documents have been sent to the minorities and majority members of the House of Intelligence.

Trump approves release of controversial Republican memo

US President Donald Trump cleared a controversial Republican memo on Friday. Trump had accused the Department of Justice and the Investigation Agency FBI. It is believed that this move of the Trump will increase the confrontation between the President and the country's top investigating agency. It is alleged that the FBI spied on a member of Trump's election campaign Earlier, a senior official of the Trump administration told reporters in the Air Force One plane that the President can inform Congress that there is no objection to issuing a written memo on behalf of the House of Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nuns. White House spokesman Raj Shah said that the documents have been sent to the minorities and majority members of the House of Intelligence. This document has also been sent to Speaker Paul Rayans of the House.

China attacked the US, said- Leave the old mindset of the Cold War Trump.

US President Donald Trump Tuesday described China as a threat to its US values. After this, China described the United States as "the old mentality of the Cold War" and criticized it. At the same time, China also advised the United States to come out of the Cold War mindset. China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chun Ying criticized the United States. He said that we hope that the American side can leave the old Cold War mentality to work for a shared goal with China so that our differences can be corrected and sustain China-American relations as sustainable development. On Wednesday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in Beijing: "America and China are more than equal interests' of our differences and disagreements.

Fire in old age homes in Japan, 11 killed, 5 wounded

There was a fierce fire on Wednesday afternoon in a Buddhist temple in the northern part of Japan. In this fire, 11 people died and 5 were injured. Due to the snowfall in the area, it was difficult to quench the fire, but now the fire has been seized. The international fire was on Wednesday ie at 2 o'clock 42 minutes on Wednesday. Explain why the reasons for the fire are not known yet, but the local police are engaged in investigations. According to local television footage of Japan, the building which was set on fire was a three-story building. The roof of the building collapsed due to the fire. Victims include eight men and three women. A local body operates in Sapporo, Havako, this old age home. There were a total of 16 people in it. Trying to identify the victims is being tried. According to the local media, this old age home does not have any employees in the night.

On the case filed 100 years ago in India, Pakistan SC gave the verdict.

Even between India and Pakistan, there is a lot of panic at the political level, but many issues related to the two countries raise the curiosity and maintain interest among the people. The Supreme Court of Pakistan, on a case registered in India 100 years ago, The verdict has been ruled out. In 1918, property dispute cases were registered in a Rajasthan court. This whole case was related to the ownership of 700 acres (5,600 canals) land in Bahawalpur. Before independence, Bahawalpur used to be part of Rajputana State but after the partition, the case was sent to a court in Bahawalpur in Punjab province of Pakistan. In 2005, the case was sent to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. A three-member Bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar passed the order and ruled in the 100-year-old case. Announcing the verdict, Judge Nissar said that this property will be given to its successors on the basis of Islamic law.

12 people killed, 132 injured in Yemen conflict, Schools and shops closed

In Yemen, there has been a situation of tension between the government supporters and the separatists once again. There was heavy firing on both groups in Yemen's southern city of Aden on Tuesday. Let us know that due to this tension, schools and shops have been closed for several days in the Khars Maksar district of Aden. Violence has been going on for a long time. One day before this, there was heavy violence in the area. In which 12 people were killed and around 130 people were injured. This violence has also highlighted the crack in the Saudi-led coalition against Shia rebels in northern Yemen.The separatists have the support of United Arab Emirates. UAE is the main partner in the Saudi coalition, which is helping the internationally recognized government of Yemen in the year 2015.

Brother did the sister's murder after protesting against Rape in Balochistan, Pakistan.

In protest against rape in Balochistan province of Pakistan, a brother took his sister's life. According to the information, the deceased teenager is 13 years old. According to Lions, the brother of the deceased claimed that he had been out of the house for 30 minutes when he returned, then he saw the sister's head tied with a scarf. When the police interrogated the brother in custody, the whole story of the crime came to light. This incident happened in the Ismail area of Quetta. According to the news agency PTI, the DIG informed that the blood sample of the accused was sent to Lahore for forensic examination. The police will present him to the court for the custody of the accused.

69th Republic Day: Vladimir Putin sent special message to PM

India is celebrating its 69th Republic Day. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has sent a special message on the occasion of Republic Day.Putin has greeted Republic Day by writing a letter to PM Modi. Russia always gives great importance to its relationship with India. Russia's relationship with India is a very special and strategic partnership.

Wedding  breaks down when it performs on facebook facts: Gujarat High Court

The Gujarat High Court has said that the marriage due to Facebook is a 'failure to decide'. Judge JB Purdiwala, High Court Judge, while disposing of a case of domestic violence on January 24 said, "This is one of the modern marriages fixed on Facebook, which is set to fail."

America mistakenly attacked Iraq, 8 killed

On Saturday, the United States mistakenly attacked in Iraq, in which eight Iraqi people were killed. These eight people were mostly people of security forces. The deceased included an intelligence officer, five police officers and one woman. These attacks were carried out in a central town of Al-Baghdadi based in western Iraq. In the attack, all the carriages in the convoy were damaged and 20 people got injured.

False the affidavit of the Chinese Communist Party's Muslim workers, say, 'we are atheists'

The Communist Party of China has issued a Tunisian order for Muslim leaders. It is reported that the party has asked its Muslim leaders to sign a path letter. By signing this affidavit, Muslim leaders are being forced to accept that they are atheists.

America: Doctor with 125 women was sexually abused, 175 years of punishment

Former US doctor Larry Nasser has been sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison in the United States for sexual harassment of many young women. 37 thousand porn clips were also recovered from doctor's luggage. The investigating agency said that among the victims of the doctor, children from older and older women are also involved. 125 women have filed cases of sexual abuse against the doctor.

america ship will go to Vietnam

It is news that America is going to send its warship in Vietnam soon. This announcement was made just prior to the two-day visit to Vietnam by US Defense Minister Jim Metis. The full focus of the trip will be on China in the area, which is gathering its pride in the region. This is happening for the first time since 1975, when the US is sending its warship to Vietnam.

The Englishman jumped jock on turban and the Sikh Businessman bought 7 Rolls Royce

Sikh businessman Ruben Singh has bought 7 different colors of Rolls Royce and a luxury car. They bought these cars to teach the British a lesson. He challenged that he would buy the Rolls Royce, the color he used to wear. He raised his immersed business again. Today Ruben is the CEO of Oledapa Company. They are also known as British Bill Gates

Donald Trump's big decision, thousands of Indians will benefit.

US President Donald Trump has proposed to the US Parliament to abolish the popularized lottery system to grant visas to skilled workers. This move of Trump will benefit thousands of Indian IT professionals who have been waiting for a long time to get green card in the US.

Indian pro-anti-India protesters clashed outside 'India House' in London

On Friday outside the India House of London, there were conflict situations between pro-Indian and anti-India demonstrators. Nazir Ahmad of Pakistani origin was leading anti-India demonstrations.The Indian high commissioner posted in London called this demonstration "a worst attempt of a bad leader".

Sikh girl adopts Islamic for Islamic State, seeks punishment for three and a half years

In the case of a girl wishing to join the Islamic State, the UK Court has sentenced her to three and a half years. When Sandeep Samra, 18, adopted Islam, he was a teenager. She wants to go to war in Syria as a nurse in Syria. she told that she had adoption of Islam, because of this he was also willing to leave the UK.

Donald Trump Apologizes For Re-Tacking the Horizontal Right British Group

America's President Donald Trump has apologized for the first time to re-tweet the top-right British groups. In the interview given to Pierce Morgan for the 'Good Morning Britain' event in Davos, Trump said, "If you Tell me that they are very scary racist people, I will definitely apologize, if you want me to do this

Philippines liked India's adhar system

The Philippines have shown interest in the base system of India. Believe in the sources, the Philippines is trying to understand this system. The Republicans of the Republican have come to participate in Republic Day. To participate in the Republic Day program, the ASEAN Group's nation heads from 10 countries have come to New Delhi. All the heads of state met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi. All the official receptions have also been done at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. The hearing is going on in the Supreme Court on the inevitability of the card. The Supreme Court had adopted a tough stance on the Central Government regarding the protection of Aadhaar card. On Thursday, the Supreme Court had asked the petitioners challenging the Constitutional validity of the Constitution, that what problems they have in sharing their address proof with the government They have no problem sharing information with private parties.

Donald Trump departing Davos, to participate in the World Economic Forum meeting.

US President Donald Trump has left for Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum meeting on Thursday. There, their goal should be to reassure the international leaders that their agenda of "America First" is not to be separated from the world stage. They tweeted before leaving for the airport and said, "We will soon be Switzerland Will go to Davos and tell the world how great America is and how it is doing. Our economy is growing and I want to make it better. Our country is finally winning again. On the diplomacy front, Trump has a meeting with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and UK Prime Minister Teriza Me. This meeting of the two leaders is scheduled to take place after a few weeks of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. While this meeting between Trump and Terrija May is concerned with the relationship of US-Britain in the background of unusual stress.

China's big success in clone science, artificially prepared monkeys.

Chinese scientists have achieved great success by creating monkeys in an artificial fashion. Scientists used the same technique to prepare it, which was done in about two decades before preparing the sheep named Dolly. Two African lunches named Jong Zhong and Hua Hua have been artificially prepared. To prepare them, mammalian organisms have been blended monkeys, episodes and human things. He was born 6 to 8 weeks ago. These clones were made from non-embryo cells. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience, located in Shanghai, says that this work will prove to be a boon for such medical research to prevent diseases caused by monkeys. Both newborn monkeys are available through bottles Milk is being fed and their development is being done in the normal way. The researchers say that in the next few months, clones of similar and African langurs can be prepared.

US drone attack in Pak, top commander of Haqqani network was killed.

On the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, there have been drone strikes on militant hideouts. Three terrorists, including Haqqani network's top commander Ehsaan Khawri, were killed in the drone attack. According to news agency PTI, two missiles were fired from the American drone. The American drone targeted a house of Afghan refugees near Spen Thal in northern Waziristan. Where these terrorists were stationed. In 2011, the US has a second drone attack on Pakistan's terrorist attacks. Earlier on January 17, the Pak-Afghan border was attacked. In which a terrorist was killed. Since the announcement of the new Afghan policy by US President Donald Trump, the action on the terrorists is continuing.

China-US does not care, Modi on the platform of WEF told what challenges are in front of the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed people in Hindi today in Davos today. He said that at this time PM Modi warned the world about three major challenges and three challenges before the world. Climate change for the world The biggest danger is. Glaciers are going back. Arctic ice is melting. Many are drowning, or drowning islands Very hot and very cold, heavy rain and flood drought The impact of the deteriorating weather is increasing day by day. You are all familiar with the concerns of India and the danger of humanity across the globe. All the governments are familiar. Dangerous terrorism is as dangerous as it is, there is a distinction between dangerous terrestrial and bad terrorist. India has been suffering from terrorism for years. At every stage, India warns the world against terrorism. Globalization is contradictory in contrast to its name. I see that many of the society and the country is becoming more and more autistic. It seems that globalization is shrinking in contrast to its name. These types of attitudes and the adverse consequences of wrong priorities cannot be underestimated by the threat of transit or terrorism.

World Economic Forum: PM Modi will take part in many important meetings in Davos today

Prime Minister Narendra will address the World Economic Forum today in Davos. On Monday, PM Modi held a meeting with the top executives of top global companies (CEO). In the CEO's meeting of top companies of the world, Mukesh Ambani was the CEO of many big companies including Satya Nadella. PM invited everyone to address. Listened to 10-12 speakers The CEO of several companies informed about the increase in investment in India. Along with this, how the promises that India had made to fulfill the comfort of business were being fulfilled. With this, India received positive feedback from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday. IMF has projected India's growth rate to be 7.4 percent in the next financial year.

US told PAK- Expelled to Taliban leaders.

The US has demanded immediate arrest or expulsion of Taliban leaders from Islamabad who are conducting terrorist activities on the Afghan border. So that Pakistani land could not be used to carry out such activities. This statement has been issued by White House a day after the Taliban took over the responsibility of the attack on the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters at a daily press conference, "We have asked Pakistan to immediately arrest or expel Taliban leaders so that this group can not use Pakistani land to carry out terrorist activities.

Remnants of the biggest Taoist temple found after four years of excavation in China

The ruins of the ruins of the largest Taoist temple are found in China's four-year excavation. This temple was built in Song Dynasty (from 960 to 1279) and was destroyed in the year 1930. Archaeologists confirmed the place of this largest temple. Built in five thousand square meters, this temple was discovered in the foothills of Langhu Mountain in Jiangxi province of eastern China.

World's second female New Zealand PM to be pregnant

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacismo Arden, announced the pregnancy, "2017 was special for us." Along with that, Arden became the second woman in the world to be pregnant, living in the prime minister's office. At the same time, with the formation of the government from the center-left coalition in October 2017, Arden became the youngest Prime Minister of the country after 1856.

India also got membership of Australia Group

India has become part of a larger group that controls the export of nuclear weapons. India has also got success in becoming a part of Australia Group (AG). The Prime Minister thanked on tweet and said that this will help India's stature increase in the field of nuclear non-proliferation and it can help in achieving critical technology.

Terrorist attack at Kabul's luxury hotel, 5 killed

Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Kabul killed five people and injured eight in a gun attack. An Interior Ministry spokesman said that the attacker has killed three terrorists, while 126 people including 41 foreign nationals have been rescued. The spokesman said that 5 civilians have died in the attack, while 6 have been injured. Security sources told TOLO News journalist Gulabuddin Ghabar that at around four in the morning, about three suspects had raided the building again. Sources said that two suspects have been killed, but the fight of the Special Forces is still continuing with the rest of the terrorists. Starting at 9 o'clock. When the attacker entered the cell of Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul and started firing on staff and people there, after which security forces and special forces siege the building. After some time the ambulance and fire track were also called so that there is no delay in getting the injured out.

Kim Jong Un's Lady Marshall, who has become a shield

North Korea's government agency has alleged that the CIA tried to kill Kim Jong in May this year in collaboration with South Korea. Although this attempt failed, but the murderer Kim Jong reached the very close of them. That is why this dictator has now made his most trusted sister a guardian.American intelligence agency CIA had tried unsuccessfully to kill North Korean ruler Marshal Kim Jong in May this year. Not only by bomb or gun but by poison in biochemical poison But on one hand, if the CIA is trying to kill Kim, on the other hand, his sister Kim Yao Jong is busy trying to save her.

China is building the world's largest airport

China's capital is going to be a new airport in Beijing. Its trial will start in October 2019. According to Beijing officials, this project will be completed in July 2019, after which this process will be followed. It is believed that after construction it will be the world's largest airport. Beijing International Airport is located at a distance of 46 km south of the Daxing District and Longfang. Highway work has begun to connect Beijing to the airport. This airport, which looks like a spacecraft, can travel 100 million passengers annually. There will be separate terminals and six corridors for garden, domestic and international travelers.

Canada's PM Justin Trudo celebrates Pongal and wearing dhoti-shirt

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrates South Indian festival Pongal, shares his pictures on Twitter, in which he is wearing dhoti-shirt. Trudo wrote, "Congratulations to Pongal! It was a quiet moment to celebrate the month of Tamil heritage and Thai Pongal in Scarborough in the evening." As reports, Trudeau also helped in making traditional food there.

Operation Thunderbolt: The world knows the power of Mosad

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a visit to India today. The world's most dangerous intelligence agency Mossad and part of the Israeli force, Jonathan Netanyahu was involved in Operation Thunderbolt, which is considered to be the world's most dangerous air operation ever. An aircraft flying from Israel is abducted. After this, the aircraft is landed in Uganda. Where the dictator Idi Amin was in support of the hijackers. The Israeli nationals had to be released from the plane. They also enter enemy territory. The work was almost impossible. But about 100 people of Mossad and Israeli commandos flew a plane at a height of just over a hundred feet and did the same thing that night, the example of the same is still given in the world. At 11 a.m. Air France A300 V4-203 Israeli The city flows from Tel Aviv to the capital of Greece, Athens. A total of 246 passengers and 12 crew members boarded the plane. Most Jews were Jewish and Israeli citizens.