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The number of dead in the suicide attack on the voter registration center in Kabul increased to 69

The number of casualties has increased to 69 in the suicide attack on the voter registration center in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, while the number of injured is 120. The news agency Efe told the police spokesman that some bodies were taken directly to the house instead of the hospitals, which led to the increase in the number of dead. Suicidal attacks in Kabul were 57 and 119 injured persons.
There are 27 women and two policemen in the dead. The bodies that were taken home were taken to the hospital later, which delayed the detection of the total number of dead. Police spokesman said that half of the injured are women, while five policemen were also injured.

Narendra Modi, who came to meet British PM Theresa, will take part in dinner with Commonwealth Leaders

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday met at 10 Downing Street, British PM Theresa at his home. During this time, Theresa hoped to work with the two countries. PM Modi said during the meeting, "I am confident that after today's meeting, new relations will come in our relations. I am glad that the UK will be part of the International Solar Coalition, I believe that this is not only our fight against climate change but also our responsibilities for future generations.After reaching the 10 Downing Street of Mody, The people present were shouting Modi-Modi. Prime Minister has reached the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOG). Today he has a meeting with UK Queen Elizabeth and dinner with Commonwealth Heads.

The Queen may leave the post of Commonwealth leader

The meeting of the Commonwealth (Commonwealth) Heads of State (CHOGM) will be held in London city of London from 16 April onwards. PM Modi will arrive in London on Tuesday for this meeting. Apart from the many important issues in this meeting, the most discussed can be the point that who will now play the role of Commonwealth chief, because British Queen Elizabeth is desperately trying to retire from this position. Britain's Queen Elizabeth has been 92 years old, so it is not possible for her to travel more and stay active. In Britain, most of the Queen's work is being assigned to her successor Prince Charles, but the post of chief of Commonwealth is not genetic. So it is not clear now who will be the leader of the Commonwealth. India wants to be in the role of leader by increasing its activity in this organization. Many foreign newspapers have also figured in the growing activism of India and have started publishing news about this.

Kejriwal style of Mark Zuckerberg: First mistake, then forgiveness

One Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and another Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the US Congress in the data leak case on Tuesday and apologized. Kejriwal has been constantly apologizing to several opposition leaders in defamation cases.Among the presidential election in América, a firm helping Cameron Anlitta, Donald Trump, is accused of stealing personal information of about 50 million Facebook users. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is also targeted in Parliament and law of many countries in this matter since the leak of data leak. In this case, after coming out of this case, Mark had first cleared the post on Facebook. Zuckerberg acknowledged his mistake in the case of Cambridge Antilica.

Panama: Ban on Venezuela's Airlines for 90 days

Panama has recently taken a strict step against the Venezuelan country. Panama has blocked Venezuela's flights from operating companies in their country. Venezuela's announcement of diplomatic and commercial sanctions last week. In protest against which Panama has stopped operating its country's flights.Panama's President Juan Carlos Varela's office said that there will be a ban on the operation of the carriers and passenger aircraft for the next 90 days beginning April 25. This restriction will apply to Venezuela's 10 cups. In the past week, Venezuela also banned Panamanian aircraft from its border area. After which the Government of Panama released a list of Venezuelan officials In addition to the name of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, the Panama government said it could all be involved in money laundering.

This bowl of China, auctioned in 2 billion,The quote ends in five minutes only.

One-and-a-half cup of China's Ching Dynasty was sold here at an auction for about $ 3.04 million (i.e. 1 billion 98 crores). According to the auction firm Sotheby's, this special bowl was made for the Emperor Kangshi of China. It was bought by a Chinese bidder in just five minutes of the start of the bid. This emperor of China used this special bowl in the 18th century. This bowl is said to be a wonderful specimen of China's traditional painting and the blend of Europe's technology. It is worth mentioning that in the past year, a 1000-year-old bowl of China's Song Dynasty was sold for $ 3.77 million.

China is on the big mission of reconstruction of Pakistan with Gwadar port,

After the construction of Gwadar airport under CPEC, the relationship between China and Pakistan is now growing in a new direction. The Chinese government is preparing to invest in Pakistan's Aviation Sector and Automobile Sector. Under this, the strengthening of Pakistan International Airlines and a joint venture with Pakistan will create the international level buses of Chengdu bus company in China. In the aviation sector, the government of Pakistan and China will work together with each other. The agreement between the two countries is being considered as a forward link between the agreement under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC).