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Four million children may die due to hunger in DR Congo: UNICEF

The United Nations on Tuesday warned that more than four million children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are severely malnourished and if the casualty is not interrupted, they may die within a few months. United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF said that this problem has been spreading in a large area of ​​hard-to-reach in the middle African country with this crisis. UNICEF said that there has been adverse impact on the 18-month violence, large scale displacement and decline in agricultural production.

This year on Google search, Bollywood and cricket are Stay tuned. Number 1 Bahubali in Google Trending

Google releases year-in-search every year, which has searches throughout the year, it has been released in different countries. According to Google, this year India is hosting Bollywood and cricket on Google search. This year Google has been number one in Google trending. The second number in this chart is IPL, that is, it is clear that cricket and entertainment are the most popular among people this time too. People searched for live scores for IPL. Live Cricket Stores has been ranked third in the trending quarters in India this year.

Pak Supreme court orders on Katasraj temple.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan,  has said that in one of the sacred places of Hinduism, there is no idol of Ram, Shiva and Hanuman in the Katasaraj temple, why the administration is acting negligently in this matter. The court said that in addition to Pakistan and India, people from Hindu communities come from all over the world to palay religious rituals. If there are no sculptures in the temple, then what will they make about the minority Hindus living in Pakistan?

American scientists put seams on Ram Sethu, political embarrassment in India

Even though some political people in India say Ramsetu as fictitious, a team of American geologists has stamped on RamSetu's existence. The team of American Archaeologist has released this report after studying the pictures from the bridge sites and sand satellite. In this report, American scientists have described the claim of Ram Setu's existence as true.

Scientists have described it as a super human activity. According to the study report, the sand rocks are completely natural in the area of ​​30 miles between Indo-Sri Lanka, but the stones kept on them seem to be brought from somewhere else. It is said to be older than seven thousand years old. At the same time, the stones present here are said to be about four to five thousand years old.

Become the dangerous for North Korea, Kim's madness.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong, he had dreamed of destroying the whole world. He himself has now brought the crisis at that place. By testing one by one after another, Kim has shaken the tectonic plates under the ground of his own country. Now Alam is there that living in North Korea is burning. Especially in Puyang-Ra's area where so far Kim Jong-il has tested 4 times and his father Kim Jong Il 2 times. North Korea has done all the tests so far that Pyonggang-Ray test site did on North Korea's land The tectonic plates under are teased. This is a side effect that North Korean and its supreme leader Kim Jong, even those who do not understand what to do.

Putin ordered partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived suddenly on Syria tour, has partially announced the return of Russian soldiers from the country. Russia first made air attacks on the rebels fighting with the Islamic State group and other jihadis, along with government forces, in support of its ally Damascus, while interfering in the war in 2015. Putin, who was visiting Syria's Hemim Air Base, addressing on television said, "I have ordered the Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff to start the return of a group of Russian soldiers from their permanent base." He said, "I have decided that a significant part of the detachment of the Russian soldiers should come back from Syria."

Israel attacks Gaza Strip by tank and aircraft

The Hamas-ruled Gaza Strike attacked by tank and the aircraft. The army had said yesterday that two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, but Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system destroyed the second rocket in the air. After the first rocket blast, the Israeli army issued a statement and said that in response to the attack, Hamas military checkpost located in the southern Gaza Strip was targeted by a tank and Israel's air force.