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Company will pay $ 5 million due to not applying a 'comma'

Due to not applying a 'comma' to America's Aghirst dairy, it had to pay $ 5 million. Portland's dairy company will pay $ 5 million to its drivers. The Court of Appeals had said that due to not having a comma, it went in favor of the drivers. State law was revised last year so that this uncertainty could be eliminated by adding new punctuation marks.

PM Modi addresses world government summit in Dubai

Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone of the first Hindu temple going to be built in Abu Dhabi through video conferencing from Dubai's opera house. 14 agreements can be signed between the two countries. PM Modi also participated in the World Government Summit (WGS). Said that we feel in the UAE. People are developing with the help of technology.

Egypt army killed 10 terrorists, 400 suspected detainees

In Egypt, the army issued a statement saying that the security forces have killed 10 terrorists during the encounter and detained 400 suspects. In fact, 38 terrorists have been killed in the army and police campaigns since Friday against 'terrorists, criminal elements and organizations' in Egypt.

Second World War bomb found, London City Airport closed

A bomb was found near the London airport at the time of World War II. After meeting the bomb, the airport has been closed. On the spot, the bomb disposal squad is busy in deactivating it. After receiving the bomb, London City Airport has issued instructions to the passengers. Instructions that they do not travel to the airport.

US drone strikes kill Taliban's deputy chief Khalid Mehsud

Pakistani Taliban have confirmed the killing of their Deputy Chief Khalid Mehsud in the American drone attack. In the name of Commander Sajna, the infamous Mehsud was killed in an attack on Thursday in a village in North Waziristan in Pakistan. The terrorist organization has said that he has declared Mufti Noor Wali as successor to Mehsud.

Krishna Kumari becomes Pakistan's first Hindu woman MP

Krishna was born in 1979 in a remote village of Sindh's NagarParkar district. Krishna's freedom fighter belongs to Ruplo Kohli's family. Krishna is a social worker. The 39-year-old Krishna Kumari has been nominated by the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) for the Senate election. If he wins that election, then the first Hindu woman to be a senator in Pakistan.

PM Modi among people today in Abu Dhabi, people greeted happily

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a tour of the Gulf countries. After Jordan and Palestine, the PM reached the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here on Sunday Modi will lay the foundation of a temple. After this, they will address the Indian community in Muscat late in the evening. The Indian community is also very excited by the visit of PM Modi's UAE tour.The Prime Minister will take part in the program of about 25,000 NRIs in the grand stadium of Muscat. The Indian community here is very excited about it. Padmashree Dr. Azad Moopan is also known in the name of Dr. Farithte. Dr. Mupun, who started 40 years ago with a small clinic, has a world-wide hospital today. At the same time, Kulwant Singh is the owner of Lama Tour and he is named among the richest and successful Indians.