Russia Post reached 12.6 million Americans

Last Updated: 03 November, 2017, 12:19 PM By: Shortheadline
Russia Post reached 12.6 million Americans

Facebook has said that the content posted by Russia's users over the past two years has reached 12.6 million Americans. According to the social networking site, 80,000 such posts were released before and after 2016 presidential elections. Most of these posts were divisive societal and political messages. There are times when the Senate is going to hear a hearing on how much influence Russia has made on these popular websites. Russia has consistently denied these allegations. That he tried to influence the last presidential election, in which Donald Trump became President by defeating Hillary Clinton. Confirmation of fresh data Uk news agency of Reuters and the Washington Post newspaper.

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First Published: 03 November, 2017, 12:19 PM
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Messages deleted on Whatsapp can also be read

Whatsapp's popular feature 'Delete for Everyone' can erase your message. Now the new information is revealed that the deleted message will be read. If a user receives the message to reply to your message, then the message will be clearly visible in chat. Even if you have already erased it.

Now 13 digits will be mobile number, 10 digit can also upgrade

Like BSNL, the letter has been reported from its network management vendors, in which it has been informed that new subscribers will get 13 digit mobile numbers instead of 10 digits. This work will start from 1 July 2018. Old subscribers will be able to transit their numbers between October 1 and December 31, 2018.

Google picks codenamed Android P 'pistachio ice cream': Reports

Media reports that Tech Company Google has codenamed 'Pistachio ice cream' for upcoming Android 9.0 or Android P update. Google has retained the tradition of keeping the name of its operating system dessert theme by placing this codename of Android P. The old version of Android based on Desert Themes is named Orio, Nongat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat etc.

Apple's AirPod blasts, probe begins

The incident of the explosion of the Apple Airpowder has surfaced. A man from Florida in the US caught fire in the airplane and he got torn. This incident happened when Jason Cologne heard a dance mix on his airpod. Apple said on this, it is not the first time that an explosion incident occurred in a famous device.

Apple has made a new patent that will relieve users of fatigue

Apple has applied a patent of a device. It is more comfortable with virtual reality headset like Microsoft and Facebook-owned Oculus VR. It was reported in the report that the information published by the US Patent and Trademark Office has been reported. It has also been said that it can help users reduce fatigue.

Instagram will tell who took screenshot of the story

Now if you take a screenshot on the Instagram, then you will be caught. Instagram will now give information about those who take screenshots from the user who posted the story. When someone takes a screen shot of your story, you will know. If you take a screenshot of your story, then your Sun Shape Symbol will be seen on your story. In his story view section, you will know who took a screenshot.

Uber will pay a deal with Waymo on technology dispute, ₹ 1573 crores

The online tax startup agreement has agreed that it will not use the allegedly stolen self-driving car technology from Google's subsidiary Vemo. According to Vemo, under this agreement Uber will give him a share of `1573 crores worth of shares. The hearing began this week, which has been dismissed.

BSNL launches 4G service from Kerala state

BSNL has started its 4G service. At present, the BSNL's 4G service has started in the selected circle. BSNL has started the 4G service from the state of Kerala. At the beginning, the 4G service will be available at five places of high altitude Idukki district. This service was launched by first calling the company's Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastav.

Honor 7X Amazon Best Seller smart phone.

Honor 7X was launched recently. Now it has joined America's Best Sellers List in the US. Honor has also announced through the press release that 7x and View10 have successfully launched in the US. Honor Global President George Zhao said that we are very excited about the Achievement of Honor 7x and Honor View 10 Its price is around Rs. 12,999 in India.

Being egoistic has lost the ability of innovation Google: Former staff

Former Google engineer Steve Yeg has said that the company has lost its ability to innovate with being arrogant, and after 13 years it is the main reason to leave it. He said that the company is conservative and is scared of taking risks. As a youth, the company is surrounded by politics and its focus is on rivals instead of customers.

Vodafone plan doesn,t work in front of Geo and Airtel.

Vodafone has announced a tariff plan of Rs. 198 and gives users 1.4 GB of data every day. This company's plan comes with 28 days of validity, in which users get a total of 39.2GB data, which is not beneficial against Airtel and Geo.

Madhya Pradesh government issued an app to monitor teachers

In the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh, the government has made M. Shitra Mitra Apa mandatory. From this app, the government will also monitor teachers from the presence of children in government schools. Additional information will be shared with the application for leave, promotion, order of appointment and other information. This app will also have full information about all scholarship schemes, information rights and other plans.

Japan: ₹ 3,332 million theft in the biggest cryptocardian hack so far

According to the Japanese Cryptonian Exchange Cohen check, hacking his wallet ₹ 3 crore worth Rs.3332 crore worth of Kripoprocessing has been stolen, which is being described as the biggest Cryptocardian hack. After 24 hours, the value of the NEM dropped by 11%. Prior to this, in 2014, a maximum exchange of 2861 crores was stolen from a Tokyo exchange.

Lava introduced the country's first 'Design in India' smartphone

Indian company Lava International Limited has launched the country's first 'Design in India' mobile 'Prime X'. The 'Design In India' initiative has been commenced by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. The said 'Design in India' is an important milestone in this direction. On this occasion, Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha said, "Our vision is to create 100 million jobs by 2022.

Now Hindustan Petroleum will be part of ONGC

Government Company ONGC has announced to buy more than 51 percent of the government stake in Hindustan Petroleum for Rs 37 thousand crore. Hindustan Petroleum will now be a part of ONGC. The price will be paid according to Rs 473.97 per share. Hindustan Petroleum will end the government's direct stake.

Lockheed Martin proposed to build F-35 fighter aircraft in India

American company Lockheed Martin has proposed to build an F-35 fighter aircraft in India. Vivek Lal, the Vice President of the Strategy and Business Development Wing of the company, said, "In view of India, the production of fighter aircraft will be done exclusively in India. Something like that has never been presented before by another fighter aircraft maker."

Amazon's Online Republic Day Cell starts from today

Amazon's online country has started Republic Day Sale since January 21. Customers will get many offers in this cell. Amazon will give 10 percent cashback on HDFC Bank credit or debit card purchases. Cash balance of 10 per cent is being given on purchase from Pay Balance. Cells will run on Amazon from 21 to 24.

Whatsapp for new iPhone brought a new feature

To get the YouTube PiP (Picture-In-Picture) support feature, users will need to download WhatsApp version v2.18.11 for the iPhone from the app store. There is a link to a YouTube video on WhatsApp, so you will not have to go out of WhatsApp to see it. YouTube videos will start running on your chat window.

Reliance Communications returns money left to customers: TRAI

Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority has instructed Reliance Communications to return the unspent balance to the customers. Customers complained to the regulator. TRAI has asked to submit compliance report by February 15 and March 31. Reliance Communications returns the prepaid balance not spent in the recharge coupon or voucher plan on ported mobile numbers.

Claiming to make the world's highest 'air Purifier' in China

To reduce air pollution in China's Xian city, it has been claimed to make the world's highest (100 meters) 'air purifiers'. Scientists testing this purifiers say that it has significantly improved the quality of air. Actually, work on this project started in 2015.

India's cleanest city showing Indore in the first picture of Satellite Cortisat-2

SRO has released the first picture taken by the recently launched 'Cartosat-2' series Satellite. It shows a part of India's cleanest city, Indore, in which Holkar Cricket stadium is clearly visible. Actually, 710 kilograms 'cartosat-2' capable of taking high-resolution photos was successfully sent to space on 12th January.

WhatsApp payment option launches next month

WhatsApp payment option will be live in India next month. According to the reports, Whatsapp is in the last stages of testing with some users. WhatsApp is working with several popular banks in India to integrate the UPI based payment platform. This payment feature for WhatsApp will be released in February.

OnePlus Website Hack, Fraud Transaction from Users Credit Card

Fraud transactions are coming up with credit cards from users who purchase smartphones from OnePlus's website. Nearly 70 users complained of credit card fraud simultaneously, after which the matter came up. 70 people have registered fraud in the last 4 months in the Complain forum of OnePlus.

General Motors develop without a steering wheel, gear shifter, pedal car!

Like many global companies, General Motors is also working on Autonomous Vehicle technology. America's giant company is showing signs of a lot going forward. Actually, the company has revised the prototype of its cruise automatic vehicle. The special thing is that in the future, Autonomous technology will be so effective that there will be no need to do manual control of steering wheel, gear shifter, pedals etc.

UFOs show flying in the sky of Mexico

A female driver in Mexico saw an unknown thing flying in Asaman. The woman made the video of this strange flying object from her cellphone. According to the news, it is being called a UFO. Seeing the alleged UFO video put on the internet, it became viral. UFO Expert Pedro Ramírez declared it the first UFO development of 2018.

Top 5 Best Selling Smartphones in the World

There are 5 smartphone companies worldwide. South Korean company Samsung has 23.3% stake in the global smartphone market. The Apple company's market share is 12 percent. China's company Vibo has 11.3 percent stake in the global smartphone market. Oppo is fourth in the world in terms of smartphone sales. Shaomi is at number five.

Snapchat's new design, 83% people did not like

The recent changes made to the design by popular photo app Snapchat have not been liked by early users of UK, Australia and Canada, and 83 percent of this app's reviews on the Apple App Store are negative. The TechCrunch report says, "The most used keywords in the negative review include 'New updates', 'Stories' and 'Please Fix'.

India successfully tested the supersonic interceptor missile.

India successfully tested the indigenously developed Advanced Air Defense AAD SuperSonic Interceptor Missile from a test center in Odisha on Thursday. This missile is capable of hitting any ballistic missile coming from a very low altitude. This is the third supersonic interceptor test this year. In this, the ballistic missile coming from the front has been successfully targeted and destroyed in the radius of 30 kilometers of the earth's atmosphere. The sources said that this missile, high-tech computer and electro- Equipped with a mechanical activator guideline system. This state-of-the-art missile has its own mobile launcher.

Russia will build a luxury hotel at the International Space Station

Russia is engaged in making some 'big'. According to reports, the Russian Space Agency is preparing to build a luxury hotel at Roccosmos International Space Station, which is the ISS.Any person who would be willing to spend $ 4 million i.e. Rs 256 crores in this hotel for a week or two Could stay. Apart from this, giving $ 2 million will also give them a chance to make a spacewalk with an astronaut. RC Space Contractor RKK Energia has been given the responsibility to prepare a strategy to build this hotel. It can cost up to $ 27.9 million (1786 crores) to $ 446 million (2855 crores). This hotel will have 4 rooms for sleeping and each room has a 9-inch window. Along with this, the hotel also has a medical and hygiene stations and a 16-inch lounge area.

The founder of LeEco will go back to its home .

The founder of the debt-ridden company LeEco has ordered the  founder  to return to their country by the end of December so that they can offset the debt taken by the company. According to the notice issued by the China Security Regulatory Commission (CSRC) to Geo Inquisition in Beijing, 'The failure of the company to repay the loan is a serious violation of the legal rights and interests of the listed companies and also a serious violation of the interests of the investors, whose very negative, There will be social impact. '

The notice said, 'Our Bureau has sent a' Regulatory Concern Letter 'to Geo Utting on September 13, 2017, which clearly shows you to immediately return home and give your cleansing instructions. During this time, many listed companies have also requested you to return to your country. But till now no action has been taken by you in this regard. '

Now the need for Aadhaar card to open an account on Facebook

Facebook is testing new features on India's new users. Under this, users who created a new account on Facebook are being asked to name their names in their base card. However, users are not being asked for their base numbers. It is currently being tested in India with a small population. Not all users of Facebook are seeing this new feature. It is believed that Facebook has taken this step to stop fake accounts.

The story of the driver's less metro has been successful in Seoul

After the accident with the driver's less  train in the metro depot in Delhi, all the fears are running smoothly without any driver running train. But wherever this train runs in the world, this system has achieved success. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, where the driver's train runs with success.There is a mere 600-kilometer metro line around the world, where the metro runs without a driver. Shinbangdong DX line of Subway Network of South Korea is also included in it.

Max Plac Institute: A brain-aware search involving voice recognition.

Scientists have identified an extremely small part of the human brain, which helps in differentiating between voices and not only recognizing the voice. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany have revealed that posterior supremacy in our brain is responsible for identifying the sound of temporal gyrus (STG). This is a part of the posterior temporal lobe, which is in the four major parts of the mammalian brain One is from Gets hurt, especially in the right posterior temporal lobe in those who have shown that research, they barely recognizable voice scientific Claudia Roswadovitj said, "The investigation revealed patients with injuries who mind -The part is responsible for what work. If a certain part of the brain is injured and can not do a fixed work due to this, then the two components can be combined together.

Hero MotoCorp's motorcycles will be expensive: prices will rise from January

Hero Motor MotoCorp's motorcycles are going to be expensive, the country's leading Wheeler Manufacturing company. Hero Moto informed yesterday that he is going to increase the prices of his motorcycles from January 1, 2018. The company said that the main reason for the increase in price is the ever-increasing input costs. According to the company, the price of each model will be increased to about 400 rupees. The company said in a statement, "Though prices of different vehicles will be increased based on their model and on the basis of different markets."

Australia's found its first submarine after 103 years of disappearance

Australia's first submarine AE1, missing in World War I, was found on Thursday after searching for 103 years. AE1 was missing on 14 September 1914 near New Guinea Island (New Britain) and it had 35 members from Australia, New Zealand and Britain. The submarine was found 300 meters below sea in Papua New Guinea.

Facebook and Microsoft stop North Korea cyberattacks: US

White House Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bosart has said that Facebook and Microsoft have failed many cyber attacks from North Korea last week. He said that the US government is also talking to other companies about cooperation on Cyber ​​Security. Earlier, he had accused North Korea of ​​'WannaCry' cyber attack.

2 million children in eastern Ukraine are in danger due to landmine: UN

United Nations Organization 'UNICEF' has reported that 2.20 lakh children are in danger due to landmines in the war-zone area Eastern Ukraine. UNICEF said, "All parties involved in the dispute should immediately use these barbaric weapons away." Indeed, Russian-backed insurgents and Ukraine's army are facing each other in this region adjacent to Russia.

TCS records Nielsen's outsourcing contract for Rs 14,410 crore

TCS, the country's largest IT services company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and the television ratings company, has signed an outnouring agreement of ₹ 14,410 crore. It is the largest outsourcing contract ever received by any Indian IT company. Earlier, in 2007, the two companies had signed contracts for 10 years in 7,685 crores

Maruti, Toyota will also offer the first electric car by 2020

Japan's Suzuki and Toyota have set up a joint venture under which the country's leading passenger car maker Maruti Suzuki India Limited will launch its first electric car in the Indian market in 2020. Both companies will work further on the electric car and by 2020 it will be carrying cars on the roads. He said that it will be beneficial for the joint venture Maruti with Toyota. Both companies have the technology of electric cars while Maruti does not have this technology.

Prakash Javadekar, who came with a unique handset to avoid mobile radiation in Parliament

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has adopted an unsurpassed method of avoiding this. On Friday, Prakash Javadekar came to the Parliament with his mobile handset. He kept the handset connected with his mobile. But when he was asked why he did this, he did not answer.

Anti-smug guns used to control pollution in Delhi

The Delhi government used Anti-Smug Gun on Wednesday to deal with pollution and cold smug in winter. According to the plan, the smug gun trial was conducted on the Anand Vihar Interstate Bus Station (ISBT) in East Delhi today. On Monday, Environment Secretary Anil Kumar Singh briefed Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal about the smug guns trial.

Amazon India to launch its smartphone in January

After launching Billion Smartphone by Flipkart, Amazon india has now gotten up and now it can launch its new smartphone in January. The name of this Amazon phone will be Tenor. Although the company first sells two smartphones Tenor E and Tenor G under the Tenor brand. Both of these smartphones are low budget and mid-budget smartphones.

This phone can be brought in for a low and mid-budget market collision. According to Manoj Tewari, Vice President of Amazon Engineia, he is still taking the user's response to what kind of smartphone wants to take. Most of the cost will be kept in it.

DNA recognition will be done in a few minutes as per the new and advance software

Researchers have developed a software system that can be used only in a few minutes to identify the person's DNA and cells accurately. According to a study published in the 'Elyaf' journal, this technique can be used extensively. Although its most quick use can be used to identify infected cells in cancer experiments. Yeniv Erlich of the Columbia University of America said, "Our way is to pave the way for new technologies of technology prepared for the benefit of the society."

Jaguar will open 15 showrooms worldwide, target of $ 1 billion business by 2022

Bathroom fittings and sanitary ware area giant Jaguar Group is expected to be in the club of one billion dollar companies by 2022. This is due to its penetration in the global market and its expanding its product portfolio. In the sanitary ware section to establish itself as a global brand, the company is in the process of opening 15 showrooms called 'Jaguar World' all over the world. In addition, Jaguar is expected to increase its international sales threefold to $ 5 million in FY 2018-19. The company currently operates in about 40 countries.

TVS Apache RR 310 teaser video released,new look has created new hike.

TVS has released its Apache RR 310 teaser. The teaser is so tremendous that more than six million people have seen it. TVS Apache RR 310 is considered to be the largest two-wheeler this year. Also bike enthusiasm is about curiosity to launch. TVS will launch its most popular bike on December 6. This type motorcycle has been seen many times in Spy Pictures. To further enhance the excitement of the people, the company has issued the first Look of Teaser Video of Motorcycles. This has revealed some information about this bike.

Mars Mission: In 2020 NASA will send eight new devices Rover Yan on Mars.

American Space Agency NASA will send a new rover vehicle to the Red Planet in the Mars Mission-2020. It will discover the potential residues of ancient creatures on Mars. This rover of the next edition of Curiosity Rover successfully sent in 2012, will have eight new devices and will be equipped with new types of wheels. Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that the new Mars Yan is the atmosphere of Mars, its surface, and the layer below the surface Will research. It will also collect samples of mud and stones. JPL is also developing new technology for landing on Mars, which will enable it to go where it was risky to reach Curiosity.

Robot will become a doctor in China, pass in test

In China, Robot surprised everyone by passing the National Level Qualification Test for doctors. Along with that robot also got good points in the test. Anhui's Health and Family Planning Commission said, Robot has secured 456 marks in the test. China's leading company IFleitech and Shingua University have made this robot together. About 5.30 million people participated in this national-level test for doctors this year. The result of this examination was announced on Monday. Robot answered the questions at the same time without asking any internet or signal, like the normal person in the room during this examination. This whole process was recorded.

Renault launches new Compact SUV Captor with the best look, starting price ₹ 9.99 lakh

Renault has launched its new compact SUV Captor in India, whose initial exorbitant price is 9.99 lakhs. Exorbitant price of this car top variants in Delhi is 13.88 lakh rupees. The Reno Captor will replace the company's Düster Uuper. Renault has equipped this car with strong engine and HiTech features. Explain that the company has installed duster engine in the car which is available in both diesel and petrol variants. Renault has just launched this car with only the manual gearbox, however, in the diesel variant of Duster, the company has given automatic transmission. It is expected that the AMT variants of the Renault Captor will be launched soon.

Apple will come to Indian engineering colleges for the first time campus placement.

Apple Indian Institute of Information Technology (Triple IT) is to come to Hyderabad. Students are very excited about the company's arrival. "We are very excited about Apple's coming in the campus placement," said TV V. Devi Prasad, the placement head of the college. Although we do not know what job company is coming for, it is a great opportunity for our students to show their talents. For Apple Placement Triple IT will go to Hyderabad and Bangalore campus. Apart from Apple, other world-famous technology companies Google, Microsoft and Philips are also coming to college. Companies coming to the campus placement will take technical interviews of the students. Those who know computer language Python will be given priority.

For the first time in Japan, the status of resident status given to Artificial Intelligence Boy

An invisible character with Artificial Intelligence in the center of Tokyo, Japan has been made the official resident of the city and this virtual character sounds like a seven-year-old talkie boy. The boy named 'Shibuya Mirai' is not physically present but he can fight with people on messaging app 'line'. He can also reply to messages. With this Shibuya Mirai became Japan's first and perhaps the world's first Artificial Intelligence, which has been named in the original real-life local registry.