Russia Post reached 12.6 million Americans

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Russia Post reached 12.6 million Americans

Facebook has said that the content posted by Russia's users over the past two years has reached 12.6 million Americans. According to the social networking site, 80,000 such posts were released before and after 2016 presidential elections. Most of these posts were divisive societal and political messages. There are times when the Senate is going to hear a hearing on how much influence Russia has made on these popular websites. Russia has consistently denied these allegations. That he tried to influence the last presidential election, in which Donald Trump became President by defeating Hillary Clinton. Confirmation of fresh data Uk news agency of Reuters and the Washington Post newspaper.

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First Published: 03 November, 2017, 12:19 PM
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DNA recognition will be done in a few minutes as per the new and advance software

Researchers have developed a software system that can be used only in a few minutes to identify the person's DNA and cells accurately. According to a study published in the 'Elyaf' journal, this technique can be used extensively. Although its most quick use can be used to identify infected cells in cancer experiments. Yeniv Erlich of the Columbia University of America said, "Our way is to pave the way for new technologies of technology prepared for the benefit of the society."

Jaguar will open 15 showrooms worldwide, target of $ 1 billion business by 2022

Bathroom fittings and sanitary ware area giant Jaguar Group is expected to be in the club of one billion dollar companies by 2022. This is due to its penetration in the global market and its expanding its product portfolio. In the sanitary ware section to establish itself as a global brand, the company is in the process of opening 15 showrooms called 'Jaguar World' all over the world. In addition, Jaguar is expected to increase its international sales threefold to $ 5 million in FY 2018-19. The company currently operates in about 40 countries.

TVS Apache RR 310 teaser video released,new look has created new hike.

TVS has released its Apache RR 310 teaser. The teaser is so tremendous that more than six million people have seen it. TVS Apache RR 310 is considered to be the largest two-wheeler this year. Also bike enthusiasm is about curiosity to launch. TVS will launch its most popular bike on December 6. This type motorcycle has been seen many times in Spy Pictures. To further enhance the excitement of the people, the company has issued the first Look of Teaser Video of Motorcycles. This has revealed some information about this bike.

Mars Mission: In 2020 NASA will send eight new devices Rover Yan on Mars.

American Space Agency NASA will send a new rover vehicle to the Red Planet in the Mars Mission-2020. It will discover the potential residues of ancient creatures on Mars. This rover of the next edition of Curiosity Rover successfully sent in 2012, will have eight new devices and will be equipped with new types of wheels. Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that the new Mars Yan is the atmosphere of Mars, its surface, and the layer below the surface Will research. It will also collect samples of mud and stones. JPL is also developing new technology for landing on Mars, which will enable it to go where it was risky to reach Curiosity.

Robot will become a doctor in China, pass in test

In China, Robot surprised everyone by passing the National Level Qualification Test for doctors. Along with that robot also got good points in the test. Anhui's Health and Family Planning Commission said, Robot has secured 456 marks in the test. China's leading company IFleitech and Shingua University have made this robot together. About 5.30 million people participated in this national-level test for doctors this year. The result of this examination was announced on Monday. Robot answered the questions at the same time without asking any internet or signal, like the normal person in the room during this examination. This whole process was recorded.

Renault launches new Compact SUV Captor with the best look, starting price ₹ 9.99 lakh

Renault has launched its new compact SUV Captor in India, whose initial exorbitant price is 9.99 lakhs. Exorbitant price of this car top variants in Delhi is 13.88 lakh rupees. The Reno Captor will replace the company's Düster Uuper. Renault has equipped this car with strong engine and HiTech features. Explain that the company has installed duster engine in the car which is available in both diesel and petrol variants. Renault has just launched this car with only the manual gearbox, however, in the diesel variant of Duster, the company has given automatic transmission. It is expected that the AMT variants of the Renault Captor will be launched soon.

Apple will come to Indian engineering colleges for the first time campus placement.

Apple Indian Institute of Information Technology (Triple IT) is to come to Hyderabad. Students are very excited about the company's arrival. "We are very excited about Apple's coming in the campus placement," said TV V. Devi Prasad, the placement head of the college. Although we do not know what job company is coming for, it is a great opportunity for our students to show their talents. For Apple Placement Triple IT will go to Hyderabad and Bangalore campus. Apart from Apple, other world-famous technology companies Google, Microsoft and Philips are also coming to college. Companies coming to the campus placement will take technical interviews of the students. Those who know computer language Python will be given priority.

For the first time in Japan, the status of resident status given to Artificial Intelligence Boy

An invisible character with Artificial Intelligence in the center of Tokyo, Japan has been made the official resident of the city and this virtual character sounds like a seven-year-old talkie boy. The boy named 'Shibuya Mirai' is not physically present but he can fight with people on messaging app 'line'. He can also reply to messages. With this Shibuya Mirai became Japan's first and perhaps the world's first Artificial Intelligence, which has been named in the original real-life local registry.

America will spend $ 1,200 billion on modernization of nuclear weapons

In the way the world is experiencing tension among the counries all of them have started to strengthen their defense mechanisms. In a way, there is a rivalry in the whole world. With the continual situation of North Korea, the United States has decided to strengthen its weapons. US Congressman budget analysts estimate that America is working on a long-term plan to modernize its current nuclear weapons and modernize them. For this, the US is going to spend $ 1200 billion.

A report released by the Congressional Budget Office said that it will take 30 years for the modernization of weapons and during these 30 years, the US will spend $ 1200 billion on this. Under this, all atomic weapons currently being considered old will be replaced.

27-year-old student made bullet train logo successful in 31st try

Preparations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious plan bullet train are on full swing The logo of this scheme has also been prepared. Chakradar Ala, who has made the logo, has said that this was his 31st attempt, he failed in the past 30 attempts. But this time it has been successful.Student Chakradhar of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad said that he has participated in the competition by the Modi Government in any competition designed on But he was constantly failing Now the Jury has chosen the bullet train people in the end.

Talking to the reporters, Chakradhar said that he is very excited to see the logo  made by him everywhere. He explained that if this logo is closely watched, then the shape of the train will also be seen.

Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis seen two million times after being online

Within a few days of the publication of the PhD research paper of British physicist and cosmologist Stefan Hawking, more than two million people have seen around the world. The research done by Hawking in 1966 became so popular that it released on Monday as the publishing section of Cambridge University's website crashed. More than half a million people tried to download a page titled 'Characteristics of Extensions of the Universe'. The University's Arthur Smith described these figures as 'unique'. Deputy Head of the Department of Communications, Smith told the media, "According to estimates, Professor Hawking's PhD research is the most-researched research from any research repository, we have never seen such statistics before."

Facebook launches redesign workplace app

Facebook has launched its workplace chat application on the mobile and desktop platform. Through this app, workplace platforms can easily connect with anyone on Android, iOS, PC or Mac. This includes some new features like screen sharing and group video chat. Users can share their desktop with the screen sharing feature. However, the group video chat feature has a little time to come but it has been confirmed. Facebook changed its news feed feature and told it to divide it into two parts, to keep the personal post from the commercial post.

Saudi Arabia, the first country to give citizenship to the robot.

Saudi Arabia became the world's first country to give citizenship to the robot. This robot has been named Sophia. Saudi Arabia's Public Relations Affairs Committee has announced it on its official Twitter handle. The committee wrote, "Robot Sophia is the world's first robot, which has got Saudi citizenship." On receiving a citizenship, Robot Sophia thanked, "I am feeling very honored for this special glory. For the first time, it is historic to identify robots with citizenship. I will work to increase the confidence among the people. '

Blackberry launches new cyber security services

Canadian company Blackberry has launched new cyber security consulting services on Wednesday, aiming to help enterprises implement the 'General Data Protection Regulation' (GDPR) and reduce the security risks associated with connected vehicles, which are personalized And there may be a threat to public safety. The company said in a statement, "BlackBerry Cybercurrency Consulting will help organizations manage their data. With this, it will help in understanding how GDPR applies to the organization.

Bajaj will present new Cruiser Bike Avenger 400, a tough competition from Royal Enfield

Indian motorcycle maker Bajaj is working on a major edition of its Cruiser Bike Avenger. According to the report, the company will soon launch a new version of this cruiser. Claiming it will be 400 cc version of the avenger. The new avatar of this cruiser motorcycle is expected to be launched by March 2018. However, the company has not disclosed anything about it. The primary competitor for the Avenger 400 will be the Royal Enfield Thunderbird, which is up to 350 and 500.

Increased threat of BadRabbit virus, cyber attack done on many countries including Russia

After RanSamware, a virus called BadRabbit has cyber attack. This attack has been done on many countries including Russia. This is causing problems like the flight delayed on Russia's Interfax news agency, including Ukraine Airport. However, there is no news of any major losses, but the US government has issued a warning.

World's first smart train: China runs rail without rail

China has gifted the world  first smart train. These vehicles will run on the virtual rail line. These lines have been laid on the streets of China. It has been prepared in ZhuZhou province of China. These trains will be able to carry 300 passengers at a time. The speed of the train will be 70 kilometers per hour. Three coaches have been prepared in the train. They have been connected in the middle of the metro. Passengers can travel from one coach to another in the smart train. This is the transport of smart train futures. This train system has been prepared for the city. This is called autonomous railroad rapid transit. It has been prepared by China Rail Corporation. It is the world's largest train company. There are 4 million people in China's Zhuzhou province.

 This train will make their journey even easier. It will not be wrong if called Long Bus, but it can take many more passengers compared to a bus. The most important thing about this train is its way of walking which is different from the old ways. It does not require any kind of physical track to run. Indoor lines have been prepared specifically for this special train as a dot on the road. The cost of one kilometer is 17 to 23 million euros. Sensors are fitted inside the road to run this train. These sensors are also able to collect travel information.

Google Earth found the 'ancient gate' of stone discovered in Saudi Arabia

Scientists have discovered 400 such structures in Saudi Arabia with the help of Google Earth imagery, which never before mentioned any documents. These structures are known as 'gates'. David Kennedy, the researcher at the University of Western Australia, said that Saudi Arabia is primarily known for the barren mountains and deserts, but there is also a large number of archaeological sites. They are to be detected and recorded and left to be shown in the map

Now Facebook Messenger can send money via PayPal

Online Payments Gateway PayPal has started facilitating US Facebook users to send money through Facebook Messenger. For this, users will have to attach PayPal account to Facebook Messenger. It will be able to pay for things such as cab rides, shopping and movie tickets. For this, PayPal had contracted with Facebook Messenger last year. Currently, more than 25,00,000 US Facebook users will be able to avail of this.

Now the Instagram Story you will be able to share on Facebook.

Now the Instagram Story you will be able to share on Facebook. The option to syndicate the Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories is now rolling out. Website Techcrunch has said that Facebook has also confirmed that this feature is being officially launched for all across the globe. The option to post Facebook Stories on Instagram is not yet, but the company said that it can bring it in the future soon. Instagram Stories has added more than 25 million Monthly Active Users and around 70 million users of this app worldwide.

Google launches a thin laptop with mobile apps that will also work

Google has announced the availability and prices of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL in India. The starting price of Google Pixel 2 will be Rs 61,000, in which you will get 64GB. Whereas 128GB variants cost 70,000 rupees. Its large variant i.e. Google Pixel 2XL's 64GB variant will be priced at Rs 73,000, while its 128GB variant will get 83,000 rupees. The pre-booking of these smartphones in India will begin on October 26 and its sale will start from November 1. However Pixel 2 XL will start selling on November 15. Both smartphones will be available at Flipkart, but it can also be purchased from offline stores.

Skoda will launch the first 7-seater SUV, 16 liters mileage in 1 liter

In the festive season, Foxwagen Group's car maker Skoda has introduced another SUV in the market. This car with a two-liter diesel engine is special in many ways. The 7-seat 'Kodiaq SUV' has been specially designed in the company's Aurangabad plant. The ex-showroom price of the new SUV has been fixed at Rs 34.49 lakhs. This new SUV of Skoda will compete with the Toyota Fortuner, Ford's Indage, Isuzu's MU-X and Foxwagen's Tiguan.

Google launches Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL, starting from 61 thousand rupees

Google has launched it's Second Generation Pixel Smartphone Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL. Pixel 2 looks like its previous model, while some changes have been made in Pixel 2 XL. Its display has been increased from 5.5 inches to 6 inches. The starting price of Google Pixel 2 will be Rs 61,000, in which you will get 64GB variants. Whereas 128GB variants cost 70,000 rupees. Its large variant i.e. Google Pixel 2XL's 64GB variant will be priced at Rs 73,000, while its 128GB variant will get 83,000 rupees.

Nadella had returned the green card for the wife, ready to leave Microsoft's job for his love .

Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella has uncovered the very interesting things related to his life. Nadeela said that he had returned his green card to bring his newly married wife to America and had applied for an H-1B visa. Indeed, the permanent residence in the United States was being allowed to bring his wife here. After this move, he was criticized in the Redmond-based Microsoft campus. In the initial period of his career, despite having a green card in his hands, at one time he thought seriously about leaving a job in Microsoft and returning to India.

Smartphone will now find HIV infection in just 10 seconds

Now, through a smartphone, it can also be ascertained which person is infected with HIV and who does not. Scientists have developed a unique smartphone-based screening method in which HIV can be detected in just 10 seconds. Professor Vince Emery of the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom said that soon users will be able to detect HIV only through one drop of their blood. Apart from HIV, this method can also identify the Zika or Ebola virus. It is based on the microelectronics components found in the smartphone. At present, users can detect heart beat rate, blood pressure, sugar, etc. from smartphones. There are also many different apps available on the Google Play Store.

Xiaomi has more than 10 million smartphones sold in just 48 hours

xiaomi claims that more than 1 million smartphones have been sold in just 48 hours. The company also tweeted on its Twitter account giving this information. In which he gave information that Flipkart's Big Billion Days and Amazon's Great India Festival made tremendous sales of their phones. The company's statement stating that 300 smartphones were purchased every minute during the sale. In just 48 hours, more than 10 lakh smartphones are a new achievement for the company, the company had found this figure in the last 18 days. Company informed that xiomai's Radmi Note 4 was topped by Flipkart's Big billion day cell. This cell is being given a discount of 1000 on the 4 GB RAM and 32GB RAM, and 4 GB and 64 GB of storage is being given off of up to 2 thousand on Note 4. Both of these smartphones are available at Flipkart for Rs 10,999.

Shinzo Abe will fight against the dissolution parliament,on the basis of national security question.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe today officially inaugurated the National Election Campaign by dissolving Parliament. In the election, he is facing unprecedented and difficult challenge from Tokyo's popular governor. Speaker Tadamori Oshima of the House read out the statement about dissolution of the House.

The world's third largest economy is likely to go to polls on October 22. Abe said, the beginning of a difficult fight from today. This choice is about how people's lives will be saved. We have to cooperate with the international community because we are facing threat from North Korea. We need to fight for the future of our children. He suddenly surprised everyone by talking about the mid-term elections on Monday.

Google launches two new smartphones in comparison to iPhone.

Just after Apple's iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X launch, Google has announced to launch its new smartphone. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones are expected to launch on October 4. However, the company has not shared any information about these phones. Google has released its teaser that asks "Thinking about changing phones? Stay tuned for more on October 4 ". If you are thinking of changing the phone, wait until October 4. Google's incoming phone pixels 2 and pixel 2 XL can be an upgrade version of Google's old phones.

Airtel offers 60GB of data for free to its users, like this

Airtel has taken a new offer to rival Reliance Jio. Airtel is continuously removing new offers for its users. Under this offer 60GB high speed data is being given to the users. This offer has been introduced by Airtel, especially for postpaid users. Airtel was previously giving 30GB of data free to its postpaid users. This offer was for 3 months. Which is over this month. Now Airtel has taken the offer of 60GB. Its validity is 6 months. Meaning now, 10GB of data will be available free every month for 6 months.

Xiaomi Launches Mi Max 2 Smartphone.

Xiaomi has launched its Mi Max 2 smartphone. This will be available for sale for the first time from September 12 at 12 noon on September 20. This smartphone can be purchased from the online shopping website, the company website At the same time it can be purchased from the store mi home of the offline company. The company has priced it 12,999 rupees. This phone can be purchased in black color. This smartphone has a 6.44 inch full HD display. It has a 2.0 GHz auditor 625 processor. It has 4GB of RAM. Its internal memory is 32 GB, which can be increased from 128GB to microSD card.

Google will launch digital payment service for India .

Search engine Google has its own wallet service, but India does not have its use. India is currently emerging as a major market for digital transactions for Google. In such a situation, Google is now preparing to launch a payment service in India. According to a report from The Ken, Google will launch local digital payment next week. According to The Ken's report, the name of this service will be 'Tej' and it will be different from Google Wallet and Android Pay service. Not only this, the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) will also be supported. At the moment Google runs its payment service in the US, where it is quite popular.

Enhanced India's strength, complete trial of S-400 defense system, PAK-China will come in range of india.

Indian Air Force has successfully tested the Russian S-400 Defense System and now it will soon get India from Russia. This will prove to be a game changer in India's defense sector. Fighter aircraft, surveillance aircraft, cruise missile and drone from the S-400 Defense System are capable of hitting the enemy's airspace within 400 meters. 

Meet Reno Duster's new incarnation .

The design of the new Duster is completely new, forward new chrome grill, three-barrel headlamps, day-time running lights, sporty curve lines on bonnet and large skid plate. The side part has wide wide wheelchairs, 17 inch new alloy wheel, new aluminum roof bar, black wing arch and curve lines. On the rear side, stainless-chrome finishing with wide skid plates and taillamps with four bars are given.

Not only the new iPhone but also the unique emoji, which will prove to be a trend setter

The wait is over and Apple has launched three new iPhones. The announcement of the iOS 11 was already done and it will soon reach you. In this launch event, the company took a lot of time on some things, one of which is the Animoji feature. This feature will be in iOS 11 and will be supported in iPhone X Animoji is a kind of emoji that does your expression, Apple's new animaji will work with the face id given in the iPhone X. The face of the user will be scanned through Face ID and reading your face and translating it into emoji. Actually this face ID will create 3D version.

The electrified car offered by BMW, will run 600km when charging.

Many luxury carmakers are taking electric mobility seriously enough. During the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany, many legendary car companies are presenting their electrified car concepts. Of these, an electric car of BMW has also become a center of attraction. BMW has introduced BMW Eye Vision Dynamics displaying its Future Fox Next Vision Vehicles at the show, which is a four-door Grain coupe. This car has been kept between the I3 and the I8.

In the world when Apple new phone x was launching then Google related some sites was down.

While awaiting the launch of Apple phone in the world, the same thing happened when some Google sites related to the Internet connected to the internet world  were found to be down in parts of the world. According to the report, some of Google's services such as YouTube, Gmail, Drive and Google Map are down in parts of the world. It is being reported that those who use Google's products in Europe, North America and parts of Japan have had difficulties.

Electric car of BMW will come out on the road in 2019

In the electric car market, the BMW mini electric car will knock soon. The production of this car will start extensively in Oxford Plant. This car has been prepared specifically for the cities. To meet the electric car project, BMW has so far invested crores of rupees. About 44 crore rupees have been invested during the last five years.

HTC's smartphone-based smartphone business could buy Google

Google company can buy HTC's Taiwanese smartphone business company. According to a report from the Commercial Times published from China, Google is considering two options to deal with HTC. HTC allegedly makes Google's 'pixel 2' category smartphones. is quoting the commercial Times on Friday (September 8th) that Google is reportedly planning to become HTC's 'becoming a strategic partner, or buy a full smartphone unit'.

The foundation stone of the bullet train project on September 14, PM Modi- Shinzo Abe will keep the cornerstone

Modi Government is going to step up another step towards achieving the dream of the bullet train in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe will lay the foundation for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai High Speed ​​Rail network proposed in the city of Gujarat on September 14. Railway officials gave this information on Saturday. High speed rail networks are commonly called bullet trains. There is a capacity of 750 passengers to board the bullet train. This will reduce travel time between two cities from seven hours to three hours.

Intex done a deal with jio reliance.

After partnering with Reliance Jio, domestic electronics brand Intex Technologies announced on Friday (September 8th) to give 25GB of data to its smartphone users. Under this scheme, all Intex 4G Smartphone users will get 5 GB extra data on every 4G recharge using the Geo Connection, which is generally more than the data available on recharge of Rs 309 or more.

Airtel sells Bharti Infrstructure 6.7 million shares for Rs 2,570 crore

Telecom major company Airtel sold 6.7 crore shares in its subsidiary Bharti Infratel for Rs 2,570 crore. This sale has been done at the price of 380.6 rupees per share, which is 4% less than the previous day's closure. Bharti Airtel said in the statement that he will use this amount primarily to reduce the burden of its debt. Bharti Airtel has sold 6.73 crore shares of its subsidiary Bharti Infratel through its wholly-owned subsidiary Natal Infrastructure Investment.

72 years ago today was the day, first nuclear bomb 'littleboy' was used.

Today, on August 6, 72 years before a nuclear attack by the US on Hiroshima was done, Japan's city is being completed ruined. Three days later, that is the second nuclear attack on Japan's Nagasaki city on August 9. Every year in Japan, the whole nation performs a tribute program on the national level for the victims of the accident and the whole world favors peace. The bomb that America had dropped on Japan, its name was "Little Boy" but it is also responsible for the biggest nuclear tragedy in human history. The bomb killed more than 1.2 million people in both the attacks. During the final stages of World War II, the United States dropped the atomic bomb on 6 and 9 August 1945 respectively on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The US had dropped the bombs with the consent of the United Kingdom under the mention in the  Agreement. In the history of human , nuclear weapons were used for the first time. At least 1. 29 lakh people were killed in these two bomb blasts. Some years later, the number of people killed in nuclear attacks was estimated to be 2 lakh 30 thousand.

Metro's highest track in Delhi, train to run at a height of 7 floors.

Metro is going to do a new job in the capital Delhi. So far, the highest track of the Metro is made and trail on this track on Wednesday. The 59-kilometer long Majlis Park-Shiva Vihar Corridor, being constructed under the third phase of the Delhi Metro, is going on. The track between its South Campus and Delhi Cantt Metro station is highest, which is passing above Dhaulakua at the airport express line. The height of the track is 23.6 meters. This is equivalent to a seven-storey building.

Bajaj launches small car in 60 thousand rupees

Bajaj launched his cheapest and smaller Qute in Indonesia last month. Now it can be launched soon in India and it has also been seen in a showroom in Gujarat.
Bajaj Auto has launched its small car Bajaj Qute quadricycle in the international market. The company claims that Bajaj Kuit got good response in the international market. In India, there is a special demand for small cars.

A successful rocket launch of Iran.

Iran has claimed to have successfully launched a rocket capable of installing the satellite into space orbit. Meanwhile, after the House of Representatives in the US, the Senate has now passed a new ban on Iran, Russia and North Korea. However, despite the White House's objections, this bill has passed in both the Houses. The Phoenix Rocket was launched from a new Space Center in Semnan, Northern Iran. America condemned this launch and took steps to provoke it. Since 2009, five rockets made in Iran have been launched. Iran's official TV channel said that the launch of a rocket of 250 kilograms can be taken to a height of 500 kilometers.

India is number one in the use of Facebook platform for social media.

According to media reports, the number of people using Facebook in India has grown to more than 24 million, and at the same time, the number of Indians on this social media platform has exceeded the people of other countries. According to Facebook, the 'potential people' who come to Facebook on July 13, 24.1 crore are from India while 24.0 crore people in the US use this platform. According to The Next Web, Facebook has gained a huge lead in India and USA since the beginning of the year 2017, but according to some statistics, Facebook doubled in the face of the US against India.

Now features like Money Transaction and Message Edits will be in WhatsApp

In February 2017, Whatsapp crossed the 200 million mark or 200 million active customers in India. Since its acquisition by Facebook many changes are being made in WhatsApp. From now on you will not only send money online to your friends and family in the coming days, The company will use the UPA's unified payment interface for which it has already sought permission from the Indian government for typing with several Indian banks. Now you will be able to watch YouTube videos without the exit of Whatsapp window with the help of Picture-In-Picture mode.

Suzuki launches new hybrid Swift, offers 32Kmpl mileage |

Suzuki launched Swift's hybrid version of its popular car. The 2017 Swift car has been launched in two variants (SG and SL). Currently, it has been launched in Japan and no information has been received about its arrival in India. Suzuki has a 1.2-liter petrol engine with 91Hp power, which is connected to the 5-speed gear shift gearbox. Do not confuse it with the SHVS Mild Hybrid used in the new swift. According to the company's claim, the new Swift is capable of delivering 32Kmpl mileage. Its weight is lighter than the current swift. The weight of the new hybrid swift is less than 1000 kilograms.

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka arrives at the conference with indigenous driverless carts

Infosys Chief Executive Officer Vishal Sikka met the media on Friday to discuss the company's outcome. During this time the coin came in a 'no driver' cart (small vehicle). It is developed by the company in India itself at the center of Mysore. According to the coin, Infosys is developing automated vehicles. Coin tweeted, "For me and Pravin (Chief Operating Officer) an automated vehicle has been built in Mysore Infosys Engineering Services. Who says that we can not make the transformational technology? 'This vehicle is equipped with sensors, which enables it to run without a driver. It's like a golf cart.

Income Tax Department launches SETU app, salary and TDS deduction info

Income Tax Department has launched a mobile app called SETU for facilitating income tax payers and TDS employees. With the help of this mobile app, consumers will also get the information of TDS who cut their salaries and employees, along with the application for payment of their taxes through this app and making a new PAN card for people coming to the realm of income tax, There will also be a facility to do it.