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This is the world's most advanced currency notes, learn specialties.

Australia is making currency notes of advanced technology. The biggest feature of this note is that it can be seen across it. Currency note with $ 5 is water proof. There is no effect of moisture and dust on this note. It is also very difficult to copy the security features of this note. Blind man can also feel the note by touching.

Mahindra to provide 900 crores for the development of electric vehicles

Mahindra & Mahindra, the country's largest automaker, is going to invest a huge amount of 900 million rupees for the construction and development of electric vehicles in the coming 4 years. Under this, the company will invest Rs 400 crore in Karnataka and Rs 500 crore in Maharashtra. The company will use this investment for the development of production capacity and technology and products.

Messages deleted on Whatsapp can also be read

Whatsapp's popular feature 'Delete for Everyone' can erase your message. Now the new information is revealed that the deleted message will be read. If a user receives the message to reply to your message, then the message will be clearly visible in chat. Even if you have already erased it.

Now 13 digits will be mobile number, 10 digit can also upgrade

Like BSNL, the letter has been reported from its network management vendors, in which it has been informed that new subscribers will get 13 digit mobile numbers instead of 10 digits. This work will start from 1 July 2018. Old subscribers will be able to transit their numbers between October 1 and December 31, 2018.

Google picks codenamed Android P 'pistachio ice cream': Reports

Media reports that Tech Company Google has codenamed 'Pistachio ice cream' for upcoming Android 9.0 or Android P update. Google has retained the tradition of keeping the name of its operating system dessert theme by placing this codename of Android P. The old version of Android based on Desert Themes is named Orio, Nongat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat etc.

Apple's AirPod blasts, probe begins

The incident of the explosion of the Apple Airpowder has surfaced. A man from Florida in the US caught fire in the airplane and he got torn. This incident happened when Jason Cologne heard a dance mix on his airpod. Apple said on this, it is not the first time that an explosion incident occurred in a famous device.

Apple has made a new patent that will relieve users of fatigue

Apple has applied a patent of a device. It is more comfortable with virtual reality headset like Microsoft and Facebook-owned Oculus VR. It was reported in the report that the information published by the US Patent and Trademark Office has been reported. It has also been said that it can help users reduce fatigue.