RBI clarified on the news of closure of public sector banks.

Last Updated: 22 December, 2017, 17:27 PM By: Shortheadline
RBI clarified on the news of closure of public sector banks.

The RBI has cleared the rumors after the Reserve Bank of India deposited several banks, including Bank of India, into the list of Prompt Action active Action. In the ongoing media reports, 9 government banks, including Bank of India, we're going to shut down. Rbi said clarifying that there will be no impact on the normal functioning of banks. RBI has come to know about many wrong reports on many other platforms including social media, in which some government banks have been told to close. Such reports are being given about prompt action-related action, but this is wrong.

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First Published: 22 December, 2017, 17:26 PM
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The startup that Google has bought purchased screen speaker

According to Bloomberg, Google has acquired the ReadX Startup of the United Kingdom, whose technology can convert the device's screen to a speaker such as a phone with the help of vibration. Readx claims that due to this technology, the speakers in the mobile will not be required and other spare parts can be installed in the remaining space.

Uber fired employee for stealing Google's confidential files

Uber has fired engineer Anthony Levandosky, who accused Google of stealing at least 14,000 files related to Self-Driving Technology. Anthony was the co-founder of the self-driving truck startup 'Otto', which was bought by Uber in August 2016. Google allegedly sued Uber to steal the company's technology through Anthony

Alan Musk's Tesla first time included in the Fortune 500 list

Tesla, the electric vehicle company of Alan Musk, who was first in the 'Fortune 500' list, remained at 383th place. In the list of top US companies in revenue, Tesla was included in the revenue of £ 450 billion ($ 7 billion) in 2016. Musk said, "I think I'm worth the list of 500."

Drivers started the 'Seva' cab to challenge Ola and Uber

In order to challenge the app-based cab company Ola and Uber, Delhi's cab drivers have launched their app based 'service cab' and its initial fare has been kept ₹ 5 / km. However, he announced the rent when he was striking in Delhi against the Ola and Uber on the rent dispute.

Bihar government's new announcement to promote start-up

The Bihar government has taken a new initiative on Thursday to promote the new start-up in the state. Under this, the state government will now help open up and open up of such start ups in the state to 10% in bank loan. This decision of the government will be particularly beneficial for businessmen running IT, food processing, textile, apparel and leather industries. Since this announcement, the state government will now give 10% interest on borrowing from the bank. In addition, GST return, EPF and ESI will also help in the amount given in the item. The special thing is that the state government will also provide Rs 20 thousand for each person on the job given under the start-up. It was announced by Deputy Chief Minister of the state Sushil Modi.

Adopted the startup by rejecting a package of 1 million. Falling Recoup finally reached the destination

Kaushik Mukherjee, who has completed his studies with 'Indian Institute of Management' (IIM), adopted the startup by rejecting a package of 1 crore. The family was against startup, they wanted the son to join the job but they started their business, but after a tough struggle for two years, they had to close it. After that, the job was joined but the mind was engaged in entrepreneurship. Together with her, she started the startup of beauty product and she is successful today. Kaushik shared the experience that the most important thing in the startup is planning. In the initial phase, he started it without any planning which was unsuccessful but after the planning he got success.

More than 1,000 startups started this year: NASCOM Report

Over 1,000 new start-ups have started this year in the country. This has strengthened India's position as the world's third largest start-up ecosystem. In this case, India is facing tough competition from countries like Britain and Israel. According to the startup report of NASCOM, the number of start-up startups in the country has increased to around 5,200. It has been said that the number of business startup business start-ups of health technology, finitec, e-commerce and aggregators area is increasing rapidly in the country. It has been said in the report that while Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai are the main startup hubs of the country, 20% start-ups have been set up in the second and third category cities.

Government will clean the Ganges water from dirt-eating bacteria.

Applying sewage treatment plants (STP) is taking a lot of time. In this way, the government wants to clean the Ganges water through bacterial bioremediation technique. Significantly, it may take 2 to 3 years for STP to work. The special thing is that these bacteria do not leave any kind of odor. In this process, the smell coming from the drain also decreases. Under this technique, the dose of microbes is determined based on the presence of organic pollutants present in the sewage. This technique has been successfully tested in the Bakarganj drain of Patna. The bioremediation technique is quite costly and it takes only 6 to 8 months to get it started. The cost of projects determined by the NMCG can come from Rs 7 lakh to Rs 17 crore.

Indian-born Akshay Ruparelia became the youngest millionaire in Britain at the age of 19

Akshay Ruparelia of Indian origin has been named among the youngest millionaire Britannians. Akshay has become a successful businessman only at the age of 19. Their online company has become one of the UK's 18 largest UK online companies within 16 months. The value of Akshay's company has been estimated to be 20 million pounds in a year, after which he has joined the youngest millionaires in the country.
They work as well as doing land deals along with their studies.

The​ ​Moms​ ​Co.​ ​Raises​ ​1mn​ ​USD​ ​ ​Funding​ ​From DSG​ ​Consumer​ ​Partners​ ​And​ ​Saama​ ​Capital

The Moms Co., Gurgaon-based Mom and Baby Care consumer goods startup, has raised a USD 1mn (Rs. 6.5cr) Series A funding round. The round was co-led by DSG Consumer Partners and Saama Capital. The team will utilise the fresh funds for reaching 15,000 moms by March 2018 and expanding their portfolio of Natural, Certified Toxin-Free Skin and Food products across more Mom and Baby Care categories. With complete New Mom care range and Baby Care launching over the next few months, the team plans to further expand their offline presence and continue investments in technology and building the right team |

Joining the UN TIR Convention, India becomes the 71st country.

India has become the 71st nation to join the UN TIR Convention. TIR Convention will help India increase its business in South Asia and beyond. This will strengthen India's prospects of becoming a trading center. India's decision to implement TIR system will have a far-reaching effect on business. This will not have to go through the various processes on the border of different countries, which will save time and money in the transportation of goods. This will give new life to India's International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and Chabahar Project. INSTC is a 7,200 km long land and sea route. This includes railways, roads and sea routes of transport.

Google sold just one million pixels of smartphone in 8 months, Apple made a record

During the eight months, smartphones have been sold around 10 lakhs. This figure is given on the basis of an app's download, which can only be downloaded by users of pixels. Apple sold seven million iPhones in the last quarter of 2016, while Samsung sold an estimated 5 million Galaxy S8s in the first month of launch. Google does not release sales figures, but the installation of the exclusive 'pixel launcher' app for its smartphone has crossed the 10 million mark. Launch pixels is the first smartphone last year, which works like an Intelligent Personal Assistant and a Knowledge Navigator.

South Korea's electronic company launched with SamsungNotebook 9 Pro laptop, Stylus S Pen.

South Korea's electronic company Samsung launched its new laptop notebook 9 Pro at the Computex 2017 event in Taipei. The company has made its new device with 360-degree hinges. There is also an inbuilt S Pen stylus. The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is an upgrade version of the company's Notebook 9 Series. This laptop is embedded in S Pen. Earlier, all this feature was seen in Lenovo's 'Yoga' laptop. Yoga was present with a S Pen embedded in the laptop too. The biggest feature of Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is its S Pen, which comes with more than 4,000 presses. Apart from this S Pen is equipped with Air Command feature.

Zomato Hacked; 17 Million User Records Stolen And Put For Sale On Dark Web.

According to the blog post published by the company, about 17 million user records have been stolen from their database. The stolen information has user email addresses and hashed passwords.Zomato claims that since the passwords are encrypted, they cannot be easily decrypted by the attackers. Zomato even stressed that the breach did not impact or compromise any payment card data, as the financial information of its users is stored in a separate database different from the one illegally accessed. 

13 years after Zuckerberg got his degree from Harvard University.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally received an honorary degree from Harvard. He also talked about Facebook, because of which he was fired almost from there. He also said during this time that he was the most special of them in this college that he got Prashila Chan here, who is now his wife. 33-year-old Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest person to give a speech in the speech at Harvard. He addressed the people there for about 30 minutes. During this time his parents and wife were also Prashila.

Tejas express from Mumbai to Goa will be shown today, green flag, like plane beauty.

today Tejas Express will be flagged off from Mumbai to Goa.This 19 coaches train will depart from Mumbai to Mumbai. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu will launch it from Mumbai's CST station. This train will reach Karmali, Goa by 1.30 pm. In this train, CCTV cameras, LED TVs, tea, and coffee vending machines, as well as smoke and fire detection system, have also been installed.There will also be a GPS-based passenger information display system. The arrangement of seating in the tray will also be improved and there will be LED TVs and call bell facilities for each seat. There will be two power cars on both sides of the tray. It has a door like a modern bus which will be controlled by the guard. These doors will open only after the station arrives. In this, for the first time vacuum, low bio-toilets have been installed.

Closed Website Forever. has been turned off forever. This website is one of the world's largest websites. This website has been discontinued as such. Torrent Search Engine was discontinued last year. Extratorrent has been written on the website, ExtraTorrent has been closed forever. More information has not been given. Why was it closed? Extratorrent's all mirror websites will be offline.Thanks to such people on the website, a message was given, which said that this website is now being shut down forever. Before that the Kickass torrent has almost been finished.

Apple Just Acquired This Artificial Intelligence Startup Lattice

Apple has acquired a data mining and machine learning company . Apple confirmed the acquisition exclusively to Fortune via telephone on Saturday, and provided the following statement via email: "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans."There isn't much information publicly available about Lattice, but according to the company's CrunchBase profile, the startup was born out a Stanford research project called DeepDive. The company's technology appears to use machine learning to parse through databases or the web to answer queries.

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics to feature iconic roboticists from MIT, Disney and iRobot

Martin Buehler is Executive R&D Imagineer at Walt Disney Imagineering, where he is leading the effort to create next-generation robotics for Disney’s films and theme parks. Buehler might be best known (so far) for his work on Boston Dynamics’ Big Dog robot. Buehler was also head of R&D at iRobot and also has extensive experience in medical robotics. We’ll hear about the magic he is creating at Disney and how the Imagineers are bringing the latest advances in robotics to their work.Colin Angle co-founded iRobot with fellow MIT grads Rod Brooks and Helen Greiner in 1990. Early on, the company provided robots for military applications, and then in 2002, introduced the consumer-focused Roomba.