Startup News


The startup that Google has bought purchased screen speaker

According to Bloomberg, Google has acquired the ReadX Startup of the United Kingdom, whose technology can convert the device's screen to a speaker such as a phone with the help of vibration. Readx claims that due to this technology, the speakers in the mobile will not be required and other spare parts can be installed in the remaining space.

Uber fired employee for stealing Google's confidential files

Uber has fired engineer Anthony Levandosky, who accused Google of stealing at least 14,000 files related to Self-Driving Technology. Anthony was the co-founder of the self-driving truck startup 'Otto', which was bought by Uber in August 2016. Google allegedly sued Uber to steal the company's technology through Anthony

Alan Musk's Tesla first time included in the Fortune 500 list

Tesla, the electric vehicle company of Alan Musk, who was first in the 'Fortune 500' list, remained at 383th place. In the list of top US companies in revenue, Tesla was included in the revenue of £ 450 billion ($ 7 billion) in 2016. Musk said, "I think I'm worth the list of 500."

Drivers started the 'Seva' cab to challenge Ola and Uber

In order to challenge the app-based cab company Ola and Uber, Delhi's cab drivers have launched their app based 'service cab' and its initial fare has been kept ₹ 5 / km. However, he announced the rent when he was striking in Delhi against the Ola and Uber on the rent dispute.

RBI clarified on the news of closure of public sector banks.

The RBI has cleared the rumors after the Reserve Bank of India deposited several banks, including Bank of India, into the list of Prompt Action active Action. In the ongoing media reports, 9 government banks, including Bank of India, we're going to shut down. Rbi said clarifying that there will be no impact on the normal functioning of banks. RBI has come to know about many wrong reports on many other platforms including social media, in which some government banks have been told to close. Such reports are being given about prompt action-related action, but this is wrong.

Bihar government's new announcement to promote start-up

The Bihar government has taken a new initiative on Thursday to promote the new start-up in the state. Under this, the state government will now help open up and open up of such start ups in the state to 10% in bank loan. This decision of the government will be particularly beneficial for businessmen running IT, food processing, textile, apparel and leather industries. Since this announcement, the state government will now give 10% interest on borrowing from the bank. In addition, GST return, EPF and ESI will also help in the amount given in the item. The special thing is that the state government will also provide Rs 20 thousand for each person on the job given under the start-up. It was announced by Deputy Chief Minister of the state Sushil Modi.

Adopted the startup by rejecting a package of 1 million. Falling Recoup finally reached the destination

Kaushik Mukherjee, who has completed his studies with 'Indian Institute of Management' (IIM), adopted the startup by rejecting a package of 1 crore. The family was against startup, they wanted the son to join the job but they started their business, but after a tough struggle for two years, they had to close it. After that, the job was joined but the mind was engaged in entrepreneurship. Together with her, she started the startup of beauty product and she is successful today. Kaushik shared the experience that the most important thing in the startup is planning. In the initial phase, he started it without any planning which was unsuccessful but after the planning he got success.