NASA discovered 10 new satellites like the Earth outside the solar system

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NASA discovered 10 new satellites like the Earth outside the solar system

NASA has discovered 10 new earth-shaped planets on Monday. The latest findings were released in the fourth Kepler and K2 Science Conference held this week in NASA's Research Center in California. The Kepler telescope detects the presence of planets, which records fewer droplets in the brightness of a star, that happens when a planet goes in front of it. NASA said that this is the most complete and detailed survey of the latest list of planets so far.

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First Published: 20 June, 2017, 14:27 PM
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NASA discovered 95 new planets outside the Earth's solar system

NASA has discovered 95 new planets out of the Earth's solar system with the help of Kepler spacecraft data, which are shaped like Super Earth, Mini-Neptune (Gas Dwarf) and Jupiter Planet. One of these planets is orbiting the brightest star ever discovered by Kepler. Kepler spacecraft was launched in 2009.

Mars will be seen in the sky on February 12

The red star Mars and Antares will shine in the orange light on February 12 in the sky. Mars is 140 million miles away from Earth, and 600 light years away Antares, in spite of this they will appear in the sky at night. Recently the world saw the sight of Super Blue Blood Moon in the sky.

PhD student found a bitcoin to hack code from DNA tube

In order to fulfill the challenge of decoding the code kept in the DNA tube, the PhD student of Antwerp University of Belgium received a bitcoin (around 7.20 million) as a reward for completing the challenge of decoding. Actually, this protected code included claiming bitcoin, James Joyce's drawing and some other things.

7,000 days traveling orbiting the Earth completed by the International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) has completed 7,000 days in orbit around the Earth. The first module of this microgravity-based spacecraft was launched in November 1998, located 402 kilometres above the earth in space. ₹ The cost of 9,575 billion ISS is the largest spacecraft manufactured by humans, with many laboratories for research.

Plastics in the stomach of living organisms at 11 km deep in the ocean

UK-based researchers found plastic fibres in the stomach of living organisms found at the depth of about 11 kilometres in the Pacific Ocean. Researchers studied the samples of living organisms found in the caves, including the highest depth information in the sea, Challenger Deep (Mariana Trough). Estimated production of 8.3 billion tons of plastic from 1950 till now.

ISRO will launch 100th satellite in the country today

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched its 100th Satyamite by creating history. Satellite name of PSLV series is cartosat-2. This satellite is also known as 'I In The Sky', because it is designed to take pictures from superstition. The special thing is that it will keep a close watch on Pakistan-based terrorist bases.

India will launch 31 satellites on January 10

India will launch 31 satellites, including the Earth observation satellite Cartosat from its Space Center located in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh on January 10. Devi Prasad Karnik, director of ISRO said, "We have time to leave the rocket carrying cartosat and other satellites together Set at 9.30 in the morning. Of these 28 satellites will be from the US and five other countries. The Mission Launch Board will decide the departure time of the rocket two nights before the countdown. Apart from Cartosat 2 in this mission, a nano satellite and a micro satellite of India will also be launched.

Scientists said, why are not life on Mars

Recently the Oxford University scientists have made a new claim about whether or not life is on Mars. The surface of Mars has absorbed the water present on it, and this is the reason why it is not worth living for humans. In the new research done by the Science Department, the minor changes have been introduced in the planet's circumstances. Water was present on this Red Planet about 3 billion years ago as it is now on Earth, but in modern times, Mars has become barren and dry. Scientists have presented an idea about what happened to the water on Mars. In earlier research, it has been revealed that since the magnetic field of Mars was broken, the surface absorbed water.

Alpha Centauri can be present on earth, small planets like Earth

A small world like Earth can be settled on the planet's closest planetary planet - Alpha Centaur, which was previously ignored. In this study, the presence of a large number of large planets in this star body has been denied, which has been denied by It has been done in earlier studies. Professor Deborra Fisher said, "The Universe has told us that the most common types of planets are small planets and our study shows that such planets may be moving around Alpha Centauri A and B. Researchers have determined that the planets orbiting the Alpha Centauri are 50 times less mass than the Earth's mass, whereas the planetary planets around Alpha Centauri are eight times less than the mass of Earth.

The mysterious thing was flying in the sky, US ordered fighter jet to follow that.

The US Department of Defense Pentagon has released some mysterious things flying in the sky. The US government had earlier put these pictures in the list of classified photographs as sensitive, but now these photos were released on Monday.

Pictures released by the Pentagon have shown that there was some mysterious thing flying like Tastri flying over the Pacific ocean. On this, the US Navy put the fighter jets behind by taking immediate action. Fighter Plane took photos after pursuing a flying object, but he did not understand that what is the secret thing running in the sky very fast?

3 thousand years ago was the first solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse was started on October 30, 1207, years before Christ. Scientists have detected the date of the oldest recorded solar eclipse. This event is also recorded in the scriptures of the Bible in the Bible. A book from Joshua's Old Testament found the meaning of the Bible. The book was bothered by Bible scholars for centuries. It states that while leading Israel to Canaan, Joshua prayed to the Sun. The sun stood in the jibes and the moon stuck in the Aijals valley.

The Nobel Prize announced to American scientists who discovered waves from a black hole collision.

American astronomers Barry Barish, Kip Thorne and Rainer Wes has been announced this year's Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of gravitational waves. This process is done by the collision of the black hole or by the fragmentation of the center of the stars. G. K. Hanson, head of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, said that his discovery shook the world. All the three scientists have been making their names in the field of astronomy. Thorne and Wes had created laser interferometric gravitational-web observer (lego) jointly in the prestigious California Institute of Technology. After this, the Barrish finalized the project. Name of the Nobel laureate of economics can be announced on Monday.

Jacques Dobosche, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson's Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

To develop cryo-electron microscopy to take pictures of microscopic and cold-frozen molecules, three scientists, Jacques Doubt, Joshim Frank and Richard Henderson have been selected for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Researchers can now make a three-dimensional (3D) framework for regular bio-molecule. The Nobel Committee said that researchers can now collect bio-molecule in the middle and give the process a visual look that they could never have done before. This thing is important for understanding life and for the development of medicines. When the researchers suspected that Zicha Virus is spreading the epidemic by causing harm to infants in Brazil, they turned to cryo-electron microscopy to give the picture a visualization of the virus.

Botanical scientists named new species of discovered plant, on Abdul Kalam name

Scientists of the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) located in Kolkata, West Bengal, have discovered a new plant of the 'Euphorivac' total. He is the former President of the country, Dr. A.P.J. In the name of Abdul Kalam, this plant has been named 'Dripitis Kalamis'. For the first time, a plant species has been named after Kalam. This plant was discovered by BSI Scientific Dr. Gopal Krishna, K. Karthikeyan, Wilson Erisdeson and Tapas Chakraborty have teamed up.

GSI scientists searched millions of precious metals and minerals

Scientists of the Geological Survey of India have discovered millions of precious metals and minerals around the Indian Peninsula under water. Scientists have found things like lime mood, phosphate-rich, and hydrocarbons, and it is being estimated that scientists within the water and within can get great success. After 3 years of discoveries, the Geological Survey of India has prepared high resolution sealed forefront data of 181,025 sqr. km and said that 10 thousand million tons of Lime Mud were made.

The dream of human settlements on Mars will soon come true, NASA is experimenting on the energy.

Soon people will start settling on Mars. Space Agency NASA is trying to develop a small nuclear reactor. If this attempt is successful, then the last technical barrier will end in the direction of life on Mars. NASA is investigating six and a half feet high reactors under its 'Kill power' project. About 40 kilowatts of energy is needed to send human missions to the planet. This energy equals 8 hours of energy consumption on Earth. The need for this energy will be there in generating fuel, air, and water. In addition, the same energy will be used to recharge the batteries used in the equipment. It has been developed after hard work of last 3 years. The Project of over 81 crore rupees is being executed jointly by the US Department of Energy and NASA's Glen Research Center.

The first indigenous Fast Breeder Reactor in Kalpakkam's nuclear reactor, in the last phase,

 Indian nuclear scientist at Kalpakkam near Chennai is in the final stages of starting the hi-tech stove, which has taken more than 15 years to build. The Department of Atomic Energy is preparing to operate its state-of-the-art and indigenously designed fast breeder reactor. Yukiya Amano, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, said, "Acute reactors can help generate 70 percent more energy than conventional reactors. They are much safer than conventional reactors and long-lasting radioactive waste is manifold. '

Found 600 new words included in the Oxford Dictionary

The gram and gram dal words are now included in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Every three months, new words associated with lifestyle and current affairs are included in OED. This time, more than 600 new words have been added to the Oxford dictionary. Words of Woke and Post-Truth have also been found in the dictionary. OED's 'Post-truth' was word-of-the-word declaration. Since then, it used to be very much used. So this year it was included in the dictionary this year. Post-truth means to be cautious about social discrimination and injustice. Footless and swimmer are also included. Zyzzyva has also been given the place. Forced error and bagel also found a place.

Hackers claim, NASA has discovered the alien

An unknown group of hackers have claimed that NASA has detected the existence of aliens and can soon announce it. According to a report by the website 'RT dot com', these unknown people, in addition to some recent discoveries made by NASA, in April, the comments of the NASA spokesperson on the title of 'Advance in the Search for Life' These claims are made on the basis of that.

ISRO: India's armies with satellites have been strong and strong, enemies will remain on the watch.

The successful launch of the 'I in the Sky' satellite of Cartosat-2 series with the ability to monitor ISRO has greatly increased India's military strength. At the same time, the number of Indian satellites used for military purposes has increased to 13 now. These satellites will be used mainly to keep an eye on the enemy. Whether these satellites are effective in both the ground or the sea. Most of these remote sensing satellites are placed near the Earth's orbit. The effect of putting satellites in the Sun-synchronous polar orbit about 2001,202 km from the Earth's surface is that the scanning of Earth is done in a great way.

NASA may soon disclose the existence of the Aliens.

According to Anonymous, the American space agency NASA will soon be able to make big disclosures about the existence of aliens. Anonymous wrote on their website, "NASA says that aliens are coming. Nasa has detected the presence of hydrogen on Saturn's Moon. Also, the Hubble team has also received some specific information related to the sea of ​​Jupiter's Moon 'Europa'. Referring to all this, Professor Jürbgan said that NASA is very close to finding important evidence related to Aliens. NASA is on the verge of detecting one of the most serious and unprecedented discoveries in human history.

India vs Pakistan: Pakistan can be heavily burdened by India in finals

India beat Pakistan by 124 runs in the league match. In the final match, it may be a mistake to take it lightly. Pakistan's young fast bowler Hasan Ali has won two Man of the Match titles. Apart from this, there are Junaid Khan and Mohammad Aamir, who put the Pakistani fast bowling attack on edge. Ali has taken 10 wickets in four matches. This left-handed opener, Fakhr Jamsa, did not get the opportunity to play against India. After the arrival of the Pakistani batting looks strong. Experienced batsmen like Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik can ever return to the form. Imad Wasim bowled superbly against India. But after that he took two wickets against South Africa.

The oldest planet in the solar system is Jupiter.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, but now a new study has shown that it is also the oldest planet in the Solar System. Studying scientists say that within just four million years of the Sun's origin, this gas giant planet i.e. Jupiter was born. The information about the origin of Jupiter can be understood from the structure of the Solar System, that its present form is how it will be formed. Although it has been speculated by many models that the origin of this planet was relatively soon, but its exact time of production has not been detected so far.

Two huge planets found 138 light years away from Earth: Berlin

Astronomers have discovered two new huge gaseous planets. This planet is 138 light-years away from our planet and revolves around a star. The mass of one of these is as much as the Saturn, and the other is the cold planet. Its mass is many times more than Jupiter planet. These two planets revolve around the planet called HD 27849. This star was identified in 2005 and its mass is less than 20 percent less than the Sun. Researchers, under the leadership of Triphon Triphonov, of Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Germany, have identified two new gaseous planets. The mass of the HD 27894C is 0.16 times the planet of Jupiter. It takes 36 days to revolve your star.

Another new success Of ISRO in space, the launch of the most heavily rocket GSLV MK 3D today

ISRO is fully prepared for the launch of the most heavily rocket GSLV-MK3D1 on Monday evening; It will be launched from the second launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota. At present, scientists are engaged in filling of propellants in GSLV-MK3D1. So far, ISRO had to depend on foreign launchers for the launch of communication satellites weighing more than 2,300 kg. The GSLV MK3-D1 has the capacity to carry up to 4000 kg in orthopedic orbit (or satellite) to 10,000 kg in the lower orbit of the Earth.

Cancer factor aldehyde chemistry in everyday things like shampoo.

Indian scientist Ashok Venkataraman has said that some common chemicals found in shampoos, furniture, cosmetics and alcohol can cause cancer. All things used in everyday life are found in aldehyde chemistry. The chemicals of this category have already been exposed to cancer, but the cause was not known. Researchers led by Professor Ashok of the UK Cambridge University have explored the reason behind this. Cells in the body are fragmented naturally. For this reason DNA is also constantly damaged in light form. A defense system works in the body to deal with this process. Aldehyded class chemicals inhibit the same system of defense and form cancer in the body.

Only 21 light years away from the Earth life is on the 'Super Earth'

Scientists have claimed the discovery of a planet similar to Earth with the possibility of migration of humans. This planet is 21 light years away (Lightyear), which is likely to be found on the surface. Researchers used radial velocity techniques. Under this technique, the change in the position of the stars or planets or the velocity of orbiting their gravitational center. The scientists of the Instituto di Astrophicica de Cearias of the Canary Islands have detected the planet, which has a mass between three times the mass of the Earth.

NASA's new technology will help drones to get off the shelves.

NASA scientists have developed a new software that helps the drones to find the best location for 'crash landing' in emergencies, so that no one on the ground is harmed. In the US, NASA's Lange Research Center has developed 'crash-landing' software for aerospace technician Patricia Glab and her colleagues. The danger on the people and property on the ground seems to be hindering that if there is a systemic malfunction in these unmanned airliners, they can come down and bump into them.

Earth-like atmosphere found in the planet 'Proxima B', the possibility of life.

Nearly 4.2 light years away from Earth, there may be a possibility of water and life in a planet like Earth, moving around in the orbit of 'Proxima Centauri', the closest planet. The discovery of Planet Proxima B was done in August 2016 and it is said to be about the equivalent size of the Earth, which has given the possibility that this will be the same environment as Earth. Scientists of the University of Exeter in the UK have started research on this planet to find the possibility of climate.

Alien's puzzle engulfed the scientists. Any other star is completely different.

The whole Universe is an absurd puzzle, but for the past few years, astronomers from around the world are caught in a strange dilemma. A unique celestial body This body is quite mysterious. The things related to it distinguish it from any other known star. Due to this strange, the astronomer named it 'Alien Megastructure'. A few days ago, light has decreased about 22 percent of the body. In just a short span of time, astronomers are amazed by its light decreasing by 22 percent. The brightness of this star decreases from time to time. This star is about 1,300 light-years away from Earth. The name of this celestial body is 'KIC 8462852'. The light of the body is not only reduced on a regular basis. After some time, its glow comes back again.

The possibility of having water and alien life in a planet like Earth

Approximately 4.2 light years away from Earth, there may be a possibility of a life of water and aliens in a planet like Earth, which is circling around our closest star 'Proxima Centauri'.

In August of last year, the planet Proxima B was discovered. And it is said to be equal to Earth. It has strengthened the possibility, this house has the same environment as the Earth.

Scientists at Exeter University in the UK have taken their initial steps to find out the possibility of climate on this planet.

Son of a farmer's son created electricity from the closed five hundred notes, PMO sought report

After announcing the ban on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a country facing cash crisis, an Indian student has claimed to generate electricity from the old notes that were closed from the trend. A 17-year-old student living in Nuapada district of Odisha says that he can generate electricity from old 500 notes. This discovery of the student has attracted the attention of everyone at the national level.The Prime Minister's Office has instructed the State Science and Technology Department to submit report on this.

American scientists discover new ways to break the water.

The physicists of the University of Houston have taken out a new way to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water. This method can be an effective way to prepare clean hydrogen fuel in the future. Hydrogen is the cleanest primary energy source. If a hydrogen is separated from the strong bond of oxygen in the water with the help of a catalyst, then water can be the most abundant source of hydrogen. This test shows too much durability as it operates without any reaction even after 20 hours and 10,000 cycles. The use of this new method means that hydrogen can now be produced without carbon emissions.

Now in the body of humans, unlimited blood can be supplied.

To treat artificial blood diseases, unlimited blood can be supplied to humans. Using pluripotent stem cells, every type of cells present in the body is made. According to Dr. George Dale of the Boston Children's Hospital of US, these cells are being manufactured through pluripotent which can be used in true blood stem cells and other cells for the treatment of patients. Who is a mixture of blood projector? Universal donors will now have less problems.

In the 1974 nuclear test in Pokhran when the poor jeep was lying lately

47 years ago, India first surprised the whole world by conducting a nuclear test. India led this act under the leadership of Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi termed this test as a peaceful nuclear test, on the other hand, the US had banned the supply of nuclear material and fuel to India. On May 18, all the preparations for the nuclear test were completed. To track the blast, the scaffold was installed 5 km away. Last verification was decided by the scientist Virendra Sethi to go to the test site. . After the investigation, the Jeep was not getting started at the test site. The time of the blast was fixed at 8 a.m. and when the Jeep was not started, Virendra Sethi walked to the control room for two kilometers away. Due to its entire problems, the test time was extended by 5 minutes.

Today will launch NASA. The rocket will take 1,500 photos of the sun in 5 minutes.

NASA has said that a rocket capable of taking 1,500 photographs of the Sun will be launched today in about five to five kilometers of height of about 320 km. Apart from this, NASA is planning to send the Observatory like a balloon to space. Which will measure emissions from cosmic material between stars. The Sun is approximately 14.90 million kilometers away from Earth. The temperature of the sun surface is only 5500 degrees Celsius, but the temperature of the atmosphere is 20 million degrees Celsius.

Vidisha defeats death even after 12 hours of surgery and 6 heart attacks.

The child suffering from serious heart disease had to undergo 12 hours of surgery. After surgery, the baby had suffered 6 times heart attack, according to the report of Times of India.Now that baby is okay. Mother of child Told me that when Vidisha was only 45 days, I gave her milk. After drinking milk, she vomited and then became unconscious. Vidisha's parents took her to a nearby nursing home. B J Wadia Recommended going to the hospital. There it was found that Vidisha is heart-deficient

First images of Cassini's close dive into Saturn's rings streamed back to Earth

NASA's Casino spacecraft is on its last flight, gathering on the mission of gathering information about Saturn's huge satellite Titan. This last trip was named by NASA "The Grand Finale".

Cassini is collecting information on Titan's blurred surface and hydrocarbon lakes. Cassini started this journey 13 years ago today. Now he is in the last stage of his mission and his journey will end on September 13.

NASA's report says that after this last visit, the casino will go to the icy rings of the planet and start a series of 22 weekly trips between the planets and the rings.