Science News


3 thousand years ago was the first solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse was started on October 30, 1207, years before Christ. Scientists have detected the date of the oldest recorded solar eclipse. This event is also recorded in the scriptures of the Bible in the Bible. A book from Joshua's Old Testament found the meaning of the Bible. The book was bothered by Bible scholars for centuries. It states that while leading Israel to Canaan, Joshua prayed to the Sun. The sun stood in the jibes and the moon stuck in the Aijals valley.

The Nobel Prize announced to American scientists who discovered waves from a black hole collision.

American astronomers Barry Barish, Kip Thorne and Rainer Wes has been announced this year's Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of gravitational waves. This process is done by the collision of the black hole or by the fragmentation of the center of the stars. G. K. Hanson, head of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, said that his discovery shook the world. All the three scientists have been making their names in the field of astronomy. Thorne and Wes had created laser interferometric gravitational-web observer (lego) jointly in the prestigious California Institute of Technology. After this, the Barrish finalized the project. Name of the Nobel laureate of economics can be announced on Monday.

Jacques Dobosche, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson's Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

To develop cryo-electron microscopy to take pictures of microscopic and cold-frozen molecules, three scientists, Jacques Doubt, Joshim Frank and Richard Henderson have been selected for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Researchers can now make a three-dimensional (3D) framework for regular bio-molecule. The Nobel Committee said that researchers can now collect bio-molecule in the middle and give the process a visual look that they could never have done before. This thing is important for understanding life and for the development of medicines. When the researchers suspected that Zicha Virus is spreading the epidemic by causing harm to infants in Brazil, they turned to cryo-electron microscopy to give the picture a visualization of the virus.

Botanical scientists named new species of discovered plant, on Abdul Kalam name

Scientists of the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) located in Kolkata, West Bengal, have discovered a new plant of the 'Euphorivac' total. He is the former President of the country, Dr. A.P.J. In the name of Abdul Kalam, this plant has been named 'Dripitis Kalamis'. For the first time, a plant species has been named after Kalam. This plant was discovered by BSI Scientific Dr. Gopal Krishna, K. Karthikeyan, Wilson Erisdeson and Tapas Chakraborty have teamed up.

GSI scientists searched millions of precious metals and minerals

Scientists of the Geological Survey of India have discovered millions of precious metals and minerals around the Indian Peninsula under water. Scientists have found things like lime mood, phosphate-rich, and hydrocarbons, and it is being estimated that scientists within the water and within can get great success. After 3 years of discoveries, the Geological Survey of India has prepared high resolution sealed forefront data of 181,025 sqr. km and said that 10 thousand million tons of Lime Mud were made.

The dream of human settlements on Mars will soon come true, NASA is experimenting on the energy.

Soon people will start settling on Mars. Space Agency NASA is trying to develop a small nuclear reactor. If this attempt is successful, then the last technical barrier will end in the direction of life on Mars. NASA is investigating six and a half feet high reactors under its 'Kill power' project. About 40 kilowatts of energy is needed to send human missions to the planet. This energy equals 8 hours of energy consumption on Earth. The need for this energy will be there in generating fuel, air, and water. In addition, the same energy will be used to recharge the batteries used in the equipment. It has been developed after hard work of last 3 years. The Project of over 81 crore rupees is being executed jointly by the US Department of Energy and NASA's Glen Research Center.

The first indigenous Fast Breeder Reactor in Kalpakkam's nuclear reactor, in the last phase,

 Indian nuclear scientist at Kalpakkam near Chennai is in the final stages of starting the hi-tech stove, which has taken more than 15 years to build. The Department of Atomic Energy is preparing to operate its state-of-the-art and indigenously designed fast breeder reactor. Yukiya Amano, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, said, "Acute reactors can help generate 70 percent more energy than conventional reactors. They are much safer than conventional reactors and long-lasting radioactive waste is manifold. '