Some wonderful things related to Huma Qureshi.

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Some wonderful things related to Huma Qureshi.

Huma Qureshi is an Indian model and actress. Huma is known for her superb acting role in Bollywood. In her debut film, Huma had put the locks on the faces of critics from her acting. Huma was born on July 28, 1986 in Delhi. Huma's father Salim Qureshi is a restaurant owner in Delhi. Huma's childhood Kalka ji lived in South Delhi. He graduated in history from the Gargi College of Delhi University. After this, Huma joined the theater. Huma has worked in many documentaries too. Famous Films -One was Diane, Gangs of Wasseypur, Gangs of Wasseypur 2 D-Day, Badlapur, Dedh Ishqia.

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First Published: 24 October, 2017, 13:29 PM
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Most people associated with jobs get divorced

The US Population Bureau has released a 5-year data of the American Community Survey, which states that divorces are affected by the job of the people. The divorce rate among the gaming industry managers is 52.9%. After this, bar tenders are at 52.7 percent. Life of a flight attendant is not less attractive than a model, but despite this, there is a 50.5 percent divorce rate.

Sujain Khan's marriage to Hrithik Roshan after divorce

Hrithik Roshan divorced in 2014 with wife Sujain Khan. Now the news is that they will marry Suzanne once again. But there is no confirmation from this couple. Let's say that even after divorce, Hrithik and Suzanne spend their holidays with their children. More recently, Susan had posted a lot of emotional message for Hrithik.

UK people fighting alone, the government has created loneliness ministry

A recent report revealed that UK people are struggling with loneliness. After that, the British PM Theresa May announced the creation of the loneliness ministry. Culture Minister Tracy Crouch will also see the ministry. Prime Minister Theresa May said that the brunt of modern life is suffering in the form of loneliness.

Kim Kardashian, who became a mother for the third time with the help of Sarogesi

Hollywood TV Personality Kim Kardashian has become a mother for the third time. She shared the happiness of daughter's arrival with the help of serogesi, via Twitter Kim tweeted "She's here". Said, "Surrogate Mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Monday. We are very happy and thankful that the surrogate mother fulfilled our dream.

China: The child reached school with frozen snow on the head, said, will become the police officer.

It is getting cold in China at this time. But even in this deadly cold, a child walks miles away to school, the ice sheet on his hair was frozen. This child's picture is becoming viral on social media. The student of Fuman Wong shared the picture online after which the child was named 'Frost boy'. Internet users have given $ 77 for all children of the school.

These temples, made of 15 thousand kilos of gold, are seen daily by millions of devoters

Mahalaxmi Temple is located on the Malai Kodi Hills of Vellore Nagar, Tamil Nadu. This temple is filled with devotees all year round. For many days, more devotees are present here than lakhs of people. It is not only Mata Lakshmi but it is also to be made of gold by this temple. Yes, this temple is made of 15 thousand kg of gold. That is why it is also called the Golden Temple of South India.

Spread over 100 acres, this temple is surrounded by greenery from all sides. This temple, built around 15,000 kilograms of pure gold in the surrounding greenery and in the middle, looks very beautiful in the night. This temple is opened for darshan from 4 am to 8 pm and for visas from 8 am to 8 pm. To make this temple more beautiful, its outer area has been shaped as a star.

Priyanka Chopra gets Mother Teresa Memorial Award

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was awarded this year's Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice. Priyanka was given this award due to her support given to social issues. Actually, he went on a visit to Syria where he had met the refugees. Along with this, Priyanka is also UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador. He is also known for many philanthropic works. The mother of 35-year-old actress Madhoo Chopra received the award from Priyanka.

Condom ads can no longer be shown from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Central Government has fixed a deadline for the condom advertisement, giving a cultured order. The government has ordered that condom advertisements will be shown only on TV channels from 10 pm to 6am in the morning. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has given this decision on the basis of complaints regarding condom advertisements. The Ministry said that these advertisements are not suitable for children. These advertisements should be shown on TV in late night to keep children away from 'porn and incompatible' topics. The Ministry also said that if any TV channel was found to be violating this order, appropriate action would be taken. This action will be based on cable television network rules.

The most beautiful person of era died.

In the 70s and 80s, as a decent hero for the best smile and special style, the person making the place in the hearts of the audience is no longer among us. Shashi Kapoor passed away on Monday at Kokilaben Hospital. He was 79 years old. Shashi Kapoor was walking ill for a long time. On Tuesday afternoon, at the crematorium of Santa Cruz, he performed his last rites. During this time, the entire Kapoor family stood with each other. All relatives also remained with Shashi in the last moments from the hospital to the house. The photo is right before the funeral in crematorium. This is the last photo of Shashi. To give a final farewell to the most beautiful person of Bollywood, almost all the celebrities came from Amitabh Bachchan to Shahrukh Khan to appear for the last glimpse of Shashi.

40% of the victims of child marriages or in West Bengal

The results of a survey submitted in the Supreme Court claimed that most of the girls who were victims of child marriage were in West Bengal. The Supreme Court, who passed the historic pronouncement of sex rape of a minor wife, citing the survey in its order, said that this figure of 40.7 per cent of the victims of child marriage has increased in the rural areas of India's eastern state of Bengal. Makes up to 47 percent. The report said that the lowest percentage of child marriage was recorded in Punjab and Kerala. In these two states, this percentage is 7.6 percent.

Irrfan Khan, who spoke on sexual harassment, told he was offered sex by both men and women.

At present, there is a debate over allegations of sexual exploitation against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in the whole world. Women with #MeToo hashtags are telling the world about the incidents of sexually assaulted women with them. Meanwhile, this disclosure of Irfan Khan is quite shocking. In his disclosures, Irfan said that Harvey Weinstein is not only in Hollywood but also in Bollywood.

During the promotion of his upcoming film 'karib karib single ', Irfan took the curtain off of this dark state of Bollywood. Irfan, who had his own uncompromising views on all issues, also said everything clearly. Irfan said, 'In this way, sexual abuse is also done in Bollywood. I have been hunting for it too. Men and women also tried to torture me with me. Irfan further said that he does not want to take any name, but it happens in most areas of the country.

The biggest attack on Islamic fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince asked to make 'Modern Country'

Saudi Arabia is now turning towards new direction to end Islamic fundamentalism. Young Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman has said that in his country the conspiracy and religious fundamentalism is to open an alternative for all religions. Prince of Saudi Arabia said in an event on Tuesday that it would like to end the fundamentalism and return to new liberalism, which would have a major impact on global business.

The picture of 'Malala Yusufzai' with jeans has been viral, Trolls compared to Mia Khalifa

A photo is being viral on social media from Sunday (October 15th), with the girl being seen in what is being claimed, Malala Yusufzai. Indeed, the girl who is being seen in the photo being told as Malala is wearing a jeans-jacket which is very different from the clothes worn by Malala often. Now the dispute has started and people are telling the same right-wrong from their own perspective. The girl's photo of wearing a hijab on the head with a jeans-jacket was shared in the name of 'Malala' in the UK.

Learn about Alia Bhatt, some interesting facts.

Alia Bhatt was born on March 15, 1993, at the home of Indian film director Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan. His father is of Gujarati origin whereas his mother is a Kashmiri of German origin. Bhatt's sister Shaheen (born 1988) and two half-sister siblings Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt. Actor Emraan Hashmi and director Mohit Suri are his full-time brothers while filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt is his uncle. Bhatt received his education from Jamnabai Narsee School.

Women police officer, who started breastfeeding to silence the hungry child of the prisoner.

Our faith begins to rise on the day of humankind, due to violent incidents, increasing animosity, discrimination and malice. We think that the world has become so mean and furious that people have no meaning to anyone other than themselves. But then we see some such pictures that we would like to rely on in humanity again. We start to believe that the world is not so bad and it is still worth living. One such case came to light in China where a police officer not only silenced the child who was crying during the woman's cell in the court but went ahead ten steps further to breastfeed him.

Today is a birthday of ' Tapasi Pannu' south Indian actress

The journey of Bollywood by Tapi Pannu is just a few movies, but even then, in the last few years, she has become known name of Bollywood. In the film 'Baby', Tapi has impregnated everyone with his small role that the film's prequel 'Naam Shabana' was created with them. Today, the heat has been 30 years old. Born in Delhi, Tapi is a star in the South Indian Film Industry, while on the other hand, Tapi has made her differently in Bollywood through the film 'Pink'. In her small Bollywood career, there are films like 'Pink', 'Baby', 'Naam Shabana' in Tapi's lap.

Princess Diana wanted to run with Bodyguard.

The princess of Wales Princess Diana has some aspect of her personal life often becomes the headlines of the media and once again an interesting story of her life has surfaced. It is revealed through some new videos related to him that he loved his bodyguard from a bodyguard and wanted to run away with him. Princess Diana recorded the tape in 1992-1993 at Kingston Palace with Peter Setleran. These tapes will now be part of a documentary broadcast next week on Channel 4. In these recordings, Diana admitted that she loved her bodyguard Barry Mankey very much. He also disclosed the love affair with his husband Charles's Camilla Parker Bowles.

Selfie taken with the trump has caused divorce.

Divorce is common among spouse, but divorces of a high profile couple in the US remain a matter of discussion between people and social media. Actually, the reason for this divorce is the world's most powerful man. Yes, this linking has blamed President Trump for his divorce. Lian, who has been a former Miami cheerleader, and Dave Aronberg, who has been a top lawyer in Palm Beach County Florida, has decided to break her marriage honorably. Both had announced the separation last week. This divorce is being called "trump divorce" in the American media.

Richer than the world's four great nobles Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim.

If Jacob Fugger was alive today, even then Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim were not able to compete . According to Greg Steinmetz, the biographer of Jacob and former editor of the Wall Street Journal, this German banker and businessman was called 'The Rich One'. This period was from 1459 to 1525. In current scenario when we calculate today Jacob earned about 400 billion US dollars or about 25 trillion rupees in that time. Greg described Jacob as the richest man in history in his book 'The Richest Man Who Ever Live'

Now Indians will not be lined up on the US airport.

Now Indians will not be lined up on the US airport. During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to America, the Trump Administration has inducted India into the Global Entry Program. This will benefit the Indian nationals going to the US. Under the 'Global Entry Program', the US offers special facilities to the citizens of some countries on airports. This facility is provided by the US Customs and Border Security (CBP) department. In order to take advantage of this, travelers have to get approval by enrolling. After scrutiny of the applicant, the CBP takes his interview and approves the service to the advantage of being fully satisfied. After such landing on selected airports, the automated system is quickly out with the help of it.

The name of the flower in Israel will be 'Modi'

Prime Minister Modi on a visit to Israel visited on Tuesday visited  Danzigar "Dan". In the honor of Modi's arrival, Israeli Prime Minister honored him, while PM Modi gave a special gift to Bejamin. Israel named one of his most special flowers after the name of Prime Minister Modi. Danjiger Dan is a state-of-the-art form spread over 80,000 square meters. It was founded in 1953 in Mashaw Mishmar Hashiva, 56 kilometers from Jerusalem. Flowers and plants are sent to local markets and about 60 countries here.

For PM Modi stay Israel took king David Hotel which does not have any effect of the blast-chemical attack .

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on his three-day visit to Israel. He is the first Prime Minister of India to go to Israel. The  King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which has been used to stay for  PM Modi, is considered to be the safest hotel in the world. The suite in which they are held is considered to be the safest place on earth. This suite is safe from everything like chemical attacks and bomb blasts. This hotel is arranged to the special guests of Israel. Here are US President Bill Clinton, George Bush, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. In addition, Britain's PM Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair have also stopped. Famous people like Elizabeth Taylor, Prince of Wales Charles, Richard Gere, Madonna and Hillary Clinton have also stayed in this hotel.

11 year old boy of Indian origin broke the record of Albert Einstein

The 11-year-old Indian boy of Indian origin has become the most intelligent child in the country by securing the highest number of 162 marks in the Mensa IQ Test. He has gained two points more than the great scientist Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Arnav Sharma of Reading Town in South England, passed the famous Mensa IQ Test for the toughest test a few weeks ago without any preparation and he had never given this test before. Sharma is also passionate about singing and dancing, and when he was eight years old, he made a Bollywood dance and reached the semi-finals of the Readings Got Talent. Mensa is considered the world's largest and old high IQ Society. Scientific and advocates Lancelot Lionel Ware and Australian Barrister Roland Beryl founded it in 1946 in Oxford.

Cristiano Ronaldo shares photos of twins.

Portugal football star Cristiano Ronaldo, playing for Real Madrid, shared his twins' pictures for the first time on social media, and confirmed again to be the father. Over the past several days, reports of media reports were going on to become father. But in the best strikers of the world,  Christians shared this happiness for the first time on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, affirming this news. Ronaldo announced this when his team lost 3-0 to Chile in the shootout match of the Confederations Cup tournament.

Food machine will be introduced in Indian train for passengers to have hot food availability with in a few seconds.

After getting complaints about the frequent passengers' food in Indian Railways, the railway administration is going to make such arrangements, so that the traveler can eat the pregnant food whenever he wants. However, passengers will have to pay a little more for this. On the lines of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in trains, such modern machines will be installed, with the help of which travelers can get hot while they are ready. With this modern machine, the passenger will be able to pay the card even with cash. In a few seconds of payment of money, the hot and fresh spot will be present in front of the passenger. According to the railway administration, such machines are being introduced in the train by Uday Train. Each coach will have a screen for 15 passengers for food .

The dust of the moon's taken to earth Armstrong bag will be auctioned.

Spaceman Neil Armstrong, who took the first step on the moon, is likely to be auctioned for $ 4 million of the bag used to bring the moon's dust specimen. This bag brought from Earth to the moon 48 years ago is the remains of dust there, and it is an extraordinary rare sign of the greatest achievement of the human being. The auction of this bag will be on July 20. A photo and many memorabilia items signed by Ringe Aldrin, who will be Armstrong's colleagues at the auction, will be included.

Bandimchandra Chattopadhyaya, the author of Vande Mataram and devoted person for India.

Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay, the author of India's national song Vande Mataram, was born on 26th June 1838 in a traditional and prosperous Bengali family in Kanthalpada of North Chowk Pargana in Bengal. His education took place in Hooghly College and Presidency College, Kolkata. Bankimchandra started his writing with the English novel-Raj Mohan's Spouse, but later he turned to Hindi to stir up the countrymen for the movement and left the English novel half-incomplete. Anandmath is counted among the finest works of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay. Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay, who identified himself as a great nation devotee, had said goodbye to the world on April 8, 1894, but the spark that he had set for the nation's independence had woken up to fight against the British in the peoples and today even his compositions bring patriotism among the people.

Leaving behind Salman Khan Kohli became the second most popular Indian.

28-year-old Kohli added another achievement to his list of successes. The second most followed people on Facebook have become Indian. Now on Facebook, there are 35 million (35,442,081) followers. Kohli, who led the Indian team in the West Indies, is now just behind PM Modi, who has 42.2 million or 4 million Facebook followers. Kohli has surpassed Salman Khan, whose likes are on Facebook (35,125,166). Sachin Tendulkar's 2 crores 85 lakhs and former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni are close to two million followers. Portugal and Rial Madrid's Stars Cristiano Ronaldo has nearly 12 million likes and followers

Pakistan: The Supreme Court, for the sake of forcible conversions and marriage against Hindus.

The Pakistan Hindu Council has appealed to the Supreme Court against kidnapping, forcible conversions and forced marriage of minor Hindu girls.In Sindh province, Hindu girls are kidnapped and forcibly getting married with them is a day for the events happening. Forcibly conversion of 16-year-old daughter Rita Meghwad was done for her forcible conversions and she was then married to a Muslim of two years old. This incident has been more than 15 days but still the police have not been able to take action against the perpetrators. The situation of Sindh is completely different. The focus here is to kidnap Hindu girls and convert them to Dharma so that they could be forced to marry without their consent.

Preparation of entry of 50 mid-level retailers of the world in India.

The retailers' eyes are on the markets whose size is not bigger and where retailers have less presence now. These brands, such as Cores, Migotto, Avisu, Wallstreet English, Pasta Mania, Lash Edicion, and Monalisa, will make a total investment of $ 30 million each and plan to open around 3,000 stores. To find 53 brands and get regulatory clearance in India Is helping in Global retailers are facing difficulties in the markets of their countries, and in such a way, India can prove to be a great way of increasing business for them, as the retailers and brands want to take advantage of huge potential in the Indian market.

State Bank of India has cheaply done home loan more than 75 lakhs

State Bank of India has cheaper home loan of more than 75 lakh This decision of the bank can improve the property market. With the reduction of 0.10 points, SBI will get the home loan of Rs 75 lakh more than 8.55% annually and others at 8.60%. SBI has said that new rates will be effective from June 15. After declaring policy rates, the RBI had said, "In view of the importance of the housing sector and the importance of its economy impact, we have decided to reduce risk weightages on certain categories.

Donald Trump's call on Father's Day, children are everything for the father.

Announcing the 'Father's Day' on 18th June, Trump said in his declaration, "The original value that remains to our adult state is the father's ability to fill us inside us." Donald Trump said that As son and daughter, we accept the affection and acceptance of them. We are celebrating the inevitable role of father in our lives and communities. Donald Trump said that we remember those small moments of paternity such as throwing a baseball, writing essays, driving a car, showing the path, which give us shape. We thank our father for being a helpful hand and big heart. Gives an opportunity to thank those present in the lives of those who have raised the responsibility of nurturing their children.

Sanjay Dutt in trouble with Mumbai blast, HC asks for response from government on early release.

In 1993, on the basis of the serial bomb blasts, film actor Sanjay Dutt had decided to release him on premature basis. Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to five years in jail for possessing arms. These weapons were part of the same case. For those used in bomb blasts, parole and furlows provided to Sanjay Dutt have been challenged during the festival. The court has directed the Maharashtra government to file an affidavit. In the meantime, Sanjay Dutt spent 18 months in jail. On July 31, 2007, the TADA court of Mumbai had sentenced him to six years of rigorous imprisonment and fined Rs 25 thousand under the Arms Act. In May 2013, the Supreme Court upheld the sentence of sentence and reduced the jail term to five years.

Aamir Khan will be seen in the first biopic of Indian Spaceman Rakesh Sharma.

Aamir Khan's films are eagerly waiting for the audience. These days, fans of Aamir and Amitabh Bachchan will be seen in the biopic of India's first astronaut, Rakesh Sharma, waiting for 'Thugs of Hindostan'. While publishing this news, the film's publishers have clarified that the title of the film will be 'Salute'. Along with Siddharth Roy Kapoor and Ronnie Screwvala, Aamir Khan will be the co-producer of this film. This will be the second opportunity after Aamir Khan will become a part of any Boiyapika.China President Xi Chunfing told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he had seen Aamir Khan starrer "Dangal" and he liked it.

In the governor's house, Baba Ramdev administered the yoga rule to the minister, including the Chief Minister.

Yoga Day was first performed on Wednesday at the governor's campus. During the yoga, Swamy Ramdev made the Governor Ram Naik, CM Yogi Adityanath, and Cabinet Ministers. this Yogacharya Chinmay Pandya and Swami Bharat Bhushan also participated in the program. Yogi said, "Yoga has got international recognition with the efforts of PM Modi, on which the country boasts. Today's Yoga Day is a historic moment. This is the first time in the history of Raj Bhawan, when Yoga was organized. The Chief Yogi said, "Everyday media revolves around us, today we have called the media in the morning and have turned behind us." I will also ask the media brothers to do yoga.

Love girl Priya Vishwas on Facebook, came away from Bangladesh to India

The friendship of Priya Biswas resident of Padgaon village Bharadanga, Bangladesh's police station, came from Nilkhal Officer of Balrampur via Facebook. Love on Facebook made such a way that in the love of Surjan, Priy Priya came to India without a passport visa from Bangladesh. When the family members of their beloved Surjaan told the whole tales, they accepted it. On July 9, 2016, Buddha Marriage Hall, in Tulsipur, was bound by both customs in the form of Hindu rituals. This was when the LUU began to investigate. The FIR was registered under the FARN Act against Priya Faith and she was arrested and sent to jail.

10% more men buy diamond ring, 2.5 times diamond shopping in the country

The first choice of jewelers is the first choice of 15% people, diamond jewelry. Diamond is liked by the most working women and youth. Now men's attrition on diamonds is also increasing. Now men are liking the single and big diamond ring. This change has come in recent times. 10% more diamond rings are sold for men The use of light diamonds in diamonds has been the highest ever. At first, there was heavy and big jewelry, while now the demand for jewelry worn in the earring, ring, light necklace, the nose has increased. A total of 6% of the diamond sold in the world is sold in India. Along with this, 14 out of 15 diamonds sold in the world are done in India.                                                                                                                                  

Goa, Singapore is the first choice of Indians in the summer holidays

To spend summer holidays this year, Goa is one of the top ten best-wishes of Indians, while Singapore is the most preferred foreign travel destination for them. According to the TripAdvisor's 'Summer Vacation Value' report, the top ten to spend summer vacations Goa is the first choice of Indians in places. After that, the number of Uti, Manali, Mahabaleshwar, Mussoorie and Kodaikanal is in the list. In this list, Munnar of Kerala is at seventh place and Srinagar is eighth. Lonavala has made the ninth place in the top ten list of Nainital and the tenth on this list, which is based on the data of booking done by Indian between May 1 to July 31, 2017.

Hollywood Actor Ben Stiller After 17 Years of Marriage Separated from Wife

Hollywood actor Ben Stiller (51) and his wife Christine Taylor (45) announced their separation. Their marriage was done in 2000. In a joint statement, Stiller and Taylor said, "We stayed together for 18 years now, now we are separated. In our mind there is still a lot of love and respect for each other." He said, "Our priority will be the same for the children as well as the dedicated parents and close friends." Ben and Christine were met during the shooting of the film Hit Vision and Jack (1999). In May 2000, the two were tied in marriage. Christine Taylor gave birth to daughter Ela Olivia in April 2002 and son Quinlin Dempo in July 2005.

After many Bollywood actors like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, now Shahrukh Khan also became the victim of 'rumor of death'.

European news network Ei Pius TV ran a story under its breaking news story, in which a private plane crashed with news of 7 people including Shahrukh Khan. From this news, from the plane of Shahrukh to his Paris, he gave all the information. In this way thousands of fans of Shah Rukh Khan, who were present abroad, suddenly became unconscious. Shahrukh Khan, after actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and TV actress Shweta Tiwari, has also become a victim of this false news of death. On the outbreak of the rumor, Mumbai Police's Joint Commissioner Deven Bharti also called on the Shah Rukh Khan team to confirm this rumor. After which Shah Rukh's team told him that Shahrukh is absolutely fine and is shooting right now in Mumbai.

Naked School started in Japan to save the old tradition.

Although there are a lot of spas in Japan, Hinodayu Booth House built in the capital Tokyo is a little different. Here you have to take a full bath and collectively take a bath. To attract the youth of Japan, this bother house has been built. It is intended to open the Bath House that the younger generation of Japan can understand the old tradition of the collective bath. The tradition of mass bathing has been going on in Japan for decades. Which is called the Santo.

UK has welcomed it first Lamborghini Centenario.

UK has welcomed it first Lamborghini Centenario. Luxury dealer group H.R. The supercar which is based on the Aventador celebrates Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s 100th birthday. Only 40 (20 coupés and 20 roadsters) models of the Centenario will be manufactured worldwide.This particular unit gets bare carbon, colored accents, and a matte roofline. Powering this exotic is a naturally aspirated V12, delivering 759 hp of power and a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 2.8 seconds. Top speed is rated at 350 km/h.


Amul Thapar of Indian origin, Judge in the American Appellate Court.

The Senate has approved the appointment of Amul Thapar of Indian origin to the Chief Justice of the Appellate Court of America. He is the first Indian to be nominated by President Donald Trump as the judge of the Circuit Court of Appeal. The Court is hearing the appeals of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan provinces.
His appointment in Senate got approval from 52-44 votes. He has become the second South Asian judge to be appointed to this post. Senate Majority Mitch McConnell said on Thursday, "Judge Thapar will make a great contribution to the US appeals court." Trump nominated him for the post on March 21.

First IPS Aparna hoisted the flag on the top of the Everest

 Aparna Kumar was on the world's highest peak at 11 o'clock on Saturday. After failing twice, they achieved that position in the third time.To achieve this point, every mountaineer has a dream.Uttar Pradesh Police IPS officer Aparna Kumar became the first woman police officer to do this. 41-year-old Aparna hoisted the flag on the top of the Everest.

Flirtatious 'bank account hacker' of Actor Nakul Mehta, sought help from Mumbai Police by FIR.

A lot of people from India and abroad have become victims of this viral. Right now, the bank account has been hacked by actor Nakul Mehta, who plays the main character in the TV show 'Ishkabaz'. Mumbai's DN Nagar police station registered a FIR. They told the Mumbai Police on Twitter that their bank account has been hacked.
Nakul Mehta's account is missing some money.

Then elected Hassan Roohani, President of Iran.

Iran's President Hassan Ruhani has again won presidential elections. Rohani has been elected president for four years. In this election, Hassan Roohani defeated his rival conservative leader Ibrahim Rice. Rouhani has been elected President of Iran again with 57 percent of the votes. 68-year-old Rohana is considered liberal and admirer of independence. Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khemenei cast his vote in the ballot box. At the same time, Khemenei has voted for a large number of people by voting at the polling stations.

Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave passed away, PM Modi said, this is my personal roof,

Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave has died in the Central Government.PM Modi said that I was with Anil Dave Ji yesterday, discussing policy issues with him. His death is my personal loss.He was ill for a long time and was admitted to AIIMS. Narendra Modi expressed his sorrow over the demise of Anil Dave. Said: I am sad about the death of Anil Madhav Dave Ji as a friend and an ideal partner.Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has written that very sad and shocking, irreparable losses. He worked for the society for many years.Anil Dave was not coming in the session from last two sessions. In his place, Prakash Javadekar was managing his work in the house. They were on vacation. In the meantime, the Parliament used to come for a check-up in the medical wing.

Always keep these things while traveling on air.

During the air travel, there are some things along with other things that can make you travel by plane with confort. Keep your masks and ear plugs on the plane during the trip. Phone calls, e-mails, messages do not bother you during the flight, so sleep in the plane will be suitable. During the long-term flight, you can take magazines and books with you, it will also remove your boredom, take a travel pillow along with your travel . Especially those travelers who have trouble in the neck, keep them with them. Keep your own public wipes. Public toilets are often dirty and harmful bacteria can be present in their seat.

Why children are stuck in cyber criminals trap

About 98.8 percent of children use the Internet. Of these, 54.6 percent of the children's password is very weak, due to which their fear of trapping in cyber criminals is trapped. Telenor India conducted survey among 2700 students in 13 cities in the country. According to Telenor India report, 98.8 percent of urban children use the internet. Of these, 54.6 percent of children have very poor internet passwords. It has either used only words or digits in it. It also occurs in less than eight letters. The reason for this is to remain untimely. According to the study, 35 per cent of children said that their account was hacked, while 15.74 per cent said that they have received many types of improper messages.

If you are often lost in the office, consult the expert's advice.

Could you not focus on work at the office? Do you check your phone repeatedly in the office or hang out outside the window? Or they try to hear what your colleagues are talking about. According to the research, if your attention in the office wanders, it is called Visual Noyes. According to the Wall Street Journal reports, it is enough to ward off activity and activity around the employee. Environmental psychologist Sally Austin says that people generally want to know what is happening around them. If you see a group working with you in the office, then there is a natural curiosity about what they are talking about. Experts say that in such a private room you can work on a laptop or else Sit down on the sofa for some time to work. While some companies are putting gray wires at the employees' desk. It is believed that the lightness of the staff also reduces the distortion of employees.