UPInvestorsSummit: PM says - Changes in UP are showing

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UPInvestorsSummit: PM says - Changes in UP are showing

Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath Sarkar is organizing Investor's Summit with an intention to increase investment in the state and with the intention of better business. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated it Speaking at the UP Investors Summit 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Yogi Adityanath has prepared a foundation that will create new UP.

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First Published: 21 February, 2018, 13:14 PM
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Two major tragedies at Yamuna Expressway 5 people including 3 doctors died

Incidents of Yamuna Expressway, which were built between Delhi and Agra, did not take the name of the halt. There were two major accidents on the Expressway in the early morning on Sunday. The first incident happened near Dankaur in Gautam Buddha Nagar, while the second incident happened near Mathura. In both accidents, 5 people, including three doctors of AIIMS, were killed.Mathura police station collided with a speeding Innova car container near Mile Stone 88 at Yamuna Expressway in Surir Kotwali area. Three doctors of AIIMS died on the spot, while 4 other doctors were seriously injured. The injured doctors have been rushed to AIIMS for treatment. The police have identified the dead doctors as Dr. Hembala, Dr. Yaspreet, and Dr. Harshad. There are 4 doctors, including Dr. Catherine, Dr. Abhinav, and Dr. Mahesh, who have been sent to AIIMS.

Two prized punk raid surrender by fear of an encounter

The Shamli police claimed on Saturday that it has arrested two gangsters in the murder case of BJP worker Shivkumar Yadav. But sources say that both of them surrendered before the police themselves for fear of the encounter. It is also alleged that senior policemen of Noida took a bribe to leave Anil Bhati and Sahdev Bhati alive. However, the police say that both of them have been arrested during the routine check of Kotwali police. Police had announced a reward of 50000 for the arrest of Anil, Sahadeva and Sheru Bhati one day earlier. They are all members of the beautiful Bhati Gang. On one side, the culprits of the Badminas are being criticized. Opposition parties described it as a human rights violation. There are allegations that many fake encounters have been made.

5 people killed in same family in Pakistan's Balakot Sector in Poonch

Five people of a single family died in the fierce firing from Pakistan in Balakot area of Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Two people were injured in the incident. The injured have been admitted to the hospital immediately. This information has been given by DDP SP Vaid of Jammu and Kashmir. Please tell you that before this, in Poonch district only the firing took place overnight at villages and advance posts near the Line of Control. The firing started in the Balakot Sector in the late night from cross-border across the country for more than two hours. They said that Indian soldiers had responded to the shootout.
There were just 152 cases of ceasefire violations in -2015
They increased in -2016 - 228 ceasefire violations
-But about 8 times more than 860 cases were reported in 2017

PM Modi best wishes to nationals on Navratri and Gudi Padwa festival

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday gave greetings to nationals on the occasion of Navratri and Indian New Year. The Prime Minister tweeted, "Many people across the country are celebrating the beginning of the 'New Year', I wish them all the best wishes, your year is amazing.Prime Modi tweeted that all the people of Navsavrata and Navaratri Vikram Samvat 2075 brings happiness, prosperity and good health to everyone's life. In another tweet, he wrote, "Gudi Padwa, my brothers and sisters of Maharashtra Congratulations. I hope the upcoming year will fulfill all your dreams and aspirations. Gudi 'means' Vijay Adanka'. It is said that a potter-son named Shalivahan defeated effective enemies from the army of the soil. The beginning of Shalivahan doubt is the symbol of this victory. 'Yugaadi' is made up of the term 'yug' and 'etc.' is called 'Ugadi', in its form of deprivation.

Jammu and Kashmir: 5 civilians die in Pakistan's firing in Balkot Sector of Poonch

Five people were killed and two were injured in the fierce firing from Pakistan in Balakot area of Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir. The injured have been admitted to the hospital immediately. This information has been given by DDP SP Vaid of Jammu and Kashmir. Please tell you that before this, in Poonch district only the firing took place overnight at villages and advance posts near the Line of Control. The firing started in the Balakot Sector in the late night from cross-border across the country for more than two hours. They said that Indian soldiers had responded to the firing. The ceasefire violations between India and Pakistan have increased badly in these days. What is the reason for this new accident that arises suddenly? Knowledgeable believe that there are elections in Pakistan and the Pakistan Government is trying to hide the fate of the war and the rage of anti-India protests.

Sridevi dies due to heart attack, people in shock

Sridevi, one of Bollywood's most beautiful actresses, was not among us, she died in Dubai on Saturday night due to a heart attack, she was only 54 years old. She had gone to Dubai with family to be in Bollywood actor Mohit Marwah's wedding, and due to the heart attack, she passed away.

SC rejects Indigo airlines petition, T2 to operate

The Supreme Court has dismissed the Indigo Airlines plea in which it had filed for continuation of its operation from Terminal-I of Indira Gandhi International Airport. Actually, a few days ago, the Delhi High Court order had ordered the airlines to shift from Terminal-1 to their Operation Terminal-2. The airlines had appealed to the Supreme Court against the Delhi High Court verdict.

Air Force Officer Avni became the first Indian woman to fly Fighter Aircraft alone

Avani Chaturvedi, posted as Flying Officer in Air Force, has become the first Indian woman to fly fighter aircraft alone. Avni flew a MiG-21 Bison aircraft from Jamnagar Air Force station in Gujarat on Monday. It is worth noting that Avani is one of the three female officers who were included in the pilot air force in 2016.

Railways extend the age limit for applying for extension of 90,000 recruitments

Railway has extended the age limit for nearly 90,000 recruits recently, two years. Under this, the age limit has been increased from 28 to 30 years for general category candidates, 33 for OBC (non creamier) and 35 for SC-ST and 35 for general category candidates for 'Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician'.

PNB closes all the recovery paths by publicizing the case: Neerav Modi

Nirav Modi, the main accused of the PNB fraud case, wrote a letter to the bank and told that the bank has closed the entire case on public tax collection. He wrote that despite his offer made on February 13-14, his brand and business was wasted due to the bank's action in the curiosity of immediate recovery.

Uttarakhand government gives Z security to Gupta brothers accused in South Africa scam

The security of 'Z' category has been provided to the Gupta brothers by the Uttarakhand government for close cooperation with Jacob Zuma, who resigned from the post of South African President on February 15, surrounded by corruption scandals. Ajay, Rajesh and Atul, who are all 40 years old, went to South Africa from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh in 1993.

Sonepat: ICICI Bank employee, with a thief, flown from Strong Room 56 lakhs

In the case of theft in ICICI Bank located at Atlans Road in Sonepat, Haryana, the CIA has arrested two accused. One of the arrested accused is a bank employee. Who was appointed on the helm for two months before. It was told that the bank employee, along with his partner, completed the whole theft.

BJP New Office: Our party is immersed in patriotism - PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the BJP's new headquarters today, many senior leaders will also be present on this occasion. There are three buildings in the BJP's new office, which has a lot of public relations resources so that all parties can talk to the ordinator.

Raid on 9 places of ED, Neerav Modi seeks 6 months time

PNB fraudulent chief accused Neerav Modi has started framing charges. After 11 thousand 300 crores of fraud, ED has raided nine places of Nirav Modi. According to the news, Neerav Modi has written a letter to the bank and asked for 6 months time to repay the money. At the same time it is also reported that Neerav is not in India. ED has started a thorough investigation to go to the bottom of the matter.

Priya Prakash Varier left Miss World Manushi Chillar behind, this new record made on Instagram

After the video of Priya Prakal being viral on the social media, there has been a competition to follow him on Instagram. So far, 30 million people follow Priya Prakash on Instagram. If there is talk of Miss World Manushi Chillar, only 27 lakh people follow him on the Instagram.

Photos of Hrithik Roshan who came out of the set of 'Super 30'

Photos of actor Hrithik Roshan came out with a set of 'Super 30'. Hrithik is playing the role of Anand Kumar, founder of 'Super 30', coaching center for preparing for the entrance examination of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in this film. This biopic, produced in the direction of Vikas Bahl, will be released on January 25 next year.

Kerala: 5 killed in Kochi Shipyard, many injured

Five people were reported killed in a ship bombing in Kochi (Kerala) Shipyard, while many others are injured. This explosion took place in the shipyard when the repair work was going on in the ship of ONGC, Sagar Bhushan. The administration has started relief and rescue operations and the injured are being transported to the hospital.

Jammu-Kashmir: 3 militant piles, encounter ends in attack on Army camp

The encounter lasted for nearly 40 hours in the Army camp in Sunjwan, Jammu and Kashmir, has ended, in which the security forces piled up the three militants of Jaish-e-Mohammed. Five soldiers of the army were killed in the encounter, while a civilian was also killed. Significantly, the terrorists entered the army camp in the early hours of Saturday.

Mumbai's engineer Vikas Sathya got Oscar award for photography

An engineer living in Mumbai has been awarded the Oscar Scientific and Technical Award. This award has been received by a four-member team, which has a steady share of development. The team was awarded the Scientific and Engineering Award at the Oscars 2018 Scientific and Technical Awards held in Beverly Hills, United States.

Woman Pilot's Survivor Traveler's Life

Last Wednesday, a major accident was hit by two planes collided in Mumbai. Aircraft of Air India and Vistara Airlines came in front of each other in the air, but the Captain's sensation prevented any major accident. Both of them were handling women pilots.

PM Modi's speech in the UAE; The Note ban is appreciated by the poor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who reached United Arab Emirates (UAE) under bilateral tour, received tremendous reception at the Opera House in Dubai. Addressing the Indian community at the Opera House, where the Prime Minister described the economic policy decisions of his government as true. At the same time, the opposition from the foreign soil and the UPA government on the east will be hit hard. However, he did not take any name directly. PM Modi said that India and the Gulf countries have deep relations. Our relationship has not only been of business but also a partner. He said that after several decades, India's deep and wider connection with the Gulf countries has come up. Here the rulers have honored India, therefore it is our responsibility to take care of the ideals here too. Mody said that according to 'Is of Doing Business' globally in 2014, we were far behind, but the last four India has made a long jump in years. Now India has to bring on the global benchmark. In four years, the country's confidence has increased.

Indian Railway Workers in trouble, 13,000 employees will be discharged

13 lakh employees working in the railway, 13 thousand employees are facing a hazard. Railway has ordered to evacuate its 13,000 employees. These are employees who have been running for long periods without informing. Railways have taken strict action against such employees and have started taking action to show them the way out.

Jammu: Army attack on militant camp, 1 jawan martyr, 7 wounded

A jawan has been killed in a terror attack on the Sunjwan Army camp in Jammu, while seven people are reported to be injured. These include one Major of the Army, two JCOs, two women and two children.The Home Minister Rajnath Singh has spoken to the DGP of Jammu and Kashmir. DGP SP Vaidya has given full information to the Home Minister about the terrorist attack. The Home Ministry is keeping an eye on the whole situation. Operation of the army is continuing for the elimination of terrorists. Say that the terrorists attacked this suicide attack around 5 AM on Saturday. According to the information, the terrorists clambered forged behind the camps and entered inside. Then they started firing. The Quick Response Team of this attack of terrorists has also responded. A high alert has been issued throughout Jammu in view of the attack. The area has been sealed. Security forces are monitoring the helicopter.

Investigations by the Government of the purchase of crypto currency and crypto assets

The Ministry of Finance is investigating the role of crypto currency, the procurement operator of Crypto Asset. Minister of State for Finance P Radhakrishnan said that the government is studying the role of operators dealing with crypto currency. This information was provided in the Lok Sabha. According to the news, the revenue of just 10 exchanges is about Rs 40 thousand crore.

Army Major's father reached SC to cancel FIR, said- Duty in Kashmir is not easy

Kashmiri's Shopian took the father of the army Major, accused in the firing case. Colonel Karamveer Singh has demanded the cancellation of the FIR from the Supreme Court. For this, Major Aditya's father filed a petition in the court on Thursday. He said, "Son fired only to save his colleagues. Earlier, the warning was given so that the raging crowd could leave the road and the soldiers could be rescued. In the present time, duty is not easy in Kashmir, hence order should be taken to withdraw the case.Lt Colonel Karamveer Singh said, "The name of Major Aditya of 10 Garhwal Rifles was added to the spirit of revenge in the FIR. A convoy of the army came out for his duty in Shopian. Later, it was surrounded by a raging crowd of stone makers, even the Army's vehicle was damaged in stone pelting. 

Ayodhya dispute: SC will start hearing from today.

The hearing on the Ayodhya dispute in the Supreme Court is going on Thursday again. The hearing was done on December 8, but the translation of the documents was not done, so the court had extended the date by two months. Of the total of 19,590 pages, 3,260 pages of Sunni Central Waqf Board were not submitted. On the demand of the hearing, the counsel of the Board Kapil Sibal said that this case is not just a land dispute but a political issue. During the previous hearing, Chief Justice Deepak Mishra had fixed the date for the next hearing on February 8. At that time, he had said that on any day in the name of any of the documents, he will not ask for the hearing. All parties prepare their documents. Sit down with other parties and create common memorandum. The court had asked August 7 to make a translation of 7 language documents.

Two terrorists already present in Srinagar Hospital

There was a major terror attack in Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday afternoon. Two policemen were martyred and many were injured in this attack. During this attack, the attacker managed to destroy Abu Lehzal, a LeT terrorist. The policemen had brought the six doctors to the hospital for a medical checkup, during which the attack took place. The remaining 5 terrorists are in the custody of the police. In the hospital, six policemen wearing Ferran (Kashmiri clothes) were present there before they reached the hospital with six prisoners. Two terrorists wearing Faeran attacked 3 policemen, these policemen He was engaged in security. In a procession, a constable was shot and he became a martyr. A constable is injured, the third is not yet there. Perhaps the policeman is hiding somewhere to keep himself safe. Because the terrorists are still in the vicinity.

Attack on Shree Maharaja Harisingh Hospital in Srinagar, Lashkar assaulted by Pakistan army militants

In Sri Maharaja Harisingh (SMHS) Hospital in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, there was a major terrorist attack on Tuesday afternoon. The attack has happened inside the hospital. A policeman was killed in this attack, many policemen were injured in the attack. After the attack, security forces surrounded the whole area. The police had brought 6 terrorists to the hospital to get a checkup. During the firing, a LeT terrorist (Abu Hanjula) managed to escape. However, the remaining 5 terrorists are in police custody. After the attack, SSP Srinagar, Imtiaz Ismail said that we had brought all the terrorists to the hospital for a checkup, during which they attacked us. A terrorist has been absconding in this attack. The policemen had brought the terrorists to the hospital for medical checkup. Inside the hospital, terrorists fired at the policemen.

Female fired by 8 assailants to save her husband, fire from Revolver

A man in Kakori attacked 8 people with sticks and sticks. In the meantime, this man's wife fired the attackers by firing from the revolver. The CCTV footage of this incident happened on Sunday. Police said that the case has been filed on behalf of both the parties and the attackers will be arrested soon. The person who was attacked was named Abid Ali. She is telling herself related to the media. The teacher plays Dorbel of Abid's house. Abid comes and opens the door of his house. Meanwhile, 8 masks come and attack Abid. A man has done a lot of attacks on Abid from the poles too. In between, Abid's wife brings Revolver and makes a fire. The attackers immediately escaped from there. After this Abid took a revolver from his wife and made a fire.

Firing continued on behalf of PAK on the LoC, Army Chief Chief spoke - now no one will reply to Pak

There is a tension on the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir. Firing from a night in Pakistan is going on in Rajouri. 84 schools in this district have been closed for 3 days. Meanwhile, Vice Chief of Army Staff Sharat Kumar warned that now we will respond by action, not words. On the other hand, the Pak army opened fire on the LoC at the LoC in Rajouri and Poonch districts on Sunday. Deputy commissioner of Rajouri Shahid Iqbal Chowdhury said that 84 schools coming from the Sunderbani to Manakkot from the LoC to 5 schools within 5 km. Has been closed for 3 days. The teams have also been kept ready to evacuate people in the state of emergency.Pakistan's army is constantly firing. So there is a lot of stress in the area. In January, 300 schools were closed for 15 days due to the bombing of Pakistan in Jammu, Samba, Kathua, Rajouri and Poonch in five districts of Kashmir located near International Border and LOC.

Budget session: SP's ruckus in the Rajya Sabha on Noida Fake Encounter

In the Rajya Sabha, there was a ruckus in Noida fake encounter on Monday. Samajwadi Party had given a postponement notice in the Rajya Sabha on the encountered issue by the Samajwadi Party. The proceedings of the House were adjourned till 2 o'clock.Congress MP Rajni Patil has given zero notice on the issue of giving a reservation of 33% in the parliament and the assembly. In the last session, Shah wanted to speak on GST, but on the three divorces, Because of the uproar and stalemate, he could not get the chance. During the night checking in Sector 122 of Noida, the trainee Sub Inspector shot Jim Trainer after the assassination. He was admitted to Noida's Fortis Hospital where the condition of the victim Jitendra Yadav remains critical. Victim's family has accused the police of throwing the encounter on the police while describing the caste system. While clarifying the matter on Sunday, SSP Luv Kumar said that it is not an encounter. Security has also been increased in the hospital.

Indian Railway Budget: Cheap ticket-safe journey, common man's demands will be fulfilled

In the hopes of the rail budget, the common man expects that it will get cheaper tickets and it will be cheaper for him to travel from the rail. The rail budget is expected to make the ticket cheaper. By the way, its probability is being expressed very little. However, Indian Railways can offer tickets for online ticket booking for cheap tickets. For this, the incentive program may be announced in the budget. The second and most important hope of the common man from rail budget is on a safe journey. The year 2017 has been a lot worse for Indian Railways. Several railway accidents last year. In such a situation, the common man wants to secure his journey from the railway. In order to promote cashless transactions in the budget, paperless ticketing can be encouraged. The common man hopes that if this happens then he can get an incentive to book an online ticket.

Medical expenditure limit exceeds 40 thousand, world's largest health insurance plan launches

Finance Minister Jaitley has announced to give 50 percent more over the cost of the farmers. In his speech, PM Modi had said that by 2022 we will double the income of the farmers.Director Arun Jaitley said that by the year 2022, every poor person in the country will have his own house. He has given loans to poor and middle-class people Has also announced relief. The Finance Minister said that Rs. 2000 crores will be spent to strengthen the agricultural market. Finance minister Jaitley has announced a loan amount of Rs 11 lakh crore for farmers. An amount of Rs. 2600 crores have been announced for the agricultural irrigation scheme. Every poor citizen of the country can avail cash facility up to Rs. 5 lakhs. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has talked about focusing on gas and electricity in his budget speech, and Ujjwala and good fortune plan.

Budget focus on agriculture, health: Jaitley

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is presenting the last full budget of the Modi government. At the beginning of his budget speech, Finance Minister Jaitley said that GDP growth is growing at a rate of 6.5 percent. The World Bank and other institutions are praising it. The export is expected to grow at a rate of 15 percent. This year's budget will be centered on agriculture, health sector, senior citizens, small sectors. Indian economy is estimated at $ 2,500 billion. India is the seventh largest economy in the world and it will be in fifth place soon. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that more than 800 medicines are being given free of cost in more than 3,000 drug dispensaries. Interest on housing loan to the poor middle-class Rates has been relieved. The Indian economy was $ 2,500 billion. India is the seventh largest economy in the world and it will soon be in the fifth position.

Earthquake tremors felt from Delhi to Lahore and Kabul

Severe earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi and NCR on Wednesday afternoon. These tremors were felt in 12 to 40 minutes. Its intensity is 6.2 on the Richter scale and the center of the earthquake has been Hindukush area on the Afghan-Tajikistan border.The earthquake shocks have been felt throughout Delhi with Delhi. It has got its effect in many areas of Delhi and NCR. Along with this, earthquake tremors have also been felt in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan. The intensity of the earthquake has been 6.2 on the Richter scale. According to the Pakistani media, many people were injured in Balochistan. According to the report of The Nation, many children have been injured due to falling school in Balochistan. At the same time, a child has died due to falling wall in Quetta.Seismology director Vineet Gehlot confirmed that the depth of the earthquake was 190 kilometers below the ground, so there was not much damage. If there was no such depth, there could be major losses in the Asia region.

Pakistan invites mortars in several areas on LoC for infiltration

After a few days of peace, Pakistan once again fired in many sectors of the Line of Control and fired mortars. Pakistani army wanted to infiltrate terrorists in India under the guise of firing. But, the cautious Indian Army foiled his plot. During this time the terrorists who tried to enter the Indian border fled to the territory of Pakistan. According to the News Agency, the Pakistan Army started firing at around 7 am on Tuesday morning in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. During this heavy weapons were used. The mortar was also fired in some areas. The Indian Army responded well to this firing of Pakistan. Rajouri's deputy commissioner Shahid Iqbal has confirmed firing and shelling.

Kasganj violence: 123 people arrested, The main accused of the Chandan massacre, 3 brothers is still absconding.

The effect of violence in the Kasganj district of UP is still intact. 6 separate FIRs have been lodged. A total of 123 have been arrested. In the case of the murder of Chandan Gupta, 11 out of 20 nominated have been arrested. The main accused in the massacre, three brothers - Naseem, Wasim, and Salim Vermki are still absconding. The police have released the photo of all three. Meanwhile, Bareilly collector R. In a controversial post on Facebook, Vikram Singh raised an objection to the procession by sloganeering Pakistan Muradabad in Muslim neighborhoods.

e takes charge of India's Foreign Secretary

1981 Batch Foreign Service Officer and Economic Relations Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vijay Keshav Gokhale took over as the Foreign Secretary of India on Monday. Dr S. Gokhale, who became Foreign Secretary instead of Jaishankar, will have a two-year term. He played an important role in ending the 73-day-long 'Doklam deadlock' last year.

President Kovind's first address, expected to soon become the 'Three Divorce Law'

In his first address addressing the Joint House of Parliament, President Ramnath Kovind has expressed the hope that Parliament will soon give legal permission to the 'Three Divorce' Bill. He said, "Respect for Muslim women was hostage to political gains and losses for decades, now they have got the opportunity to get rid of this situation."

LIVE: Three Divorce Bills Will Pass Soon in Parliament: Kovind

The budget of Parliament, the session will start begins on Monday. In this, President Ramnath Kovind will address both the Houses. After this, the finance minister will present the Economic Survey of 2017-18. A museum has been built near Sardar Sarovar for tribal freedom struggle. More than two-and-a-half million people are living in the country. New Act has been implemented for this. Over 9 lakh devices have been provided for them. Empowerment schemes are going on for minorities. He said that for my Muslim women, my government has introduced three Divorce Bill in Parliament. Hope the Parliament will approve it soon. 90 lakh people are taking advantage of the Atal Pension Scheme for the elderly. From this, the people of the last line are also getting protection. The country is being connected to the panchayats under the broadband scheme. Fasal Insurance Scheme has been started. Under this, the security cover has been given to the farmers. 18 crores have been linked to these schemes.

Rs 20 lakh compensation to the young man's family killed in Kasganj violence in UP

The UPA government will provide Rs 20 lakhs to the families of the young man killed in Kasganj violence. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced this on Sunday night Victim's family will be given this amount on Monday. On the fourth day of the violence, the situation started to become normal. Police have arrested 50 people and arrested 60 to 70 people in this case. On January 26, the workers of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and ABVP, under the Tiranga Yatra on Bilram Gate intersection in Kotwali area of Kasganj district The rally was taking place. Meanwhile, there was a debate with the people of the community regarding sloganeering. The firing took place on both sides in the dispute, where a young man involved in the tri-color trio died due to the shooting of Chandan Gupta. One person from the other side was also shot.

Sant Siddheshwar Swamy denied Padma Shri award

Sant Siddheshwar Swamy of Gyan Yogashram, Vijaypur has refused to accept the Padma Shri award. Swami Siddheshwar has also written a letter to PM Modi in this regard. It is written that he is a sannyasi and a spiritual person, he does not need any prize. Said, he is returning this award with full respect. Do not take it otherwise. I have not accepted any prizes in the past too.

Southern Railway Recruitment 2018: Recruitments have come out in 624 posts.

South Railway has taken recruitments on vacant posts on its own. Interested applicants for these positions can apply through the post. The last date for applying is February 21. Other details related to the post and merit are given below. Interested applicants can download the application form by going to the website of the website Eligibility for different positions has been decided separately. The minimum qualification for these positions is to be 8th. See the notification issued by the Department for other information related to qualification. The age limit for these posts is between 20 to 24 years. Candidates will be selected on the basis of written examination, physical fitness test, an interview. Candidates of general category will get Rs 100 for the application fee and no other application fee is payable for other categories.

₹ 50 million dowry given to marry a 15-year-old boy in China

As a report, a wealthy lady in Hainan province of China, to give her kin to nearly 50 million 'dowry' to marry a young man 15 years old. This 38-year-old woman also has a 14-year-old son. This marriage of 10th January is also being used as a joke on social media.

Strip Club launches Pol Dancing Robot Stripper

Las Vegas (US) strip clip 'The Sapphire Gentleman Club' has presented a strip dancer robot with a polishing dance pad in CES 2018. These robots, wearing heels, have a CCTV camera instead of the face of these robots. These robots have been made by 50-year-old British artist Gilles Walker.

Now it is easy to make an instant passport

To make an immediate passport, you will not have to cut the rounds of the offices of first-class gazetted officers of any central and state government. You will get an instant passport without the verification certificate of the officers under the new arrangement. The Ministry of External Affairs has given a great relief to the immediate passport applicants and has now eliminated the inevitability of giving certification certificates.

Fareed Zakaria: PM Modi is able to change relations with PAK

Pakistan is a country supporting terrorism, it is in its DNA. Terrorism is the biggest and the basic problem between India and Pakistan. He still continues to support terrorism. Fareed Zakaria said during special talks with Editor-in-Chief of India Today Group Arun Puri and TVTN Managing Editor Rahul Kanwal.He said that it is very difficult to break the alliance with Pakistan's terrorism. Due to this, it is very difficult to normalize relations between India and Pakistan. However, he said that PM Modi is a powerful leader. They should move forward with Pakistan in the same way, like Richard Nixon, President of the United States, went ahead with communist China in his time. Similarly, under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev, the then US President Ronald Reagan had stepped forward with the Soviet Union.

In the Republic Day parade, President of ASEAN countries included Vice President Ramnath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

On the occasion of 69th Republic Day, from the Vijay Chowk to the historic Red Fort, a spectacular view of the country's oneness and splendor was seen in the unique unity of the ancient period of India, with heritage of varied diversity, in different areas of the modern age A grand demonstration of achievements and capacity of the army which guarantees the safety of the country.An opening ceremony on the Republic Day parade on the Rajpath, Ind, prime among heads of ASEAN countries with Narendra Modi, leader Hua.asian countries Jaipuri tie sardine were part came to the cloak function. In the presence of President Ramnath Kovind on the salute stage, the power of the colors of India's culture and the defense sector was demonstrated on Rajpath today. At the end, the air force's aircrafts, which filled the thrill, in the end, fly along with the shocking adventures over Rajpath. Seeing the strength of those aircraft, the air force pilot realized the skills and handcuffs.

Brahmastra missile system, currently the world's only supersonic cruise missile

Today, the whole country is celebrating 69th Republic Day. Like every year, this time the Indian Army gives a glimpse of its valor at the Rajpath. During this time army jawans marched and performed their weapons. Bhishma (T-90 tankers) - there is a gun of 125 mm bore, which can fire up to 5 kms. It can fire three types of animation and it can also kill the flying helicopter. Its antagonistic capacity is 60 kilometers per hour. It is also called hunter-killer tanker. Brahmastra missile system - it is currently the world's only supersonic cruise missile. It can wind up 290 kilometers from 2.8 mph. Is able to break three targets at once. Also, it is with the Sena armies. It is capable of launching in water, space, and air.

Amitabh came to see the pared on Rajpath, Present in Delhi on the occasion of Republic Day

Amitabh Bachchan, who came to Delhi Parade, wrote on Twitter, Megastar Actor Amitabh Bachchan, who was present in Delhi on January 26, on the occasion of Republic Day. Amitabh got emotional after watching the Republic Day Parade in Delhi. Amitabh Bachchan congratulated the Twitter Republic Day and wrote that I am watching the Republic Day Parade in Delhi. The moment of pride ... seeing the march past the army, tears come out of the eyes ... the memories of Delhi got refreshed when we used to come to see this parade. Jai Hind!.