Periodic awareness of spreading Miss World, If the script is liked then it can also act.

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Periodic awareness of spreading Miss World, If the script is liked then it can also act.

Leaving 117 beauties of the world behind and Miss World, 2017 India's Manushi Chillar (20) wants to become a heart specialist. At present, she is an MBBS second year student at Sonepat Medical College. Humanities are focusing on completing studies. If the script likes, then think about a career in Bollywood. He is spreading awareness among people towards Periods. Manushi won the title in the Grand Finale of Miss World Contest in Sanya city of China. After getting the crown, there was no room for the happiness of Manushi's family. Nani Savitri Sahrawat, living in Rohtak, distributed sweets to people and celebrated. Rita Gangwani is the coach of Miss World Manushi Chillar. He said, "I am proud that he will return to India with the Taj, which we had been waiting for years.

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First Published: 19 November, 2017, 16:50 PM
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Coal scam: Four convicts including former Jharkhand CM Madhu Koda

Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda has been convicted in a Delhi court by a special court in a case of coal scam. The court has found former coal secretary HC Gupta, former chief of Jharkhand Ashok Kumar Basu and others guilty of conspiracy and criminal conspiracy in the case. The court will decide on the punishment of four convicts on Thursday. Special Judge of CBI Bharat Parashar on Wednesday ordered all the accused to be present in the court when the verdict was announced.

Pradyumna Murders: CBI will seek fingerprints of accused 11th student, board given permission

 The CBI will take the finger prints of the 11th student, the board gave the permission. On September 1, the student of Ryan International School, Pradyumn were murdered. 
. In connection with the murder of Pradyumna student of Raiyan International School of Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi, the Central Investigation Agency (CBI) has been allowed to take finger print of the 11th grade student of this school. According to the permission, on December 19, the CBI will took the fingerprints of the 11th grade  student by going to the Rehabilitation House. At the same time, whether the student should be kept within the purview of the adult? Apart from this, there will be debate on many topics on December 15.

NGT orders should be stopped from shouting Amarnath pilgrims

The National Green Tribunal i.e. NGT thinks that hailing the Amarnath pilgrims, chanting mantras or playing bells and corners can threaten the environment. He has ordered the Amarnath Shrine Board that he bans the accent and accents of mantras. At the same time, he has asked the passengers to stop bells and mobile phones after the last checkpoint. The criticism of the NGT order on social media has been criticized as unnecessary. According to the people, the NGT is going beyond its limits and is making unnecessary interference in religious matters.

The population of anti-India Muslims is increasing, Banned Modi: Jain Muni

Jain Muni Tarun Sagar once again gave a disputed statement saying that if the population of Muslims does not stop, then there will be an explosive situation in the country. There are some Muslims who are anti-India who want to split India and have a heart with Pakistan. The population of such Muslims is constantly increasing.Run Sagar said that increasing the anti-India Muslim population will create a grave crisis in the country and Hindus will become insecure. Tarun Sagar, who took health benefits in Jaipur, said that love jihad is a conspiracy of the Muslims, in which the Hindu girls are being made as Muslims in the name of false love. Love Jihad was not stopped in a few days, the second would see Pakistan being formed. Tarun Sagar, appearing for PM Narendra Modi, said that wherever the population of Muslims is increasing in the country there is a law on population. Tarun Sagar said that Hindus are going to get into trouble, Muzaffarnagar, or any other place, if the time has come, they should not be stopped, otherwise, the situation will be explosive.

After the political debate,PM Modi and former PM Manmohan Singh joined hands

During the Gujarat election campaign, both the leaders met between the political debate and allegation and accusations between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Parliament House on Wednesday for the first time.The 16th anniversary of the terror attack on Parliament. After praising the martyrs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warmly met with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. During this meeting first PM Modi greeted Manmohan Singh with his hand and later joined hands with him.

On Tuesday, Modi's roadshow refused to permit.

Narendra Modi reached Dhoroi Dam from Ahmedabad's Sabarmati River Front via the seaplane for the first time on Tuesday. From Dam, he went to Anghar Mandir on the way to Aurangabad and walked there. SpiceJet is working with Japan's Setchi Holdings to test the plane of 10 and 12 seats and landing on the ground for 6 months so that air services can be provided in smaller cities. Modi's climbing in a seaplane on the River Front A floating platform was created for Seaplane and its pilot John is American. Satoshi Holdings makes the aircraft landing on water and ground under the 'QUEST' brand. Since the last 10 years in the world, about 200 Kodiak Quest airlines are flying. The plane can land on the water body. It can be taken away from water.These can be landed on the ground along with the plain water of the Amphibious category.

English-speaking policemen will be posted in UP's tourist spots

In Uttar Pradesh's religious and tourist cities places policemen will be deployed who can speak in fluent  English. This is being done keeping in mind the convenience and security of foreign tourists. Officials claim that it will be easy for foreign tourists to tell the police any kind of complaint. It is currently being started from Mathura. With the help of devotees coming from different corners of the country, the police personnel who are speaking and understanding about the foreign language are being deployed. 

Modi's seaplane Dharoi dam land, Ambaji will go by car

Narendra Modi reached Dhoroi Dam from Ahmedabad's Sabarmati River Front via the seaplane for the first time on Tuesday. From Dam, he went to Anghar Mandir on the way to Aurangabad and walked there. While going to Ambaji temple, he did a road show too. They took about 3 hours to cover this distance. They are the first PM of India to travel from this plane. This is the first flight of Seaplane in the country. SpiceJet is fighting with Japan's Setochi Holdings to test the plane of 10 and 12 seats and landing on land, in order to provide air services in smaller cities. .Modi had given information about going to the Assaman temple from Seaplane in a meeting on Monday. The moody said, "We can not make airports everywhere, so the government has to bring a seaplane. It is created.

In Aligarh, protest against the national anthem, stone pelting on Mayor's car

Today's 16th Mayor and the swearing in ceremony of the members. During the Mayor's swearing in today at Talanagari Aligarh, the Nationalist League along with the Samajwadi Party, many leaders  and with the Bahujan Samaj Party opposed it. The Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party's leaders did not stand in its honor while playing the National song Vande Mataram, the swearing-in ceremony of Mayor at the venue of Aligarh. Many SP and BSP leaders sat on their chair while playing the National Games during the swearing-in ceremony today.

Five jawans missing during the avalanche in Jammu and Kashmir Army started search operation.

In the snowfall  on Monday night, two soldiers from the Guaras area and three from Navagam sector of Kupwara are missing. This information is given by the army. It is being told that this incident has happened due to the avalanche. Three in the Garage Sector and the Navagam Sector personnel were posted on their duty.

Dead body of cricketer Jasprit Bumrah’s missing grandfather found in Sabarmati river

The body of Indian team baller, Jaspreet Bumrah, Grandfather Santokh Singh Bumrah, (84) was found near the Sabarmati river on Sunday. They are suspected of suicides. They were missing for two days. Santokh Singh, who lived in the ward of Udham Singh Nagar of Uttarakhand, had visited Jaspreet for three or four days earlier. She stayed at the house of her daughter Ravinder Kaur in Ahmedabad. There was a quarrel between Jaspreet's mother and grandfather. According to the police, Ravinder Kaur lodged a report of her missing on December 8. On Saturday, her body was found near the bridge of Sabarmati river. One of his videos has also become viral, in which he expressed his wish to meet Jaspreet of his last wish. They alleged that Jaspreet's mother would not let him meet him.

A man accused of molesting a flight from zaira wasim, arrested from Mumbai

The accused of the film Dangle's actress Jaira Wasim has been accused of tampering the Extra airline. He was arrested here by the Mumbai Police here on Sunday evening. He has been identified as Vikas Sachdev for 39 years. Jaira mentioned the incident with her by sharing a live video on her Instagram account. Actress Jaira wrote, "I was traveling from Delhi to Mumbai Flight. A middle-aged man got upset on a two-hour journey. I tried to record it on the phone to explain it well, but because of the slow light in the cabin, it was not able to do. For about 5-10 minutes, he kept touching me with the waist and neck.

Emergency landing of CM Fadnavis helicopter due to overloading.

Maharashtra's Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had to carry an emergency landing because of the overloading of the helicopter. After this, the pilot lifted it down. It is being told that due to overload it happened. This is the third chance this year when Fadnavis helicopter is left out of the accident. Earlier this had happened in Raigad and Latur. The statement said that Chopper had the capability to sit for 6 people. Due to the fuel issues, the pilot sanctioned only 4 people. Keeping in mind the safety after the take-off, the helicopter was re-landed and one person was removed from it.Sm further covered all the programs with this helicopter.

Voting on 89 seats in first Phase before the Gujarat election.

Voting continues for 8 phases of the first phase of 89 seats out of 182 assembly seats in the Gujarat Assembly on Saturday. For the first two hours i.e. 10 o'clock, 10% of the votes have been cast. Voting will take place in 19 districts of South Gujarat and Saurashtra by 5 pm. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi have appealed to people to vote in more and more tweets. Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel said, "This time Congress will win." BJP's Rashma Patel's patriarch of Junagadh, who gave the vote, opposed it. Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia said: This time the congressional victory is certain, the people here are BJP This government has not done anything for the last 20 years. PM Modi did the tweet, said, "In Gujarat, the first phase of polling has started. Everyone is appealing to come out in the record numbers and vote.

Licensed cancel of Max Hospital, who declared the newborn as dead'.

Delhi's Max Hospital's license has been canceled.Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that the incident of the death of a newborn as a hospital cannot be accepted completely.During 22 weeks of death, the newborn was declared dead by the parents In the case of handing over, the Delhi Medical Association stood in favor of Max Hospital and doctors. The Delhi Medical Association issued a statement saying that there is no protocol or guidelines for such delivery that is pre-time. But the law of India allows abortion until 20 weeks. The infant and his mother were admitted to the hospital. Parents said that due to this serious negligence of doctors, there could also have been the death of a newborn due to suffocation.

Anushka rushed to Italy for marriage with Virat.

Actress Anushka Sharma is going to get married in Italy next week with cricketer Virat Kohli. On Thursday night, Anushka was seen leaving with her family at the Mumbai airport. Her father was Ajay Kumar Sharma, mother Ashima, and brother Karnesh Sharma. According to media reports, according to media reports, these are the same pundits, who were present in Ankka-Virat's Uttarakhand meeting or in Roka Ceremony last year, along with Anushka's family at Anurhatha on the Yerpong. Sharma, family chief, believes Anant Baba very much.In the city of Milan, the two will get married. Their family has also booked wedding venues. This marriage will be a completely private seminar, which will include family members and close friends.

Iyer deliberately spoke on Modi's caste, then apologized.

After the demise of Manishankar Iyer of Narendra Modi, there has been a stir in political corridors. Now on the matter, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said, "It is a thought-provoking strategy to get Aiyar out of the party. I appeal to my people to understand this game of Congress. Jaitley said," Aiyar intentionally for Modi Gave caste statement. Then apologized after seeing the comfort. It is also a strategy to get them out of the party. Congress has insulted the Prime Minister of the country by calling him a lowly person and the people of the weak and backward sections of India. The real power of India will be seen when a person coming from a simple background ends the politics of dynasty Will do

Saif Ali Khan, suffering from stomach cancer, changed the way of living.

The trailer of Saif Ali Khan's film 'Kalaakandi' has been released. The trailer of 'Kalakandi' starts with Saif Ali Khan, and the doctor tells him that he is suffering from stomach cancer. Seeing the trailer of 'Kalakandi', it becomes clear that the film is a dark comedy. The story of the film is one night of monsoon Mumbai. This is the story of six people coming from different types of life. Saif Ali Khan is seen in a completely new style in the film. Akshat Verma is filming director along with the film. Akshat Verma had written the story of 'Delhi Bailey'. 'Kalakandi' is being released on January 12. In this way, this dark comedy is stuck in a match with Hollywood horror film. On this day 'Wish Apon' is releasing, which is the story of a magical box.

Daughter dies due to dengue, The father made many allegations in the hospital.

Dada's father, Adya's father, has filed a charge in the Fortis Hospital in Gurgaon on Wednesday. That they offered to pay money to eliminate the operation of the hospital. Adiya's father Jayant Singh made this disclosure when the Haryana Government's report examined the carelessness, unethical and illegal acts of the hospital in the report. Jaiyant Singh told that a senior officer of Fortis Hospital had met him and Rs 10,37,889 I wanted to give the check which I had given to the hospital. Not only this, he also offered to pay Rs 25 lakh separately. He alleged that in return, the hospital wanted to make a legal agreement with his family, in which no campaign will be run on the social media against the hospital and he will not take any legal action against the matter.

PM Modi said in Dhanduka, One family did injustice with Baba Saheb and Patel

In Dhanduka Ahmedabad PM Narendra Modi said that the family is the biggest injustice of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Sardar Patel. He said that when Pandit increased influence on Nehru's Congress party ensured that Dokambedkr Huikpim Modi difficulty in joining the Constituent Assembly by BR Ambedkar to pay homage to Mahaparinirvana Day. He tweeted that I salute Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on Mahaparinirvana's day. Babasaheb Ambedkar, who constantly worked for the upliftment of the Dalits, died in 1956. Today, in the election rally of Dharampur in Gujarat, PM Modi directly targets Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. He said, 'Mani Shankar Aiyar has said today that when Shahanshah came to Jehangir's place ... then what was the election? It means that Congress is not a party but a Kunba

Negative okhi storm; Late night strong wind-rain, school closed.

After the devastation in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Lakshadweep, the Oki Hurricane has reached south Gujarat after midnight on Tuesday, between Maharashtra and Goa. Before colliding with the coastal area of Surat, the danger was postponed due to the weakening of the storm. Sometimes the speed of 100 to 150 km per hour has come to the south of Gujarat and it reached at a speed of 18 km. The wind storm was running at 70 to 80 km with heavy rains in the coastal area. On Tuesday, flights to Surat had to be diverted or canceled. Schools, colleges have been closed. The rounds of meetings are continuing to monitor the situation and to prepare the preparations. The weather department has issued heavy rain warnings in the coastal areas of South Gujarat and Saurashtra today. In the last 24 hours, rains have been recorded in 33 talukas of nine coastal districts including Surat including Navsari, Gir Somnath, Bharuch, Tapi, Bhavnagar, Valsad. The Meteorological Department has said that there should be high waves from one to two meters. 

In Mumbai, Bollywood stars came to give a final farewell to Shashi Kapoor

On Tuesday afternoon in Mumbai, the famous Bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor merged in Panchatantra between rain and humid eyes. His funeral was done in Santa Cruz with full state honors During this time many of Bollywood celebrities were present to give him last farewell to many. His close friend Amitabh Bachchan, who has done more than a dozen films with Shashi Kapoor, reached the burial site along with his son Abhishek. The policemen, Had been wrapped in, which was later removed for rituals. Three rounds of bullets were played in honor of this departed actor who spent more than four decades in Hindi cinema. After that one-minute silence was kept and then his funeral took place in the Electrical Cemetery.

UP elections: BJP ahead on 14 out of 16 municipal corporations; BSP 5 on Lead

Counting of elections to 16 municipal corporations, 198 municipalities and 438 municipal panchayats of Uttar Pradesh is on Friday. BJP is ahead in 14 of the 16 municipal corporations. At the same time, Bahujan Samajwadi Party has made an edge over 2. Congress and Samajwadi Party have not been able to open their account. Before the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh's electoral election CM Yogi has become a question of Adityanath's reputation. The Yogi had 32 public meetings in 14 days. At the same time, the campaign started from Ayodhya on November 14. The Yogi had only made rallies in 6 places in Lucknow. Lucknow's election for BJP has always been special. Home Minister Rajnath Singh represents this parliamentary field. Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma has been a mayor for two consecutive terms from here.

Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan said the biggest lies, Fans did Busted.

Hina Khan has done something similar in recent episodes. She was fighting Shilpa Shinde to waste the food and was talking big things. He never talked about eating food and even made a big ruckus about this. Hina Khan came down to the extent of illusion that she pulled her t-shirt and shouted inside and said Shilpa Shinde, You will understand and go out angry. Hina is behaving badly at home with every week, and often she can be seen losing her self. Not only this, due to this, Salman Khan has to listen to him every week, and it is Hina Khan who caused Sapna Chaudhary to get out of the house.

The 'Integrated Forensic Lab' will be built in states to prevent cyber crime.

In order to prevent cyber fraud and cybercrime, the Cyber and Information Security Branch formed by the Home Ministry is now preparing to take major steps to stop cybercrime Wing said 'Make Forensic Labs' to improve the investigations of cybercrime and bank fraud at the state's capital and important places. The common people have to face a lot of problems due to bank fraud and cybercrime. Their strong earnings go through a shock through cyber fraud. To keep an eye out and make information, make Forensic Labs in their respective States and keep Lab Technician as a Cyber Expert. The control room will also be set up to monitor cyber fraud and cybercrime. Where to work for settling cyber fraud every day will be done.

Americans people take inspiration from Indians In the White House, India a true friend: Ivanka Trump

PM Narendra Modi and the daughter of US President Donald Trump and his advisor Ivanka Trump are participating in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Hyderabad. In the program, the White House Advisor Ivanka Trump thanked for this grand ceremony. Ivanka praised Narendra Modi and says thank you for what you are doing for India. Ivanka said in the program that the people of America take inspiration from Indians. India is a true friend of the White House. While praising PM Modi, she said that by reaching the post from tea seller to the post of PM, everything can be possible. Ivanka also appreciated the courage and struggle of women entrepreneurs. The conference Co-hosted by India and America was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This conference focuses primarily on four areas-energy and infrastructure, health and biology, financial technology and digital economy and media and entertainment sectors.

The Income Tax Department sent 1.16 lakh people who deposited more than Rs 25 lakhs.

The Income Tax Department has issued notices to 1.16 lakh people and companies who have not been deposited more than Rs.25 lakhs in bank accounts after the due date of banknotes and filing returns. Such people who have filed their income tax return, but they have deposited huge amount in bank accounts, they are also investigated. The tax department has examined people depositing notes of more than 2.5 lakh rupees, which were discontinued after the ban on discontinuance of 500 and 1,000. Chandra said, "After issuance of notes, the number of people is 1.16 lakhs." These people have not yet submitted their returns. "They said that such people and companies are 30 days in their income tax returns

PM Modi inaugurated the Hyderabad metro, will himself travel.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a tour of Hyderabad today. PM Modi inaugurated the Hyderabad metro on Tuesday, during which the Chief Minister of Telangana along with him. Chandrasekhar Rao was also present. It will start from November 29. In the first phase, the 30-kilometer long metro rail service will be started between Nagole and Miyapur. There will be a total of 24 stations on this route.After inaugurating the Metro, PM will join the GE Summit, where he will meet the American President's daughter, Ivanka Trump. BJP workers arrived in Hyderabad airport at PM Modi's arrival to inaugurate the Hyderabad Metro. Addressing the workers said that the world's eyes are on Hyderabad, today the businessmen from all over the world are coming here

In a rally in Gujarat, Narendra Modi's Tang on Congress, We will sell tea, but the country will not sell.

Narendra Modi has campaigned in Gujarat on Monday. In Rajkot's rally, he said, "Congress should not be unhappy about becoming the Prime Minister of a poor son. There should be discussion on good issues in public life. The threat of selling should not be given. We will sell tea, but the country will not sell. " Modi said that Congress has always been defamed Gujarat. Narendra Modi said, "Congress dislikes me because of my poverty. Can a party fall so low? Yes, the person who belongs to a poor family is the Prime Minister They are not able to hide this insult, yes, I sold tea but I did not commit to sell the country. We will sell tea, but the country will not sell it.

Manushi Chillar's answer to Pakistan media,Beautiful heart is essential to win Miss World.

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar has said that a beautiful heart is also important for winning a Miss World. Indeed, in the Pakistani media it is being said that Pakistani girls are more beautiful but they live in the burqa. That is why people are not aware of their beauty. They said that there is not much awareness about cleanliness in our country. In my childhood, I saw that the maid who worked at my house had to marry three times due to not being a child. Said that as women, we always have challenges and we face them as far as possible. I think there will be some questions to find answers. We are all like books. But the stories inside us make us different.

In Delhi, Pollution of Transport Dust Industrial too: Arvind Kejriwal

In a program of NDTV, in Delhi about the haze of poisonous winds, he said that if policing is less than abusing Kejriwal, then say to all 20 million people in Delhi that I wake up in the morning and mock me. He said Delhi creates its own policy, as it is pollution of transport, dust and industrial besides the haze of poisonous winds. Kesariwal also said that due to the burning of the parali between Punjab and Haryana October 28 and November 12 in Delhi, The poisonous winds smell. The main reason for the increase of pollution in Delhi is from Parli, which is burnt by farmers of Punjab and Haryana.Kejriwal said that within a year, about 2000 new buses will come in Delhi.

After the increase in Delhi Metro fares, nearly 3 lakh passengers daily reduced

DMRC had increased fares on October 10 last month. After the increase in rent, every passenger traveling to more than five km has been affected.Daily Metro fares are much higher than the metros of the world's major cities. Cities like Beijing, New York, and Paris have three times more fare than Delhi Metro. For more than 32 km journey in Delhi Metro, the maximum fare is now 60 rupees. Delhi Metro is spent on traveling, it is 23.39% i.e. three times more than cities like Beijing, New York, and Paris.

Vasco D'Gamma-Patna Express derailed in UP; 3 killed, 13 wounded

The Vasco Da Gama-Patna Express in Uttar Pradesh was derailed in the morning on Friday. This incident happened at around 4:30 in the morning. Three people died and 13 were injured in the accident. According to the information, 13 coaches of the train derailed. The train was going to Patna from Goa's Margao station. Later the train was sent to Patna along with seven coaches. This incident took place at around 4:18 in the morning near Manikpur station of Chitrakoot. After some time, the ADG (Law and Order) of UP told the locals that the accident happened due to the breakdown of the track.After the tragedy, Vasco da Gama-Patna Express was dispatched to Patna with 7 coaches. Railway announced to give Rs 5 lakh to the relatives of those killed in the accident. At the same time, the grievances of the injured have been reported to give one lakh rupees and 50-50 thousand to the general wounded.

गुजरात की लड़ाई में, बीजेपी का चेहरा तो पीएम मोदी ही रहेंगे।

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Gujarat on 27th and 29th November. In these two days, he will do 8 rallies. BJP has created a new strategy of 50 thousand polling booths. These will be the beginning of the campaign on November 26. The slogan has been given for this. Talk of mind with tea. The Prime Minister will rally in Bhuj, Kajarkan, Kajra, Amreli Dharri and Surat in Kamraj on 27th November. On November 29, Modi will hold meetings in Somnath Prachi, Bhavnagar's Palitana and Navsari. The BJP will officially launch its election campaign on 26th November, one day before Modi's visit to Gujarat. For this, the party has also made preparations. On November 26, BJP will program 50 thousand booths with "mind-talking" tea. These programs will be held in the morning and party leaders will discuss tea with the public. The first phase has 89 seats and for them, the voting will be held on December 9.

$500 million deal with Israel canceled, DRDO will now create spike missile

In order to promote Make in India, the Ministry of Defense has canceled the $ 500 million deal with Israel for Spike Anti-tank Guided missiles. The ministry now wants to make Man Portable Anti Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM) in the country itself. Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has been given the responsibility to make this missile. The DRDO will take three to four years to make this technology a missile.

Suspend account of PAK Defense, Indian girl complains of posting of fake image

Twitter posted a fake picture in favor of propaganda against India, Twitter suspends the verified account of PAK Defense. According to the news agency, a photo-snapped picture of Indian student Kanwalpreet Kaur was posted a few days ago by the handle named @defencepk. The girl complained of tampering with her photo, after which Twitter took this action. However, Pakistan Defense lifted the photo some days ago. Kanwalpreet had participated in the campaign 'Not In My Name', which started in June 2017 on the incidents of beating and killing people carrying cow in India.

First snowfall in Himachal, Temprechre 2 degrees in Kelong; Close to Mughal road in Kashmir.

In Himachal Pradesh, there was snowfall for the first time on Saturday. The lowest temperature was recorded at -2.1 degree Celsius in Kelong of Lahaul-Spiti. The mercury in Himachal Pradesh has reached minus. Temperatures in Kinnar in Kinnaur, -0.6 degrees, Manali 1.6 and 5.9 degree Celsius recorded in Shimla. The first heavy snowfall of the season in Jammu due to the heavy snowfall on Saturday, Mughal road has stopped. This road connects Kashmir with the rest of the country. Traffic has been stopped on the road due to the accumulation of snow in the Pari lane area. Work of snow removal from the road continues. Whether it will happen next or not depends on the weather.

Indian students invested 42835 crores for study in the US.

IIMs and pictures of some colleges and universities come out every year. The budget of higher education in the country is 25 thousand crore. Even then, why is not the condition of education improving? But if the report printed in a newspaper, then only Indian students invested in US universities and institutions to invest in 6.54 billion dollars or 42835 crores in 2016-17. Apart from the US, many students go to great numbers to study in other universities of the world. If this whole figure is added, then you can figure out how much rupee is going out of the country. The condition of our education is going to get worse every year, for which no specific steps are being taken by the governments to cure it.

Rafael fighter plane deal: France rejects Congress allegations on Modi government

France has rejected all allegations made by Congress on the Narendra Modi government over the deal of 36 Rafael fighter planes. The Congress alleged that the Narendra Modi government had given more money in the agreement that the French company Dassault Aviation had to buy with Rafael fighter planes.Anil Ambani's Reliance Defense Limited has asked the Congress to withdraw its charge. Otherwise, he will sue him. The Congress has alleged that the French company has chosen Indian partner incorrectly. French diplomatic sources on Congress allegations say that the fighter aircraft has been selected for excellent performance and competitive price. He has said that Rafael was selected through a completely transparent and competitive process.

Smug Problems: Older vehicles will not be registered in Haryana and Delhi.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal and Delhi's CM Arvind Kejriwal met on Wednesday in connection with the Parali Burning and Smug case in Haryana. Finding ways to deal with the problem of the scarecrow and scare away from burning in the meeting. At the eight points in the negotiation agreed on It was decided in the meeting that Haryana and Delhi will no longer register old vehicles. Now the new vehicles can run on CNG only. Officials of both the CM and the two states put their side on the issue. In the meeting, the strategy was created to work together to solve this problem.

Will not apply Odd-Even, after the terms of NGT, Delhi Government change their decision

Delhi Government and National Green Tribunal (NGT) face-to-face on the Odd-Even formula of proposed vehicles for the purpose of restraining increased air pollution in Delhi. When the Arvind Kejriwal government decided to implement the Odd-Even scheme by November 13-17, the NGT expressed its displeasure over it. After this, the NGT allowed the scheme with some conditions on Saturday, the government withdrew the decision. The NGT had laid the promise of not giving exemption to women, officers and two-wheelers in the Odd-Even scheme Part-2. After which the Delhi Government has changed its decision and decided not to implement the proposed anti-income scheme from November 13.

Pradyumna's father Varun Thakur lost his son, but saved my son.

In a Pradyuman Murder case, the mother of the bus conductor who was accused by Gurujram police is the expression of gratitude towards Varun Thakur, the father of Pradyumna in the eyes of Goddess Kela Devi. Talking to TOI, Kareena said, "Varun Thakur lost his son (Pradyumna), But saved my son. I will always be indebted to that family. On 8th September Pradyumna Thakur was killed in Ryan International School and the police arrested the conductor on the same day and declared him the main accused. She has been locked up in jail since then. Contending the 11th class student studying in the school, she is accused of being an accused and the police have arrested the wrong person. The elder son said that his father was very concerned with nature. If he never slapped his sons, how would they take the life of a child of my own age?

Women and two wheelers will not get exemption in Odd-even rule

Odd-Even will start in Delhi from Monday, but this time it will be different from the other two campaigns. The Delhi government had taken the decision to launch the Odd-Even campaign from November 13 to 17, but the NGT has made several changes in the government's decision while hearing the case on Saturday. In this half-day of five days, no government officials, two-wheelers and women will be exempted. Emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire brigade, garbage cars have been discontinued. The NGT told the Delhi Government that if you apply Odd-Eve then do it according to our instructions. The NGT said that meet with Delhi Chief Secretary's Meteorological Department, whenever the situation is poor

Income tax raids on the locations of irrigation department engineers

In Noida, on the premises of the superintendent engineer Rajeshwar Singh Yadav of Irrigation Department, his property was discovered in the income tax prints. Two private schools and 2 hotels of engineers have been found in the investigation. The engineer has invested heavily in different Shell i.e. mask companies. The engineer has kept most investments in the name of his son. IT Officer said, "Superintendent Engineer Rajeshwar Singh Yadav had also made shell companies in the name of his brother and brother-in-law. Rajeshwar Singh Yadav's property grew rapidly during the Khilish government. Invested in many properties of crores of rupees. Since the change of government, the income tax department's Rajeshwar Singh Yadav was on the lookout. Six months of silence was kept secretly. Once the information about the property being extorted illegal, the raid was decided simultaneously.

Reserve Bank Order: Senior Citizens over 70 years got banking facilities available at home till December

Reserve Bank of India has directed banks to provide banking facilities to senior citizens and physically challenged persons above 70 years of age at the door of their home until December this year. Banks have been directed to provide basic banking facilities such as cash and deposit, checkbook and demand draft on senior citizens and physically disabled (including visually impaired) at their doorstep.

Pune University offers only vegetarian and non-alcoholic students to get gold medal

A decision by the University of Pune can be further a matter of controversy. The University Gold Medal is advocating giving to those who are vegetarian and do not drink alcohol. After reading the official statement issued by Pune University (SPPU) of Savitribai Phule Pune, at least it seems like this. The Gold Medal is being given by the University since 2006. "We do not make any difference between vegetarian and non-vegetarian," the statement released by the SPPU said. The university does not have any idea what one should eat and what not? As far as medal is for vegetarians and non-alcoholic people, it will be decided by talking with the sponsors giving medal.

If you have a Bapu's stamp of ten rupees then you can become millionaires.

One postage stamp of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, can make anyone a millionaire.Date tickets were issued in 1948 and the service should be printed on it. This postal stamp is the lowest printed ticket in the world for the Governor General of India, immediately after independence. The last time, in the auction held in Geneva, by 'David Feldman', this postage stamp is two million dollars (about 10 million 30 lakh rupees). Before the Independence, there was a postage stamp of British rule in India. When the country was free, its postal stamp was issued by the Government of India. In 1948, the Government of India issued a service ticket of Rs 10 for Gandhi's only Rs 200 in 1948. Of these, 100 tickets were given for the use of Governor General of India at that time. Some of the remaining 100 were given to the prominent people and officials of that time.

Pollution in Delhi: Big Declaration of Kejriwal Government - Travel in DTC and Cluster Buses are Free

During the implementation of the all-inclusive scheme of the Delhi Government, the journey will be free in all DTC and cluster buses in the city. As part of efforts to tackle the dangerous situation of pollution in the National Capital, an equitable scheme is being implemented for five days from November 13. Delhi's Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot tweeted, "To encourage the use of public transport during the asymmetrical, the Delhi government will allow all DTT and cluster buses to travel free for the passengers from 13th to 17th November." Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that this step would encourage people to pursue public transport.

In Pradyumna Murder case, Pradyumna's mother said - the real culprit nobody else. Conductor only pawn

The bus conductor Ashok, who was caught in the case of Pradumman Thakur in the Ryan International School, will register a case against the officers of Haryana Police and Ryan School Management. His family members have alleged that Ashok was trapped unnecessarily. Ashok's lawyer Mohit Verma Said that the closure report will be available soon in the case. After this, we will appeal to Ashok's Bell. The lawyer said that once he gets away, we will file a case against the police and school management. Ashok's father Amirchand said, "It is now completely clear that my son Ashok was made a scapegoat. We have decided to file a case against those SIT officers of Gurgaon Police, who framed Ashok, tortured him and even given drug

Speaking on the Ayodhya dispute, Shia Waqf Board, 'The temple will be built there, the mosque is outside.

Rizvi told the media, "I have met to build a Ram temple. The place where the temple is, there will be a temple. The mosque cannot be built by destroying a temple, so we talked about making Ayodhya out of Ayodhya or in some Muslim area. Rizvi said, "I am talking to all the parties. Everyone has agreed to the temple almost. There are some issues left to talk about. They will also be completed. Talking about making away from Masjid Ayodhya is being talked about. There will be some place to be searched which is a Muslim settlement. There is a meeting with the CM Yogi on the Mandir-Masjid issue. Our talks are quite positive.