BJP New Office: Our party is immersed in patriotism - PM Modi

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BJP New Office: Our party is immersed in patriotism - PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the BJP's new headquarters today, many senior leaders will also be present on this occasion. There are three buildings in the BJP's new office, which has a lot of public relations resources so that all parties can talk to the ordinator.

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First Published: 18 February, 2018, 16:30 PM
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Independence Day: When the first morning of August 15 reached Amritsar station a 'corpses'

Today, 15th of August (Independence Day) is the country's Independence Day. There is an atmosphere of glee on every side and the country is immersed in the celebration, but on August 15, 1947, the atmosphere was a bit different. On one side, the country was celebrating liberation from the slavery of the British, and on the other side, people were bewildered. 3rd of August 15, 1947 (15 August) There was a crowd at Amritsar station. 10 Down Express was coming from Pakistan. The station master chisel licked the crowd, but they did not even know what would happen in a few moments. Unfortunately, it was a matter of daily breakdown on crowded compartments, the screaming of finding the children, the crying of the children, and the loud crying of the names. Station Master Chhanei Singh appeared on the train in Jhooram and they got injured. When he came near the train, he started showing a red flag. Chhinni Singh was stared at that car of 8 coaches and realized that there was something very wrong. Actually, it was not a train but a 'carnage'. Famous historian Dominic Lopier and Larry Collins call this car as 'ghost van' in their book 'Freedom at Midnight'. When the stationmaster Chheni Singh entered the 10 Down box and strengthened his heart, his heart trembled. There was a heap of corpses on the floor of the train. Someone's throat was cut, then someone's intestines came out. In that heap of corpses, Chheni Singh heard somebody's crooked voice. They thought that someone might have survived and raised a loud voice, 'Amritsar has arrived. All Hindus and Sikhs are here. There is also the police. Do not be afraid ' Many people started shaking with their heaps of corpses. These were the people who became 'alive zombies' by fear.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the country from the Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that his government established a record after assuming power in 2013 and it is not easy to assess what the previous governments did during its tenure. But after the independence of 2013 and the speed of work done in his government after 2013, it can be clarified that the achievement of his government has been achieved. Prime Minister Modi said that during his tenure, With more speed than expected, the toilets were constructed across the country. The PM said that while previous governments had been continuously doing this work since independence, within the first tenure of their government, the number of toilets in the country has reached 100 percent. PM Modi claimed that 2013 The work at which the rural electrification took place was almost complete.

PM Modi spoke from Red Fort, brought Delhi to the North East door

Addressing the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country is crossing new heights today. Today's sunrise has come up with new excitement. Nalakurinj flower rises once in 12 years in our country, this year this flower is blooming like the Ashok Chakra of the Tricolor. Narendra Modi gave information in his speech about the change in his tenure in the North East. PM Modi said that there were such reports before the North East in the country which did not want to read, while North-East is coming up with news nowadays which is inspiring the country. The threat of North East has increased in the playground. Youth at the North East are bringing medals in sports at the International Forum. Northeast India is also joining the development of the country. In four years, North East has brought India together. The work of delivering electricity in the North East is going on fast, young people are opening up BPO, organic hubs and new educational institutions are opening.

The possibility of dropping more water from the Idukki reservoir in Kerala due to rain.

After heavy rains in Kerala, the floods have caused a terrible catastrophe. To prevent the danger of flooding, 22 dams have been opened. The situation can be judged from the fact that the doors of Asia's largest Idukki dam have been opened after 26 years. It is being said that the 45-year-old Idukki dam has never filled so much water. The five gates of the Idukki Dam have been opened. 26 people have died due to landslides in place. Many people are missing. In view of the possibility of dropping more water from the Idukki reservoir in Kerala, red alert has been issued in Idukki and its adjacent districts. Increasing levels of water in the Periyar river and the fragment of parts of the Wellingdon Island surrounded by the backwaters of Kochi Given the apprehension, the Indian Navy has placed the Southern Naval Command on alert

During the last visit to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, a stampede in Rajaji Hall, 2 people died, 33 injured.

DMK chief M. Karunanidhi, who is called the pillar of politics of the South, is no longer in this world. On Tuesday evening, Karunanidhi breathed his last at 94 years of age. With his demise, there is a wave of mourning in whole of Tamilnadu, DMK supporters are becoming uncontrollable in mourning. The stampede has taken a beating during the last visit to Rajaji Hall. It is being told that 33 people have been injured in the stampede. Two people have died in the stampede. Everyone has been taken to the hospital. Talking about the stampede, the body of Karunanidhi has been taken inside the hall. The earth body of Karunanidhi is kept in Rajaji Hall of Chennai. His last journey will start at 5 o'clock. Preparations for their funeral have begun on Chennai's famous Marina Beach. DMK supporters are heading towards a large number of marina beach.Prime Minister Narendra Modi also made a final visit to Chennai's Karunanidhi. They met Karananidhi's son Stalin and daughter Kanimozhi. Apart from them, many leaders today arrived in Chennai.

Uttar Pradesh to become electronic hub, IT company to invest Rs 41450 crores.

Uttar Pradesh, the country's largest province, is being recognized as an electronic hub. In fact, investment of 41,450 crore from the 60,000 crore invested in Uttar Pradesh through the recently concluded UP Investor Summit-2012 has come in the IT sector. It is being believed that in the history of Uttar Pradesh it is the largest in the IT sector There is investment. According to UP Deputy Chief Minister and IT and Electronic Technology Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharma, 1.5 lakh youth in the state are likely to get jobs through this investment in the coming years. Investment companies Reliance Jiao and World Trade Center Launching their own plans for the cost of rupees. Apart from these, three companies are going to invest in Tigna Electronics Private Limited, Infosys Limited and BSNL for five-five thousand crores. The maximum investment is expected in Noida, Greater Noida. In the Ground Breaking Ceremonies of the UP Investor Summit -2018 on July 29 in the capital, Lucknow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone of 81 projects of 60 thousand crores.

AgustaWestland case: Christian Mitchell gets bail in Dubai

Christian Mitchell, the alleged middleman of the Augusta Westland helicopter deal, got bail. A Dubai court has ordered Mitchell to appear before the next hearing while granting bail. The Dubai court also ordered the bailiff of Michelle to keep the passport. If Mitchell does not appear in the court on the next hearing, then the person giving bail will have to deposit 5 lakh dirhams. The next hearing of the case will be on August 26. No lawyer has been presented against Mitchell in the court on behalf of India. Christian Mitchell, middleman of AgustaWestland helicopter deal, was caught last year in Dubai. The lawyer of Miskel claimed that India and UAE officials confessed to him the crime. After which the Congress is surrounded by the current government.

BJP's Compromise formula in Tripura, sent to Sunil Deodhar in Andhra Pradesh

Party High Command has given new responsibility to Andhra Pradesh, Sunil Deodhar, who was one of the leaders who took power in Tripura. TDP leader and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was separated from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) on demanding special status to Andhra Pradesh. Now like Manik Sarkar, BJP is dreaming of ousting them from power. BJP sources also confirmed till today that the reshuffle is related to the party's preparations prepared by the party president Amit Shah. Devdhar will start work soon.Party High Command believes that the strategy that Devdhar has adopted in a Left bastion, the party under his leadership can bring good results even in Andhra.

Flipkart employee turned millionaire in one night

Flipkart has been sold. Wal-Mart, America's largest retail company, has bought 77 percent stake in the company. The biggest deal of the e-commerce sector has fooled the founders of Flipkart. Actually, Flipkart Founders has had tremendous gains. However, co-founder Sachin Bansal has said goodbye to the company, but Binny Bansal will now be the chairman of the new company. The advantage which the Founders had gained was the same, but some employees of the company also became millionaires in the night with this deal.

Gang Rape in a moving car: Riding with the woman from Noida to Mathura on Expressway.

From Noida to Mathura, there has been a row of misery with the young woman. Mirrors of Honda City car were covered with black cloth. The sound of the young woman was not heard from anyone, so the music was played along the way. When the woman resisted, she was beaten up The roadside was stopped at several places on the expressway. The victim's wife, who was doing a private job in Greater Noida, was so scared that she had told her about the ill-fated affair. His face was swollen. There were marks on the face. The clothes were torn. Salman and Sajid were saying repeatedly that they will run on the long drive today. Mathura was also talking about taking a friend along with her. On the way, these people also called their friends. But she did not know the names of friends. The black cover on the mirror and side mirrors behind the carriage was covered. It seems that these people were with full planning. The young woman has told that the car was stopped at three places on the expressway. When toll plaza came, placed the cloth on his face and bowed down on the seat.

Ambedkar Jayanti- Violence in Phagwara, shotgun on 2, 6 others injured

On the occasion of the 127th birth anniversary of Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, many programs have been organized across the country. Meanwhile, news of violence in Punjab has come out in Phagwara. On the other hand, a BJP MP from Gujarat was stopped from wreathing on the statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar. On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, all political parties are trying to persuade Dalits. The statue of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar is found at the place of the Constitution at Paper Chowk in Phagwara, Kapurthala district. Somebody rumored the rumor that some people were sabotaging it late last night. This rumor spread like a fire, and a large number of Dalit community gathered there. From the other side people of some Hindu organizations also came. At the same time, stones began to suddenly start between the two sides. Which later turned into firing. There was a firing from both sides, in which two people were shot. While 6 others were injured All were admitted to hospital for treatment. Earlier, there were also several vehicles destroyed.

PM Modi smiled at the Kadua-Unnao case, said - justice will be given to daughters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally broke the silence in Kadua and Unnao gangrape cases. On both the gang-rape cases, PM Modi said that the whole country is ashamed of such incidents. Daughters will be judged together Justice is our responsibility. PM Modi was speaking at New Delhi on the occasion of the release of Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial. He said that the kind of incidents we have seen in the past have challenged the concept of social justice. The events that are discussed in the last two days are definitely embarrassing for any civilized society. As a society, we all are ashamed of it as a country. He said that in any state of the country, such incidents in any area shock our human sensibilities. I want to convince the country that no criminal will survive

Ambedkar's statue in cage, 3 soldiers posted in security for 24 hours.

Between the ongoing controversy over the dissolution of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar's statue, the administrative staff in Uttar Pradesh became more cautious. In Badayun district, the administration had locked a statue of Baba Sahib near an intersection in the middle of the city and locked it in an iron cage. When the matter came to the media, the administration immediately removed the lattice. However, the duty of the police is also to protect the statue. Three home guard stamps are protected for 24 hours. On 7th April the statue of Bhimrao Ambedkar was broken in Dugaraiya village. After which the administration installed a new idol, but the quote of the statue was saffron. When the villagers opposed it, Bahman Samaj Party leader Hemant Gautam painted it back in blue color.

Continuous performance in Jammu and Kashmir over gangrape and murder case

Eight-year-old innocent Asifa is continuously performing in Jammu and Kashmir for the gangrape and murder case. The situation is that tension has increased between the two communities in Jammu. This whole case has taken political color. The local bar association is performing surprisingly in favor of the accused.When the girl's father Mohammad Yusuf filed a case in Hiranagar police station. According to this, on January 10, around 12:30, her daughter had gone for a horse in the forest to take a fare, after which she did not return. Police filed an FIR after their complaint. Firstly, the case was caught by the police by arresting a minor, but later the case was handed over to the Crime Branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Police. On 9th April the Jammu and Kashmir Police filed an 18-page charge sheet against eight accused in the case.

CWG: India's double trap shooter Shreyasi Singh gave the country 12th gold medal with its infallible target

India's double trap shooter Shreyasi Singh gave the country 12th gold medal with its unmistakable target. In comparison to Kante, Shreyasi made a simple target with full focus. However, he was definitely beaten by the Australian shooter Emma Cox, but Shaji Shreyasi got hit in the shoot-off. This medal is very important not only for the country but for Shreyasi. Shreyasi was successful in the way the Gold Coast had reached. The 29-year-old Shreyasi would never forget this day. Before participating in the Commonwealth Games, he fulfilled the promise he and himself had made to the countrymen. 2010 was extremely bad for him, in June, his father Digvijay Singh died in London due to Bran Hemraj. However, in February of that year, he won the Silver Medal at the Commonwealth Federation Championship in Delhi.

12 children burnt alive together in Kangra district of Himachal

30 people died after falling into a ditch in a school bus in Noorpur, Kangra district of Himachal. There were 27 children in the dead. Among the dead, 13 children were from Khwada. When the final trip of these children came out, there was scarcity in every house. People kept their shops closed. Khawada is a village of about 50 families, but in this 12-carcassed village, the bodies of 12 bodies were performed together in Baloris and Pathania two separate settlements. The families crying for the lamp of so many houses The one who saw, his liver came to the mouth. Some children have their school dresses placed on the pyre.

Blackbuck Poaching Case: Salman Khan convicted for 5 years in jail

In the Blackbuck Poaching Case, Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been sentenced to five years imprisonment and ten thousand imprisonments while convicting Jodhpur court, while other film stars accused in the case - Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam - have been acquitted. Salman Khan has been sent to the Central Jail in Jodhpur. The Chief Judicial Magistrate, Dev Kumar Khatri, announced the verdict after the completion of the hearing on March 28 in connection with the incident in 1998. Significantly, while the verdict was announced, all accused actors Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam were present in the court. Salman Khan left the chartered plane from the Mumbai airport. Earlier, he was in Abu Dhabi to shoot 'Race 3'. Sonali Bendre, Tabu, and Neelam also reached Mumbai from Jodhpur. Salman is charged that he had hunted two black deers in the Dhadha of Kankani village near Jodhpur.

Big blow to the government on SC - ST act

A review petition on the Central Government against changes in the SC / ST Act was heard in the Supreme Court on Tuesday. The Supreme Court has refused to ban its old judgment in any way. It is clear that the Central Government has shocked this decision. The Dalit community got angry during the bandh on the changes in the SC / ST Act on Monday. The bench of Justice Adarsh ​​Kumar Goel and Justice UU Lalit said. The court has asked all parties to give detailed answers in the next two days in this matter. Now the next hearing of this case will be done after 10 days. The Attorney General told the Supreme Court that the situation is very difficult now, it is a kind of emergency situation. 10 people have died so far, property worth thousands of crores rupees has been lost.On Monday, the Dalit organizations had called off India against the changes in SC / ST Act. Meanwhile, the Central Government had on Friday reviewed the petition only during the continued pressing pressure.

Hacked Girls' College Website, Writes - Pakistan Zindabad

The website of the State Women's Post Graduate College has been hacked. In the hacked website, the flag of Pakistan is fluttering. In addition, it has also been written in Pakistan Zindabad. The responsibility of hacking has been taken by the group named Blackskorpine.
Hackers have given their Facebook account URL on the hacked college website. Which is Hackers have not disclosed any specific reason for hacking. Apart from writing Pakistan Zindabad, nothing has been written yet. The link to the hacked website -

Remains of 39 Indians to return home after four years.

Four years ago, the remains of 39 Indians killed in the hands of Baghdadi terrorists in Mosul city of Iraq have been cleared way back in the first week of April. Minister of State for External Affairs, General VK Singh, is going to Baghdad on April 1 after getting necessary approval. The remains of all 39 Indians are currently kept in the forensic department of Baghdad. According to reports, after completing legal procedures with the Iraqi government, the remains of all the 39 Indians will be brought to India by a special aircraft next week. The northern city of Iraq, Mosul was still cool. The nefarious looks of Baghdadi and ISS have not yet taken place on this city. However, the ISIS was gradually getting tight on the rest of Iraq. But nobody expected that Baghdadi could also enter Mosul. Because of the well being of the oil, the security system was very strict here. The city was quiet, so the construction work was also going on in Mosul.

The biggest encounter in this decade in Jammu Kashmir,

An encounter between security forces and militants in Jammu and Kashmir's Anantnag and Shopian is going on. So far, 11 terrorists have been killed. Whereas a terrorist has surrendered. This is the biggest encounter of Kashmir in the decade of this decade.Around 40 civilians were also injured in the clash between local civil servants and security forces during the encounter in Shops. After that, the situation has become tense. In these two incidents, 4 jawans have also been injured. In the shootings, 10 terrorists have been killed in an encounter between terrorists and security forces at two separate places. In this encounter, two army personnel have also been injured. In this encounter, a top commander of Lashkar-e-Taiba has also been killed. Jeetat-ul Islam had become a big face of terror in Kashmir at the present time.

Illegal weapons business from Mathura to Muzaffarnagar, police raided

On Friday, police raided a village in Barasana police station area in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura district and caught a factory illegally producing arms. During the investigation, a rifle of 315 bore, one country pistol and 15 cartridges, two domestic bullets of 12 bore, 10 cartridges and 2200 pouches of domestic liquor were found. Additional Superintendent of Police (Rural) Aditya Kumar Shukla said, "Ali Hussein, Shabbir, Amar, Sanjeev and Sher Singh have been arrested in this operation, they have also recovered a Tata 407 cart, two motorcycles and two tractors from the possession of these people. It is believed that all these vehicles are theft. Police today claimed to have busted a factory that created illegal weaponry in the Civil Lines area and weapons and counts. Oola- has seized a large quantity of ammunition.

The protest against the airhostes of airlines' checking. Security also asked to remove sanitary pads from handbags.

At the Chennai airport with SpiceJet's air hostess there was such a thing that surprised everyone. The airline's security personnel reportedly stripped the air hostess and checked it. The cabin crew alleges that after landing on the flight, he has been with them for so many days. Even security is asking them to remove sanitary pads from handbags. There was a complaint about this at the Gurgaon office of the airline. International flight, which was going to Colombo, lay down for one hour because the cabin crew protested at the Chennai airport.
Some air hostesses are protesting against picking clothes. A woman says, "A man touched me oddly, which I did not like very much. At that time I was nude. "Airlines suspect that the cabin crew collects money by selling food and drink products. So, after landing down the flight, they were not allowed to go to the washroom. Whose cabin crew resisted.

Trying to make the road easier for Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan, the Congress took the decision.

Before the Rajasthan assembly elections, Congress is doing its best to eliminate the fear of factionalism in the state. The decision of the reshuffle in the party organization on Saturday is very important for the Rajasthan Congress. The party high command has cleared the path of Sachin Pilot in a way. The party has given place in the All India Congress Committee of former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, meaning that he has been called away from the central organization and away from Rajasthan. Under the major reshuffle in the Congress organization, former Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was given the important responsibility of the general secretary of the party in place of Janardhan Dwivedi. Also, former Union Minister Jitendra Singh has been made Odisha MP and MP Rajiv Satav as AICC in-charge of Gujarat.

Two people, including a schoolgirl, suicides in two separate incidents in Noida

Two persons, including a student, allegedly committed suicide in two separate incidents in Noida. Police inspector Avanish Dikshit, 39, told that a 20-year-old student living in Sadarpur Colony hanged his house last evening. The family took him to the Noida District Hospital, where doctors declared him dead. After receiving the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and took the body into the possession and sent it to the post-mortem.

World TB Day 2018: PM Modi says, come forward to end TB citizen

Today the whole world is celebrating TB Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday urged citizens and organizations to come forward to end this disease on the occasion of World Tuberculosis (TB) Day. Before this, in the end TB Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a target to make India TB free by 2025. PM Modi tweeted, "Wanted Leaders for a TB Free World" about this year's World TB Day Keeping in mind the sentiments of the people, I urge citizens and organizations to come forward to end TB. TB free world is a major service to humanity. " He also said that the government is working to make India TB free.

Facebook Data Leak Case: Notice of Government of India to Cambridge Analyst

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, has issued a notice to Cambridge Anilika in the Facebook Data theft case and asked to answer 6 questions by March 31. The government has asked some questions from the Cambridge Analyst company, such as how the company collected data from the users, how it was used etc. In the notice, the company has also been asked which units have taken its services. In the statement, the Ministry of Information Technology said that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology issued a notice to Cambridge Analyst. It is a matter of serious violation, such as ownership and misuse of data, to create profiles of users and to influence their voting patterns.

The world's fastest supersonic cruise missile BrahMos, sued by Sukhoi, trials successful

The Brahmos supersonic cruise missile has been successfully tested from the Pokhran test range of Rajasthan on Thursday morning, this information has been given by the news agency ANI. The speed of this missile is 2.8 times more (Mach 2.8) than the speed of the sound, and its range is 290 kilometers. The range of Brahmos missile made jointly by India-Russia can now be increased to 400 kilometers, because in 2016 India Due to its becoming a full member of the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), some technical restrictions that have been applied to it have been removed. BrahMos supersonic cruise missile has been commissioned by the Indian Navy and The army has remained apart, but this version is more effective, because instead of slow-moving warships, it can be fired from the fast-moving Sukhoi, which flies to 1,500 kilometers towards the target, the missile stain And then the target 400 km missile itself determines the target itself.

UIDAI will present power recommendation on the basis of the Supreme Court

There will be a PowerPoint presentation in the Supreme Court regarding the Aadhaar case. The Supreme Court has approved the urgency of the attorney general's power point presentation. Chief Justice said that they will tell when it might be the presentation. AG told the Constitution Bench that two screens will be installed in the court and the CEO of UIDAI will tell the court about the data presentation and other aspects of the basis. The Supreme Court has approved the urgency of the PowerPoint Presentation of AG. UIDAI is Ph.D. in Computer Science. They will remove doubts on the basis of the judges and petitioners on this issue. Now the debate will start on the legal issue. The Supreme Court had increased the mandatory deadline of the base. This deadline was extended till the hearing in the Supreme Court and the decision was reached. At the moment, the basis will be necessary only for subsidies, benefits, and services ie social welfare schemes. Supreme Court has increased the mandatory deadline for the bank, mobile, passport etc.

SC said, JP can not be sitting on buyers' money, given instructions to deposit 200 million in Supreme Court registry

The Supreme Court has directed the JP Associates Limited to deposit 200 million rupees in the Supreme Court registry. The court will have to make 100 million April 15 and the other 100 million by May 10. Chief justice Deepak Mishra said that JP cannot be sitting on buyers' money. JP has deposited Rs 550 crore out of two thousand crore rupees. The Supreme Court will now hear the case on April 16, in what way these payments to buyers Earlier, the Supreme Court asked Amix to give a chart in relation to buyers, who want a refund. In the JP Associates Ltd case, the Supreme Court has heard the case. In the previous hearing, the court said that JAL should file an affidavit and tell how many housing projects he has in the country. Amix Pawan will create separate web portals for JAL with Agarwal Home Boys.

Two major tragedies at Yamuna Expressway 5 people including 3 doctors died

Incidents of Yamuna Expressway, which were built between Delhi and Agra, did not take the name of the halt. There were two major accidents on the Expressway in the early morning on Sunday. The first incident happened near Dankaur in Gautam Buddha Nagar, while the second incident happened near Mathura. In both accidents, 5 people, including three doctors of AIIMS, were killed.Mathura police station collided with a speeding Innova car container near Mile Stone 88 at Yamuna Expressway in Surir Kotwali area. Three doctors of AIIMS died on the spot, while 4 other doctors were seriously injured. The injured doctors have been rushed to AIIMS for treatment. The police have identified the dead doctors as Dr. Hembala, Dr. Yaspreet, and Dr. Harshad. There are 4 doctors, including Dr. Catherine, Dr. Abhinav, and Dr. Mahesh, who have been sent to AIIMS.

Two prized punk raid surrender by fear of an encounter

The Shamli police claimed on Saturday that it has arrested two gangsters in the murder case of BJP worker Shivkumar Yadav. But sources say that both of them surrendered before the police themselves for fear of the encounter. It is also alleged that senior policemen of Noida took a bribe to leave Anil Bhati and Sahdev Bhati alive. However, the police say that both of them have been arrested during the routine check of Kotwali police. Police had announced a reward of 50000 for the arrest of Anil, Sahadeva and Sheru Bhati one day earlier. They are all members of the beautiful Bhati Gang. On one side, the culprits of the Badminas are being criticized. Opposition parties described it as a human rights violation. There are allegations that many fake encounters have been made.

5 people killed in same family in Pakistan's Balakot Sector in Poonch

Five people of a single family died in the fierce firing from Pakistan in Balakot area of Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Two people were injured in the incident. The injured have been admitted to the hospital immediately. This information has been given by DDP SP Vaid of Jammu and Kashmir. Please tell you that before this, in Poonch district only the firing took place overnight at villages and advance posts near the Line of Control. The firing started in the Balakot Sector in the late night from cross-border across the country for more than two hours. They said that Indian soldiers had responded to the shootout.
There were just 152 cases of ceasefire violations in -2015
They increased in -2016 - 228 ceasefire violations
-But about 8 times more than 860 cases were reported in 2017

PM Modi best wishes to nationals on Navratri and Gudi Padwa festival

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday gave greetings to nationals on the occasion of Navratri and Indian New Year. The Prime Minister tweeted, "Many people across the country are celebrating the beginning of the 'New Year', I wish them all the best wishes, your year is amazing.Prime Modi tweeted that all the people of Navsavrata and Navaratri Vikram Samvat 2075 brings happiness, prosperity and good health to everyone's life. In another tweet, he wrote, "Gudi Padwa, my brothers and sisters of Maharashtra Congratulations. I hope the upcoming year will fulfill all your dreams and aspirations. Gudi 'means' Vijay Adanka'. It is said that a potter-son named Shalivahan defeated effective enemies from the army of the soil. The beginning of Shalivahan doubt is the symbol of this victory. 'Yugaadi' is made up of the term 'yug' and 'etc.' is called 'Ugadi', in its form of deprivation.

Jammu and Kashmir: 5 civilians die in Pakistan's firing in Balkot Sector of Poonch

Five people were killed and two were injured in the fierce firing from Pakistan in Balakot area of Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir. The injured have been admitted to the hospital immediately. This information has been given by DDP SP Vaid of Jammu and Kashmir. Please tell you that before this, in Poonch district only the firing took place overnight at villages and advance posts near the Line of Control. The firing started in the Balakot Sector in the late night from cross-border across the country for more than two hours. They said that Indian soldiers had responded to the firing. The ceasefire violations between India and Pakistan have increased badly in these days. What is the reason for this new accident that arises suddenly? Knowledgeable believe that there are elections in Pakistan and the Pakistan Government is trying to hide the fate of the war and the rage of anti-India protests.

Sridevi dies due to heart attack, people in shock

Sridevi, one of Bollywood's most beautiful actresses, was not among us, she died in Dubai on Saturday night due to a heart attack, she was only 54 years old. She had gone to Dubai with family to be in Bollywood actor Mohit Marwah's wedding, and due to the heart attack, she passed away.

SC rejects Indigo airlines petition, T2 to operate

The Supreme Court has dismissed the Indigo Airlines plea in which it had filed for continuation of its operation from Terminal-I of Indira Gandhi International Airport. Actually, a few days ago, the Delhi High Court order had ordered the airlines to shift from Terminal-1 to their Operation Terminal-2. The airlines had appealed to the Supreme Court against the Delhi High Court verdict.

Air Force Officer Avni became the first Indian woman to fly Fighter Aircraft alone

Avani Chaturvedi, posted as Flying Officer in Air Force, has become the first Indian woman to fly fighter aircraft alone. Avni flew a MiG-21 Bison aircraft from Jamnagar Air Force station in Gujarat on Monday. It is worth noting that Avani is one of the three female officers who were included in the pilot air force in 2016.

UPInvestorsSummit: PM says - Changes in UP are showing

Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath Sarkar is organizing Investor's Summit with an intention to increase investment in the state and with the intention of better business. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated it Speaking at the UP Investors Summit 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Yogi Adityanath has prepared a foundation that will create new UP.

Railways extend the age limit for applying for extension of 90,000 recruitments

Railway has extended the age limit for nearly 90,000 recruits recently, two years. Under this, the age limit has been increased from 28 to 30 years for general category candidates, 33 for OBC (non creamier) and 35 for SC-ST and 35 for general category candidates for 'Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician'.

PNB closes all the recovery paths by publicizing the case: Neerav Modi

Nirav Modi, the main accused of the PNB fraud case, wrote a letter to the bank and told that the bank has closed the entire case on public tax collection. He wrote that despite his offer made on February 13-14, his brand and business was wasted due to the bank's action in the curiosity of immediate recovery.

Uttarakhand government gives Z security to Gupta brothers accused in South Africa scam

The security of 'Z' category has been provided to the Gupta brothers by the Uttarakhand government for close cooperation with Jacob Zuma, who resigned from the post of South African President on February 15, surrounded by corruption scandals. Ajay, Rajesh and Atul, who are all 40 years old, went to South Africa from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh in 1993.

Sonepat: ICICI Bank employee, with a thief, flown from Strong Room 56 lakhs

In the case of theft in ICICI Bank located at Atlans Road in Sonepat, Haryana, the CIA has arrested two accused. One of the arrested accused is a bank employee. Who was appointed on the helm for two months before. It was told that the bank employee, along with his partner, completed the whole theft.

Raid on 9 places of ED, Neerav Modi seeks 6 months time

PNB fraudulent chief accused Neerav Modi has started framing charges. After 11 thousand 300 crores of fraud, ED has raided nine places of Nirav Modi. According to the news, Neerav Modi has written a letter to the bank and asked for 6 months time to repay the money. At the same time it is also reported that Neerav is not in India. ED has started a thorough investigation to go to the bottom of the matter.

Priya Prakash Varier left Miss World Manushi Chillar behind, this new record made on Instagram

After the video of Priya Prakal being viral on the social media, there has been a competition to follow him on Instagram. So far, 30 million people follow Priya Prakash on Instagram. If there is talk of Miss World Manushi Chillar, only 27 lakh people follow him on the Instagram.

Photos of Hrithik Roshan who came out of the set of 'Super 30'

Photos of actor Hrithik Roshan came out with a set of 'Super 30'. Hrithik is playing the role of Anand Kumar, founder of 'Super 30', coaching center for preparing for the entrance examination of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in this film. This biopic, produced in the direction of Vikas Bahl, will be released on January 25 next year.

Kerala: 5 killed in Kochi Shipyard, many injured

Five people were reported killed in a ship bombing in Kochi (Kerala) Shipyard, while many others are injured. This explosion took place in the shipyard when the repair work was going on in the ship of ONGC, Sagar Bhushan. The administration has started relief and rescue operations and the injured are being transported to the hospital.

Jammu-Kashmir: 3 militant piles, encounter ends in attack on Army camp

The encounter lasted for nearly 40 hours in the Army camp in Sunjwan, Jammu and Kashmir, has ended, in which the security forces piled up the three militants of Jaish-e-Mohammed. Five soldiers of the army were killed in the encounter, while a civilian was also killed. Significantly, the terrorists entered the army camp in the early hours of Saturday.

Mumbai's engineer Vikas Sathya got Oscar award for photography

An engineer living in Mumbai has been awarded the Oscar Scientific and Technical Award. This award has been received by a four-member team, which has a steady share of development. The team was awarded the Scientific and Engineering Award at the Oscars 2018 Scientific and Technical Awards held in Beverly Hills, United States.

Woman Pilot's Survivor Traveler's Life

Last Wednesday, a major accident was hit by two planes collided in Mumbai. Aircraft of Air India and Vistara Airlines came in front of each other in the air, but the Captain's sensation prevented any major accident. Both of them were handling women pilots.