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Coal scam: Four convicts including former Jharkhand CM Madhu Koda

Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda has been convicted in a Delhi court by a special court in a case of coal scam. The court has found former coal secretary HC Gupta, former chief of Jharkhand Ashok Kumar Basu and others guilty of conspiracy and criminal conspiracy in the case. The court will decide on the punishment of four convicts on Thursday. Special Judge of CBI Bharat Parashar on Wednesday ordered all the accused to be present in the court when the verdict was announced.

Pradyumna Murders: CBI will seek fingerprints of accused 11th student, board given permission

 The CBI will take the finger prints of the 11th student, the board gave the permission. On September 1, the student of Ryan International School, Pradyumn were murdered. 
. In connection with the murder of Pradyumna student of Raiyan International School of Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi, the Central Investigation Agency (CBI) has been allowed to take finger print of the 11th grade student of this school. According to the permission, on December 19, the CBI will took the fingerprints of the 11th grade  student by going to the Rehabilitation House. At the same time, whether the student should be kept within the purview of the adult? Apart from this, there will be debate on many topics on December 15.

NGT orders should be stopped from shouting Amarnath pilgrims

The National Green Tribunal i.e. NGT thinks that hailing the Amarnath pilgrims, chanting mantras or playing bells and corners can threaten the environment. He has ordered the Amarnath Shrine Board that he bans the accent and accents of mantras. At the same time, he has asked the passengers to stop bells and mobile phones after the last checkpoint. The criticism of the NGT order on social media has been criticized as unnecessary. According to the people, the NGT is going beyond its limits and is making unnecessary interference in religious matters.

The population of anti-India Muslims is increasing, Banned Modi: Jain Muni

Jain Muni Tarun Sagar once again gave a disputed statement saying that if the population of Muslims does not stop, then there will be an explosive situation in the country. There are some Muslims who are anti-India who want to split India and have a heart with Pakistan. The population of such Muslims is constantly increasing.Run Sagar said that increasing the anti-India Muslim population will create a grave crisis in the country and Hindus will become insecure. Tarun Sagar, who took health benefits in Jaipur, said that love jihad is a conspiracy of the Muslims, in which the Hindu girls are being made as Muslims in the name of false love. Love Jihad was not stopped in a few days, the second would see Pakistan being formed. Tarun Sagar, appearing for PM Narendra Modi, said that wherever the population of Muslims is increasing in the country there is a law on population. Tarun Sagar said that Hindus are going to get into trouble, Muzaffarnagar, or any other place, if the time has come, they should not be stopped, otherwise, the situation will be explosive.

After the political debate,PM Modi and former PM Manmohan Singh joined hands

During the Gujarat election campaign, both the leaders met between the political debate and allegation and accusations between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Parliament House on Wednesday for the first time.The 16th anniversary of the terror attack on Parliament. After praising the martyrs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warmly met with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. During this meeting first PM Modi greeted Manmohan Singh with his hand and later joined hands with him.

On Tuesday, Modi's roadshow refused to permit.

Narendra Modi reached Dhoroi Dam from Ahmedabad's Sabarmati River Front via the seaplane for the first time on Tuesday. From Dam, he went to Anghar Mandir on the way to Aurangabad and walked there. SpiceJet is working with Japan's Setchi Holdings to test the plane of 10 and 12 seats and landing on the ground for 6 months so that air services can be provided in smaller cities. Modi's climbing in a seaplane on the River Front A floating platform was created for Seaplane and its pilot John is American. Satoshi Holdings makes the aircraft landing on water and ground under the 'QUEST' brand. Since the last 10 years in the world, about 200 Kodiak Quest airlines are flying. The plane can land on the water body. It can be taken away from water.These can be landed on the ground along with the plain water of the Amphibious category.

English-speaking policemen will be posted in UP's tourist spots

In Uttar Pradesh's religious and tourist cities places policemen will be deployed who can speak in fluent  English. This is being done keeping in mind the convenience and security of foreign tourists. Officials claim that it will be easy for foreign tourists to tell the police any kind of complaint. It is currently being started from Mathura. With the help of devotees coming from different corners of the country, the police personnel who are speaking and understanding about the foreign language are being deployed.