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Islamic State militant group crushed in Iraq and Syria

British Prime Minister Turizo May said on Friday that the efforts of Britain's armed forces have crushed Islamic State militant groups in Iraq and Syria.He said three years ago the Islamic State had announced the Khalifa in Iraq and Syria, but Because of your efforts today, the so-called Khalifa has been crushed and now it does not hold on the important terrain in Iraq and Syria. You should be proud of that achievement. Operation Shader campaigned against the Islamic State of the Aire Force (RAF) soldiers and praised them for their important role in breaking the waistline of terrorists in West Asia.

Australia will recall their 6 warriors from Iraq and Syria

Australia's Defense Minister Maris Payne has said that Australia is in Iraq and Syria. Will stop air strikes against them and call back their 6 fighter planes. Australia has been involved in the US-led military alliance campaign in West Asia for three years. According to Payne, this decision has been taken after discussions with Iraq and colleagues.

Putin ordered partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived suddenly on Syria tour, has partially announced the return of Russian soldiers from the country. Russia first made air attacks on the rebels fighting with the Islamic State group and other jihadis, along with government forces, in support of its ally Damascus, while interfering in the war in 2015. Putin, who was visiting Syria's Hemim Air Base, addressing on television said, "I have ordered the Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff to start the return of a group of Russian soldiers from their permanent base." He said, "I have decided that a significant part of the detachment of the Russian soldiers should come back from Syria."

Do not know about 39 Indians missing: Syria ambassador

Syrian ambassador to India, Riyadh Kamel Abbas said on Monday that there is no information regarding 39 Indians missing from their country. Who had disappeared in Iraq in 2014. Abbas said that the Indian delegation had already made many trips to Syria and Iraq so that the information about 39 Indians disappeared. He said that the head of the intelligence department of Syria had come to New Delhi in this regard.

Kashmiri will become Syria if called America or China: Mahbuba

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday said on the statement of Dr. Farooq Abdullah to mediate the US-China mediation on the Kashmir issue that there is no scope for the third party to be included. If the US intervenes in Kashmir, then the situation here will definitely be like Afghanistan and Syria. He stressed the dialogue with Pakistan and said that we have to talk together, then America, Turkey and England will do what we want.

60 dead in air strike in Mayanadin by US.

The prison operated by jehadis in Syria was attacked. Nearly 60 people were killed in the air strikes of US-led coalition, targeting the jail. IS-operated prison located in Maydine, Syria has been targeted. Since 2014, 352 people have died in air strikes in Iraq and Syria.

Assad preparing chemical weapons attack in Syria. US claims

The White House has announced that Bashar al-Assad's regime is preparing to attack another chemical weapon. And warned that if Syrian leaders or their forces advance, they will pay a heavy price. It can also be targeted to supporters of the government in Moscow and Tehran, who have firmly supported Assad and denied the responsibility of governance for the use of chemical weapons.Many American news outlets citing unidentified US military sources said that after the announcement they were surprised and there was no free knowledge of the preparation of chemical weapons. However, the possibility of intelligence on such activities of any Syrian is very close.

ISIS gangster Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi once again survived.

In the attack carried out by his army in Syria, ISIS dancer Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi has died.The Russian Army had announced four days earlier that the terrorist attack in the so-called capital Rakka may occur in May 28 That he killed Baghdadi The Russian army said that in addition to Baghdadi, several top ISIS commanders were also killed in the bombing. A picture of this bombing was also released by the Russian army. A few days before Russia's claim, the official TV channel of Syria also reported the death of Baghdadi. Rousa had expressed the possibility that Baghdadi also died in the bombing.

US drops Bashar al-Assad's fighter plane:

While taking a major action, the US military has dropped a fighter plane from Bashar al-Assad of Syria. It is believed that after this latest developments, tensions between Russia and Russia cooperating with Assad will increase. This is the biggest action taken by the US on President Assad's army since April. The command told that the Assad Army's SU-22 aircraft dropped the bomb near the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). America is helping the SDF in this fight. There are 2 fronts in Syria simultaneously. The objective of the American coalition army is to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria.

US destroys Syrian army jet plane

An American fighter plane has destroyed a Syrian army jet in the southern city of Syracuse. America says this jet aircraft was bombing US-backed military forces. The attack has happened when the Syrian army is moving towards achieving a decisive victory against the militants of the Islamic State with its allies. The US Central Command also issued a statement and said that the Syrian plane has been killed in self-defense by the shared coalition forces

ISIS are being killed in wars, civilian population is increasing Number of dead: Syria

A large number of civilians are also being killed in the military campaign against ISIS. More than 300 innocent civilians have died here by a commission of the United Nations (UN). In addition, more than 1.5 lakh people had to leave their homes. ISIS has control over many areas in Syria. Russia, Turkey and Iran are giving military help to Bashar al-Assad, while the US is against the Assad regime. There is ongoing rivalry in Syria. The US is not only supplying weapons to the SDF but also helping them through air bombardment. The most common people are getting affected in this entire event. Military conflict is killing a large number of ordinary people. More than 1.5 lakh people have become homeless.

Syria attacks military bases, deaths of 21 fighters

21 fighters of the Syrian Islamic Rebel group died in an attack on Sunday (May 21st) in a village in the northwestern Syrian state of Idlib. The news agency Efe told the UK's human rights organization Syria Observatory for Human Rights, that two blasts took place at the military bases of the Ahar al-Sham rebellious group in the village of Tel Tokan. One of the commanders of Ahar al-Sham in the firing also included. In a message to Telegram, Ahar al-Sham has blamed the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) for the attack. However, neither IS nor any other terrorist organization has taken responsibility for this attack.

America can not attack North Korea like Syria: know why

US President Donald Trump ordered the sudden attack on a Syrian military base A few days later, the US dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb on IS in Afghanistan. If Syria and North Korea's current military capabilities are compared, then Syria does not stand in front of North Korea in this case. But see North Korea So it looks more powerful than Syria. If you look at America's perspective, after the attack on Syria, the US has no direct sign Received not mirrored. But not so in the case of North Korea. In the past, a Pentagon official told the media that he has received reports that North Korea has created an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). US According to defense experts means the ICBM technology to North Korea that the United States could hit its target.