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FIFA World Cup -2018: 6 months ago, 78% of hotels have been booked in Moscow.

For FIFA World Cup next year, 78 percent of hotels have been booked in the hotels of Moscow. In Moscow, sports and tourism department president Nikolay Gulieyev said that the figure was only 10 percent less than three weeks ago. 75 percent of hotels have been booked for the next year's FIFA World Cup and this figure before the World Cup draw three weeks ago. Only 10 percent was low. The price of a star hotel room is 5,000 rubles ($ 85), and for a room at a five-star hotel, the rent is 50,000 rubles ($ 850). Nikola said, "Currently there are 1,183 hotels in Moscow available for booking. Next year there will be more hotel proposals.

Speaking in 'Man Ki Bat' of the PM Modi - FIFA is bringing big opportunity for the youth

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the entire country with the blessings of Navratri and said that this year Navratri is getting big opportunity for young people between Diwali. The thing about the mind has completed three years. On September 24, 36th episode was aired on. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the festival of Navaratri is going on. There is an opportunity to worship Goddess Durga. The whole atmosphere is pervasive with the sacred aroma. Between Navratri and Diwali, there is also a great opportunity for the younger generation of our country. The FIFAUnder17 World Cup is taking place here. I believe that the sound of football will be heard all around. Interest in football of every generation will increase.

Iran has become the second team to qualify for the FIFA World Cup tournament.

Iran has become the second team to qualify for next year's FIFA World Cup tournament. Iran achieved this feat by defeating Uzbekistan 2-0 in a match played at World Cup qualifier. In the match played at the Independence Stadium on Monday night, in the 23rd minute after the start of Hoff, Ajmono Sardar opened the account of Iran. After this, in the second half, they continued their dominance over the game and won the second goal in the 88th minute.