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Facebook also collects data from users whose account is not on Facebook

If you do not use Facebook and are an internet user then it is possible that Facebook will also have your data. It may seem a bit awkward, but it's true. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself has accepted this fact. In the case of Cambridge Anilika Data Scandal, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was present for the second day for questions of Congressional Congress members. During this time a lot of questions were asked, one of which was whether Facebook collects data from those users whose account is not on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg said, "Control on any given data for user advertising And even if you can opt out, whether it uses our service or not, but let us go to the people to keep track of the user's public information. Is the need when there are constantly trying to make our service accessible

Kejriwal style of Mark Zuckerberg: First mistake, then forgiveness

One Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and another Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the US Congress in the data leak case on Tuesday and apologized. Kejriwal has been constantly apologizing to several opposition leaders in defamation cases.Among the presidential election in América, a firm helping Cameron Anlitta, Donald Trump, is accused of stealing personal information of about 50 million Facebook users. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is also targeted in Parliament and law of many countries in this matter since the leak of data leak. In this case, after coming out of this case, Mark had first cleared the post on Facebook. Zuckerberg acknowledged his mistake in the case of Cambridge Antilica.

Donald Trump Former Chief Advisor Says Sensational Charges on Facebook

Former President of US President Donald Trump and Former President of Cambridge Analyte Steve Bennon, targeting the social media site Facebook's "business system", said that Facebook sells information about people. According to CNBC's report, in a conference organized by the newspaper 'Financial Times' on Thursday, Bennon said that he did not know about the data taken by Facebook, which analyzed political data. "They take your information for free, they sell this information for a bigger advantage, these companies do business for more earnings." In the presidential election, Cambridge Analyca, a working company for Trump, is accused of stealing information from millions of Facebook users of the US. Benn said other than the conference that they do not remember their participation in such a scheme, in which the information purchased from Facebook Use has been done in the election campaign.

Facebook Data Leak Case: Notice of Government of India to Cambridge Analyst

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, has issued a notice to Cambridge Anilika in the Facebook Data theft case and asked to answer 6 questions by March 31. The government has asked some questions from the Cambridge Analyst company, such as how the company collected data from the users, how it was used etc. In the notice, the company has also been asked which units have taken its services. In the statement, the Ministry of Information Technology said that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology issued a notice to Cambridge Analyst. It is a matter of serious violation, such as ownership and misuse of data, to create profiles of users and to influence their voting patterns.

Bitcoin ads such as crypto and binary options promoting trading bans: Facebook

Facebook has banned advertisements promoting Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Bitcoin such as crypto and binary options trading on its platform. These bans have been done on Facebook besides Instagram, Audiences Network, and Messenger. Facebook said in a statement that the new policy prohibits advertisements that promote misleading financial services and products. Facebook said, "We want people to get information about new products and services through Facebook Ed, without fear of any scandal or deception. The social media platform has created more than two billion users' Have asked to report, which is against Facebook's advertising rules.

Wedding  breaks down when it performs on facebook facts: Gujarat High Court

The Gujarat High Court has said that the marriage due to Facebook is a 'failure to decide'. Judge JB Purdiwala, High Court Judge, while disposing of a case of domestic violence on January 24 said, "This is one of the modern marriages fixed on Facebook, which is set to fail."

Facebook will investigate suspicion of Russian intervention in Brigitte

Facebook has said that he has agreed to double check the possibility of Russian intervention in the use of its platform in the referendum on Bregitz in the United Kingdom (UK). As reports, Facebook has taken this step after pressure from British MPs because they were not satisfied with the first inquiry of Facebook.

FB changes in expensive news feeds, more than 2 trillion losses

Facebook had recently announced the change in news feeds, now the fault of this change has caused the company to suffer as a deficit. According to Forbes figures, the company has lost a total of $ 3.3 billion in the total private property. After the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg's change in news feeds, 4.4 percent has been lost. Facebook had announced that the company would make some changes in the news feed algorithm. This will show more of the feed of friends and family more than the post of business people and media companies. After Facebook's post, until Friday evening, Facebook's shares dropped 4.4 percent to $ 179.37 from Thursday's $ 187.77.Dear, that last few year There is a flood of video and public content on Facebook. Since Facebook has now become more public posts than Friends and Family Posts, the balance of news feeds has shifted from important works done by Facebook, through which people connect with each other.

WhatsApp will be linked to Instagram after FB's new feature

If you use both WhatsApp and Instagram, then Facebook can issue a special feature for you. These features will be especially loved by Instagram Lovers. According to the reports, the company is testing a new feature, so Instagram users will be able to share their Insta Stories as Whatsapp status on Direct Whatsapp. Facebook is only testing this feature with some users. The company has not issued any statement about this. Users will be able to share pictures, videos, and GIF files without any hesitation since this feature. Because all these content will be encrypted.

South Africa: 3 days ago on Facebook, raped by the mother of two children

In South Africa, there is news that a female friend has been raped by a Facebook friend. On the third day itself, to become a friend on Facebook, the accused raped the woman in the first meeting. After the rape, she took away the woman's cell phone and threw the handbag. The accused could not be arrested till now. The victim is living in Soweto of Gauteng province in South Africa. The 25-year-old victim is also the mother of two children. According to media reports, on the third day of friendship on Facebook, on January 4, this year, they met for the first time in a shopping mall in Soweto.

Now the need for Aadhaar card to open an account on Facebook

Facebook is testing new features on India's new users. Under this, users who created a new account on Facebook are being asked to name their names in their base card. However, users are not being asked for their base numbers. It is currently being tested in India with a small population. Not all users of Facebook are seeing this new feature. It is believed that Facebook has taken this step to stop fake accounts.

LPG cylinders will now reach your home via Facebook, Twitter

The social media platform is used for advertising and business. Not only this, many facilities are being added to the social media platform, including service for food order and blood donate. Now another service has been added to the social site, where users can book gas cylinders sitting on social media only.

Facebook and Microsoft stop North Korea cyberattacks: US

White House Homeland Security Advisor Tom Bosart has said that Facebook and Microsoft have failed many cyber attacks from North Korea last week. He said that the US government is also talking to other companies about cooperation on Cyber ​​Security. Earlier, he had accused North Korea of ​​'WannaCry' cyber attack.

Australia will investigate damage to news media from Facebook-Google

Australia will investigate that there is no harm to the news media industry from online platforms such as Facebook and Google. Here the loss is from the perspective of consumer and publisher. ACC Chairman Rod Sims said that he too Will check whether digital platforms are affecting the ability of traditional media to pay for content. A few weeks ago, a number of journalists who were working in a news website were removed in Australia. Like the other countries in Australia, the digital industry has suffered damage to the media industry. Companies are shifting their ads to digital platforms. More of this is going to Google and Facebook. 

In UK, children will be prevented from using Facebook and Twitter

In Britain, a big decision has been taken to protect children from exploitation. Here the government has decided to ban the use of Facebook and Twitter for children under 13 years of age. This weekend debate in the House of Lords will be banned under the law to be introduced. On this stay, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said that the social media veterans should come forward and work to stop child sexual abuse.

Facebook launches redesign workplace app

Facebook has launched its workplace chat application on the mobile and desktop platform. Through this app, workplace platforms can easily connect with anyone on Android, iOS, PC or Mac. This includes some new features like screen sharing and group video chat. Users can share their desktop with the screen sharing feature. However, the group video chat feature has a little time to come but it has been confirmed. Facebook changed its news feed feature and told it to divide it into two parts, to keep the personal post from the commercial post.

Now Facebook Messenger can send money via PayPal

Online Payments Gateway PayPal has started facilitating US Facebook users to send money through Facebook Messenger. For this, users will have to attach PayPal account to Facebook Messenger. It will be able to pay for things such as cab rides, shopping and movie tickets. For this, PayPal had contracted with Facebook Messenger last year. Currently, more than 25,00,000 US Facebook users will be able to avail of this.

Now the Instagram Story you will be able to share on Facebook.

Now the Instagram Story you will be able to share on Facebook. The option to syndicate the Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories is now rolling out. Website Techcrunch has said that Facebook has also confirmed that this feature is being officially launched for all across the globe. The option to post Facebook Stories on Instagram is not yet, but the company said that it can bring it in the future soon. Instagram Stories has added more than 25 million Monthly Active Users and around 70 million users of this app worldwide.

World's 100 Valuable Brands At Apple Top, Facebook's Fastest Growth.

Inter brand has released a report about the world's most valuable brands. In the fifth year of this, the American technology firm Apple has been dominated. According to the report released on 100 brands from around the world, Apple's brand value has increased by 3 percent to 12 lakh crore. The second and third numbers in this report are respectively Google and Microsoft. The special thing is that the total brand value of the top 10 companies in the list has crossed 50 lakh crore. Talking about the last 10 years, the value of global brands has increased by 1.21 lakh crore. This year, the total brand value has increased by 4.2 percent, while the average value of each brand has increased by 3.1 percent.

World's 100 Valuable Brands At Apple Top, Facebook's Fastest Growth

Inter-brand has released a report about the world's most valued brands. In the fifth year of this, American technology company Apple was dominated. According to the report released on 100 brands around the world, Apple's brand value has increased by 3 percent to 12 lakh crore. The second and third numbers in this report are Google and Microsoft, respectively. There are 6 companies in this top 10 list of technology sector. Facebook has recorded the highest growth of 48 percent this year. Two auto companies in the top 10 companies are Toyota and Mercedes Benz, whose brand value is 3.27 and 3.11 lakh crores respectively. Amazon is on the fifth place in the list, growing 29 percent in double digit this year.

US President told Facebook 'anti-trumpet'

US President Donald Trump called the social media company Facebook 'anti-trumpet'. Trump has expressed anger after Facebook offered to help Russia investigate alleged interference in the US presidential election.n Trump tweeted Wednesday that Facebook has always been anti-trump. He also accused the New York Times and the Washington Times of being anti-trump. The statement of Trump came one day after Facebook's move, in which the social media company has said that the content of 3,000 advertisements purchased by the Russian agency has been made available to the Parliamentary inquiry committee.

Rohingya Muslims related post and accounts, deleted by Facebook: report

Facebook is reportedly posting posts of social workers written on "ethnic violence" of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and suspending the accounts of these workers. 'Daily Beast' has given this information. Social workers have said that their account is being closed or the post is being removed. Myanmar Rohingya considers Muslims to be illegal immigrants from Bangladesh whereas Bangladesh considers them a citizen of Myanmar.

India is number one in the use of Facebook platform for social media.

According to media reports, the number of people using Facebook in India has grown to more than 24 million, and at the same time, the number of Indians on this social media platform has exceeded the people of other countries. According to Facebook, the 'potential people' who come to Facebook on July 13, 24.1 crore are from India while 24.0 crore people in the US use this platform. According to The Next Web, Facebook has gained a huge lead in India and USA since the beginning of the year 2017, but according to some statistics, Facebook doubled in the face of the US against India.

Kashmiri businessman posted against India on Facebook

Once again the slogan against India has begun to rise  in Masoori. This time, who has done this act, he is no one but a businessman of Mussoorie, who originally belongs to Kashmir. The trader has praised Pakistan through Facebook, while on the other side has also opposed India.

India tops the list of active Facebook users, leaving America behind

The number of Facebook users in India has increased to 24 million. With this, India has reached number one in the number of Facebook users. On July 14, Facebook's active users of Facebook reached 241 million. This figure is more than the US. The number of active users of Facebook in the US is 240 million. Facebook users in India are doubling faster than the US. In the last six months in India, active users have increased by 27% (+50 million) faster. At the same time, this figure is 12 percent (+26 million) in the US.

Facebook post has affected the environment in North 24 Parganas in West Bengal, Internet services have been discontinued.

After an objectionable post on Facebook, communal violence broke out in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. In order to normalize the situation, the state government has sent 400 BSF personnel on the spot to help the police. Section 144 has been imposed on the place of violence. The Internet service has also been discontinued. After the violence, there is no news of any casualties.

Posting status on Facebook was expensive accused of double murder was caught

Posting Status on Facebook The Double Murder One accused has fallen expensive. The accused wrote the status on Facebook, "Bahubali who speaks, he does." After this, Jhansi police arrested him on Saturday evening. Two of his companions were also captured. The accused, Bihari Kushwaha, was caught by a joint team of police and SWAT. Shukla said, "We got to know about three suspects near the railway crossing and our team succeeded in arresting them. Bihari allegedly shot Shabbir and Naushad on June 20 near the Orchha Gate of Jhansi. Both were returning after the prayers of Ramadan during the evening.

Facebook will add new features to messenger, add to the built-in video chat function.

Adding new features to Facebook Messenger will add to the built-in video chat function. These features can be used in Messenger during video chatting. You can also add animated reactions, filters, masks, and effects during video chats. You will also be able to take screenshots during one-to-one and group video chat. In animated reactions, you can choose one of Facebook's common reactions (Love, Haha, Wow, Blues and Anger). Masks are still 'even more fun'. Animated effects like falling hearts and bright stars have also been added and they behave according to the mask.

Leaving behind Salman Khan Kohli became the second most popular Indian.

28-year-old Kohli added another achievement to his list of successes. The second most followed people on Facebook have become Indian. Now on Facebook, there are 35 million (35,442,081) followers. Kohli, who led the Indian team in the West Indies, is now just behind PM Modi, who has 42.2 million or 4 million Facebook followers. Kohli has surpassed Salman Khan, whose likes are on Facebook (35,125,166). Sachin Tendulkar's 2 crores 85 lakhs and former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni are close to two million followers. Portugal and Rial Madrid's Stars Cristiano Ronaldo has nearly 12 million likes and followers

Snapchat launches location sharing feature 'snap map'.

Photo-sharing app Snapchat has launched a new location sharing feature 'snap map' on its platform. In his blog, Snapchat said, "We have created a new way of finding the world! See what's going on, find your friends, and get inspired to go on a thrilling journey! ' Snap map also provides 'Story Search' feature for users looking for stories. The Snap map will be from the Live Messenger feature of Facebook Messenger. But the snap map updates only when you open its app. Snapchat, there is more privacy with this feature, along with the battery is saved too.

Facebook and Twitter are being manipulated in public opinion - reports

There are about 45% active Twitter accounts in Taiwan, where thousands of heavy coordinates are included in a campaign against President Tsai Eng-Wen - but not fully automated - while sharing the Chinese mainland publicity, the study shows that social media There is an international battleground for a social dirty politics.Part of the Oxford Internet Institute's Computational Propaganda Research Project, covering nine countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, and the United States. Professor Phillip Howard of Oxford Internet Studies said he found "traditional lies, junk, misinformation" online extensive and supported by "Facebook or Twitter algorithms".

Sentenced to death of Sunni crime convict on Facebook in PAK

In Pakistan, a minority Shiite Muslim was sentenced to death for felony on Facebook. He was sentenced to death by a 30-year-old Timur Reza on Saturday in the Bahawalpur district of Punjab province, the judge of the Anti-Terrorism Court, Shabir Ahmed. The court found Timur guilty of putting abusive content on Facebook. Tamur is a resident of Okra, 200 km from Lahore. 97% of the population is Muslim. Here, Ishninda is considered to be a very sensitive issue. People working with Tamur lodged a complaint against him in the police.

Due to the London Attacks, Facebook started the task of removing 'Terrorist Content'

On Sunday, Facebook condemned the terrorist attack in his statement and removed the 'terrorist content' from the social media site has started work. The terrorists had brought a car over the people of London Bridge and after that the knife attacked many people. This is the third largest terrorist attack in London in recent months. After the attack, Prime Minister Theresa had demanded the establishment of internet and rail-rail at the international level. May say that internet companies are working to promote terrorism.

Love girl Priya Vishwas on Facebook, came away from Bangladesh to India

The friendship of Priya Biswas resident of Padgaon village Bharadanga, Bangladesh's police station, came from Nilkhal Officer of Balrampur via Facebook. Love on Facebook made such a way that in the love of Surjan, Priy Priya came to India without a passport visa from Bangladesh. When the family members of their beloved Surjaan told the whole tales, they accepted it. On July 9, 2016, Buddha Marriage Hall, in Tulsipur, was bound by both customs in the form of Hindu rituals. This was when the LUU began to investigate. The FIR was registered under the FARN Act against Priya Faith and she was arrested and sent to jail.

Swiss court imposes $ 4000 penalty on post like in Facebook

he Swiss court has imposed a fine of $ 4000 (about 2 lakh 58 thousand rupees) on a person to press a button on Facebook comment. Chartering the Facebook comments of Erwin Kaisler, who ran an animal rights group, was considered racist and outrageous. However, the defendant's name has not been registered in the court document. The judge ruled that the respondent liked Facebook comments which were objectionable. According to the Swiss media reports, this matter is related to a debit initiated on Facebook in 2015.

With 41.7 million Facebook followers, Narendra Modi became the world's leading leader on Facebook

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the top most leader on Facebook on the global level. According to statistics shared by the social networking company with ET, Narendra Modi's personal Facebook page is above Donald Trump and his official page and the PMO is ranked third in the rank. When his mother Narendra Modi came to meet his official residence, the photograph received 50,000 shares and 150,000 likes.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's 5th anniversary of the celebrated marriage with his wife

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Precilla Chan celebrated the fifth anniversary of their wedding by walking around the Asa of Mount Cathadin in Maine. Zuckerberg said that he got tomorrow the workers, teachers, small business owners, a librarian and a trucker, Many people met in Milinoket. Zuckerberg is on a trip to 50 states. He and his wife were in Bangor on Friday for the fifth anniversary of their marriage. He also posted a photograph of his wife.

Mark Zuckerberg's celebrate its 5th marriage anniversary with his wife.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Precilla Chan celebrated the 5th anniversary of their wedding by walking around the mountain near Mount Cothidin and talking to the local settlers. Zuckerberg said that he met yesterday in Milinocht from mill workers, teachers, small business owners, a librarian and a trucker. Zuckerberg is on a trip to the country keeping in mind the journey of all 50 states. He and his wife were in Bangor on Friday for the fifth anniversary of their marriage. He also posted a photograph of his wife.

Facebook said if not like whatsapps do not use it.

Whatsapp users will share their numbers and details on Facebook. Users were given a moratorium for a few days, but then it was necessary to access this privacy policy. The case went up to the court and the German court banned it. It was claimed that there is no user data protection on Facebook and WhatsApp. Kapil Sibal did not say that the message and voice call is endless and encrypted Full attention has been taken to privacy. In Germany, Facebook has stopped taking data from WhatsApp users for now.

Instagram reaches 700 million active users.

Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram now boast 700 million users, more than 80 per cent of whom are outside the United States. The company has added 100 million users since December, when it last announced 600 million active users milestone. As of April, over 200 million people used Instagram Stories every day.The app has grown into one the most popular social media app worldwide and contributes significantly to Facebook’s revenue.

Now Zuckerberg snorted Snapchat and said, 'Facebook is for everyone'

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that Facebook does not work only for large users but it is all for all the people of the society, while indiscriminately quitting on the statement of the poorest countries of snap chat boss.

Zuckerberg told TechCrunch on the occasion of the annual Facebook Developer Conference F8 at San Jose's McEnery Convention Center in California yesterday, "I think one thing is that as much as what we think about the thing, the other people probably do not think and that topic It is that new innovations are done not only for the big players but also for the service of everyone in the society.