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The Queen may leave the post of Commonwealth leader

The meeting of the Commonwealth (Commonwealth) Heads of State (CHOGM) will be held in London city of London from 16 April onwards. PM Modi will arrive in London on Tuesday for this meeting. Apart from the many important issues in this meeting, the most discussed can be the point that who will now play the role of Commonwealth chief, because British Queen Elizabeth is desperately trying to retire from this position. Britain's Queen Elizabeth has been 92 years old, so it is not possible for her to travel more and stay active. In Britain, most of the Queen's work is being assigned to her successor Prince Charles, but the post of chief of Commonwealth is not genetic. So it is not clear now who will be the leader of the Commonwealth. India wants to be in the role of leader by increasing its activity in this organization. Many foreign newspapers have also figured in the growing activism of India and have started publishing news about this.