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SpaceX launches Falcon-10 Satellite.

10 communication satellites were delivered to their orbits with a rocket launched from California. Two days ago the company successfully launched a satellite from Florida. The Faulkon 9 rocket was launched at Wendenburg Air Force Base in Los Angeles at a little over 25 minutes (PDT) in the event of very low mist. The second set of new satellites was sent to Iridium Communications through this rocket. These satellites will replace the satellites present in the class fleet with a new generation of satellites. With the help of the X Agenceci Bullagriasat-1 satellite, the Falcon 9 was launched using the rocket again, which is 4,000 kilograms of weight and has 32 co-band transponders, whose work will provide fixed and broadcast satellite services, and this satellite will be available for 15 years work.

SpaceX successfully launches NROL-76 U.S. military satellite for USA

SpaceX successfully launches NROL-76 U.S. military spy satellite for USA the main work of this satellite is not clear as its a confidential data. SpaceX succeeded in its second attempt to launch NROL-76.The rocket lifted off from LC-39A at 7:15 AM EDT as planned, move quickly to its target orbit.The first launch attempt on Sunday, April 30 was not taken place due to a sensor issue.