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A major setback to ISRO, Satellite GSAT-6A missing in space after 48 hours

Communication Satellite GSAT-6A of Indian Space Research Council has broken out. ISRO launched this satellite on Thursday evening. Although ISRO is trying to contact the Satellite on behalf of ISRO, ISRO says that their contact with the GSAT-R-6A satellite launched on March 29 has been broken and efforts are being made to re-establish contact with it. .The satellite said on its website, the satellite was to reach its final goal with the help of the engine on the third and the last one on April 1 and then had to go round the orbit, The contact broke. It says, "Efforts are being made to establish contact with the satellite." ISRO has installed GSAT-R-6A in its class with the successful launch of GSLV-F-R08 Was there. It was launched from Sriharikota of Andhra Pradesh.

Mars will be seen in the sky on February 12

The red star Mars and Antares will shine in the orange light on February 12 in the sky. Mars is 140 million miles away from Earth, and 600 light years away Antares, in spite of this they will appear in the sky at night. Recently the world saw the sight of Super Blue Blood Moon in the sky.

7,000 days traveling orbiting the Earth completed by the International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) has completed 7,000 days in orbit around the Earth. The first module of this microgravity-based spacecraft was launched in November 1998, located 402 kilometres above the earth in space. ₹ The cost of 9,575 billion ISS is the largest spacecraft manufactured by humans, with many laboratories for research.

India's third eye, India will stay on the tricks of China-Pak for 24 hours

India has made history in the field of space on Friday. In morning 9.28, ISRO launched 31 satellites from Sriharikota. At the same time, a century of ISRO satellites has been completed. One of the launch satellites on Friday is very special, due to which neighboring country Pakistan is also careful. Photographs of earth can be taken through this satellite. India will be able to track the activities of terrorists on the border. It is a semantic imaging satellite that will be used to monitor the enemy. With the help of this satellite, we can monitor the activities of Pakistan and China across the border.

The news of the increase of 9 centimeters in the space of Japanese astronauts is false.

The length of a Japanese astronaut living in the International Space Station (ISS) has increased 9 centimeters (3.5 in) in the past 3 weeks. Lieutenant Norisinge Kadai has now expressed his concern and said that due to this extravagant 9 centimeters, he could not fit in the small space of the Soyuz yan at the time of returning to Earth. Increasing 9 centimeters in just 3 weeks is a rare case. Now, Kadai has told his claim to lie in the next post and apologized too. In the social media post, Kadai wrote, "Everyone is a good morning. I am going to make a big announcement today. After we came into space, we measured the length of our body and I really increased to 9 centimeters. I've been so long in just 3 weeks. It was never after high school.

NASA scientist John Young died, who made a record of going into space

John Young, the great American astronaut who travels the space six times, orbiting the Moon, and flirting on its rocky surface has passed away. This information is provided by NASA. The Space Agency reported that he was 87 years old and died due to pneumonia on Friday night. Yang lived in a suburb of Houston located just minutes away from NASA Space Center. Young is a person who went into space from Gemini, Apollo and took part in space shuttle programs and went into space six times. NASA said that once he had made the world record of spending the most time in space.

Russia will build a luxury hotel at the International Space Station

Russia is engaged in making some 'big'. According to reports, the Russian Space Agency is preparing to build a luxury hotel at Roccosmos International Space Station, which is the ISS.Any person who would be willing to spend $ 4 million i.e. Rs 256 crores in this hotel for a week or two Could stay. Apart from this, giving $ 2 million will also give them a chance to make a spacewalk with an astronaut. RC Space Contractor RKK Energia has been given the responsibility to prepare a strategy to build this hotel. It can cost up to $ 27.9 million (1786 crores) to $ 446 million (2855 crores). This hotel will have 4 rooms for sleeping and each room has a 9-inch window. Along with this, the hotel also has a medical and hygiene stations and a 16-inch lounge area.

Mars Mission: In 2020 NASA will send eight new devices Rover Yan on Mars.

American Space Agency NASA will send a new rover vehicle to the Red Planet in the Mars Mission-2020. It will discover the potential residues of ancient creatures on Mars. This rover of the next edition of Curiosity Rover successfully sent in 2012, will have eight new devices and will be equipped with new types of wheels. Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that the new Mars Yan is the atmosphere of Mars, its surface, and the layer below the surface Will research. It will also collect samples of mud and stones. JPL is also developing new technology for landing on Mars, which will enable it to go where it was risky to reach Curiosity.

Space scientist and Former ISRO Chairman Professor UR Rao passes away

India's space scientist UR Rao passed away this morning. After the demise of ISRO's scientist Rao, the ISRO has suffered a major loss. Ur Rao was part or parcel of almost every major operation of ISRO. He was battling a long illness of heart. Professor Rao was former ISRO president. Professor Rao was the Chairman of the Physical Research Laboratory Governing Council, besides that he was also the Chancellor of the Indian Institute of Science in Thiruvananthapuram.

Narendra Modi meets President of Israel, speak I for I equal India for Israel.

On the second day of the Israeli tour, PM Modi met Israeli President Ruvan Rivelin. PM Modi thanked Israel for the great reception. He said that AII for I, which means India for Israel and Israel for India PM Narendra Modi tweeted while writing that the President of Israel welcomed me warmly. They broke the protocol for the welcome. It is a symbol of how much respect for the Indian people in their hearts. Israeli President Ruwanan Rivelin said that I could not forget my visit to India, that was a memorable journey. There are many agreements in the field of innovation, development, science and technology and space from both sides.

China's rocket fault, India's chance to increase the space program.

The failure of China rocket has resulted in a major setback for China's successful space program. India can get the benefit of this failure. New Delhi could reach the top of the space in China. It is believed that due to the unsuccessful test of the rocket of the Long March-5 series, China's plan to bring samples from Moon may be delayed. China has long been thinking about its space program. He tries to avoid such a failed launch. Although he knows that it will never happen at all. This was the last test flight for rockets of the Long March-5 series. The rocket was destroyed shortly after the flight.

SpaceX launches Falcon-10 Satellite.

10 communication satellites were delivered to their orbits with a rocket launched from California. Two days ago the company successfully launched a satellite from Florida. The Faulkon 9 rocket was launched at Wendenburg Air Force Base in Los Angeles at a little over 25 minutes (PDT) in the event of very low mist. The second set of new satellites was sent to Iridium Communications through this rocket. These satellites will replace the satellites present in the class fleet with a new generation of satellites. With the help of the X Agenceci Bullagriasat-1 satellite, the Falcon 9 was launched using the rocket again, which is 4,000 kilograms of weight and has 32 co-band transponders, whose work will provide fixed and broadcast satellite services, and this satellite will be available for 15 years work.

Indian army strengthened in space; 13 satellites will be protected from enemies

With the cartosat-2 satellite sent to the space by ISRO, the number of satellites monitoring the enemies by the Army has gone up to 13. These satellites are also effective in keeping their tightness in the sea along with the land. Apart from this, Agni-5 missile in the emergency can now be used to launch the satellite. Navy uses GSAT-7 for real time telecommunication in its warship, submarine, aircraft and land systems.

NASA may soon disclose the existence of the Aliens.

According to Anonymous, the American space agency NASA will soon be able to make big disclosures about the existence of aliens. Anonymous wrote on their website, "NASA says that aliens are coming. Nasa has detected the presence of hydrogen on Saturn's Moon. Also, the Hubble team has also received some specific information related to the sea of ​​Jupiter's Moon 'Europa'. Referring to all this, Professor Jürbgan said that NASA is very close to finding important evidence related to Aliens. NASA is on the verge of detecting one of the most serious and unprecedented discoveries in human history.

Space: ISRO again created history, together with 31 satellites launch.

30 Nanosatellites were launched from PSLV-C38 launch vehicle with a Cartosat-2 satellite from Launchpad in Sriharikota. ISRO chairman AS Kiran Kumar was also present at the launch. He congratulated fellow scientists. With the launch of the Cartosat-2 series 712 kg cartridges, a total of 243 kilograms of 30 other Nanosatellites were launched simultaneously. The total weight of all satellites is around 955 kilograms. The name of Nanosatellite of India is NIUSAT, which weighs only 15 kilograms. This will work in monitoring in the field of agriculture. Indian Army will also benefit from this satellite launch. The power associated with monitoring will increase.

Aamir Khan will be seen in the first biopic of Indian Spaceman Rakesh Sharma.

Aamir Khan's films are eagerly waiting for the audience. These days, fans of Aamir and Amitabh Bachchan will be seen in the biopic of India's first astronaut, Rakesh Sharma, waiting for 'Thugs of Hindostan'. While publishing this news, the film's publishers have clarified that the title of the film will be 'Salute'. Along with Siddharth Roy Kapoor and Ronnie Screwvala, Aamir Khan will be the co-producer of this film. This will be the second opportunity after Aamir Khan will become a part of any Boiyapika.China President Xi Chunfing told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he had seen Aamir Khan starrer "Dangal" and he liked it.

Space exposure to the risk of heart attack to those who go on the campaign.

Those who go on remote space expeditions may face serious situations like a heart attack. It is believed that those who go on the campaign will have to train against deadly diseases. Specialists discussed the emergent medical challenges that occurred during the space missions. In the coming years, there is a plan to send humans to the Moon and Mars. Medical challenges coming during such a long flight are extremely important. The life of the passengers can also be threatened. Physically, an unaware person may have to help his sick partner.

Another new success Of ISRO in space, the launch of the most heavily rocket GSLV MK 3D today

ISRO is fully prepared for the launch of the most heavily rocket GSLV-MK3D1 on Monday evening; It will be launched from the second launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota. At present, scientists are engaged in filling of propellants in GSLV-MK3D1. So far, ISRO had to depend on foreign launchers for the launch of communication satellites weighing more than 2,300 kg. The GSLV MK3-D1 has the capacity to carry up to 4000 kg in orthopedic orbit (or satellite) to 10,000 kg in the lower orbit of the Earth.

NASA will send the first mission to space for the neutron star's study

Nasa is going to launch the first mission to study about 50 years after the discovery of fast moving neutron stars in space. The world's first exhibition will be to perform X-ray navigation in space. The two-in-one neutrons at the Space X CRS-11 are to be delivered to the International Space Center, which was launched from Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday. Will go The launch was to be held on June 1 but due to bad weather it was postponed.

The world's largest airplane, will now be set up in space, satellite.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen displayed the world's largest aircraft. This aircraft has been made by their aerospace company Stratolunch Systems. This aircraft called 'Rock' is so large that it can be made a football ground on its wings. It will work to launch the satellite in space. The company was brought out of the Hangar in California based Mojave. This six-engine aircraft is one of Howard Hughes '1947 H-4 Hercules' and is currently known as the world's largest aircraft. It will also be used to launch the rocket. This vehicle is larger than the Soviet era cargo plane Antonov AN-225.

The restriction imposed by the US will send the satellite from space to the same rocket. NASA

In 1992, US President George W. Bush banned the Indian Space Research Organization. Withholding Russia from giving cryogenic engine technology with the Indian Space Agency so that India could not build a missile. But two decades later, American Space Agency NASA has joined hands with ISRO to develop the world's most expensive Earth imaging satellite. The cost of this project is more than $ 1.5 billion.ISRO and NASA are currently busy making 2200 kg of NISAR satellite. These satellites will show a detection view of the Earth through modern radar technology.

$ 63 million big deal between Israeli Aerospace Industries and India.

Israel Aerospace Industries has made a great deal of $ 63 million worth of value with India.The Israeli company will provide long range air and missile defense systems for the four ships of the Indian Navy. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) gave information about this.
This deal was signed by Bharat Electronics Ltd., a Government of India Company. (BEL) together with the company. This will give a new direction to the Make in India campaign. The IAI said that it has received the largest defense contract worth $ 63 million for supply of advanced missile systems that hit India from mid-range surface.

Indian scientist Srinivas Kulkarni received the Dan David Award in Space Science

Indian scientist Srinivas Kulkarni has been selected for the prestigious Dan David Award for contribution in the field of space science.The award will be given in the presence of former winners on May 21. Each year, three Dan David awards are given in the category of 'Past', 'Present' and 'Future', Kulkarni is Professor of Astrophysics and Planetary Science at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. It is a large area of ​​sky Is the survey, which was done to discover the unstable and transient principles.

SpaceX successfully launches NROL-76 U.S. military satellite for USA

SpaceX successfully launches NROL-76 U.S. military spy satellite for USA the main work of this satellite is not clear as its a confidential data. SpaceX succeeded in its second attempt to launch NROL-76.The rocket lifted off from LC-39A at 7:15 AM EDT as planned, move quickly to its target orbit.The first launch attempt on Sunday, April 30 was not taken place due to a sensor issue.

First images of Cassini's close dive into Saturn's rings streamed back to Earth

NASA's Casino spacecraft is on its last flight, gathering on the mission of gathering information about Saturn's huge satellite Titan. This last trip was named by NASA "The Grand Finale".

Cassini is collecting information on Titan's blurred surface and hydrocarbon lakes. Cassini started this journey 13 years ago today. Now he is in the last stage of his mission and his journey will end on September 13.

NASA's report says that after this last visit, the casino will go to the icy rings of the planet and start a series of 22 weekly trips between the planets and the rings.