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The Englishman jumped jock on turban and the Sikh Businessman bought 7 Rolls Royce

Sikh businessman Ruben Singh has bought 7 different colors of Rolls Royce and a luxury car. They bought these cars to teach the British a lesson. He challenged that he would buy the Rolls Royce, the color he used to wear. He raised his immersed business again. Today Ruben is the CEO of Oledapa Company. They are also known as British Bill Gates

Sikh girl adopts Islamic for Islamic State, seeks punishment for three and a half years

In the case of a girl wishing to join the Islamic State, the UK Court has sentenced her to three and a half years. When Sandeep Samra, 18, adopted Islam, he was a teenager. She wants to go to war in Syria as a nurse in Syria. she told that she had adoption of Islam, because of this he was also willing to leave the UK.

Forcible conversion of Sikhs into Pak is being done, Will raise the issue before the government there: Sushma

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Tuesday expressed concern over the issue of forced conversion of Sikhs in the Hangu district of Pakistan. Swaraj said in the tweet, "Forcible conversion of Sikhs is being done in Pakistan. We will raise this matter in front of the Pakistani government at the earliest. On December 16, the Tribune newspaper of Pakistan published a report on the religious conversion being done by the Sikhs in Hangu. After this, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh of Punjab demanded the External Affairs Minister to take up the matter.

Guru Nanak Jayanti, From these Gurudwaras, the deep relationship of Nanak Dev

lightening festival is celebrated on the day of Kartik Purnima in the celebration of the birth of the first Guru Nanak Dev ji . On this occasion, know about the gurudwaras from which Nanak Dev's intimate relationship is.
Gurudwara Kandh Sahib, which is situated in Batala (Gurdaspur), this place was where the birth of Guru Nanak  on the 24th of the month, in the year 1544, of the age of 18 years he was married. Here anniversary is celebrated annually on Guru Nanak's wedding anniversary.

Gurudwara haat Sahib is in Sultanpur Lodhi (Kapurthala). Guru Nanak started in the care of the royal store in Nawab of Sultanpur through brother-in-law Jairam. He was made Modi here. Nawab was very impressed with the young Nanak. From here on, Nanak had the appearance of his floor through the word 'thy'.

Sultanpur was the home of Guru Nanak Dev ji in Gurudwara Guru Bagh, located in Lodhi (Kapurthala), where his two sons Baba Srichand and Baba Lakshmidas were born.

Gurudwara Kothi Sahib is in Sultanpur Lodhi (Kapurthala), where Nawab Daulatkhan Lodhi sent Nanak Dev to jail in the fear of disturbance in accounting. But when Nawab discovered his mistake, he did not ask for forgiveness except Nanak Dev ji, but also proposed to make Prime Minister, but Guru Nanak rejected this proposal.

In Sultanpur Lodhi (Kapurthala), Gurdwara Bera Sahib was the place where Nanak Dev was attached with  God. Once Guru Nanak was sitting on the banks of the Van with his gentle masculine, suddenly he dived into the river and disappeared for three days, where he attached to God. All the people thought they were submerged, but when they returned, they said - one onkar satyam Guru Nanak sowed the seeds of a berry, which has become a huge tree today.

Gurudwara Achal Sahib situated in Gurdaspur is the place where Nanak Dev stayed during his visits. Here too, his religious debate with the great yogi of Nath Yogi Bhangar Nath was also done. The yogi began to perform magically after losing all manner of defeats. This is where Nanak Dev ji told him that God can be reached only through love.

Gurdwara Dera Baba Nanak is located in Gurdaspur. After making a lot of followers of Sikh religion through religious trips throughout life, Nanak Dev ji brought his camp on the banks of river Ravi. After performing sadhana of 70 years, in 1539 AD merged with the supreme light.

Indian student won, America's National speech and debate competition

In America, JJ Kapoor, a Sikh student of Indian origin, has won the national speech and debate competition. It is considered the most prestigious competition of high school level in the US. He started his speech with Bollywood and mentioned his experiences as a Sikh-American. He was elected as the winner in the original speaker category. According to the school, Kapoor, who topped the semifinals and final round, got the championship trophy. In his speech, he said, "I found that Bollywood separates story and reality and shared their experiences about the identities of Sikhs and Muslims. At the time of the terrorist attack, he was only two years old.

Palbinder Kaur, the first Sikh woman judge of Canada Supreme Court

Pallinder Kaur Shergil of Indian origin has been made the judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Palabinder is the first Sikh woman to become a judge in Canadian history. Justice Shergill has fought several lawsuits to protect human rights in Canada. The Sikh Sikh Organization of Canada congratulated Shergill on his appointment.Palinder Kaur Shergill is a resident of Roorka Kalan village of Jalandhar, Punjab. They were married in Jagatpur village of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar. And she is the mother of three children. They have one daughter and two twin sons. He came to Canada with his family at the age of four.