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Sachin's 40 million help to build a school in Kashmir

Former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar may have said goodbye to cricket, but his fans are still his passion. Sachin once again won the heart of the people. As a Member of Parliament, Sachin Tendulkar has given Rs 40 lakhs for the construction of the school building of the Kupwara District School, Jammu from MP Local Area Development (MPLAD) Fund. The construction of Durgamulla, the only school in this region, was completed in 2007, the Imperial Educational Institution. In this, approximately 1000 students from class one to 10 read. 10 classrooms, four labs, administrative blocks, six toiletries and a prayer hall will be constructed from Rajya Sabha member Sachin Tendulkar's fund here. Tendulkar from M.P.L.D funds Rs. 7.4 million in 20 projects related to schools and educational institutions in different parts of the country. Have given the amount.

Two people, including a schoolgirl, suicides in two separate incidents in Noida

Two persons, including a student, allegedly committed suicide in two separate incidents in Noida. Police inspector Avanish Dikshit, 39, told that a 20-year-old student living in Sadarpur Colony hanged his house last evening. The family took him to the Noida District Hospital, where doctors declared him dead. After receiving the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and took the body into the possession and sent it to the post-mortem.

12 people killed, 132 injured in Yemen conflict, Schools and shops closed

In Yemen, there has been a situation of tension between the government supporters and the separatists once again. There was heavy firing on both groups in Yemen's southern city of Aden on Tuesday. Let us know that due to this tension, schools and shops have been closed for several days in the Khars Maksar district of Aden. Violence has been going on for a long time. One day before this, there was heavy violence in the area. In which 12 people were killed and around 130 people were injured. This violence has also highlighted the crack in the Saudi-led coalition against Shia rebels in northern Yemen.The separatists have the support of United Arab Emirates. UAE is the main partner in the Saudi coalition, which is helping the internationally recognized government of Yemen in the year 2015.

Delhi University started school for Transnational Affairs,

Delhi University started the Delhi School of Transnational Affairs on Wednesday. After the start of this school, students interested in learning translation will be able to enroll here. The special thing is that DU has established this school in collaboration with the Foreign Ministry. According to the DU, this school will help in promoting translation, comparative and inter-disciplinary research.Delhi University has added many new things in the last few years from the Distance Education Course to the other regular course. Due to distance education, DU started from online learning to students for many short terms. According to a senior official of DU, this school has been started to give students a better platform at the global level. G Parthasarathy addressed all in the event organized on this occasion.

This school of Britain wants a ban on keeping children from roasting hijab.

One of the UK's renowned schools has demanded a strict stance on the government to wear hijab and roast during Ramzan. Let us tell you that this school runs from the UK government fund and is one of the major schools in it. Most of the schools in this school read the children of British citizens of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The school has strictly enforced the rules during Ramadan during Ramzan. During the holidays, only children can be kept. Most of the students in the school are of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin and it is headed by Principal Nina Lal of Indian origin. School wants to issue clear guidelines to prevent parents' antagonistic response.

China: The child reached school with frozen snow on the head, said, will become the police officer.

It is getting cold in China at this time. But even in this deadly cold, a child walks miles away to school, the ice sheet on his hair was frozen. This child's picture is becoming viral on social media. The student of Fuman Wong shared the picture online after which the child was named 'Frost boy'. Internet users have given $ 77 for all children of the school.

SC said, the safety of children in schools is very serious, Answers from states

While hearing the case of children's safety in schools, the Supreme Court said this is a very serious matter. The Supreme Court asked all the State Governments and Union Territories to file their replies on the safety of children till January 19. In this case only the Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka government have filed the reply in the Supreme Court. The court will hear the matter next January 23. On behalf of the private schools, the court said that the guidelines for private schools are in line, but not for government schools. There are already several guide lines. In this way our interest will be affected. The Supreme Court said that whatever you have to say during the hearing of the hearing on January 23. The Supreme Court is hearing the petition filed by the student's father, lawyer Abha Sharma and other lawyers. It has been said in this petition that after the incident of Ryan, there is an atmosphere of fear among the parents around the country.

Pradyumna Murders: CBI will seek fingerprints of accused 11th student, board given permission

 The CBI will take the finger prints of the 11th student, the board gave the permission. On September 1, the student of Ryan International School, Pradyumn were murdered. 
. In connection with the murder of Pradyumna student of Raiyan International School of Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi, the Central Investigation Agency (CBI) has been allowed to take finger print of the 11th grade student of this school. According to the permission, on December 19, the CBI will took the fingerprints of the 11th grade  student by going to the Rehabilitation House. At the same time, whether the student should be kept within the purview of the adult? Apart from this, there will be debate on many topics on December 15.

Negative okhi storm; Late night strong wind-rain, school closed.

After the devastation in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Lakshadweep, the Oki Hurricane has reached south Gujarat after midnight on Tuesday, between Maharashtra and Goa. Before colliding with the coastal area of Surat, the danger was postponed due to the weakening of the storm. Sometimes the speed of 100 to 150 km per hour has come to the south of Gujarat and it reached at a speed of 18 km. The wind storm was running at 70 to 80 km with heavy rains in the coastal area. On Tuesday, flights to Surat had to be diverted or canceled. Schools, colleges have been closed. The rounds of meetings are continuing to monitor the situation and to prepare the preparations. The weather department has issued heavy rain warnings in the coastal areas of South Gujarat and Saurashtra today. In the last 24 hours, rains have been recorded in 33 talukas of nine coastal districts including Surat including Navsari, Gir Somnath, Bharuch, Tapi, Bhavnagar, Valsad. The Meteorological Department has said that there should be high waves from one to two meters. 

A new twist in the Pradyuman Murder case, CBI detained the 11th class student of Ryan School.

A new twist has come in the case of Ryan International School student Pradumman Thakur Murder case. In this case, the CBI has taken the 11th student of the school into custody.The father of the studded kidnapped by the CBI said that his son is innocent. The CBI has already interrogated him several times, his son had seen only the school's gardener near the restroom. Pradyuman Thakur was killed on September 8 at Ryan International School. His body was found in the toilet of the school, his throat was cut with a sharp weapon. The CBI is investigating the case.

Australia: Two children die in a class room breaking the boundaries of the car school

A car broke out on Tuesday in Sydney, Australia, a car broke into the class breaking the school wall. Two children died in this accident. Three children are severely injured. A 52-year-old woman was driving the car.This incident happened at Bankaia Road Public School. SUV car breaks the boundaries of the school when it comes to a classroom. There were female teachers and 24 children. Two boys of eight years were killed after the car hit them. The woman running the car did not consume drugs or alcohol, her medical tests have been done for this.

Smog will be in Delhi-NCR for 4-5 days - Doctor says - School is closed immediately

The poisonous smog has been covered in Delhi-NCR since Monday evening. Where on Monday evening the visibility had dropped to 500 meters because of the smug, the situation became worse on Tuesday morning. Visibility in many areas of Delhi is less than 100 meters due to smog. The weather department says that the poisonous smog will remain the same for three to five days. Air quality remains in the category of 'extremely bad' in many areas of Delhi. Delhi's Lodhi Road is in bad shape. At the same time, things are also worse around India Gate.

Lacquer beggars: earns every month, more than Rs. 1 lakh and children read in the city's largest school.

There is a beggar in China who earns one lakh rupees every month and its children are studying in the city's largest school. Photos of this beggar were first posted on China's microblogging site Weibo in 2014. In which these beggars sit on the ground and count them near the pile of money. Everyone's mind is running the same question that after this beggar has got so much money, how did the beggar get so much money? This beggar earns $ 1700 every month. According to the currency of India, there are about one lakh rupees. This beggar has 3 children who study in the city's largest school. Not only this, the cost of the whole family also raises. He has also made a two-story house in Beijing by demanding to beg.

Padmavati opposes: Today private school closed in Chittorgarh

With the release time of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Padmavati' coming closer, its opposition is also increasing. Private schools are closed in protest against the film in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan's Udaipur division. This has been discontinued on the call of non-aided educational institution director.

The members say that the character of Rani Padmini of Chittorgarh is being misrepresented in the film Padmavati, for the glorious history of Chittorgarh, known throughout the world as the power, devotion and sacrifice. In protest against this, a block called by the social, religious organizations of Chittorgarh has been called. All the private schools of the district will also be included in the block.

In Kenya, the student killed seven people.

A former refugee student in the Turkana region of northern Kenya killed his six classmates and a security guard by attacking the school. Six other students were also injured in the attack. The attacker student was killed by a fierce mob. A 17-year-old student attacked on a school in the city of Lokichogiao, adjacent to the war-torn South Sudan. Apart from this, this student was caught once with an AK-47 rifle. A top official said that the school did not attack the dacoits but alumni. He was fired from the school in the case of indiscipline.

To avoid embarrassment, the organizers distributed 27 thousand tickets to school children in India's first match.

During the initial match of the Indian team of FIFA Under-17 World Cup, India has distributed 27 thousand tickets to schoolchildren to avoid the situation of the living room. The FIFA Under 17 World Cup is to begin today. India is hosting a FIFA tournament for the first time but sales of tickets for this important tournament have been disappointing till now. When the PM Narendra Modi reached the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium with a capacity of 6000 spectators to see the match between India and the US, the stadium was not seen empty. The teams of 24 countries are participating in the competition and the matches will be held in New Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kochi, Guwahati and Kolkata.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong are fighting like children of school: Russia

Jubani Jung is continuing between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump, for whom Russia has taken a look at both the leaders. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are fighting like children. US President Donald Trump had warned North Korea to completely eliminate the first speech in the United Nations, on which the North Korea described his speech as a bark of dog. Not only that, Kim Jong, he has confessed the Donald Trump to the mad.

Heavy rains in Mumbai, affecting bus-rail-air travel, will remain closed today School College

Once again in Mumbai, the problem of people has increased due to heavy rains. The Meteorological Department (IMD) has warned of heavy rains in Mumbai and coastal Konkan area for 48 hours. Due to torrential rains, water is flooded in many areas. Due to this, there has been trouble in transport traffic. Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport has been closed due to rain.

Malaysia: Fire in Islamic School, 23 children die with two teachers

At least 25 students and teachers died in a religious school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital. According to officials, a fire broke out in Taraf Quran Ittefaqia at the time when the children were sleeping. Fire Department director Khiruddin Dahram told AFP, "The dead include 23 children and two wardens."

Stylish mustache laid by Pakistani teacher; school suspended the teacher by saying handsome.

You must have heard of Amitabh Bachchan's superhit film, 'Sharaabi', 'If you have mustache, After this film, the fashion of keeping such mustache in all the boys was fashionable. But no one would have thought that one day they will lose their jobs due to these same mustache.Being a 'perfect face', a teacher in Pakistan had to face his jobloos. This person, Haseeb Ali Chishti, teaches children a drama. They were fired by their school by saying this because they are a little smarter.

Pakistan cross siege fire on LOC border targeting school but children are safe in Poonch sector

In the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday, the siege fire was violated by Pakistan. Cross border mortar was given on LoC in Poonch. India responded by retaliating. Pakistan has suffered heavy losses in this shootout. There is also the news of the death of many Pakistani soldiers. Many have also been injured. Schools were also targeted from Pakistan end towards India. Mortar was fired on 25 schools according to local administration.

Indian student won, America's National speech and debate competition

In America, JJ Kapoor, a Sikh student of Indian origin, has won the national speech and debate competition. It is considered the most prestigious competition of high school level in the US. He started his speech with Bollywood and mentioned his experiences as a Sikh-American. He was elected as the winner in the original speaker category. According to the school, Kapoor, who topped the semifinals and final round, got the championship trophy. In his speech, he said, "I found that Bollywood separates story and reality and shared their experiences about the identities of Sikhs and Muslims. At the time of the terrorist attack, he was only two years old.

The students of London School asked to write their Suicide Note in homework.

A UK school asked its students to write their suisaid notes. The school was given this task as an English class homework to 60 minor students who were studying here. After the controversy arose, Thomas Talis School located in Kidbrooke apologized. The students who were asked to write this suicides notes, some of them were also children whose own friends had committed suicide. The woman told that as soon as they came to know about this, they immediately complained to the school. It is good that children read Shakespeare but it is not right to ask them to write suisaid notes. Any teacher who has given this idea should be sent back for training.

2 terrorists killed in DPS school, Srinagar, 3 soldiers injured

The search operation has been intensified to arrest the hideous terrorists in the school. Two terrorists have been stacked on Sunday. The search operation is still in progress. Army and Jammu and Kashmir also joined the CRPF's search operation till late night. The school was surrounded. Drone cameras and other equipment were used to detect the situation of the terrorists.

London: Life ban on teacher due to having a love relationship with the student

A 36-year-old married teacher has been suspended from school for alleging her involvement with her student. The accused women will not be able to study the whole life in any school. The teacher's name is Amna Najam Khan. Azma was a teacher at Tong High School of Bradford. Amna had a love affair with an 18-year-old student studying in her own school for the last 9 months. She used to talk to this student on the Facebook and chatting app, according to the investigation, the affair started in January 2015 with the student of Aamna. That student was 18 in February-March of that year. Amna was studying in this school since 2009. He used to take this student along with him in hotel rooms too.

In the UK schools, boys come wearing skirts.

Despite the heat, in protest against the ban on wearing shirts in institutions, a group of teenagers came to wear a skirt on Thursday in a school in Britain. A 14-year-old child complained to the headmaster a day before, Said that if you like, you can come out wearing a skirt. So to avoid any possible action from the administration, she came to school with four other students wearing skirts.

In the Philippines the terrorists entered the school and made the children hostage.

In Pigakavian city of Philippines, some gunmen attacked a school and made many children hostage. Bandit attackers belong to the terrorist organization named Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF). The encounter between militants and security forces continues. What is the number of hostages, it is not known yet. The attackers have captured a school and many people have taken hostage. We are just trying to figure out how many hostages there are in school. ' The city's mayor told Philippine Radio that he is not aware of any casualties in the incident. There is a fight between the army and the terrorists. There is a distance of 190 km between the Maravi and Pigakavayan.

A powerful explosion took place in a Chinese school, killing 7 people and injuring 59

There is a news of the explosion in a kindergarten located in China. 7 people have died and 59 are injured in the blast. The blast took place at the kindergarten gate, in the afternoon, where the children were coming out. A state police official said that the blast happened due to which the investigation was being done. China has strict control over weapons, so most attacks are carried out with knives, ax and domestic explosives.

Teachers will now be on Attendance, Parents also have a look

6647 teachers who teach in North MCD's 716 schools can no longer disappear from the school without informing them nor can they make excuses for coming to the school. That's because North MCD has started online attendance process in all schools to monitor the teachers. Attendants of teachers can now look after the senior officers of the Education Department and the parents of about 3 lakh students studying in these schools. Krishan Kumar, director of Nang Education Department, has done this. He has developed a software that has the ability to see any of the students of North Delhi and teachers teaching in them, can see any house sitting in their schools. There are 716 schools in the 6 zones of the North MCD, including teaching teachers. The number is 6647 and the number of children studying in these schools is 2 lakh 96 thousand 882. When the school opens after the summer holidays, the process will be started.

Samsung school to be opened in Jamshedpur and Bangalore

Samsung India signed MoU with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) on Friday, under which the partnership was renewed to open two more technical schools and run the existing 10 existing schools across the country. Samsung South West Asia President and CEO HC Hong said, "Samsung is proud to help young people of the country to acquire the technology skills. Under the Samsung Technical School step, partnering with the MSME Ministry, we will prepare the youth for employment.

Intelligent robot proved lazy in school studies: Lynn CEO of Chengdu Zhushingununshe Technologies

In China, the robot working on the basis of artificial intelligence has proved to be a waste of schooling. Robot attended a college entrance exam here. He completed the examination very fast compared to other students but barely passed the examination. Its result remained below average.
The name of this robot is AI-Maths. It examined two versions of mathematics. Robot completed the examination without internet help in 22 minutes. It will take about two hours for a person to complete this examination, which Robot completed in such a short time. Hopefully next year it will perform better in logical repercussions and computer algorithms and get 130 or more points.

Naked School started in Japan to save the old tradition.

Although there are a lot of spas in Japan, Hinodayu Booth House built in the capital Tokyo is a little different. Here you have to take a full bath and collectively take a bath. To attract the youth of Japan, this bother house has been built. It is intended to open the Bath House that the younger generation of Japan can understand the old tradition of the collective bath. The tradition of mass bathing has been going on in Japan for decades. Which is called the Santo.

The results of the Haryana Board, Smile of the ascending model school, did the top.

Annual results of Haryana Bhiwani Board XII class have been announced. In this, Smile, a student studying at the Jallohlpur ascending model school in Fatehabad, has topped it. This time the results of Haryana Board's 12th class have been 65.4 percent. 73 percent of the girls have passed this time compared to 57 percent boys.The Haryana Board was established in 1969. This board had organized a secondary level examination for the first time in 1970. Haryana board gives students the option of distance learning too. It is being believed that Haryana Board's 10th class result can also be declared in a day or two.

Notification of Upgrading Government, School Upgradation, Lean Khattar Government by Girls.

More than 80 girls of Gothada Tappa Dahina village on the open block of Rewari are on hunger strike for a week. They demand that the status of the school should be up from the 10th of the village to increased to senior secondary education so that there can be up to 12th standard. As a result, the students, who had sat on the hunger strike, were more than a week, but their demands were not accepted till now. Meanwhile, the education minister of Haryana, on the other hand, called this movement of girl students as politically motivated. Education Minister said that the work of school upgradations will be done under a single process. Meanwhile, the Haryana government has issued a notification.

CBSE's message will be built in schools, Aadhaar registration center.

Aadhaar registration center will now be built in CBSE schools.
CBSE has taken a new initiative to facilitate the Aadhaar card to the students. CBSE has asked the recognized schools to open the Aadhar Registration Center and the students who do not have the basis. Encourage them to register.
Schools will not charge any fee for Aadhaar registration, but CBSE will give them Rs 30 per registration. By February 2017, there are 18,546 in India and 210 schools in 25 other countries.

Six schools get recognition without permission, orders to close these schools

On Saturday, Basic Education conducted a thorough inspection of many schools in Mumsha and entire market area. In this, they get six schools operating without recognition. The documents of these schools were seized and the order to close the school was ordered. In the event of not shutting down the operation, the police warned to put an FIR.Basik Education created a team formed to stop illegal / unauthorized schools under the chairmanship of Rajesh Kumar Verma. They examined their documents raided on many schools of the block. Vizadam Word The school's Principal Renu Bano said that the school is not recognized. The order was given to the manager to seize the school by seizing the documents here.
The Karga Public School opened the shop and found a case of selling books at high prices.

Bengali will be a compulsory subject in all West Bengal schools: CM Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday announced that Bengali language would be an essential subject in all the schools of the state, which would be a part of the three language formulas. Students have the freedom to take any language of their choice in the form of first language, second or third language. If Bengali, Hindi, English, Urdu, Gurmukhi, Nepali are selected as the first language, then they can choose two other languages ​​of their choice. One Bengali language in three languages ​​will be compulsory. Two other options are completely dependent on students' selection. In all CBSE schools, Hindi can be mandatory till class 10. He said that this method will help them reach regional, national and international standards.

The order to keep all schools and colleges closed today due to tension in the Kashmir Valley.

Tension in the Kashmir Valley has closed all the schools and colleges today. Internet and mobile services have also been closed in the Kashmir Valley. Protesters have declared the protest in the valley today even today, just like yesterday. On Monday, more than 200 students were injured in the valley. In view of the situation, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has demanded to impose President's rule in the valley.

Are trying to provoke the valley again. And this time, the students are being stoning against the security forces by inciting them. The students used to pelvic stones in Shree Pratap College of Srinagar. And flags of terrorist organization IS are being shown.

Stone was thrown on security forces by school studend in Kashmir 40 were injured.

The police officer reported that a group of students near the red square at the Maulana Azad road protest near Mr. Pratap College. | He said that armed forces told the student not to performed  stone throw by students from there to say but don't move from there and defections performing armed forces. Students in South Kashmir Pulwama here groups of college students ' toughness ' protests began.