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Donald Trump congratulated Vladimir Putin for his re-election as president.

US President Donald Trump calls Russian President Vladimir Putin and congratulates him on re-elected President. Giving details of the phone call, it was reported that Trump congratulated Putin on Russia's re-election on March 18 again and emphasized the importance of nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula.

Issue of poisoning former detective: Russia expels 23 British diplomats

In connection with the allegations made by Britain on behalf of Britain in connection with poisoning a former spy, Moscow said on Saturday that he would expel 23 British diplomats and close a British consulate. Under the counter steps announced by Russia after summoning British Ambassador Laurie Bristow, Russia also said that it will also ban the activities of the British Council in their country. Such a move by the British Prime Minister Terez Me has been defamed by the British Prime Minister Terez Me. During the growing tension on the issue of poisoning four-year Salisbury to Sergei Scrapple and his daughter Yulia, Teriza warned that she was British to Russian government Will not tolerate threats to the lives of British nationals and others on the ground. His statement was praised by his party members.

69th Republic Day: Vladimir Putin sent special message to PM

India is celebrating its 69th Republic Day. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has sent a special message on the occasion of Republic Day.Putin has greeted Republic Day by writing a letter to PM Modi. Russia always gives great importance to its relationship with India. Russia's relationship with India is a very special and strategic partnership.

Facebook will investigate suspicion of Russian intervention in Brigitte

Facebook has said that he has agreed to double check the possibility of Russian intervention in the use of its platform in the referendum on Bregitz in the United Kingdom (UK). As reports, Facebook has taken this step after pressure from British MPs because they were not satisfied with the first inquiry of Facebook.

In Russia, it is difficult to get out of the house in the cold winter

In Russia, it is difficult to get out of the house in the winter. Temperatures in many areas went below minus to 50 degrees. The mercury minus went up to 67 degrees in the Yakutia region here on Tuesday. Typically the thermometer minus can record up to 50 degrees of mercury, but due to the temperature less it has damaged the thermometer here. According to the Siberian Times, the temperature minus 67 degrees in the Oyyamakon village of Russia was also recorded. Let the world know that the coldest cold in the world was still in Oymayakon in 1993. Then the temperature was recorded at minus 71 degrees. In the last week, 2 out of 5 people who were going to repair their car had died from cold. However, the life of 3 others was saved due to warm clothes.

Sun, after 40 days of darkness in Russia's Miramansk city

The sun light after 40 days (from 2 December to 11 January) on Thursday in Mirmansk city of Russia, because there was an incident called 'Polar Night' in the city. Significantly, this event occurs in the far north and south regions of the earth, when the sunlight does not reach the light of more than 24 hours.

Russia will build a luxury hotel at the International Space Station

Russia is engaged in making some 'big'. According to reports, the Russian Space Agency is preparing to build a luxury hotel at Roccosmos International Space Station, which is the ISS.Any person who would be willing to spend $ 4 million i.e. Rs 256 crores in this hotel for a week or two Could stay. Apart from this, giving $ 2 million will also give them a chance to make a spacewalk with an astronaut. RC Space Contractor RKK Energia has been given the responsibility to prepare a strategy to build this hotel. It can cost up to $ 27.9 million (1786 crores) to $ 446 million (2855 crores). This hotel will have 4 rooms for sleeping and each room has a 9-inch window. Along with this, the hotel also has a medical and hygiene stations and a 16-inch lounge area.

10 injured in a bomb blast in Russia's St. Petersburg supermarket

10 people have been injured in a bomb blast in Russia's St. Petersburg supermarket. The Russian news agency quoted the emergency services of St. Petersburg, saying that the accident occurred due to the explosion of a 200-gram explosive device. This explosion occurred in the storage area made to keep the bags of the customers. No organization has taken responsibility for the explosion. But, security agencies believe it to be a terrorist attack. The inquiry committee has sent the Expert Committee on the spot to investigate the blast. Russian President Putin, in the beginning of this month, was called America's President Donald Trump and thanked him for giving a tip of the bomb blast from the CIA. In April this year, 16 people were killed and 50 injured in a Subway bombing in St. Petersburg.

8 months later in Russia, explosions in St Petersburg, 10 wounded

At least 10 people were injured in a bomb blast in a shopping mall in St. Petersburg, Russia. Citing the source of emergency services, the Russian news agency Sputnik said that 10 people were injured in an explosion from an unknown device in a shop in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. As a result of the blast, many people are also being evacuated from this area.

Russia: Explosion in St. Petersburg-based supermarkets, 10 injured

10 people were injured in the blast of a country bomb in a supermarket in Russia's St Petersburg city. Investigative Committee spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko told in a statement that according to initial information, there was an explosion in an unknown object in a store. Svetlana said that investigation of this case has been started as an attempt to murder. According to the report of Interfax News Agency, Alexander Klaus, head of the St. Petersburg investigation unit told that 10 people have been admitted to the hospital, their lives are not in danger.

7 months later 'Bahubali 2' will be released in Russia and Japan

Among the historical films of Indian cinema, 'Bahubali: The Conquestion' (2017) will now be seen in Japan and Russia. Yes, 'Bahubali 2' will be released in Japan on December 29, then in Russia it will be released on January 11, 2018. The film has a trailer in Russian language. Earlier, this memorable film has made great earnings in countries like America, China, Taiwan. The film was released on April 28, 2017 in India.

Putin's anti-Alexi election will be tough, the Election Commission will not be able to fight.

Russia's Election Commission on Monday banned the election of opposition leader Alexei Navalny to President Vladimir Putin. Angered by the decision, Aloxy has announced the boycott of the elections.Alexei Navalny has said that she will appeal to her supporters to boycott the elections. Immediately after the decision was taken against Allex, he released a video in which he appears to be saying that 'We knew that it could happen, so we have a direct plan. He alleged that even in these elections only Putin and those people will be seen fighting elect who Putin chose. Alexey says that if elections were to be held in the right way, they would defeat Putin in these elections. Before the decision was taken by the Election Commission, Alexei said that if you do not allow me to contest, it means that you have millions Are taking a decision against the people.

On failing to plot a terrorist attack in Russia Putin told Trump Thank you.

There was a big terrorist attack in Russia's St. Petersburg city. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) helped Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) to circumvent it. For which Federal Security Service (FSB) has thanked his American counterpart, Donald Trump.Russ President Vladimir Putin thanked his American counterpart Donald Trump for the information provided by the CIA, with the help of St. Petersburg A big terrorist attack in failed. The White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said, "Trump appreciated the phone call Mr. and told Putin that he and the entire US intelligence community was very happy to help save lives. Putin also thanked the CIA and his director Mike Pompeo.

Putin ordered partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived suddenly on Syria tour, has partially announced the return of Russian soldiers from the country. Russia first made air attacks on the rebels fighting with the Islamic State group and other jihadis, along with government forces, in support of its ally Damascus, while interfering in the war in 2015. Putin, who was visiting Syria's Hemim Air Base, addressing on television said, "I have ordered the Defense Minister and Chief of General Staff to start the return of a group of Russian soldiers from their permanent base." He said, "I have decided that a significant part of the detachment of the Russian soldiers should come back from Syria."

Russia rejects demands to break relations with North Korea

Russia has turned down the demand of the United States to break relations with North Korea. Said that America is doing everything to provoke Kim Jong-nong of North Korea.America had warned a day earlier that if the war had taken place, North Korean leadership would be completely destroyed. North Korea recently got its third ICBM tested. He has claimed that this inter-continental ballistic missile is capable of attacking anywhere in America. Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov rejected Washington's call to break up with North Korea. He accused the United States of trying to provoke Kim Jong-those government. He also said that it should be investigated that America is not planning to destroy North Korea. He said that we have been saying for a long time that the pressure of sanctions has come to an end.

During the trip to Russia in 2013 the women had offered for trump.

During the 2013 visit to Moscow, he turned down a Russian offer of five women sent for a trump. Keith Schiller told the House Intelligence Committee in the beginning of this week that he had taken this offer as a joke.Beiler said that he and Trump were alerted about the hotel room in Moscow because he knew that the room Can be installed by hiding in the camera. According to the Washington Post, during the presidential election campaign in 2016, Democrats were cast. He further said that he was in the meeting with about 15 people to discuss the subject of Pangead, after which he had offered to send women in Trump's room. According to the Times, members present at the meeting were also Russian pop star Emin Aglarov and his father Ars Agalarov, who had a close relationship with President Vladimir Putin.

380 people arrested during protest against Putin

Police took 380 activists into custody for organizing unauthorized demonstrations against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Opposition leader Vyacheslav Maltsev had called on people to protest against Putin's atrocities by posting on his website. OVD-Info, a human rights organization that monitors people detained during political demonstrations, said, "We have information about 380 people being detained." 13 people have been taken to St. Petersburg and 346 in Moscow.

Russia Post reached 12.6 million Americans

Facebook has said that the content posted by Russia's users over the past two years has reached 12.6 million Americans. According to the social networking site, 80,000 such posts were released before and after 2016 presidential elections. Most of these posts were divisive societal and political messages. There are times when the Senate is going to hear a hearing on how much influence Russia has made on these popular websites. Russia has consistently denied these allegations. That he tried to influence the last presidential election, in which Donald Trump became President by defeating Hillary Clinton. Confirmation of fresh data Uk news agency of Reuters and the Washington Post newspaper.

Video: Girl standing up the skirt at the metro station, video viral

A strange video of Russian student Anna Dowgayluk is getting viral. This student stands up in a crowded metro station, raising its skirt upwards. In fact, a Russian student has taken this step to register their protest. The girl says that sometimes at crowded places, men click pictures in the skirts of girls and the victim girls do not even know. He has done such a thing to register a protest against this.

2 women rap and murdered and meat of human fed to dog.

Azhandar Maslenikov, a 31-year accused, has previously been convicted for sexual offenses. But later he was released from jail. Police have arrested the accused. The event is from the city of Volzhskaya. Police officials say 28-year-old Olga Shawashnikova and 29-year-old Daria Labutina went to a club after which the house did not return. The search operation was done for women. The phones of women were stopped working. Police say women from the club came out with the accused. In May this year, the accused came out of jail after spending 11 years in jail. There were convictions of rape, harassment and robbery. It is being said that the accused kidnapped women and raped them by bringing them home. Police have also received pieces of dead bodies from the nearby forest. The police had earlier announced the award for giving information about the accused. After that he was caught by Moscow police. 

Increased threat of BadRabbit virus, cyber attack done on many countries including Russia

After RanSamware, a virus called BadRabbit has cyber attack. This attack has been done on many countries including Russia. This is causing problems like the flight delayed on Russia's Interfax news agency, including Ukraine Airport. However, there is no news of any major losses, but the US government has issued a warning.

During Obama's regime, investigating a part of uranium product potential to sell to a Russian company

Two US-led Republicans have started investigating the alleged scam in the Barack Obama administration's deal to sell some part of US uranium product capacity to Russia's energy company. According to the News Agency Xinhua, House Intelligence Committee chairman Republican Devin Minuis said on Tuesday that his committee and the House Overseas Committee will jointly investigate the deal.

Smriti Irani's tan on Rahul's viral tweets- Want to win elections in Russia?

In the recent days, Union Minister Smriti Irani has tensed on the unexpected boom in Rahul Gandhi's tweet.
Smriti cited the report of a news agency that questioned this boom, writing that Rahul Gandhi wants to win elections by going to Russia, Indonesia or Kazakhstan. The News Agency report claims that Rahul's tweets are being retweeted by fake accounts from overseas. On October 15, Rahul Gandhi retweeted a tweet from US President Donald Trump. In this tweet, Trump had told about America-Pakistan relations. Rahul had tweeted on this, "Modi ji should hurry, it seems that President Trump has to embrace once again." This tweet was immediately changed to 20 thousand and now it has been retired 30 thousand times.

Russia will boost the cyber power of North Korea, the internet will get more strength.

A Russian government company has given North Korea the second connection to the Internet. This high-capacity connection has increased the cyber power of North Korea. This new connection will help in tackling any attack or disturbances in North Korea's cyber network. According to the Ministry of Defense of South Korea, North Korea has an army of 6,800 cyberwar experts. It has cyber attacks on other countries several times. In 2014, this was the hacking of Sony Pictures. Due to the threat of war with North Korea, the United States has decided to further strengthen its missile defense system.

Russia boosts cyber power of North Korea which help in war

A Russian government company has given North Korea the second connection to the Internet. This high-capacity connection has increased the cyber power of North Korea. This has pushed the American effort to isolate North Korea. Meanwhile, the US has started working on making its Missile Defense system more effective. This requires an additional budget of 440 million dollars (2,860 crore rupees) from the parliament. Address of this connection given by Trans Telecom on Sunday. This will be in addition to the Internet connection given by China's company China Unicom in 2010 and will strengthen it. This new connection will help in tackling any attack or disturbances in North Korea's cyber network.

Russia's opposition leader Alexei imprisoned for 20 days, Putin gets birthday gift.

Moscow, ANI Russia's court has sent opposition leader Alexei Naavelani to jail again. This is the third time this year, when they have to burn in jail. Alexey was planning to create disruption in the forthcoming Russia elections. So the court sentenced him to 20 days in jail. Alexey will now be in jail for 20 days. So he will not be able to lead a big rally in Putin's hometown St. Petersburg on Saturday. A local newspaper quoted Allexi as saying, "The punishment of my prison is birthday gift to Putin." The opposition leader, who was campaigning against corruption in the country, was arrested on Friday when he was preparing to go to a rally in the provincial city. He wrote in his tweet, "Old Man Putin is scared of our rallies, so he has given me a gift on his birthday by arresting me."

Russia has ruined its last known chemical weapons, Putin said 'historic moment'

Russia completely destroyed its last chemical warfare in the Southwest region of the country. Mikhail Babich, President of the State Commission for Chemical Disarming told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the process of destroying the natural weapons has already been completed before the scheduled time. "We can say that this is definitely a historic moment," News Agency Xinhua quoted Putin. According to Mikhail, experts say that the reserves of chemical weapons can destroy human life many times on Earth.

US President told Facebook 'anti-trumpet'

US President Donald Trump called the social media company Facebook 'anti-trumpet'. Trump has expressed anger after Facebook offered to help Russia investigate alleged interference in the US presidential election.n Trump tweeted Wednesday that Facebook has always been anti-trump. He also accused the New York Times and the Washington Times of being anti-trump. The statement of Trump came one day after Facebook's move, in which the social media company has said that the content of 3,000 advertisements purchased by the Russian agency has been made available to the Parliamentary inquiry committee.

Cannibal family! 30 killed and eaten, pickle made of meat from the human body

A supposed cannibalist husband and wife believed that he had killed 30 people in the past 18 years. The police has got 8 body parts now and now the police is investigating further to know the truth of this statement. The couple had a cellar in his house where he kept body parts of his victims and then take selfies with them. 35-year-old Dimitri Bukshiv, living in southern Russia, has admitted that he started in 1999. A photo of Dimitri has also been released in which he is seen with his 35 year old prey. However this woman's name has not been disclosed. Dimitri's wife is named Natalia and she is a nurse from the profession.

Claims 21 States of America, Russian hackers try to win Trump

On behalf of 21 U.S. states, it has been claimed that Russia tried to win Donald Trump in the presidential election in 2016 in the United States. These states claim that the hackers of the Russian government tried unsuccessfully to change votes in support of Trump. Although before this, Russia has denied any kind of interference, and Donald Trump has also declined to agree with such a deal with Russia.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong are fighting like children of school: Russia

Jubani Jung is continuing between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump, for whom Russia has taken a look at both the leaders. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are fighting like children. US President Donald Trump had warned North Korea to completely eliminate the first speech in the United Nations, on which the North Korea described his speech as a bark of dog. Not only that, Kim Jong, he has confessed the Donald Trump to the mad.

Russia drops bobm on ISIS 'Father of all bomb', four times stronger than American bomb

The Russian army has attacked the top commanders of the dreaded terrorist organization IS, with the powerful 'Father of All Bomb'. The attack was carried out in the late Syrian city of late Aj-Jor. It was told that this is the largest non-nuclear bomb dropped on IS leaders. Four leaders of the Islamic State were killed in the attack.

International Military Games: In the first round, the Chinese tanks crashed, the Indian tank team in the second round.

In the match between the tanks of the big nations running under the International Military Games 2017 held in Russia, where the Indian army reached the second round, the Chinese army team was already out in the round. This year, a total of 19 countries have participated in this competition. In which countries like Russia, India, China, Kazakhstan are participating. While Russia was at number one in the first round, the Indian team was at fourth place in the first round. There are 28 tournaments in International Military Games organized in Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China. Indian Army team is taking part in the competition for the last three years. The Army said, "For the first time this year the team will participate with its T 90 tanks which have been sent to Russia by ship.

Russian President Putin asked 755 American diplomats to leave Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked 755 US diplomats to leave Russia. At the same time, Putin also said that he is not looking at improving relations between the two countries soon. The decision was taken on Friday, but Putin has confirmed the number which has been asked to leave Russia until September. Now after September one, the number of American employees in Russia will be equal to 455 in Washington.

Prohibition Bill for Russia, Iran and North Korea passed ,Now bill passed to Trump

The US Senate has passed a strong bipartisan support to strengthen the bill against sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea and to impose additional restrictions. Now this bill will go to the White House for the approval of US President Donald Trump. Senator Armed Services Committee president and Senator John McCain said, "This bill took place in the United States in 2016 through the provision of the need for the inspection of the Congress on any new attempt to ban existing restrictions and ban the restrictions on Russia. For the intervention of Russia in the presidential election, he blames him

US will impose new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea

The United States has passed a new ban on Russia, Iran and North Korea with a huge majority. In the House of Representatives, 419 members voted in favor of their party and three. Now it will be sent to the Senate. After the passage of the Senate and the signature of the President, it will come into effect. The new restriction proposal states that the fighter attitude of the three countries is dangerous to the world.

America raises new sanctions on Russia

There is a huge majority in the House of Representatives in the United States to impose new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea. With the support of 419 members, this bill has been passed in the House of Representatives, only three members voted against it. If this bill was passed then the alleged Russian interference in the US Presidential election and the Russians for intervention of Russia in eastern Ukraine Officials of the International Parliamentary Committee of the Parliament of Russia, Leonid Slatsky, said that these new copies The relations between USA and Russia will be complicated by the rules.

Russia will give tanks to Iraq with modern technology, contract of $ 1 billion

Russia and Iraq have entered into a contract, whereby Russia will supply a large number of tanks to Iraq. Although there is no information on how many tanks Iraq will meet, but it is certain that it will be a large number.  This contract can be of one billion dollars. This is a huge amount for Uralvagunjawod Corporation, who supplies these tanks. According to earlier reports, Corporation is planning to provide 73 T-90 S / SK tanks to Iraq.

Trump regrets Jeff as Attorney General.

American President Donald Trump has said that if he knew that Jeff Sessions was legally ineligible to investigate Russian affairs, he would never appoint him at the post of Attorney General. Jeff told the Senate Judicial Committee that during the presidential election in 2016, he did not meet any Russian official. But later it was revealed that he had met Russian ambassador Sergey Kiskal twice. Trump had also rebuked Jeff on this.

Indian Army will join 200 Kamov helicopters, agreement with Russia

India has made a billion dollar deal for Kamov helicopters. Under this deal, India will get 200 Kamov helicopters, most of which will be built in India. Viktor Nikolayevich Kladov, a senior official of Russian Defense Products Company Group Rostake Corp. and its International Cooperation and Regional Policy Department, said that the joint venture was registered in India in May.

7.7 magnitude earthquake in Russia, scientists feared tsunami

A 7.7 rector strong earthquake of intensity on the eastern coast of Russia has led to the warning of the tsunami threat in parts of the Pacific region. But the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, after a while, had predicted that there is no possibility of a devastating tsunami in the Pacific region and there is no threat to Hawaii. The earthquake occurred at around 11.30 in the night, 199 kilometers east-southeast of Russia's Nikolski.

Impeachment motion against Donald Trump appeared in Parliament

Donald Trump won the presidential election last year in the US. Although losing to him, Hillary Clinton was believed to be the main contender for the win. To win Donald Trump, the news of Russian interference in the presidential election started becoming media headlines. Now the problems of trump are increasing in this case. An Opposition Democratic MP has presented an impeachment motion against Trump in the House for obstructing the investigation of this case.

Trump's son released email for acceptance of the e-mail for Russian lawyer meeting

The son of American President Donald Trump released several emails on Tuesday, which suggests that a Russian Lawyer offered to give sensitive information about Hillary Clinton to Trump's campaign team. This mail was received on June 3, 2016, by the junior Trump. It was written in the mail, "These documents will scare Hillary and it will be very beneficial for your father. It is very sensitive information but is part of the support of Russia and its government's to Trump. '

Donald Trump accepts Russia's interference in US elections, the warnings given to uttar korea

US President Donald Trump has acknowledged that Russia might have interfered in the past year's presidential election. Said that many other countries could also be involved in this. Trump said I believe many people have interfered. Trump took the North Korea during this time and warned of the consequences. He said that the 'consequences' of this action of Pyongyang will definitely happen and warn that he is considering a strong reaction. Trump said I call on all countries to face this global threat and show North Korea publicly that its consequences will be the result of this very bad behavior. Trump said we are considering very strict things.

Chinfing reached Russia's capital Moscow for talks with Russian counterpart Putin.

Chinese President Shi Xinfing reached Russia's capital Moscow on Monday for talks with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin about this. The monitoring of Thad's radar is not only North Korea but also the locations of China and Russia. At the same time, America has succeeded in failing in the early stages of any missile attack from China and Russia. China is not able to stop this system from the North Korean missile and nuclear development program. America and South Korea have said that the only purpose of thread deployment is to save South Korea from North Korea's attack.

Russia created, Uniform of the Super Solders Equipped with Night Vision, and Helmets.

Russia has brought a robotic uniform equipped with modern technology for its soldiers. With the help of this prototype, like 'Star Wars', Russia is poised to prepare 21st Century warrior. The exterior layer of this high-tech robotic armor, Agjo Skeleton, is designed to increase the strength of the soldier. Along with this, it has been given a shield that will save the soldiers from the bullets. There are heavy ski boots in the feet, which are tied to the waist with the help of a metal frame. The straw trouper-style helmet is given in this dark black robotic armor. This robotic armor was displayed at the National University of Science and Technology located in Moscow.

Cyber Attack in UK and Europe, Government Computer Network Down in Ukraine

In the UK and Europe there were cyber attacks once again on Tuesday. Experts are saying this new kind of virus attack. Russia, the UK and Ukraine have the biggest impact of this RanSware attack. The Ukraine's PM said that such cyber attacks have never been seen before. Here the Deputy PM said that due to virus attack the government computer network was down. This cyber attack is also like the WannaCry virus. It's being said Petya or Petwrap. In Britain this virus is being named GoldenEye. Hackers hacked the website of some bank, which caused problems in providing services to the customers.

IS is killing children, so that citizen does not leave the mossul.

Terrorists are targeting children for saving Islamic State (IS) fighters, so that citizens living in Mosul can not escape from there. Iraqi forces are wielding IS in the country from its last stronghold. UNICEF said that they have details of many such cases, in which the IS fighters killed the children of those families, who were trying to flee from outside the areas controlled by terrorists. Iraqi forces are gradually pushing the IS fighters away from the old city of Mosul, but the speed of the operation has slowed due to the presence of close to 100,000 citizens in dense areas. UNICEF said that about 1,075 children were killed and 1,130 children were injured after IS terrorists captured one-third of Iraq's territory in 2014.

Before the visit of PM Narendra Modi, the US approved the 22 unmanned drone deal.

Just before his first visit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Washington visit, and the current US President Donald Trump, the US has approved the sale of 22 Guardian unmanned drones to India. According to the report, the deal has been approved by the US State Department, and it has been conveyed to the Government of India and the California-based manufacturer of drones, General Atomics. The deal will be approximately US $ 2 billion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave for America on a two-day trip on Sunday. US President Donald Trump had met Chinese President Xi Chunfing in April this year, and since he took charge in January, he has also met the leaders of Japan, Britain and Vietnam, to worry about this matter in India. It was said that relations with India for the US are no longer important.

ISIS gangster Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi once again survived.

In the attack carried out by his army in Syria, ISIS dancer Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi has died.The Russian Army had announced four days earlier that the terrorist attack in the so-called capital Rakka may occur in May 28 That he killed Baghdadi The Russian army said that in addition to Baghdadi, several top ISIS commanders were also killed in the bombing. A picture of this bombing was also released by the Russian army. A few days before Russia's claim, the official TV channel of Syria also reported the death of Baghdadi. Rousa had expressed the possibility that Baghdadi also died in the bombing.

Russia ready to deal on Kamov helicopter after F-16 with america.

American company Lockheed Martin on Monday signed an agreement with the Tata Group to build an F-16 fighter aircraft in India. Under this, the aircraft of this company will also be manufactured in India. On the other hand, Russia has also received good news for India. New Fighter Aircraft and Kamov helicopter deal can be done in India and Russia on the forthcoming Russia tour of Defense Minister Arun Jaitley. Arun Jaitley will leave for his 4-day Russia visit on 20th June, and stay there till June 23. Apart from the 5th generation fighter aircraft on this tour, Kamov Helicopter approval is very important.

Russia, claiming to be killed IS gangster Baghdadi's in airstrikes

Russia's army said on Friday that it is trying to check whether the terrorist organization Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi was killed in a terrorist organization in the attacks last night by his fighter planes in Syria. The Russian army said that Sukhoi fighters attacked a hideout near Raqqa on May 28 for 10 minutes where leaders of Islamic State had gathered for the meeting.

The government in Russia is distributing free land.

This scheme is implemented by the government for free of one hectare land in the far eastern part of Russia. The President of Russia has endorsed the implementation of this plan in the rest of the country. President Putin responded by answering a question related to this in his annual question-answer session. Putin was asked whether the free land scheme implemented in Far Eastern Russia can be implemented in the rest of the country. Putin said, 'Russia has enough land. There is no use of agricultural land of 430 million hectares in our country. We have too much land lying vacant.Free Land program must be completed in the first eastern part, after which it will be considered to be implemented in the rest of the country

US Senate seal on rigorous amendments to Russia.

US Senate gave a strong message about showing aggression alleged interference and Syria border dispute , US election boundaries in an amendment passed by consensus Vladimir Putin, President of Russia to make the sanctions on Russia and rigorous and comprehensive Crimea Both parties also showed rare unity on the occasion pass the ban amendment, 97 votes against two fighters After the replacement of the lower house, the House of passing Representatives and signed by President Donald Trump it will take the form of amendments to the law will be effective.

Demonstrations against Russian President Vladimir Putin, 250 including opposition leader arrested

 In the case of anti-corruption demonstrations in Russia, Major opposition leader Alexei Navalny was arrested on Monday. Thousands of people were arrested in St Petersburg, 150 people were arrested, while at least 97 people were detained in Moscow, this group raised slogans against Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The Prosecutor's Office of Moscow said, we warn that any attempt to perform unlawfully in Moscow will be a direct violation of the law.

Russian hackers have created diplomatic crisis in Qatar through false news

The matter of Russia's hand is coming behind the diplomatic crisis that arose for Qatar. American investigators believe that Russian hackers have faked news and damaged relations with other countries of Qatar. American Intelligence Agency FBI has sent a team Doha to help the Qatar government in the investigation of the case. In addition, US President Donald Trump has criticized Iran in Saudi during his first farsighted visit. It is being told that on 23 May the Qatar News Agency had published a news, in which the Qatar rich said that Iran is regional and Islamic power in the Gulf region.

On the issue of terrorism in Russia, PM Narendra Modi targeted a simple Pakistan.

Modi, close to Russia in the International Economic Forum in St Petersburg, and in response to a question regarding differences with China, pointing to the support of terrorists across the border, look at the ongoing discussions on terrorism. Terrorists do not make weapons, some countries are providing them. They do not print the notes, but some countries are definitely providing them. He said that some countries, good terrorism, bad terrorism, my terrorism, talk about your terrorism. What is terrorism and how dangerous it is. For this the limit does not matter. It has no own country. Wherever humanity is.

India will get the anti-aircraft missile from Russia, will be able to collapse together, 36 missiles.

Russia today said that it is preparing for the supply of anti-aircraft missile system S-400 Trung to India and both Governments are making "general discussions" on the terms. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that India Preconnected preparations are on with the supply of anti-aircraft missile system S-400. The Defense System is capable of hitting 36 missiles simultaneously. The S-400 Trung is an anti-aircraft missile. S-400 Trung is part of Russia's new air defense missile system, which was deployed in the Russian army in 2007. These defense systems can also target planes, cruise and ballistic missiles and ground bases. These missiles can kill 400 kilometers.

India will get S-400 anti-aircraft system from Russia, will be able to drop 36 missiles simultaneously

During the agreement with Narendra Modi and  Putin Vladimir Putin on Thursday, the S-400 Defense System was discussed. The deal on this has become final and soon it can get India. This defense system is capable of hitting 36 missiles simultaneously. Especially in the event of an attack from Pakistan and China, India will be able to make better use of this system. There was the talk of missile defense systems between India and Russia for years. It is understood that with the submission of Russia, the deal is now confirmed.

Russia will support India's permanent membership in NSG and UNSC

Russia has supported India for permanent membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). It is said in the above mentioned post that Modi and Putin have said that we believe that reforms are needed in the Security Council time. In this regard, Russia strongly supports India's permanent membership in the Security Council. Speaking to the media after meeting Putin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the relationship between India and Russia has been sustained on mutual love, respect and trust. From culture to security, our relations are based on equality. We talk in one language. Noting that the two countries are celebrating 70th anniversary of their relations, Modi said that during this time our relations remained the same.

Russia strongly supports the entry of India into the Nuclear Suppliers Group, United Nations Security Council.

Russia speaks of India's  for permanent membership in the expanded United Nations Security Council and its strong support for its membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and other arrangements of nuclear weapons non-proliferation. While supporting Russia's attempt to enter India in the 48-member NSG, Putin said that he agrees that India's involvement in multilateral export control regimes will contribute to making them better.

Propose to name the road of Delhi after the name of the late ambassador of Russia.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday announced that the name of a road in Delhi will be named after the former Russian ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin died in India while performing his duty. Modi applauded his contribution in Ambassador Kadakini and Indo-Russian relations, saying that the late ambassador was the proud son of Russia and a close friend of India. Alexander Kadakini was a Russia's Ambassador to India from 2009. He is playing an important role in promoting relations between the two countries. Kadakin started his Diplomatic career in 1972 as the 'Third Secretary' in the Russian Embassy in India.

Agreement with Russia for two more units of nuclear plant in India, both countries were emphasis on military relations going forward.

India and Russia signed a much-anticipated agreement on Thursday to install two more units of Kudankulam Atomic Energy Plant in Tamil Nadu and it was decided to give new direction to defense cooperation among the two great powers. Terrorism dialogue and discussions on topics such as trade and investment. Addressing the media jointly with Putin after the talks, Modi said that the relations between India and Russia are mutually based on mutual love, respect and strong faith. Stating that the talks were important, Putin said that India-Russia partnership is becoming more strategic and special. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the tribute to martyrs in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a tour of four countries, after Germany, Spain, he has now arrived in Russia. He meets Russian President Vladimir Putin. This visit is being considered as important to India's largest nuclear plant Kuddankulam.
PM Modi paid homage to the martyrs of World War II in St. Petersburg today. It was made in memory of nearly five lakh soldiers who were killed during the attack on Leningrad in World War II. Today, he will attend the 18th India-Russia annual conference with Vladimir Putin. The next day in St. Petersburg, PM Modi will join the International Economic Forum. Where PM Modi could talk on the Free Trade Agreement.

Russia spending 40 crores to stopped rain for parade.

Victory Day was celebrated on Tuesday, 72 years after Germany's Nazi Army Russian army victory in World War II. In the Red Square of Russia's capital Moscow, a parade of 10 thousand soldiers was carried out with tanks, nuclear missile defense systems. On Tuesday in Moscow, heavy rain was warned. For this, thick clouds by fighter jets and cargo were removed from Moscow and the parade was removed.

Prime Minister Modi arrives in Russia, the world's attention depends on the nuclear energy agreement between India and Russia

Prime Minister Modi has reached St. Petersburg Russia to participate in the India-Russia annual summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and many agreements will be signed between the two countries. At present, the world is on the agreement related to Russia's help for the last two units of India's largest nuclear power plant. On Friday, PM Modi will join Russian President Putin in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). Atomic plants are being manufactured by Atomic Energy Corporation Limited (NPCIL) and the Etmestrust, a subsidiary of Satom, a regulatory body of Russian nuclear plants.

Bypassing the world Russia has always played true friendship with India.

On April 13, 1947, Russia (the Soviet Union) and India had officially decided to set up a mission in Delhi and Moscow. This series of friendship started between the two countries continues even today after 70 years. In Russia, on June 22, 1962, the United States Security Council used its 100th veto in support of India on Kashmir issue. In the year 1961, Russia also used the 99th veto for India. This time Russia's Vito Goa was in favor of India on the issue. From Russia's nuclear and space program, Russia has often contributed with India in development work. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has felicitously praised the friendship between India and Russia in an article written in Russian newspaper Russiaiskaaya Gajeta. Russia assisted India in setting up of Bokaro, Bhilai and Visakhapatnam factory, Bhakra-Nangal hydro power plant, Durgapur plant, thermal power stations in Neyveli, Electricity venture in Korba, Antibiotics plant in Rishikesh and Hyderabad pharmaceutical plant. Russia also assisted in establishing Research Institute of Petroleum Industry in Mumbai-based Indian Industrial Institute, Dehradun, and Ahmedabad.

One billion notes found on the swampy land of Germany

A group of Russians of St. Petersburg has received notes of one billion rubles (Russian currency) in a swampy place. Their value in Indian currency is 113 million rupees. But there is no happiness to those who find them. Because these notes are not of any use. This place is in the Vladimir region, 160 kilometers away from the capital Moscow. This is an old mine, where missiles were kept in the Soviet era. The group had heard rumors that there was a lot of money left in that area. That's why she went to investigate there.

The meeting of the FBI Committee to America is the biggest threat to Russia.

During the recent meeting of a committee, the US threatened Russia with the greatest threat to Senator Lindsey Graham, that "it is right to say about Russia that it actively provides shelter to cyber criminals." . Komi has fully agreed on this. In view of the intentions of Russia and its capabilities, Russia can certainly prove to be the greatest threat to any country in the world. "MPs also expressed concerns about Russian activities in cyberspace . During the presidential election, Russia could not change the number of actual votes, but she could succeed in doing this one day. Komi said that the FBI is also working against Russian hackers.

In the eyes of the Russian people Stockholm truck attack bring tear, a blow to EU countries

Middle of a crowded Stockholm department store by an individual outside the truck climbed the leaders of various countries of the event to unite in condemnation and sympathize as well as Sweden. Police said they arrested a man after the attack. Four people were killed in the attack and 15 people were injured. U.s. State Department acting spokesman Mark toner has condemned the brutal incident and stating that injudicious America to examine the attack of any kind is ready to provide assistance.