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Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho announced his retirement from the game.

Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho has announced his retirement from the game. He was not only a member of the Brazilian team that won the World Cup in 2002 but was also an important contributor to the team's team making. Ronaldinho played professional football for the last time two years ago Ronaldinho, the former Barcelona star of St. Germain and Barcelona club last played for Fluminense in 2015. Ronaldinho made his career debut in Porto Alegre with Gremio, but he got fame while playing with the PSG of France. FIFA was chosen as the best footballer of the year. She played for AC Milan between 2008 and 2011, after which Brazil returned to Flamé Ango and Atletico played for Mainiero.

Now the employees will get PF and pension money on the day of retirement

The Central Government has given relief to retired employees. PF and pension money will now be available only on the day of retirement. Labor Minister Bandaru Dattatreya said that instructions have been issued on behalf of EPFO ​​to do PF on the day of retirement itself. Field offices will have to provide pension benefits to EPF scheme and EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) members on the same day. There are about 48.85 lakh central government employees and 55.51 lakh pensioners in the country.