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Rohingya Muslims continue migrating, 15 thousand refugees arrive in Bangladesh in 48 hours

Rohingya Muslims are fleeing after the violence spread in Myanmar's Rheinien province. In the last two days, 10 to 15 thousand Rohingya Muslims have taken shelter in Bangladesh. On Tuesday, the United Nations high commissioner said that so far 5 lakh 82 thousand Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar. Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar have taken shelter in different coastal areas of Bangladesh. Along with the NGO, the government has created temporary refugee camps for them at many places. Where they are kept.

In Kenya, the student killed seven people.

A former refugee student in the Turkana region of northern Kenya killed his six classmates and a security guard by attacking the school. Six other students were also injured in the attack. The attacker student was killed by a fierce mob. A 17-year-old student attacked on a school in the city of Lokichogiao, adjacent to the war-torn South Sudan. Apart from this, this student was caught once with an AK-47 rifle. A top official said that the school did not attack the dacoits but alumni. He was fired from the school in the case of indiscipline.

Myanmar ready to withdraw Rohingya refugees

Myanmar has proposed to withdraw nearly five lakh Rohingyas, who have recently fled to Bangladesh after the violence erupted. Myanmar and Bangladesh have agreed to set up a working group to coordinate the return of refugees. Bangladesh Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali gave this information after interacting with Myanmar's senior representative Keev Tint Swe. He said that the talks took place in a friendly atmosphere and Myanmar has proposed to withdraw Rohingya refugees.

America's refugee number cuts, only 45,000 people will surrender

The US has announced to cut the number of refugees. The US will shelter only 45,000 people next year, which is half as compared to the year 2016. A US government official told in a press conference, External Affairs Minister Rex Tillerson will brief the Congress on this matter. The President's order can be issued in the coming days. Meanwhile, MPs and human rights activists reacted sharply on the decision to limit shelter. Senator Diane Fenstein said that limiting the number of refugees to 45,000 is totally unacceptable.

Center affidavit in SC- some Rohingya refugees contact to Pak.

The central government has filed a 16-page affidavit on the plan to send Rohingya Muslims back to Myanmar. In this affidavit, the Center said that some Rohihya refugees have been exposed to terrorist organizations based in Pakistan. In this case, they can prove to be a threat to national security. At the same time, the Center feared that illegal Rohingya refugees from Myanmar coming to India could harm the stability of the region.


Visa only when you are a relative in the US 6 New visa rules for Muslim countries

The United States has set new standards for granting visas to people and refugees in 6 Muslim countries. Visa applicants or refugees in these countries should have family and business relations in the US. The visa will be issued only when these conditions are met. In the new guides, other family members such as grandparents, grandchildren, uncle-aunt, nephew-niece, nand, devar and fiancee have not been included in the close relatives. The court had said that the restrictions of close relatives who are living in the US, and students studying in the American Institutes will not have any effect on them. Under the order, all refugees including Iraq, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen were barred from entering the US.

World's 6.56 million people are forced to leave their country: United Nations

United Nations Refugee Agency said on Monday that 6.56 million people worldwide are either refugees, or seeking asylum or are displaced internally. According to the annual report of the organization, by the end of 2016, the estimated figure has increased by 300,000 from the 2015 data. This has increased in comparison to 2014-15. Because in 2014-15 there was an increase of 50 lakhs. But United Nations refugee high commissioner Filippo Grandi said that so far these figures show a failure of international diplomacy. Grandi said, "It seems that the world is unable to establish peace."

Teach terrorists a lesson to those who give refuge to terrorism: Trump

The Trump Administration is ready to take a tough stand against Islamabad to eliminate active terrorist organizations in Pakistan. The main concern of the US has been to take action against those Pakistani terrorist organizations who target Afghanistan. To prevent economic funding given to Pakistan and to reduce the status given to Islamabad as a cooperative country, there are measures like this. They say that Pakistan should stop helping its active terrorist organizations. If the United States closes its financial support to Pakistan, the backbone of the terror will be broken. Now America is seriously focused on the problem of providing safe havens to Pakistan by the terrorists. Will give