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China is on the big mission of reconstruction of Pakistan with Gwadar port,

After the construction of Gwadar airport under CPEC, the relationship between China and Pakistan is now growing in a new direction. The Chinese government is preparing to invest in Pakistan's Aviation Sector and Automobile Sector. Under this, the strengthening of Pakistan International Airlines and a joint venture with Pakistan will create the international level buses of Chengdu bus company in China. In the aviation sector, the government of Pakistan and China will work together with each other. The agreement between the two countries is being considered as a forward link between the agreement under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC).

Hacked Girls' College Website, Writes - Pakistan Zindabad

The website of the State Women's Post Graduate College has been hacked. In the hacked website, the flag of Pakistan is fluttering. In addition, it has also been written in Pakistan Zindabad. The responsibility of hacking has been taken by the group named Blackskorpine.
Hackers have given their Facebook account URL on the hacked college website. Which is Hackers have not disclosed any specific reason for hacking. Apart from writing Pakistan Zindabad, nothing has been written yet. The link to the hacked website -

6 years later, Malala reached home in Swat valley of Pakistan

Malala Yousafzai, honored with the Nobel Prize, returned to his native town in Pakistan's Swat Valley on Saturday. Malala, who advocated girls' education, was shot in the head by Taliban militants in 2012. He has come to Pakistan for the first time since this incident. Sources said that 20-year-old Malala, along with her parents, has reached a one-day tour today in Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province between the two countries. During the visit, Minister of State for Information Affairs Miriam Aurangzeb was with Malala during the visit. In her native town, Malala got her childhood friends and teachers five years later. Sources said, "Together with their people, Malala's eyes started to tear. She had been feeling very emotional while going to her house and meeting friends.

5 people killed in same family in Pakistan's Balakot Sector in Poonch

Five people of a single family died in the fierce firing from Pakistan in Balakot area of Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Two people were injured in the incident. The injured have been admitted to the hospital immediately. This information has been given by DDP SP Vaid of Jammu and Kashmir. Please tell you that before this, in Poonch district only the firing took place overnight at villages and advance posts near the Line of Control. The firing started in the Balakot Sector in the late night from cross-border across the country for more than two hours. They said that Indian soldiers had responded to the shootout.
There were just 152 cases of ceasefire violations in -2015
They increased in -2016 - 228 ceasefire violations
-But about 8 times more than 860 cases were reported in 2017

Pakistan will have to take further steps against Taliban: US Vice President Mike Pains

US Vice President Mike Pains has said in a tone to Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi that his country will have to 'take further steps' against the Taliban and other terrorist groups. Abbasi is visiting a private tour to see his sick sister. Meanwhile, Abbasi met with Pence at his Naval Observatory residence on Friday. This meeting took place on the request of Abbasi.A statement released by the White House on the meeting today said, "Vice President Pens reiterated President Trump's request that the Pakistan government has been active in its country, the Taliban, the Haqqani network and other terrorist groups To deal with the problem, more work will be done. The Vice President said that threatening America's security and regional stability Their efforts to end the groups will continue. He said that Pakistan can work with the United States and it should do so.

Jammu and Kashmir: 5 civilians die in Pakistan's firing in Balkot Sector of Poonch

Five people were killed and two were injured in the fierce firing from Pakistan in Balakot area of Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir. The injured have been admitted to the hospital immediately. This information has been given by DDP SP Vaid of Jammu and Kashmir. Please tell you that before this, in Poonch district only the firing took place overnight at villages and advance posts near the Line of Control. The firing started in the Balakot Sector in the late night from cross-border across the country for more than two hours. They said that Indian soldiers had responded to the firing. The ceasefire violations between India and Pakistan have increased badly in these days. What is the reason for this new accident that arises suddenly? Knowledgeable believe that there are elections in Pakistan and the Pakistan Government is trying to hide the fate of the war and the rage of anti-India protests.

US drone strikes kill Taliban's deputy chief Khalid Mehsud

Pakistani Taliban have confirmed the killing of their Deputy Chief Khalid Mehsud in the American drone attack. In the name of Commander Sajna, the infamous Mehsud was killed in an attack on Thursday in a village in North Waziristan in Pakistan. The terrorist organization has said that he has declared Mufti Noor Wali as successor to Mehsud.

Krishna Kumari becomes Pakistan's first Hindu woman MP

Krishna was born in 1979 in a remote village of Sindh's NagarParkar district. Krishna's freedom fighter belongs to Ruplo Kohli's family. Krishna is a social worker. The 39-year-old Krishna Kumari has been nominated by the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) for the Senate election. If he wins that election, then the first Hindu woman to be a senator in Pakistan.

Group Captain stuck in a week's sex chat.

The Air Force officer, arrested for allegedly spying for Pakistan, has made several important revelations in the inquiry. According to the information, in the accused IAF, who was killed in Hunitrap, Group Captain Arun Marwah has confused the issue of leaking documents. Smartphones are not allowed at Air Force Headquarters, Delhi. Some high officials are allowed to take the smartphone inside. The accused, Arun Marwah, was a group captain, so there was no restriction on taking him inside the smartphone headquarters. An assistant officer Marwah accepted the hunt for Honey Trap during the interrogation. She told that about six months ago, two women were friends with her on Facebook and talked to them. Later, the alleged maid got started chatting through Marwah through WhatsApp and other social platforms. There was porn chat between the two. Both of them used to send porn messages to each other. According to the information, this series of sexual intercourse for more than a week is going on.

The US has termed the three Pak terrorists as global terrorists.

Donald Trump Administration has termed three people of Pakistan as Global Terrorist. The three are accused of being linked to terrorist organizations like the Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Taliban.Mirica's Department of Treasury has named three terrorists as global terrorists. Their names are Rahman Jab Fakir Muhammad, Hezbulla, and Khalifa and Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan.After declaring the three terrorists as Global Terrorists, America can block the entire three properties. Any American citizen could stop any kind of transactions with these three. Under the Treasury Department's Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Co-ordinator Segel Mandelker said that America is constantly bringing the names of those people who support terrorist organizations. And are running a financial network in South Asia incorrectly.

Attack on Shree Maharaja Harisingh Hospital in Srinagar, Lashkar assaulted by Pakistan army militants

In Sri Maharaja Harisingh (SMHS) Hospital in Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir, there was a major terrorist attack on Tuesday afternoon. The attack has happened inside the hospital. A policeman was killed in this attack, many policemen were injured in the attack. After the attack, security forces surrounded the whole area. The police had brought 6 terrorists to the hospital to get a checkup. During the firing, a LeT terrorist (Abu Hanjula) managed to escape. However, the remaining 5 terrorists are in police custody. After the attack, SSP Srinagar, Imtiaz Ismail said that we had brought all the terrorists to the hospital for a checkup, during which they attacked us. A terrorist has been absconding in this attack. The policemen had brought the terrorists to the hospital for medical checkup. Inside the hospital, terrorists fired at the policemen.

The solution to the Kashmir issue for peace is important: pakistan

Kashmir Solidarity (Ekta) Day was celebrated on Monday in Pakistan. On this occasion, Mamnoon Hussain, President and PM Shahid Khakon Abbasi said in his message, "Peace and prosperity cannot come in the area unless the issue of Kashmir is resolved." To fight for the rights of the people of Kashmir We will continue to support. Pak President Mamnoon Hussain said, "Pakistan will once again give political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of India-occupied Kashmir. Shahid Khakon Abbasi said, "The issue of the Kashmir corridor has been going on for more than 70 years. People of Jammu and Kashmir have to constantly lose their basic rights.

On the case filed 100 years ago in India, Pakistan SC gave the verdict.

Even between India and Pakistan, there is a lot of panic at the political level, but many issues related to the two countries raise the curiosity and maintain interest among the people. The Supreme Court of Pakistan, on a case registered in India 100 years ago, The verdict has been ruled out. In 1918, property dispute cases were registered in a Rajasthan court. This whole case was related to the ownership of 700 acres (5,600 canals) land in Bahawalpur. Before independence, Bahawalpur used to be part of Rajputana State but after the partition, the case was sent to a court in Bahawalpur in Punjab province of Pakistan. In 2005, the case was sent to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. A three-member Bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar passed the order and ruled in the 100-year-old case. Announcing the verdict, Judge Nissar said that this property will be given to its successors on the basis of Islamic law.

Brother did the sister's murder after protesting against Rape in Balochistan, Pakistan.

In protest against rape in Balochistan province of Pakistan, a brother took his sister's life. According to the information, the deceased teenager is 13 years old. According to Lions, the brother of the deceased claimed that he had been out of the house for 30 minutes when he returned, then he saw the sister's head tied with a scarf. When the police interrogated the brother in custody, the whole story of the crime came to light. This incident happened in the Ismail area of Quetta. According to the news agency PTI, the DIG informed that the blood sample of the accused was sent to Lahore for forensic examination. The police will present him to the court for the custody of the accused.

Pakistan invites mortars in several areas on LoC for infiltration

After a few days of peace, Pakistan once again fired in many sectors of the Line of Control and fired mortars. Pakistani army wanted to infiltrate terrorists in India under the guise of firing. But, the cautious Indian Army foiled his plot. During this time the terrorists who tried to enter the Indian border fled to the territory of Pakistan. According to the News Agency, the Pakistan Army started firing at around 7 am on Tuesday morning in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. During this heavy weapons were used. The mortar was also fired in some areas. The Indian Army responded well to this firing of Pakistan. Rajouri's deputy commissioner Shahid Iqbal has confirmed firing and shelling.

Underground 19 WC: India beat Pakistan by 203 runs; Gill's Century-Porel 4 wickets

In the semi-finals of the Under-19 World Cup, India defeated Pakistan by 203 runs on Tuesday. India won the toss and bat first. Shubhaman Gill reached the Centurion by scoring 272 runs. In reply, Pakistan got stacked on just 69 runs in 29.3 overs. Right arm pacer, Ishaan Porel, for 4, from India. Pakistan's star batsman Ali Zafaryab was dismissed for 1 run. Gill's innings also become special because he was bought by the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders two days ago. This excellent right-hander faced 94 balls in his innings against Pakistan and during this time he scored 7 boundaries. Captain Shaw and his partner opener Manjot Kalra gave the team an excellent start. Shaw 41, while Kalra played an innings of 47. Gill made two great partnerships. First with Harvin Desai and later Ankul Roy. Their partnership with both of them was 50-50 runs. Shaw and Kalra shared an 89-run partnership for the opening wicket.

Fareed Zakaria: PM Modi is able to change relations with PAK

Pakistan is a country supporting terrorism, it is in its DNA. Terrorism is the biggest and the basic problem between India and Pakistan. He still continues to support terrorism. Fareed Zakaria said during special talks with Editor-in-Chief of India Today Group Arun Puri and TVTN Managing Editor Rahul Kanwal.He said that it is very difficult to break the alliance with Pakistan's terrorism. Due to this, it is very difficult to normalize relations between India and Pakistan. However, he said that PM Modi is a powerful leader. They should move forward with Pakistan in the same way, like Richard Nixon, President of the United States, went ahead with communist China in his time. Similarly, under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev, the then US President Ronald Reagan had stepped forward with the Soviet Union.

Sector commander level flang meeting between India-Pak between heavy firing on the border

On Thursday, there was a flag meeting between the Pakistan Rangers and the Border Security Force (BSF) to reduce the tension over the Indo-Pak border. In this meeting on the appeal of Pakistan, the officers of the sector commander-level from both sides joined. The flag meeting took place on the international border in the Suchetgarh area. In the Flag meeting, the Indian delegation was led by BSF DIG PS Dhiman in Jammu sector, while Sector Commander Brigadier Amjad Hussain of the Chenab Rangers led Sialkot to lead the Pakistani delegation. The Pakistani delegation included 10 officers, including the Wg commander, while the Indian delegation included five officers.

India beat Pakistan to win for second consecutive time BLIND World Cup Cricket

Team India has once again become the champion of the Blind Cricket World Cup. India defeated arch-rivals Pakistan by two wickets in the final played at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium on Saturday. At the same time, India had conquered the World Cup for the second consecutive time. India achieved the target of winning 8 wickets in 38.4 overs. India's Sunil Ramesh scored 93 and Ajay Kumar Reddy scored 62. Earlier, batting first, losing the toss, Pakistan scored 307/8 in 40 overs. In the first semi-final, India defeated Bangladesh by 7 wickets and made it to the final. In the second semifinal, the Pakistan team had climbed to the title by defeating Sri Lanka by 156 runs. The Indian team defeated Pakistan and won both T-20 Blind Cricket World Cup titles (2012, 2017).

Hamid Karzai's answer to Pakistan's PM, proof against Hafiz Saeed

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that there is so much evidence against the Hafiz Saeed, declared by the United Nations as a terrorist. A few days back, Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi gave a clean chit to Mastermind Sayeed of the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. The LeT was responsible for the execution of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. 166 people died in these attacks. In June 2014, the US had termed the Lashkar-e-Taiba as a foreign terrorist organization. Abbasi had called Hafiz Saeed in an interview on Geo TV on Tuesday and said that no action can be taken against Hafiz Saeed. There is no case against him in Pakistan.

Indian army killed three Pakistani soldiers in retaliation

On Wednesday night, in Pakistan's RSpura and Arnia in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan violated the seizure, in which Indian soldiers and a child died. Along with this, three people were injured. After which the Indian Army has killed three Pakistani soldiers in response. Firing continues in Ramgarh area now, due to which Araniya schools have been closed.

Successful test of Agni -5 equipped with nuclear power, complete range of Pakistan and China

India successfully tested Agni-5 on Wheeler Island off Orissa coast on Thursday. Agni 5 capable of carrying firearms capable of carrying more than 6000KM, developed in the country. Equipped with nuclear capacity Agni-5 will have full China and Pakistan. This missile has been developed by DRDO. Explain, the height of Agni-5 missile is 17 meters, a diameter is 2 meters, weighing 50 tons.

Statement of Pakistani PM Abbasi - There is no case on Hafiz

The terrorist face of Pakistan has once again appeared to the world. Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khakkan Abbasi called the most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed as 'Saheb' during an interview. He said that there is no case against 'Hafeez' Saheb.Pakistani PM also talked about India's issue. He said that I do not think there is any possibility of a war between India and Pakistan. We are always ready to talk to India. He said that India has adopted its propaganda on the CPC and Pakistan's CPC project. He said that now it is the time that tough decisions in Pakistan should be taken. He said that in spite of U.S. President Donald Trump, the talks are still going on with the United States. Pak Prime said that our goal is to protect our borders. If we were attacked by a drone, then we would give him the answer correctly.

India and Israel occupy the land of Muslims, Can now compete with us: Pakistan

The eyes of Pakistan are on the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to India. Its Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif has said that India and Israel are working together to create an Alliance. Asif said: India has captured the land of Muslims in Kashmir. This is what Israel did in a big way. But Pakistan has the power to compete with both of them. Asif said that India has captured the land of Muslims in Kashmir. Israel has captured the large land of Palestine. The truth is that the purpose of these two countries is the same. And this is to capture the land of Muslims. Where- Pakistan has never recognized Israel. Actually, the foundation of friendship between India and Israel is hostile to Islam. We have an emotional relationship with Palestine. This is the same with Kashmir. Said: It is true that there is an alliance between India and Israel, but Pakistan can keep itself from these two forces.

The Taliban claimed to have killed former Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto

The Pak Taliban took responsibility for his death. The terrorist organization said that he was upset with the US with the alleged deal of Benazir. In this deal, Benazir had planned to take action on the terrorist organization to return to power. While writing in a book about the Baitullah Mehsud, the Taliban said that he was upset with the deal made with Benazir in the US.

Pakistan's response to India's response, after the death of 7 soldiers on LoC, appeals for DGMO meeting now

Pakistan has been frightened by the response of the Indian Army on the border, and especially online of control, that is LoC. Now after the death of 7 soldiers in the firing on Monday, Pakistan is now contemplating a meeting of the DGMOs of both countries. Its purpose is to restore peace at the LoC. The special thing is that after four years, this will be the first time when DGMOs from both countries can talk face-to-face. Pakistan had a seizure violet on the border. The Indian Army responded with a very uncompromising answer. Indian Army killed 7 soldiers of Pakistan. India has been considering appealing to the meeting of Director Generals of Military Operations (DGMOs) to convene the meeting. It has also been said in a report that Pakistan can request the DGMO level until noon on Tuesday afternoon.

Pak again threatens nuclear attack on Bipin Rawat's statement

Pakistan's hideout of the terrorism is not showing its imprecise rhetoric. Stunned by the words of Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat, the gossip-less statement that Pakistan has once again threatened a nuclear attack. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan said that if India believes that Pakistan is giving her only a gimmick of atomic attack, then try and look.Pakistan has threatened to attack India on the nuclear attack. Earlier in September 2016, Khwaja Asif threatened India with a nuclear strike. At that time Khwaja Asif was the Defense Minister of Pakistan. On this, the countries of the world including the United States had plagued Pakistan.

India is threatening nuclear war, if it happens, will remove its misunderstanding: Pak

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif has threatened this. However, he took the statement of the Indian Army Chief's excuse. Asif said - India is threatening us with nuclear war. If this happens then we will remove his misunderstanding. The statement of Pakistan Army came after Asif. He also took the threatening guess. On Friday, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat had said that if Pakistan thinks about nuclear attack, then we have a complete preparation to answer it well. Khwaja Asif said in a tweet, "The statement of the Indian army Chief It is extremely irresponsible. It does not suit this post. India is thinking about nuclear attacks and is making an invitation for it. If they are thinking like this then we too are ready for this. Their misconceptions will be removed.

Ankker reached the studio with his daughter in protest of the murder of a minor after the rape

The anchor of Pakistan's news channel protested in a strange way about this heartbreaking incident. This anchor of Sam channel asked the studio about her daughter in protest of this incident and her daughter also stayed with her while reading the news of her murder. As she was getting emotional, she was feeling very hurt due to this incident. At the beginning of his program, Kiran says, "Today I am not a Kiran Naaz, I am a mother. In this video, Kiran also raises questions about the country's judicial system and says that no innocent person is born today, but he has taken up the whole humanity. Police said that the girl was murdered four to five days earlier.

Pakistan announces to stop all kinds of military and intelligence assistance offered to the United States

Pakistan has responded 7 days later after the US military has stopped the Rs 7,000-crore military aid to be given to Pakistan. Pakistan has announced to stop all types of military and intelligence assistance offered to the United States. The special thing is that Pakistan has not yet decided on the US to stop land and air access. This is important because American Troops present in Afghanistan are provided through logistics and sky. The first threat from Pakistan was given to close these two paths. The Dastgir said that Pakistan had made many sacrifices in dealing with terrorism. America did not keep them in mind. Khan said - now Pakistan is banning the military and Intelligence Aid to be given to the US.

Former Pakistan cricketer, Imran Khan wants to get third married to become prime minister

Former Pakistan cricketer and now an active politician, Imran Khan, often talks about his private life. Even this time, Imran is in the news after coming to the media after reports of his third marriage. Imran married a woman named Bushra Maneka on January 1, but Khan's party, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Mana (PTI) rejected these reports. Have given. Imagine the news of the Pakistani media, Imran wants to marry Bushra to become the Prime Minister of the country.Actually, Imran's heart has come on, he is not a common woman but he is his father, whose everything Imran considers. Before Bushra Imran's marriage has also been reported with sister doctor Mary Riaz Battoo, but both of them rejected it.

Pakistani newspaper printed the calendar with photograph of Hafiz

Despite pressure from the US, India, Pakistan is not able to control the mastermind of the Mumbai attack Hafiz Saeed. Claims that Pakistan's support for terrorists has been confirmed once more. Now there is a newspaper in Kalender on the New Year, in which the Jamaat-ud-Dawa gangster is a picture of terrorist Hafiz Saeed. The Urdu newspaper 'News' has published a new calendar of the year 2018 with the picture of Hafiz Saeed. Photo of this calendar tweeted by Pakistani journalist Umar R. Quraishi. Qureshi wrote in his tweets. Not only this, he also formed an organization named Milli Muslim League, which is a mask organization of its restricted Jamaat-ud-Dawa.

Jadhav: 'Slipper Thief' Exhibition outside the Pakistani Embassy in the US

Kulbhushan Jadhav was seen outside the Pakistani Embassy in the United States in protest of the misbehavior with his mother and wife who had gone to Islamabad to Islamabad. During this, demonstrators of Indian, Afghani and Baloch origin were holding posters containing 'sandal chor Pakistan' in their hands. To show solidarity with Jadhav's family, protesters donated their old shoes to the embassy. One protester said, "When they can steal shoes of such a troubled woman (Jadhav's wife), I hope they will use these shoes too. The demonstration said," Leaders and the rest of the people must understand that Pakistan It is being run with a completely narrow mindset. ' Let me tell you that on 25th December, India had strongly objected to Jadhav's wife and mother for misbehaving with her in Islamabad.

The news of the return of the ambassador of 'Hafiz Lovers' in Pakistan.

Ambassador Walid Abu Ali, who is seen in Pakistan's 2008 Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed, is not coming back to Pakistan. According to Palestinian Foreign Ministry's statement, "Our ambassador to Pakistan Ali is still in Palestine and our attitude has not changed in this matter." The Palestinians have reported the news of their coming back in the Pakistani media, but Palestine has denied this news. We are still on our last week's stand. In a report of Pakistan's news channel Geo News, Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) Chairman Maulana Tahir Ashrafi has claimed that he sent Walid Abu Ali back to Pakistan. has gone. It has been said in the report that Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas has made Ali again the Pakistan ambassador.

America will work together with China against terrorism in Pakistan.

A senior White House official has said that China has shared some concerns about the problem of terrorism in Pakistan and working with Beijing and other regional forces to persuade Pakistan to take action on the Washington terrorists' hideouts. The official hoped that the land that helped China to persuade Pakistan to take action on these hideouts Security will pay. It is in the national interest of Pakistan to take action against them. The official said that Pakistan has already had deep historical relations with China for many years and they also have close military relations.

New Zealand: Champions Trophy winners by defeating Pakistan by 61 runs by Duckworth-Lewis Rules

New Zealand defeated Pakistan by 61 runs in the opening match of the five-match series by defeating Pakistan by 61 runs. Captain Ken Williamson smashed 115 runs off 317 balls for New Zealand to seven wickets. Helped to make that, which was the first to bat first after losing the toss. For that, Colin Munro (58), Henri Nicholas (50) and Martin Guptill (48) contributed 48 runs. Pakistan's team lost 16 wickets in 30.1 overs when the match was stopped due to the rain. Zaat Zaat 82 and Fahim Ashraf 17 Runs were scored on the crease, but after rain, Pakistan needed 227 runs in 30.1 overs to win the Duckworth Lewis rule to win.

All options are open for dealing with Pakistan: White House

America has not been able to calm down sharply on Pakistan. Now White House has warned that if Pakistan does not take decisive action against Taliban and Haqqani networks, then all options are open to the US.American President Donald Trump has made Pakistan public on the issue of terrorism. Trump accused Pakistan of lying and cheating in his tweets. Trump had said that for the last 15 years, the US has given Pakistan $ 33 billion in aid, but in lieu of it only got a lie and cheating. Some people withdraw from the White House to the status of non-NATO partner, The fund is asking to put pressure on him through various institutions like the United Nations.

China's second overseas military base to be built in Pakistan

After openly resenting US President Donald Trump against Pakistan, Beijing and Islamabad can increase economic and defense agreements. According to China's official media, China is acquiring Pakistani military base near Chabahar Port of Iran. However, such reports have been totally rejected by Pakistan. Rashtrapati Trump tweeted on January 1, Pakistan But after the allegation of not taking action against the terrorists, the relations between Pakistan and China have been strengthened. It has said in Islamabad that Islamabad In Kshiy business is recognized currency of China.

Pak's Maneuver on Jadhav, released another false video

Pakistan's maneuvering about Kulbhushan Jadhav of India Right now, Kulbhushan has received 10 days from his mother and wife. And Pakistan released a new video of Jadhav. In this video, Jadhav is praising Pakistan and saying that he was not harmed. Not only this, Jadhav has described himself as a commissioned officer of the Indian Navy and has told India's hand behind the fear of his mother and wife. He also said that his mother was very happy seeing me as well. In this video, Jadhav has thanked him for his behavior in Pakistan. Jadhav said that when his mother and his wife came to Islamabad they were very scared, they did not know why that was so. It seemed as if they were scared in the plane.

BSF took revenge for martyrdom of the jawan, 8-10 Pakistani Rangers heaps

BSF has taken revenge for the martyrdom of the martyr in the Pakistani shootout in Samba sector of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday. The BSF has taken major action against Pakistan and has ruined its two posts. According to sources, at least 8-10 Pakistani Rangers have been killed in this operation. However, this data has not been confirmed yet. Say that BSF jawan RP Hazara was killed on Wednesday in a firing from Pakistan in Samba sector. Hajra was posted as a head constable in BSF station in the Samba Sector. His birthday was also on Wednesday. After the martyrdom of Hajra on the birthday day, the BSF started a major reversal of action against Pakistan.

On funding stopping terrorist Hafiz Saeed severely disturbed, Threat to Pakistan government

The global terrorist Hafiz Saeed, declared by the UN, has now attacked the Pakistani government. Saeed targeted Pakistan's defense minister Khurram Dastagir and threatened to put the whole government in front of the Supreme Court. Hafiz Saeed has been severely disturbed due to the suspension of the funding. He pointed to the Pakistani government and said that Pakistan should fight unitedly against India and America. We should live in a vow against America and India.American President Donald Trump has plotted Pakistan over terror. After this, there was a stir in entire Pakistan. And consequently, the Pakistan government had banned the funding of Global Terrorist Hafeez Saeed in the war. US President Donald Trump had told Pakistan the truth that he just cheated the world and America and just cheated on it. Instead of fighting terrorism, America has been helping billions of dollars for Pakistan.

Can take tough decisions in 48 hours against PAK US.

In the UN, US Ambassador Nicky Haley has confirmed Pakistan's arrest of US military aid of Rs 1,626 crore. A few hours later, in a statement released by the White House, "In the next 24 to 48 hours, we will give you some more major updates on this matter." It means that America can take even more stringent measures against Pakistan. Nikki Haley said on Wednesday that Pakistan had been playing double games with us for many years. Said: There is a clear reason to stop American help. Pakistan has played double games with us for many years. They worked with us sometimes, but they also sheltered the terrorists targeting the soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan.

The US has stopped military aid of Rs 1626 crore given to Pakistan.

The US has stopped the military aid ($ 1,626 million) of military aid given to Pakistan, which is given to Pakistan. This action has been done by America on one day after the charges against President Donald Trump on Pakistan. Explain that Trump had accused Pakistan on the first day of the new year that he has been taking $ 33 billion in the name of the terrorism from the US in 15 years, despite it being cheated. An officer of the Traffic Administration said: For the 2016 US $ 255 million foreign military aid (Foreign Military Financing) will not be released to Pakistan.The trump has already been cleared that Pakistan will enjoy its ground The result will be to give results against terror hideouts. According to our South Asia policy, Pakistan has to take action. This will determine the mood of the relationship between the US and Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed on Pakistan keiga screws, his charity-government will take possession of financial assets.

The Pakistani government is planning to crack down on terrorist Hafiz Saeed. Hafiz's charities and financial assets are being taken by the Pakistan government in its possession. According to the News Agency Reuters, on December 19, the Finance Ministry took the loan enforced and the 5 provinces government of Pakistan to take over the property of Saeed, according to the News Agency Reuters, sent to provincial government and departments. The action plan was sought for. The Financial Action Task Force Issues (FATF) has been referenced. FATF Money Laundering and Terror An international organization dealing with cases such as insensing

Pakistan did rescue Hafiz Saeed and the Palestinian ambassador

Pakistan has defended taking part in a program with Palestinian ambassador, Walid Abu Ali's terrorist Hafiz Saeed. Abu Ali was seen two days ago in a rally in Rawalpindi with the mastermind of Mumbai attacks. Sayeed after Palestine's call, Palestine had called his ambassador back from Pakistan. Pakistan has defended both Hafiz Saeed and Walid Abu Ali in this case. Was organized in support of the citizens of Palestine. The Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed and Ali both took part in it. Now the spokesman of the Pakistan Foreign Ministry has said that the United Nations has not stopped anyone's expression, but the atmosphere was made against this right.

Demonstrations about the demand for independence from Pakistan in Lahore and Gilgit.

Residents of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan protested against the Pakistani government in Lahore on Sunday and took out a rally. These residents of Gilgit-Baltistan in the troubled region of PoK demanded independence from the Pakistani government during this period. Apart from Lahore, similar performances were performed in Gilgit-Baltistan region. The protesters involved in the rally here said, 'We are human, we should stop behaving like animals.' We should get rights like other citizens of Pakistan. A protestor, while addressing the people, said, "We are not ready to pay the taxes imposed on us. This is an illegal way.

PPP Chief Bilawal said - Parvez Musharraf is my mother's murderer

A report of Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI has been revealed 10 years after the assassination of former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto. According to this, Al-Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden was behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto blames X President Pervez Musharraf for the murder of his mother. Parvez Musharraf takes advantage of the sycosis and kills him. Musharraf is a murderer. Ten years ago, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated during a rally in 2007. On Wednesday was Benazir's anniversary. Bilawal said, "My mother died due to a terrorist bullet but it could be made an easy target, for which Musharraf had removed his security.

Benazir can be behind Bhutto's assassination, lawless elements of the system: Musharraf

Former Pakistan dictator General Pervez Musharraf has admitted for the first time that some of the chaotic elements of the system can be handled in the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. In a media report, this has come to light on Wednesday. Musharraf has commented on the tenth anniversary of Prime Minister Bhutto. On being asked whether the lawless elements of the system were in contact with the Taliban on the assassination of Bhutto on which Musharraf replied, 'This can happen. Because our society is divided on the basis of religion.

China was terrified by the Indian action on Loc: - Solve the differences with both neighboring talks.

The dispute between India and Pakistan is on the rise. In view of the excesses being made with Kulbhushan Jadhav, there is a possibility of differences between the two countries. At the same time, neighboring China hoped on Wednesday that India and Pakistan can continue their efforts to resolve their differences through dialogue and consultation. Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chuning said at a press conference here that Beijing It has been reported by the cross-border firing and Indian Army commandos that killed three Pakistani soldiers this week. He said that the two countries should remain committed to regional peace and stability.

Mehbooba Mufti's tweet about Jadhav, pitted Pakistan very fiercely.

There is anger in the whole country about the kind of behavior that has been done in Pakistan with the family of Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav, and many parties have expressed great resentment on this. Now in this list, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mahbubba Mufti has joined. Mehbooba Mufti tweeted and said that Jadhav was given humanitarian treatment and fair trial. In addition, Jadhav's mother and wife also treated themselves in the manner in which they were treated in Pakistan. He also spoke of keeping humanity beyond politics. One of his relatives, angry with the former Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav's wife and wife, in a Pak-related condition, said that the family was more unhappy than before going there. He said, "We are very disappointed and the family is not in the mood to speak anything on the Pakistan trip." Said, we can not say much on this because it has become an international issue and the Government of India is looking at it.

Pakistan Army to get 1,000 acres of land for military headquarters

Pakistan's powerful army will soon get 1,000 acres of land for its military headquarters (GHQ) in the capital, Islamabad. According to a news report from Dawn newspaper, the army wants to capture the land soon so that construction work can be started and The Army headquarters could be transferred to the federal capital. In this regard, a decision was taken in a high-level meeting on December 19.

In America, Muhajirs welcomed Trump's stance on warnings to Pakistan

In America, a group of idioms has welcomed the warning given by the Trump Administration to Pakistan on the shelter of terrorist groups. The word 'Muhajir' is used for the Urdu-speaking immigrants who left India in 1947 and went to Pakistan. US Vice President Mike Pence recently visited an undisclosed trip to Afghanistan to take stock of the ground reality in a war-torn country. During this visit, he had said that President Donald Trump has warned Pakistan against providing safe havens to the Taliban and other terrorist groups. Pence had said, "As the President said, I am now saying that. Pakistan has benefited greatly by partnering with the United States, and Pakistan can take a lot of risk because of harboring criminals and terrorists.

Indian army killed 4 soldiers of Pakistan

Taking revenge for the martyrdom of four soldiers, including Major in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district, the Indian army killed three Pakistani soldiers on Monday late in the evening. In this two Pakistani soldiers were also injured. Pak media has said in reference to InterServices Public Relations that Indian Army firing in kakri sector. In which one Major and three soldiers were martyred.

Pakistan said, Kulbhushan Jadhav got consular access, India rejected

Pakistan has claimed to have given consular access to diplomatic help to Kulbhushan Jadhav. Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khwaja Muhammad Asif informed about this. He said that with the mother and wife of Jadhav, officials of the Indian High Commission will go on Monday. India has rejected this claim of Pakistan. Former Indian Navy official Kulbhushan Jadhav's mother and wife lodged in Pakistan's jail for espionage will go to Pakistan to meet him on Monday. These people will not travel through Wagah Border to fly to Islamabad. These will be accompanied by Deputy High Commissioner of India JP Singh. These people will return to India on Monday after the meeting. When Kulbhushan's family is in Pakistan, neither his mother or wife will be questioned and his security will be guaranteed by Pakistan.

Pakistan road accident in Sindh province, 10 deaths

At least 10 people were killed and 15 others were injured in a road accident in Sindh province of Pakistan on Sunday, according to the senior police officer. In the Sehwaan Sharif district of the Indus Highway area, there was a fierce battle between two vehicles. The official said that due to high speed driving the vehicle caused the accident. After the incident, two drivers were absconding. The official said that the condition of many injured remains serious.

Three jawans, including Army Major, felicitated in the firing of Pakistan, the tribute paid by the army

Three jawans, including a Major in the firing from Pakistan on Keri LLC of Rajouri Sector of Jammu, were martyred. Paying tribute to these brave soldiers, the army said that the sacrifices of these martyrs will not let us go waste. According to the army, the ceasefire was violated by Pakistan on 12.30 pm, without any provocation.

The government of Pakistan opposed the registration of Milli Muslim League.

Pakistan's Home Ministry has opposed registration of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa gang leader Hafiz Saeed as a political party of the Milli Muslim League. The Ministry has opposed the registration of the MML as the branch of the banned organization. This protest has been done on the basis of the security report, which states that registration as a political party of MML will create violence and extremism in politics. The Ministry has urged a written reply to the Islamabad High Court that the MML petition should be dismissed.

Forcibly converted to Islam by kidnapping Hindu teenager in Pakistan

A Hindu kidnapped Pakistani girl was forced to confess Islam a few days ago in Sindh province and pressure was made to marry him. The families of the girl said that Thar entered his house in the village and The family took hostage. After this, he kidnapped a 14-year-old girl. According to the newspaper, the girl's father, Hiro Meghwar, said that he contacted some influential people in the area, but he was told that his daughter has been converted and his Nasir has been married to a person named Lunzo.People of the family Alleged that local police did not show any interest in locating the girl. The family demanded that the girl be traced and if she had converted, then she should be presented before the court.

America warns, Pakistan can lose a lot on providing protection to terrorists

The US has adopted a tough stance against Pakistan for providing safe havens to the terrorists. Vice President Mike Pains has said that US President Donald Trump has kept Pakistan on notice to provide shelter to the Taliban and other militant organizations on his own territory.Pence told the American soldiers, "Long time Pakistan Taliban and other terrorist organizations, But now those days have now come. While giving a strong warning to Pakistan, the Vice President said, 'The President Ti has said so that I can say that Pakistan can achieve a lot with a partnership with the United States, but it may have to lose a lot on providing protection to criminals and terrorists.

Strict America on Pakistan, Hafiz's party can be put on the terrorist list

The United States has once again adopted its tough stance on Pakistan. Most Wanted terrorists can put other political organizations, including Milli Muslim League, in the United States terrorist group, of Hafeez Saeed. While taking action on the appeal of India, the US is treating many Pakistani organizations as a terrorist organization. A recent appeal was made in a conference between India and the US held in New Delhi. An official from the US said that Pakistan is a good ally of the United States, but America is always trying to eliminate terrorism. However, the official did not clearly name the name of any Pakistani organization. The spokesman, Heather Knott had said, "In November, the United States gave a very strong response to Saeed's release from detention. Saeed is the leader of the Mumbai attacks, leader of Mind and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Kulbhushan Jadhav's wife and mother will get Pakistan visa today

Kulbhushan Jadhav's wife and mother locked in a Pakistani jail for espionage will get Pakistani visas today. Passport of both has been sent to the Pakistan High Commission. Pakistan had offered to meet Kulbabhushan Jadhav on December 25. In April, Pakistan's military court sentenced Jadhav (47) to death for his involvement in espionage and terrorist activities. On the appeal of India, the International Court in May banned Jadhav's sentence.

Fidayeen attack on church during prayer in Pakistan: 9 people die

A suicide attack on a church in Quetta, Balochistan province of Pakistan on Sunday morning. In the attack, 8 people died while more than 20 were injured. According to the Pakistani media, people of Christian community gathered in the preparations for Christmas before. All the people were praying during the incident.Bhushistan's IG Moazzam Ansari told Geo News that at the time of the incident there were more than 400 people in the church. There was also a large number of women and children. All these people had come for a meeting and prayer in the cabinet of Christmas preparations. Ansari said that the back wall of the attacking church came crashing down. After this, he quietly stood among the ordinary people and later blown himself up.

There is no one around the match between India and Pakistan. All failed

If there is a cricket match between India and Pakistan, then life will remain in both countries. It is also proved through statistics that everything has happened in front of the cricket competition between the two countries.Twitter has released his annual data On which topic people tweeted the most. Most surprises on Twitter were revealed when Mumbai Indians defeated Pune by one run this year in the IPL final. Pana won the third title.Ipl 2017 final match made the most of the people, then for the first time, Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar joined the top ten celebrities for the first time in celebrities who followed the most on Twitter. The Champions Trophy final The fight left behind Miles. About 1.8 million meanings were made about 1.8 million tweets on this single day of the match. In reality, so many tweets have not been on any cricket match in the history of the tweeter. And this figure indicates that there is no comparison between the Indo-Pak match.

US reprimand given to Pakistan, Take action against terror or else we will act.

US Central Investigation Agency (CIA) director Mike Pompey has warned Pakistan that if he does not take action against terrorists' safe havens, then America will be forced to ruin these bases themselves. Has come when US Defense Minister Jim Matisse will be staying in Islamabad on Monday and Pakistan's co-operation on the new strategy for Afghanistan Will discuss for yoga. The CIA director said that Defense Minister will send this message to US President Donald Trump to Pakistan that the US is serious about tackling terrorist bases. If Pakistan does not cooperate, then we will take every possible action to destroy the targets of the terrorists.

terrorist attack in Pakistan's college, 12 killed; terrorists were wearing Burqe

Three Taliban terrorists attacked an agriculture college on Friday morning. The terrorists had come in an auto and were wearing a burqa. 12 people were killed in the attack. More than 30 injured The condition of 4 has been severely reported. The three terrorists have also been killed. They entered the campus of the Agriculture Training Institute. Started firing there. Before entering the campus, he shot the injured guard at the gate of the institute and shot him. According to the media reports, the voices of bomb blasts were also heard twice inside the campus. However, it could not be confirmed. According to Inspector General Salahuddin Mehsud, there were many students in the institute during the attack, but most of them were taken out. The Taliban took responsibility for the attack. Let us know that in December 2014 Pakistan Taliban attacked the army school of Peshawar only. It killed 134 children and school staff.

Manushi Chillar's answer to Pakistan media,Beautiful heart is essential to win Miss World.

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar has said that a beautiful heart is also important for winning a Miss World. Indeed, in the Pakistani media it is being said that Pakistani girls are more beautiful but they live in the burqa. That is why people are not aware of their beauty. They said that there is not much awareness about cleanliness in our country. In my childhood, I saw that the maid who worked at my house had to marry three times due to not being a child. Said that as women, we always have challenges and we face them as far as possible. I think there will be some questions to find answers. We are all like books. But the stories inside us make us different.

Pakistan digging its own grave, included in the list of 20 unsuccessful countries

India constantly warns its neighboring country of Pakistan to take strong measures against terrorism and has been calling for stop supporting terrorism activities. Now Pakistan has received this warning from the world. In the 2017 report of the Fragile States Index, Pakistan has been kept in a list of 20 unsuccessful countries, which should be concerned about self-protection.

Now, after joining Pakistan in the world's top 20 frazile states, it has to understand that the terrorism that he has been using with the purpose of disturbing his neighboring country, it  himself has become a cancer. for that.

Pakistan's bride poisoned in milk, 13 people killed in her in-laws

In order to take revenge for forced marriage in Pakistan's Punjab province, the bride conspired to murder husband by mixing poison in the milk. But 13 people of the family died. 14 people are still in the hospital The incident has been done by the wealth of Muzaffargarh. According to the police, the family members of ASEAN had intervened with Amjad against their will. Only a few days after the marriage, he came back to his parents but he forcibly sent him to her husband's house. Angered by this, Aasia conspired to kill husband by mixing poison in milk.

Afghan deputy governor in Pakistan kidnapped, went to get treatment

Mohammad Nabi Ahmadi, deputy governor of Kunar province in Afghanistan, has been abducted by unknown people in Peshawar city of Pakistan. Muhammad Nabi is the leader of the Hizb-e-Islami party of Afghan warrior Gulbuddin Hikmatyar. So far no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for the abduction. Muhammad Nabi came to Peshawar with his brother While walking on Peshawar on Friday, some people in the Black Sissy car abducted them while on foot.

America should not give Armed Drones to India; this will increase conflicts in the region: Pakistan

The Foreign Ministry of Pakistan said on Friday that if the US gives Armed drones to India, they can be misused and this will increase the risk of confrontation in the area. Earlier this week, an officer from the Trump Administration said that the United States is seriously considering giving India a dedicated predator drone. Pakistan has started to realize that America can soon decide to give Armed Drones to India as per its demand. Five days after the statement of the American officer, Pakistan gave it a reaction on Friday....

Chandu Chavan returned from Pakistan, court marshal gets 2 months jail

Indian civilian Chandu Chavan, who had accidentally gone to Pakistan's border during the duty on the LoC, was convicted by the Army Court. The court has recommended Chandu's court martial and sentenced him to two months' jail. Chandu had gone to Pakistan last year by mistake. In January 2017, it was handed over to India. Official sources of the army told a TV channel that the court of the army has sentenced Chandum Babu Lal Chavan to two months, but the duration of the sentence is yet to be approved for proper authorities.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi became the first Pakistani Prime Minister to fly a military helicopter

Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi (58) flew Turkish fighter helicopter T-129 here on Sunday. He has become the first Prime Minister of Pakistan to do this. Last month, Abbasi flew in the F-16 aircraft of Pakistan Air Force. Abbasi also praised Turkish aviation industry and the country's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for such remarkable achievements in the field of defense production. Regarding the plan to purchase the T-129 military helicopter, he said, "Our army is evaluating the helicopter and negotiations on the deal and its related conditions are ongoing. He said that Turkey's defense manufacturing industry is one of the best defense industries in the world. He is one and it is not less than anyone. He praised the Turkish helicopter and said that this is an effective and good machine.

China sought additional security for its ambassador in Pakistan

Given the threat of danger from an extremist organization, China has demanded additional security for its ambassador in Pakistan. China has written a letter to the Pakistan Home Ministry on October 19, urging its ambassador Yao Jing to provide additional security. China told Pakistan that it extended its security to the ambassador and other Chinese citizens working in Pakistan.

Grenade attack on restaurant in Pakistan, 20 workers death

38 people were injured in two grenade attacks in Pakistan. Some of the injured are being conditioned seriously. One of these attacks happened on the workers of the port being developed by China in Gwadar. 26 workers were injured in this attack. After the work was done, the passengers had gathered to drink tea in a shop in Khan's area. Two people riding motorbike attacked them with grenades. The identification of these people with helmets could not be done at the moment. The second incident occurred in the town of Mastung. People from the motorcycle attacked there with grenades in the Sultan Shaheed area. Twelve people were injured in this attack. In both areas, grenade attacks were at a distance of a few minutes.

Pakistan's former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, daughter and son-in-law deferred charges in corruption case

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, daughter Mary and her husband have fixed charges in the case of corruption. On Thursday, the anti-corruption court here found both the accused. He is accused of possessing a luxurious flat in London. There are allegations in the four cases related to Sharif family in London against his Avenue field property, Azizia Steel Mills as well as 16 other foreign companies. Nawaz Sharif has not been able to attend the hearing due to his wife being engaged in the treatment. Sharif's wife has throat cancer.

Sushma Swaraj ordered to issue medical visa to Pakistani girl

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has directed the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to issue a medical visa to a five-year Pakistani girl. The girl has cancer in her eyes and she wants to come to India for treatment. The family members of the girl have asked for help from the external affairs minister. Parents of Anita, a five-year-old girl, had requested for the girl's medical visa. Sushma Swaraj said on Twitter that she has asked to issue an immediate visa from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad.In reply to the father's father, the city's father, Swaraj said that we wish your child to be well-advised soon.

Pakistan's Election Commission's High Court, suspended 261 MP MLAs including Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan's Election Commission took a big decision. It has suspended 261 MPs and MLAs, including Nawaz Sharif, who has been ousted from the Prime Minister. The news of the Express Tribune has said that the Pakistani Election Commission (ECP) suspended 261 members of the national and provincial assemblies and the Senate The Election Commission has given these members of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies details of properties, and liabilities of their, wife or husband and dependents on September 30. Was asked to submit to God. But these were unsuccessful in doing so, so they have been suspended. The Election Commission has taken this action under sub-section 42 An of the Representation of the People Act (ROPA).

Pakistan's inflammatory talk of Kashmir issue is waste of time: India

Anam Gambhir, the first Secretary of the India in the United Nations, said that the talks on Tuesday about Pakistan's permanent representative to the United Nations, Miliha Lodhi, about India,  Gambhir said, "My delegation does not want to waste the precious time of this respected house by responding to such things." Anam Gambhir concluded his talk in just 45 seconds, although he had got 10 minutes to answer. He said, "These threats provide adequate support for Pakistan's use of self-defense.

Despite being inept, Nawaz Sharif was elected president again of PML-N

Pakistan's deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, convicted in the Panama Papers case, was once again elected the president of the uncontested Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party. After amending the law of Parliament, he has been elected president of the party once again. The Election Process Improvement Bill 2017 passed by his party on September 22 passed the Upper House of the Senate by the Senate.

Hafeez Saeed sent Pakistan's Foreign Minister to get 10 million notice of defamation

Pakistan, who has been sheltering terrorist organizations, has also admitted that Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, the founder of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (Jamaat-ud-Dawa), is a burden to him. However, Hafiz Mohammed Sayeed did not come to this conclusion. Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif, who issued this statement, claims a defamation of Rs 10 crore against him. The mastermind of the Mumbai terror attack, Hafiz Saeed, has sued him for telling America's darling.

PAK has hidden at 9 bases, nuclear weapons, the possibility of going to the hands of terrorists

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khakan Abbasi had said in the last week that his country's strategic and extravagant nuclear weapons were meant to deal with the 'cold-start' strategy of the Indian Army. Abbasi said that there is a worrisome discussion about the nuclear weapons which were being told in the entire control and security of the government. A report by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) has said that Pakistan has kept its nuclear weapons at 9 different bases of the country. American nuclear weapons specialist Hans Kristinson, who was involved in making this report, said that Pakistan has kept these nuclear warheads in storage located in different military bases capable of launching nuclear weapons.

PAK PM's threat- Small nuclear weapon made to deal with India

Pakistan has once again threatened India with nuclear weapons. Pakistan's new Prime Minister Shahid Abbasi said on Thursday that in order to deal with India's "cold-start doctor", we have created small-range nuclear weapons. In response to a question in the program of American Think Tank in the Foreign Relations Council, Abbasi said - Our nuclear assets are completely safe. We have complete control. We have adopted a system that is safe.

Did Pakistan help North Korea make nuclear weapons? India demands inquiry

India has said that North Korea's nuclear proliferation activities should be investigated and the 'responsible' for this should be held accountable. Sushma Swaraj's point was towards Pakistan. His statement came a few days after North Korea fired another mid-range ballistic missile over  Japan on Friday. Sushma gave this statement during a tripartite meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and her Japanese counterpart Tara Kono on Monday. Among them was this meeting of the United Nations General Assembly session.

Poster of 'Free Balochistan' in Switzerland, Pakistan says its an attack on 'sovereignty'

Pakistan has urged the Swiss authorities to take action against the posters of 'Free Balochistan' planted in Geneva. The media told this on Monday (September 18th). According to the report of 'Dawn', Pakistan's permanent representative and Ambassador to the UN, Farooq Amil, told the United Nations permanent representative and ambassador, Valentin Jelweger, through a letter that the poster appeared in the area around Grande Saconx's Rue de Fern , In which 'Baluchistan House (BH) has been mentioned as a sponsor.' The letter said, "United Nations in Geneva The permanent mission of Pakistan has counted eight posters and a digital poster since December 3. "

Pakistani army is trying to promote terrorists in politics!

In Pakistan, the army is trying to promote the parties related to the terrorist group in the country's politics. In fact, the candidate of a terror-supported party is contesting in the sub-election of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan, a former military officer has described as the plan of the army. Let us know that recently Nawaz Sharif was sacked from the post of Supreme Court and now sub-election is held on Sunday (September 17th). The favorite candidate of the Milli Muslim League, which was launched by the organization of Hafiz Saeed, accused of 2008 Mumbai blasts in this sub-election, is also trying its luck.

Hafiz's party candidate at PAK -election, third number.

Pakistan terrorist Hafiz Saeed's party, Mili Muslim League (MML) candidate Yakub Sheikh, has been third in the by-election in Lahore by-election. In this bye-election, there were 44 candidates, including Begum Kulosum of Yakub and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. However, this victory is Begum Kulasum. At present, its official announcement has not been made. In the bye-election of the NA-120 seat of Lahore, he was an independent candidate to say Yakub Shaikh, but he got support from Hafiz Saeed's party MML. The Pakistani army has made a big strategy to bring Hafiz Saeed into politics.

Sentenced to death for sending anti-Islam messages on Whatsapp

In Pakistan, a Christian was sentenced to death for sending abusive messages to Islam at Whatsup. Nadeem James Christ was charged in July. Prior to that, his friend had complained to the police that Christ sent a poem on Whatatsup, which was insulting Islam. After this incident, Christ escaped from his house to escape the fierce crowd in the Sara-e-Alamgir town of Punjab province but later surrendered to the police. His hearing lasted more than a year in jail for security reasons.

To prove Bhagat Singh as innocent, demand for early hearings on application filed in Pakistan court

A Pakistani attorney is fighting a legal battle in the Lahore High Court to prove her innocence after 86 years of hanging freedom fighter Shahid Bhagat Singh in the murder case of an English police officer. In the petition, lawyer Imtiaz Rashid Qureshi had said that Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter who had fought for independence of undivided Hindus. Many Pakistanis, especially Punjabi-speaking people living in the Lahore area, consider Bhagat Singh as the hero.

Survey reveals, 73% of POK people want freedom from Pakistan

One of the best-selling newspapers in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir was closed. This newspaper was published in the city of Rawalakot, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Actually, the matter was that this newspaper surveyed people. In this survey, people were asked whether they want to stay in Pakistan or in India. According to an English channel, nearly 73% of the people voted against Pakistan. After the news came to light, there was turmoil in Pakistan, due to which the newspaper was banned.

Abbasi made the first Pakistani PM to fly F-16 fighter aircraft

Pakistan's new Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi flew the US-made F-16 fighter aircraft on Saturday. Those flying aircraft became the first Prime Minister of the country. Abbasi flew into a single-engine supersonic multilol fighter plane during a visit to the newly-installed AirPower Center of Excellence in an operational air camp of Pakistan Air Force (PAF). The 58-year-old Abbasi, who has participated in the Air Force Flight, has become the first Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Stylish mustache laid by Pakistani teacher; school suspended the teacher by saying handsome.

You must have heard of Amitabh Bachchan's superhit film, 'Sharaabi', 'If you have mustache, After this film, the fashion of keeping such mustache in all the boys was fashionable. But no one would have thought that one day they will lose their jobs due to these same mustache.Being a 'perfect face', a teacher in Pakistan had to face his jobloos. This person, Haseeb Ali Chishti, teaches children a drama. They were fired by their school by saying this because they are a little smarter.

Violence against Rohingya Muslims, Pakistan summoned Myanmar's ambassador

Pakistan summoned the Ambassador of Myanmar on Saturday (September 9th) and lodged a protest against the alleged violence against Rohingya Muslims in the province. Because of this, about 270,000 refugees have been forced to flee to Bangladesh. According to the Foreign Office, Foreign Secretary Tahmina Jenjua called upon Myanmar's ambassador to Pakistan, U Win Mint to take effective steps to ensure this and provide security to Rohingya Muslims that such incidents do not happen again.

Pakistan, at the forefront of population growth, 57 percent increase in just 19 years

After the year 1998, there was a massive explosion of population in the population of Pakistan in 19 years. Compared to the previous census, the total population of the country increased by 57 percent to 20.78 crores. These include 10.645 million men, 10.131 million women, and 10 thousand 418 transgenders. In the last census, the total population of the country was more than 13.2 crores, which is currently found to be 20.78 crores.

Exhibition against Pakistan in POK, said- Pakistan sends terrorists

In Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) stricken by Pakistan's atrocities and forcible occupation, people came on the streets on Saturday and fiercely slogans against Pakistan. According to the report of the ANI conducted the rally organized by Jammu and Kashmir National Students Federation. People in Jandali started sloganeering for freedom from Pakistan. Here, regional leader Liaquat Khan organized a rally here at Hajira Degree College and raised slogans against Pakistan. This rally was organized in Jandali by the JK National Students Federation Organization.

Terrorist Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan's preparation to join politics

Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief and mastermind of the Mumbai attack, terrorist Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has decided to join politics. Hafiz Saeed has petitioned for the recognition of political party by the name of 'Milli Muslim League' in the Pakistan Election Commission by its organization Jamaat-ud-Dawa. Media reports say that Saeed wants to launch his party in a function in Lahore on the Independence Day of Pakistan.

Election of PM in PAK today, 6 candidates, Nawaz group including Abbasi.

The election of the new PM in Pakistan will be held on Tuesday. Six candidates, including PML-N Shahid Khakon Abbasi, are in the fray. Opposition parties could not have agreed on Monday to set up their joint candidate against Abbasi. Let the Pakistan Supreme Court blame Nawaz Sharif on July 28 at the Panama Papers Scandal, after which he had to compel him to resign from the post of PM. The Supreme Court also ordered to file a case against Sharif and his children.

Panama paper leak: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resigns, cabinet sacked

Pakistan Supreme Court has convicted Nawaz Sharif convict in the case of the Panama case. The bench of five judges ruled that the case should be prosecuted against Nawaz Sharif and he has been disqualified from the Prime Minister's post. Now after this decision, Nawaz Sharif could not remain the Prime Minister of Pakistan. So Nawaz Sharif resigned from his post and the Union Cabinet has been sacked.

While praising Sushma, a Pakistani woman wrote, "I wish you were our PM."

Due to helping its presence and people on Twitter Sushma Swaraj are often in the spotlight. Sushma's good times have won hearts of people many times. This time, among his fans, the name of one of the women of Pakistan, along with the Indians, has also been named. The woman wrote on Twitter, appreciated the help he probably extremely anathema to Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan. Hizab Asif of Pakistan wrote in his tweet, "You love a lot of love and respect. I wish you were our prime minister. If that was the case, then the country would have changed. '

Terrorism is spreading in Kashmir by whats-app Group, operating from Pakistan

The NIA has got new information during the ongoing stone-throwing incident in Kashmir. According to the investigation, investigating 'Habitul' social media activity was found to contain 28 WHATSAPP group. All these groups have been created by the people of Pakistan. Some members of this are bound to cross the border. This includes terrorists of Jamaat-ud-Dawa. According to NIA sources, there are five thousand people connected in these WhatsApp group. There are more Kashmiri people. However, some numbers are connected to Pakistan.

26 killed in blast of Lahore , 58 others injured, TTP responsibility

In the Lahore city of Lahore, 26 people, including policemen, died and 58 others were injured in a suicide bombing of a Taliban suicide bomber near the housing co-chief of the province of Punjab province Shahbaz Sharif. A suicide bomber hit a police squad stationed in the encroachment deportation camp outside Arfa Karim Tower near the Chief Minister's Model Town on a motorcycle and blown himself up.

Got citizenship of India to 114 Pakistani nationals

114 Pakistani Indians have become, including Nandlal Meghani, Dr. Vishandas Manakani and Kishanlala Adani. He has expressed his happiness on getting the citizenship of India. According to the Ahmedabad Mirror, 50-year-old Nandlal Meghani, living in Ghatlodiya, told that he had come to India with his wife and daughter from Sindh province 16 years ago. To start a new beginning here, he had sold his business and home everything.

Due to diplomacy of India, Korea hands-on investment in PoK

Due to India's diplomatic power, the countries around the world are reviewing their decision to invest in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. South Korea's Dilem Industrial Company Limited has begun to reconsider its investment in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Daylim is the flagship company of the association of companies which develop a 500 MW Chakoti Hattian Hydropower Project in Muzaffarabad on the banks of Jhelum in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan in the bid to blow up the dispute between India and China.

Pakistan, which has consistently violated the ceasefire at the LoC, is now in a dilemma to strike its feet in the ongoing Dulham controversy between Bhutan-China and India. During the dispute, Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit met the Chinese High Commissioner Lu Zhaohi in India. Not only this, Basat can also meet Bhutan's High Commissioner Wetsop Namgyel too.

Many BJP leaders said that the United Nations also declares Pakistan to be a panacea for terror.

America once again jerked Pakistan and told it to be a hideaway country for terrorists. This is India's biggest diplomatic victory. On this move, the US has received a different reaction from the Home Ministry and other leaders of India. Many BJP leaders have said that now the United Nations should declare that Pakistan is a panacea and helping nation of terrorism.

Pakistan has been the patron of terror, declared in the list of terrorism nutritional countries

The United States has finally declared Pakistan the patron of terrorism. In its annual report, the US State Department has acknowledged that in 2016, terrorists such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad have not only terrorized Pakistan but also formed their own organization and raised money for them. The US State Department said that Pakistan did not take action against the Afghan Taliban or the Haqqani network so that their capacity to jeopardize American interests in Afghanistan remained.

Pakistan cross siege fire on LOC border targeting school but children are safe in Poonch sector

In the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday, the siege fire was violated by Pakistan. Cross border mortar was given on LoC in Poonch. India responded by retaliating. Pakistan has suffered heavy losses in this shootout. There is also the news of the death of many Pakistani soldiers. Many have also been injured. Schools were also targeted from Pakistan end towards India. Mortar was fired on 25 schools according to local administration.

The website of the District Education Department in Gujarat has been hacked, wrote Pakistan Zindabad

Hackers hacked the website of Surat District Education Department of Gujarat and wrote Pakistan's flag on Pakistan's main page and flagged it. However, shortly after the website was hacked everything was restored. This is not the first time that Surat District Education Department's website has been hacked before the education department website was hacked in February this year when the hackers had poisoned against PM Modi and mentioned Kashmir.

Azad Sindh demands separate notion from Pakistan

In Pakistan, the anger of the people of Sindh province on Ajaz road. The people protested in many small towns of Sindh and the people of Sindh settled in other countries. People demanded Sindh's independence. Despite the suppression of this movement under the banner of Zaini Sindh Mutahida Mahaj, the general support of the common people is also being received despite the suppression of the Pakistani government and the army.In the time of independence, Pakistan had merged Sindh with its military power. In later times, Punjab's dominance in Pakistan's politics was overwhelming. Despite being the most natural resource, the people of Sindh went poor. The participation of local people of Sindh is also nominal in all the economic activities that occur here. Today it is one of the poorest areas of Pakistan.

Pakistan again violates cesfire in Balakote, 4 Pak soldiers killed in India's counter-reaction

Pakistan Army again violated ceasefire at Balakot in Poonch and Manjakot in Rajouri on Jammu and Kashmir's Line of Control. Indian soldiers responded in the event of a ceasefire violation. Indian Army fired on their vehicle. This caused four of their soldiers to drown in the river. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday alleged that the death of 4 military personnel in the firing of Indian Army on the Jeep of Pakistan in the Neelam Valley had died.

Indian army to deal with China-Pak, demands for defense budget Rs 27 lakh crore

The Indian army is in a mood to take a tough stand on the ongoing border dispute with China-Pakistan. The Indian Army has demanded a defense budget for the next 5 years, with special emphasis on the modernization of weapons. The army has fixed a defense budget of about 27 lakh crores till 2017-2022. Armed Forces insisted on early approval because their annual acquisition plans are based on this. At present, the defense budget is 2.74 lakh crore rupees. This is 1.56% of GDP. This is the lowest figure since the war in 1962, with China. The army wants the defense budget to be increased to 2% of GDP.

After the Pakistan and China challenge on the Indian border, the government started preparations like 'war'

Between Pakistan and China, increasing dual challenges on the border, the government has begun preparations to compete with limited war conditions. Under the major changes in this episode, while giving rise to the financial rights of the Chief of the Army, he has been given the right to procure the military equipoise directly to 40 thousand crores. In the past few years, the Central Government has improved the health of the minimum War Veezage reserve. That is to emphasize on the availability of necessary weapons and ammunition for at least one 40-day battle at a time.

PAK again broke seizfire, Indian soldiers fired reply, 2 soldiers dead

Firing was carried out on LoC in Kupwara's Foggi on behalf of the Pakistani Army, in which two Indian soldiers were martyred. Pakistani soldiers targeted mortarrs in advance posts and residential areas of Indian Army without any provocation. Earlier on Saturday, Pakistani security forces had violated the ceasefire in Jammu and Kashmir, in which a soldier and his wife of Indian Army died. After this, Indian soldiers also took retaliatory action and destroyed three posts of Pak army.

Pakistan: All disputes from India want to resolve with mutual talks.

Sartaj Aziz has said that Pakistan is keen to negotiate with India. And he wants to solve all issues including Kashmir with New Delhi through talks. He said that Islamabad wants to restore peace in the South Asian region and will continue to support Kashmiris as political, ethical and diplomatic until they become independent from India. Aziz said, 'India will have to give freedom to the Kashmiris. He said that after the death of Hizbul militant Burhan Wani in the conflict with the Indian security forces last year, India's oppression has reached the peak of Kashmir Valley. Said that India wants to wander the attention of the world on human rights violations in Kashmir and is causing tension on the border.

India's counterattack on Pakistan who praised Burhan Wani

India on Sunday said the international community should condemn Pakistan to support terrorism and sponsor it. When Hizbul Mujahideen militant Burhan Wani is described as a hero of Kashmir's independence, India has reversed Pakistan. Pakistan's COAS is praising Burhani Wani. To support terrorism and sponsor it, the international community should condemn Pakistan. Gafoor tweeted, "Kashmiris have the right to make their own decisions. Burhan vani and the sacrifice of generations against India's atrocities is an example of his resolve. Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also paid homage to Burhan and said his death had created more enthusiasm in Kashmiri's own decision to make decisions

In Pakistan torture with minority Hindus, orders to leave the house

The minority Hindu community living in Pakistan is facing discrimination, bias, and intolerance. Recently, Hindu families living in Harunabad of Bahawalnagar district were asked to vacate the house by June 28. The notice said, "You have been living illegally all over the Jarnail Road (Grand Trunk Road)" and on June 13 this notice has been sent that these houses will be evacuated because your property rights on this property are illegal is. After partition from August 1947, they are facing discrimination in Muslim-dominated Pakistan. On the written order of Bahawalnagar commissioner, in 1987, 69 Hindu families were living in government land 'Jarnail Murba

After the announcement of the Global Terror, PAK extended the security of the Salauddin

The security of Hizbul Mujahideen gangster Syed Salahuddin has been increased after the US declared the Global Terrorist. Along with Salahuddin, security of the most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed has also been increased. Salahuddin's security has been made of three layers, first of all are Salahuddin's personal security personnel, Pakistani police in the second layer and agent of ISI in the third layer, Salahuddin said that the American bans have not had any effect on him. He can still buy arms from the international market.

Hafeez opening the donation camp openly for the terror in PoK.

People are launch donation camps for open-air funding in Pakistan and PoK. Pakistan has kept Hafiz in custody. The banners that were installed in the camp for tire funding were pictures of Hafiz Saeed. The terrorist organization has organized such donation camps in Pakistan or PoK. The mastermind of the Mumbai attacks, Hafiz Saeed, is looking for both India and the United States. 166 people were killed in Mumbai terror attack. The US has given a reward of $ 10 million (about Rs 66 crore) on Hafiz's head. The LeT had attacked the Indian Parliament in 2002. After this, in view of India's growing pressures, Pakistan claimed that it has banned the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

India appeal to Pakistan, Provide full diplomatic help to Kulbhushan Jadhav.

India, on Saturday, appealed to Pakistan to provide complete diplomatic help to Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian citizen. Jadhav has been sentenced to death by a military court in Pakistan for alleged involvement in espionage and subversive activities. According to the list of Pakistan shared with India, at least 546 Indian nationals, including about 500 fishermen, are locked in their various jails.

Pakistan ban imposed on Hafiz Saeed's organization

According to the website of the Pakistani National Counter Terrorism Authority, on June 8, the Jammu and Kashmir (TAJK) Tehrik-e-Azadi has been banned. Jamaat-ud-Dawa is also under the supervision of the Pakistani government. Under the pressure of the US government, Pakistan had put 'Saeed' under house arrest at the end of January, and his organization was placed in the 'Under Watch' list. In February, due to fear of differences, the name of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa was changed to Jammu and Kashmir (TAJK) by the Tehrik-i-Azadi.

Washington: funding sent to Pakistan and UAE banks for terrorist attacks.

Global Leaks, the Vessel-Blower Organization, says funds were sent to terrorist outfits from Pakistan and some of the UAE companies and this fund was used for the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 and the 2008 terror attack on Mumbai. Was there. The banks of the UAE who were sent funds for these attacks, the bank belongs to the royal family. Newspapers such as Daily Beast, The Telegraph, Al-Jazeera and Huffington Post have published this news on behalf of Global Leaks. Funding was sent for 9/11 and 26/11 attacks using UAE Bank of UAE, Al-Falah Bank and United Bank Limited of Pakistan. The organization claims that these banks belong to the royal family of Abu Dhabi. These banks approved funding to terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jamat-Ud-Dawa.

Pakistan: Recognition Blast Recent, RAW hand behind terrorist attacks

Behind the serials of the serials, the Indian intelligence agency is the hand of RAW. The Pak army released a statement on Saturday, describing the role of the alleged active RAW network in Afghanistan behind recent terrorist attacks. In the terrorist attacks in Quetta and Karachi, 85 people were killed and many others were injured. Expressing grief, General Bajwa said that much talk about sacrifices made by Pakistan is not discussed. Bajwa said that Afghanistan will have to contribute in this fight especially against terrorism. General Bajwa said that Pakistan will not allow its land to be used against any other country.

For the security of Chinese citizens, 15,000 soldiers deployed by Pakistan.

Taking lessons from Beijing's resentment after the crime committed with the citizens of China living in Pakistan, Islamabad does not want to leave any stone unturned in this direction. Pakistan has given an army of 15,000 soldiers for the protection of citizens.Peaching has invested more than 32 trillion rupees for the construction of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This economic corridor will connect China's Shinjang province to Gwadar port of Balochistan. China also gave a signal of resentment about it. During the SCO conference held in Kazakhstan, when China's President Xi Chunfing did not give time to meet Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, it was estimated that China is angry with its citizens about crimes committed in Pakistan.

Pakistan told Hizbul chief Syed Salahuddin defending, US decision was unfair.

After announcing Syed Salahuddin as a global terrorist, Pakistan is completely frustrated and has come in support of him. In a statement issued by the Pakistani Foreign Office a day after the US declared Salahuddin a global terrorist, the ongoing conflict in Jammu and Kashmir has been justified. Due to the rights of the people of Kashmir and the right to self-determination, it is absolutely unfair to declare someone as a terrorist. Thousands of people have been killed in terrorism since 1989 in Jammu and Kashmir. Syed Salahuddin, Chief of Hizbul Mujahideen, who created terror plot, has been declared a global terrorist. Not only this, it was announced to seize its assets coming in the US judicial area.

Pakistan deploys 15,000 soldiers to protect Chinese personnel

In Pakistan, 15,000 personnel have been deployed to protect the Chinese citizens working on energy and infrastructure projects. Pakistan has decided to tighten the visa rules for Chinese citizens. This decision came to Pakistan in violation of visa norms, the alleged Chinese couple, who have secretly proclaimed Christianity, have been taken after kidnapping and murder in Quetta.

125 killed due to fire in oil tanker in Pakistan; more than 100 scorched

In Pakistan, over 125 people were killed and more than 100 people were injured in the firing of an oil tanker over Bahawalpur highway in Punjab. More than 80 people were collecting tanker scattered oil. More than these people have been severely burnt. Fire Brigade was called immediately after the incident and the rescue work was on. Two vehicles of the fire brigade have almost completely overcome the fire.

International Airlines 14 officers arrested in drug smuggling case.

14 international employees of Pakistan International Airlines were arrested on Saturday for the offense of drug smuggling (ANF) by aircrafts. 9 out of 14 were arrested in Karachi, five were arrested in Rawalpindi and Lahore.
ANF ​​Maj Gen Musrrat Nawaz Malik said that the arrested employees are Sayed Ghulam Yazdani, Vice President of People's Unity of PIA Employees of Karachi chapter, senior technician Syed Anwar Shah, who was in the PIA Information Technology Department. In the Airport Security Force, two staff members were involved in drug smuggling but their name was not known.

BAT attackers brought daggers and cameras to attack Indian soldiers

Pakistan's Border Action Team (BAT), which attacked the patrol team of the Indian Army, was involved in special forces personnel and terrorists. They had 'special daggers' and camera headband. The Indian Army had recovered the body of a member of 'Bat' from there during search and other operations. The forces failed their efforts, and one of their members died in this counter-action and the others were injured.

Pakistan: Students drinking water in Ramzan students beat up journalists

In Pakistan, a madrasa student beat up a TV channel with the help of drinking water in the month of Ramzan. Students of Madrasa Haqqania beat up the employees of Din News Channel. The Madarsa management claimed that the journalists were drinking water in the day and they were stopped from doing this before, but they continued to drink water after which the students beat them. Communist Ali Usman told the newspaper that he and the team The other members were sent to the attorney Salman Akram Raza for an interview. Raza is the lawyer of Hussein Nawaz, son of Nawaz Sharif in the Panama case.

Four Indian Army, who wandered in Pakistan, were handed back to India.

The Pakistani army unknowingly handed over the transfer of Indian security forces to Indian Nationals on Thursday in the border. It has been told that the four Indians had crossed the border sometime back through the Wagha and Norway borders. They were arrested. And was handed over to the police for investigation.
An official said, "Rangers today (Thursday) 4 Indian prisoners - Sohan Lal, Suraj Ram, Abdul Majid and Muhammad Maqbool folk were found at Pakistan Sima. Border Security Force on the Wagah border. He said, "During the investigation, it came to know that he had unknowingly crossed the border.

Prior to PM Modi's visit to the US Parliament, bill introduced against Pakistan.

Prior Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to America starting on Sunday, two senior US lawmakers presented a bipartisan bill, in which demand for a cut in US relations with Pakistan has been sought. Republican Ted Poe and Democrat Rick Nolan presented the bill on Friday, demanding the cancellation of Pakistan's 'Major Non-Nato Allie' (Important Non-NATO Associates or MNNA) status, because Pakistan 'surrenders terrorists' Is there. This bill has been introduced at a time when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to meet American President Donald Trump for the first time during his visit.

The real reason for India's defeat was revealed, Kohli's arbitrarily

Even after losing the 180-run defeat to India in the hands of Pakistan, there was a panic in Kohli and Kumble too. Before the crucial match against Pakistan, it was decided in the team meeting that if Kohli wins the toss, then the Indian team will first decide on the batting. Kohli became the boss of the toss in the field. He decided to bowl instead of batting first while doing his own arbitrariness. When Kohli returned to the dressing room, Kumble questioned him about this, so Kohli responded with a lot of ridiculousness . The strategy prepared for the final by Kohli's one decision was of no use and the Indian team went on the field without any plan and Kohli's advantage over the Pakistan team got the benefit of arbitrary

Pakistan has made visa rules strict to Chinese citizens, cracks in the relations between the two countries

Pakistan decided to tighten the visa rules for citizens of China. The Home Ministry took this decision considering the situation and needs. This will bring transparency in the visa process and prevent misuse of visa process between the two countries. On arrival of Chinese citizens, business visa and visa will be provided only after the assignment letter approved and approved by the recognized Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country.The two Chinese nationals who had been murdered after kidnapping last month in Pakistan, They were identified as religious preachers and both of them came here in violation of visa standards.

Pak high commissioner says Pakistan will consider Kulbhushan Jadhav's punishment again

Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit has given a big statement about the hanging of Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav. Abdul Basit said that unless he is hanged in the International Court, he can not be hanged, even if the Court's decision does not take two to three years, but he will not be hanged in any way. Basit further said that Jadhav had several chances to escape from this execution. Basit says that if the 'Court of Appeal' rejects Jadhav's appeal, then he has the chance that he can apologize to the Army Chief

US can attack terrorist bases in Pakistan by drone attack

In the wake of the growing terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, the US can take strict action against Pakistan's terrorist targets. Trump administration can accelerate drone strikes at terrorist bases located in Pak. Apart from this, Pakistan can also stop the help being given. The White House and the Pentagon have not received any official statement related to it.

Conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan, commotion

The issue of the alleged abduction and conversion of a minor Hindu girl in the Thar of Pakistan is being debated extensively. Ravita Meghwar is 16 years old. On June 6, some people of Syed's community in Nagarparkar area near Vankaro village kidnapped him. The local Hindu community, including the girl's family, says that he was abducted and pressurized for conversion. Ravi's father Satam Das Meghwal alleged that the influential people of Sayyed community kidnapped his daughter by feeding her whole family with sleeping pills. Despite the immediate request, the Thar police did not make any attempt to locate the girl till then. , Until it was forcibly converted.

Pakistani fan told Virat Kohli, who is father, Mohammed Shami flame.

Former cricketers like Virender Sehwag also used to take the Pakistan team on the back and ridiculed India as 'father' and Pakistan as 'son'. But after losing the finals, a fan fired on Team India captain Virat Kohli and said, "Who is the father of India fast bowler Mohammed Shami got flicked". However, MS Dhoni took the matter with his own 'cool' style. Pakistani Fan looked at Virat Kohli and said, 'the strut is broken, your Kohli is all yes, the strut is broken.' Kohli did not react on this. Then when he tensed the 'Father who is' many times, then Mohammed Shami lost his temper and turned towards him. Captain MS Dhoni, the former captain of Team India, saw this, he calms down Mohammad Shami and handled the situation.

Being enthusiastic on the victory of Pakistan, Anchor said to PM Modi, 'drown die ...'

Anchor Amir Lajpat of Pakistan's one-channel channel used abusive language for India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the team's victory. Aamir Liyaqat said, "I want to say to Prime Minister Narendra Modi today that you have stopped the water of Pakistan which is immersed in it. There is no water throughout the chunlu, but immerse yourself in the blocked water of Pakistan. ' Not only this, Anchor also targeted former India players Sourav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag.

Pakistan: The Supreme Court, for the sake of forcible conversions and marriage against Hindus.

The Pakistan Hindu Council has appealed to the Supreme Court against kidnapping, forcible conversions and forced marriage of minor Hindu girls.In Sindh province, Hindu girls are kidnapped and forcibly getting married with them is a day for the events happening. Forcibly conversion of 16-year-old daughter Rita Meghwad was done for her forcible conversions and she was then married to a Muslim of two years old. This incident has been more than 15 days but still the police have not been able to take action against the perpetrators. The situation of Sindh is completely different. The focus here is to kidnap Hindu girls and convert them to Dharma so that they could be forced to marry without their consent.

China: People demanded to send army to fight IS in Pakistan.

After the killing of 2 Chinese citizens by ISIS terrorists in Pakistan, many people have demanded revenge on the social media.People demanded the Chinese government to send troops to Pakistan so that the revenge of killing 2 Chinese citizens could be recovered. Claims that both Chinese citizens were involved in illegal preaching activities, it created more anger. Significantly, it is rare that the people of China are shocked by the criticisms of Pakistan on social media.

INDvsPAK LIVE: India's goal of 339 runs for Champions Trophy
Batting first in the Champions Trophy between India and Pakistan, the Pakistan team lost 4 wickets in 338 runs and scored 339 for Team India to win. Fakhr Jamshed (114) and Mohammad Hafeez (57) were the other contributors for Pakistan. India got the first breakthrough in 22.6 overs when Azhar Ali was run out on the throw of Bumrahah.
Today against Pakistan, history will be played, Team India

The Indian government does not allow Team India to play bilateral series with Pakistan. In this case, both teams are face-to-face in ICC tournaments. Whenever such an opportunity comes, then everyone's eyes are on them. India will face Pakistan in the final on Sunday (today) at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. In this match, Team India will make a record as soon as they descend on the field. Among the two teams, who is ahead in the ODI and which players will be in the playing XI in the final. Captain Virat Kohli should make any changes in the playing XI that won the last two matches. Rohit Sharma and captain Virat Kohli have also come in the form. The bowling unit under the leadership of Bhuvneshwar Kumar is also performing well.

Nawaz Sharif's brother targeted a plain Pakistani army.

Shahbaz Sharif, while targeting the powerful army of the country, said that unlike the military rulers who took power at gunpoint, members of his family respect the law. After appearing before the joint investigating team, 65-year-old Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz, said in front of the media that the Prime Minister of Pakistan appeared in JIT a day before and a new chapter was added to the history of Pakistan in the 70 year history. Today I did the same. He said that we have proved that our family respects the law unlike the military rulers who got power at the gunpoint in the past. The Supreme Court had set up JIT last month to investigate the property of the Sharif family in London.

Saudi Prince: Two-dimensional people are Pakistani, Arabs are slaves

Saudi King asked Nawaz where he was on. Many more such examples will be found in Pakistan. But now what is happening is that Pakistan is starving. He is much larger than all of these. The Defense Minister and Prince Mohammed bin Suleman has said something about Pakistan that Pakistan will never be able to digest. Prince Suleiman, giving a controversial statement, said Pakistan was a slave of Arabia. Not just Pakistan but the people of Bangladesh are not even Muslims, but they are those people who have adopted Hindu religion and have adopted Muslim religion. is. So it is not Muslim They call the people of Pakistan converting Muslims and being the slave of Saudi Arabia. Prince Suleiman India is known as Al Hindi-Muskine to Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh. It means that they are a double class Muslim.

India-Pakistan final match About 2 thousand crores of speculation.

With the legal leakage and technique being helpful in England, India and Pakistan have a speculation of around Rs 2,000 crore. The bookies' favorite team of speculation is clearly the Indian team. If the team wins the match for 100 rupees in the match and Virat's team wins this match, then the wager will get Rs 147. But if Pakistan team wins, then instead of Rs 100, there will be 300 rupees. India has a total of Rs 2 lakh crore speculation on all those matches played this year. Apart from this, different parts of the game are also speculative. Jas- how much the two teams will score in the 10 overs of the start. Or how many wickets on how many wickets will fall on how many scores. Which of the batsmen will retain Fifty or Century? Who will take the most wickets.

India vs Pakistan: Pakistan can be heavily burdened by India in finals

India beat Pakistan by 124 runs in the league match. In the final match, it may be a mistake to take it lightly. Pakistan's young fast bowler Hasan Ali has won two Man of the Match titles. Apart from this, there are Junaid Khan and Mohammad Aamir, who put the Pakistani fast bowling attack on edge. Ali has taken 10 wickets in four matches. This left-handed opener, Fakhr Jamsa, did not get the opportunity to play against India. After the arrival of the Pakistani batting looks strong. Experienced batsmen like Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik can ever return to the form. Imad Wasim bowled superbly against India. But after that he took two wickets against South Africa.

In the Champions Trophy final, IND vs PAK, everyone was expecting

This is the first time since 2008 when both the teams will compete against each other in the final. This is the first time in a 50-over tournament organized by the ICC when two opponents will try to inspire each other for a title. In 2007, the first World T20 final was one-on-one against each other. This match is still in the all-time classic match, which India had made a name for itself with 5 runs on the scoreboard. See the last four matches played between India and Pakistan in the Champions Trophy and World Cup, then in all four matches India has won In the league match of this tournament, India had defeated Pakistan by 124 runs. Among the top 5 in the list, India has the names of 3 batsmen. Shikhar Dhawan has so far scored the highest runs in the tournament.

Including Pakistani female suicide bomber, India, in the case of suicide attack

Female suicide bombers have crossed into a terrorist border and entered India. These female assailants are waiting to make an 'extraordinary attack'. They can do solo or suicide attacks. These women belong to the suicide bomber terrorist organization Jamat-ud-Dawa and Jaish-e-Mohammed. It was chosen by the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI itself. The number of assailants is 7 to 8. And many of them have entered the Indian border in the last one or two months. Talha Saeed, the son of Mastermind Hafiz Saeed, is the commander of this operation. These women can target the attacker oil refineries, nuclear reactors, metro trains, ordnance stores, military and paramilitary forces, religious places and embassies.

Salman Khan's 'TubeLight' will not be released on Eid in Pakistan

Salman's Pakistani fans will not be able to see him on the big screen in Tulleite, which will be released on the occasion of Eid. Pakistan's local distributors are thinking of releasing Salman's film. Pakistan's Distributors are thinking of releasing the superstar Salman Khan's movie there. The reason for this is that even in Pakistan there are two big local films being released on the occasion of Eid. Because of this, the makers do not want any kind of competition.

China is increasingly interfering in the Indian Ocean with the help of Pakistan to surround it.

To encircle India, China is increasingly increasing its presence in the Indian Ocean under the guise of Pakistan. China's warlike fleet and pandals are constantly moving from Karachi and Gwadar. Through this, the dragon wants to increase its Navy presence in the Indian Ocean. Although China is calling the movement of these warlike fleets and submarines, it is a commemorative tour China  said. China is also planning to expand its Marine Corps, which it will deploy in different parts of Pakistan. Last week, the US had also alerted that China was in a position to build a military base in Pakistan. On June 6, a report released by the Pentagon said that there is a possibility of establishing a Chinese military base in Pakistan including those that have long been friendly and strategic relations with China.

Pakistan has shown red fort in Lahore with Indian Flag .

In a welcome ceremony organized by the SCO at its Beijing headquarters, the organizers faced embarrassment when the table of Pakistan was seen as the Shalimar Gardens of Lahore as the red fort of India along with the Tiranga, This reception was organized to outline the admission in the SCO of India and Pakistan. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Indian envoy Vijay Gokhale, appointed in China, Ambassador of Pakistan Masood Khalid and other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) participated in the program.

Champions trophy 2017: India and Pakistan will face big fight again

Even if the cricket teams of India and Pakistan clash in these two countries or on the other side of the country, fans reach there. Fans get ready to buy tickets even at double the price to watch the India-Pakistan match. On Wednesday, June 14, Pakistan has a match against host England in the semifinals. If the Pakistan defeated a strong team like England in this match starting at 3 pm, it would be in the final. There is little hope of reaching the final. In the last match, Pakistan won against Sri Lanka, their game did not show much. Sri Lanka lost many easy catches and runouts in that match. On 15th June Team India will fight against Bangladesh.

Sharif left for Qatar on Monday in order to reduce the dispute between the Gulf countries.

Nawaz Sharif went to Qatar on Monday to preside over a meeting between Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the backdrop of Qatar issue. Sharif has invited top ambassadors from the Gulf countries for the discussion. It will also include Pakistani Foreign Affairs Advisor Sartaj Aziz. After the meeting,  Sharif will leave for Saudi Arabia along with Chief of Army Staff Kamar Javed Bajwa and Advisor Aziz. Pakistan had told reporters during a recent visit to Kazakhstan that Pakistan would try to reduce the gap between the Arab countries after working with good relations with Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar. Although on Sunday Pakistan had dismissed such reports that he was planning to deploy his troops in Qatar between diplomatic tensions in the Middle East.

Sharif will be the first Pakistan PM to appear before JIT in Panama case

The joint investigation team called on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for questioning on June 15. Nawaz will be the first Prime Minister to appear before any team investigating the allegations of corruption. JIT chief Wajid Zia will present the prime minister with all the documents related to the matter to the six-member probing team at 11 am on June 15. Nawaz, who was present in Lahore, discussed this issue with his close aides on Monday morning. After discussions with his helpers, the Prime Minister has decided to honor the summons and he will be present before JIT on Thursday. In the Panama Papers case, the Pakistani PM and his family are accused of corruption. The Supreme Court has constituted a Joint Investigation Team to investigate the matter.

In Pakistan, prohibition of toy guns, thousands of guns were seized.

Children's toy gun in Pakistan has also become a weird problem. The criminals are carrying out crime using these toys with real weapons and throw them away and run away. The police can not do anything against such criminals.
This has resulted in the sale of toy guns in Sindh province for two months. Thousands of toy guns were seized by the police in the Bolton Market and Chakwada area of Karachi's main trading city, Karachi. 22 big businessmen have been arrested from both the areas. Some criminals are also using criminals. They use the guns in the game and become accustomed to staying with them, which helps in making them violent when the habit is large.

11 Pakistani prisoners going to release by India between Jadhav case

India is going to release 11 Pakistani prisoners on Monday. According to officials, India is going to do this under 'goodwill'. Pakistan had demanded release of them on the basis that all the prisoners have completed their punishment. Recently, this is the first major step taken by India after tension in Kulbhushan Jadhav case. This release is also important in this matter as the informal meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif other than the SCO conference in Astana. PM Modi asked Sharif about his health and asked for his mother and family's well-being.

China: Chinese Navy fleet reached Pakistan under four-day Sadbhavna Yatra.

The Chinese navy fleet has reached Karachi on a four-day goodwill and training trip on Saturday. The fleet tour will increase mutual understanding among people of both countries and will lead to cooperation. On the arrival of Pakistan, the fleet was welcomed. This fleet has three warships named Chang Chun, Jing Zhou and Chhao Yue. The naval fleet is under the command of Rear Admiral Sen Hao, Commander of Naval Fleet. Naval Staff Chief, Naval Staff Chief, Admiral Mohammad Jakuullah visited the fleet. This tour will further strengthen the relations between the touring countries. During the stay in Karachi, officers aboard the fleet will discuss issues of mutual interest with their counterparts from the Pakistani Navy.

The firing between India and Pakistan, the army is giving a shouting reply.

There is no answer from the Indian Army in retelling the enemies. At present, the firing started between the Pak Rangers and the BSF jawans in Ramgarh in Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir. There is no news of any casualties so far.Congress is continuing. Before this, Pakistan has lost its efforts to infiltrate across the border.The relationship between India and Pakistan has also worsened from the very beginning. On the other hand, Pakistan has also been shaken up by the issue of Kulbhushan Jadhav case. The day Pakistan came to violate the seizure. Although the enemies are responding retaliation.

Expansion of SCO for the first time since the formation in 2001, India-Pakistan joined the organization

India and Pakistan became full-time members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on 9th June. This organization is being seen as a NATO power-balancing organization. Russia had strongly advocated India's membership in the SCO, while China had supported Pakistan's entry into the group. As a member of the SCO, India emphasized on coordinated action to deal with terrorism and protection and security in the region. Can be widely talked about related topics.

The membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's full membership also includes membership in Pakistan.

At the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana, the famous songs of Raj Kapoor's films 'Awaara Hoon' and 'My Shoe Is Japanese' were played. And the songs that were played were both played during lunch. All the leaders felicitated them. This time, India and Pakistan have got full membership in the SCO Summit. During the opera before the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit, the two leaders greeted each other. China had also appealed to join the OBOR Summit from India. 8 members of SCO are China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Its headquarter is in Beijing.

Pakistan is collecting donations from India to spread terror in India.

A community for espionage activities in Rajasthan has used donations came shrines special. Deputy Inspector General of Police Raghavendra Suhasa said today that about this work was done last week by the ISI Detective Dina Khan, who was arrested from Jaisalmer, who was working on the sayings of Pakistan's handlers. The donations used in the religious place were taken and the amount collected up to three lakh rupees from there was given to ISI's two spy Satrash Maheshwari and Vinod Were distributed in Maheshwari. Both were arrested. It is easy to share money with spies to the spies. However, since this incident, security agencies have become alerted and now such sites are being monitored.

India submits Pakistani witnesses to NIA court summons to Islamabad for samjhauta Express blasts case

India has handed over 13 Pakistanis to Islamabad through a special NIA court to give statements as witnesses in the 2007 Samjhauta Express blast case. It has been stated that the summons issued by a lower court of Panchkula in Haryana were recently handed over to Pakistani officials by diplomatic means. 13 Pakistani nationals will appear in the court in Panchkula or not. Their identity is not even known. In 2007, two compounds of the compound Express that killed 68 people in the blasts. Consequently, the bomb blasts in the Samjhauta Express near Panipat Asimanand was angry with the Akshardham Temple in Gujarat, the Raghunath temple in Jammu and the terror attacks in the crisis Mohan temple in Varanasi.

PM Modi meet Nawaz Sharif, asked- How is now mother?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif greeted each other in a cultural program on Thursday night. Both of them meet for the first time after the meeting between the two leaders in Lahore on December 25, 2015. At that time, Prime Minister Modi had reached Lahore in a surprising way. Modi and Sharif have gone to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit.

Pakistan win against South Africa, hopes to make it to semi-final.

Pakistan retained the hopes of making the semi-finals by defeating South Africa by 19 runs in the Duckworth-Lewis method in the rain-affected Group B match of the Champions Trophy. After the humiliating defeat from India, Pakistani bowlers did a great job, which helped South Africa win 219 for 8 wickets while batting on a slow wicket. After this, when Pakistan scored 119 runs in three overs in 27 overs, the rain came and the match could not start again. Pakistan's team was ahead by 19 runs under the Duckworth-Lewis method. Pakistan's Fakhar Jams (31) and Babar Azam (31 not out) played fine shirts Mohammad Hafeez also scored 26 runs.

Pakistan is spreading terror in India with donations coming in the dargahs

The Rajasthan Police's intelligence department has arrested ISI spy Dina Khan and made several sensational disclosures. In the interrogation of police, Dina Khan has told that how the money received from the dargah in India is used to spread terror against India.The police has come to know that the accused was preparing a network of terrorist activities. Two people have been confirmed to be involved with him. The Khan has so far distributed a number of people from Mazar to India in order to connect people to his network. Officials believe that through hawala it has become difficult for the spies to make money in India that this is the reason that now Pakistan has invented a new way to give money to terrorists. 

China can make military base in Pakistan ,India can pressurize

China can build its own military base in Pakistan. This claim was made by the U.S. Defense Headquarters Pentagon report. China is trying to make every possible effort to surround India with land and sea. This threatens border security against India. China has already built an army base in the African country Djibouti. Pakistan is a big buyer of China's weapons in the Asia-Pacific region. China exported a total of 12 trillion rupees of arms between 2011 and 2015. Of which about 6 trillion rupees are bought by Pakistan alone.

Four Indians and one Pakistani accused in the call center scam

Four Indians and one Pakistani have committed their crime in a massive call center scam in the US He accepted the role of fraudulent and money laundering schemes in America through phone call centers in India. Three Indians have already accepted their offense in this case. Three Indians Rajubhai Patel, Viraj Patel, Dilip Kumar Ambal Patel and Pakistani citizen Fahad Ali accepted the allegations of money laundering before the Judge David Hitner. On October 19, Texas The federal Grand Jury fixed charges for fraud and money laundering on 56 people and five call centers in India. In this case, Harsh Patel, Bharat Kumar Patel, and Ashwinbhai Chaudhary have already admitted their crimes.

Pak's all 15 players can not be defeated to India: Former Pakistan player: Shoaib Akhtar

India's defeat to Pakistan by 124 runs on Sunday has been termed as "shameful" and "insulting" by former Pakistani great cricketers. Former captain Imran Khan said, "Winning and losing are a part of any sport, but the way we defeated India on Sunday without any struggle, it is quite embarrassing. Former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar said that in England conditions, who will start bowling with spinners. The only way to defeat India was to take wickets and take them out on a low score. Despite Pakistan having a lot of talent, we will stay behind in cricket in India. Rashid Latif said, "Even if Pakistan takes all my 15 players, I do not even think the result will be different. Now there is such a difference between the two teams. Captain Amir Sohail said that the media loves showing it, but the truth is that this Pak team does not have the ability to defeat the existing Indian team.

Pakistani hackers have hacked NIT Srinagar website

Shortly after Pakistan's defeat in the ICC Championship, the website of Srinagar National Institute of Technology (NIT) hacked by a group of Pakistani hackers by the Pak Cyber ​​Skull. College sources said that this website was hacked only after three o'clock Monday afternoon. On opening the website of the institute, Go Modi was seen to be written. It was written before that you know why you have been hacked? Free Kashmir. Freedom is our goal. Hackers have written medicines of Kashmir in the state of Kashmir, that Kashmir only wants freedom from the Indian army. Stop killing children, stop raping women, imprisonment of maidens should stop.

Team India beat Pakistan by 124 runs, defeats Pakistan badly for 5 reasons

Team India defeated Pakistan by 124 runs in their first match of the Champions Trophy on Sunday at the Edgbaston stadium in Birmingham. This is his biggest win in the Champions Trophy. This is the second win of 4 Champions Trophy matches against India in Pakistan. He has kept his record of not losing the tournament against Pakistan in the ICC Tournament since 2009. India's next game is against Sri Lanka on June 8.
Pakistan lost due to these 5 reasons.
1- Team India's good batting
2- India's better performance in the last 5 overs.
3- Good batting in the last over of Pandya.
4- Bad Fielding of Pakistan.
5- India's Better Bowling

Pakistan's target of 320 in the Champions Trophy, Rohit-Dhawan-Virat-Yuvvy's Fifty.

In the Champions Trophy Team India gave the target of 320 runs to win Pakistan Earlier, losing to toss in the match, India scored 319 runs in 3/48 in 48 overs. Rohit Sharma scored 91, Virat Kohli 81 *, Shikhar Dhawan 68 and Yuvraj Singh scored 53 runs. Hardik Pandya scored not out with 20 runs. Losing the toss to bat first, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma gave a brilliant start to Team India. The two shared 136-run partnership with 147 balls for the first wicket. After the rain in the match, the match has been reduced to 48 overs.

Cricket: Why is it so heavy in today's match on Pakistan, Virat's team India,

India-Pakistan match will be played from 3 o'clock this afternoon at the Champions Trophy. Even though in the Champions Trophy, Pakistan's side is heavier than Team India.In the Champions Trophy there were three matches between India and Pakistan, out of which Pakistan has won two. In the last five years, India played 15 matches in England, out of which 11 won Are there. He lost 3, while one match could not be due to rain. At the same time, Pakistan's figures are quite weak. He played 8 matches here in the last five years, out of which he won only 1 match and he has lost all others.

On the issue of terrorism in Russia, PM Narendra Modi targeted a simple Pakistan.

Modi, close to Russia in the International Economic Forum in St Petersburg, and in response to a question regarding differences with China, pointing to the support of terrorists across the border, look at the ongoing discussions on terrorism. Terrorists do not make weapons, some countries are providing them. They do not print the notes, but some countries are definitely providing them. He said that some countries, good terrorism, bad terrorism, my terrorism, talk about your terrorism. What is terrorism and how dangerous it is. For this the limit does not matter. It has no own country. Wherever humanity is.

Indian Army killed 5 Pakistan soldiers, 2 terrorists in Baramulla

In Jammu and Kashmir's Bimber and Battal sector, Indian Army on Thursday responded to the firing of Pakistani soldiers. During this, 5 Pak soldiers were killed and 6 wounded. These terrorists were hiding in a house. For 3.30 starters, the search operation started in Nattipora area of Sopore. In the meantime, Pakistan has made a seamless warranty in the Naushera and Krishna Valley sectors near the LoC. It was also answered from India. Two AK-47 rifles, 5 magazines, 107 live rounds, 2 pouches, 2 thousand rupees cash and rubber stamps have been recovered from the dead terrorists.

India will provide medical visa for treatment of Pakistani children

A Pakistani man pleaded for help from External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj for the treatment of her child. In reply, Sushma Swaraj assured the citizen of the help. Pakistani man tweeted on social media tweeting Sushma Swaraj Pakistani citizen Ken Sid penned a picture of his sick child on Twitter and wrote, "Why did my child be frustrated by not getting proper treatment? Is there any answer Sir Sartaj Aziz or Madam Sushma? "

Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI and Haqqani network behind Kabul Blast

Behind the truck bomb blast in Kabul, Haqqani Network and Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) are being told. According to Afghanistan's intelligence agency National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan's Haqqani network has planned a bomb blast in Afghanistan's diplomatic area on Wednesday, 31 May, which includes the Pak Intelligence Agency, ISI. At least 90 people died and four hundred people were injured, including women and children. Officials said that 15 hundred kilo explosive material was hidden in the tanker of dirty water. France, India, Turkey, Japan, United Arab Emirates and Bulgaria have reported the damage caused by this blast on their own embassies.

40 percent reduction in US visas for Pakistanis, increase for India.

The number of non-immigration American visas for Indians has increased by 28 percent compared to the monthly average in March and April this year. Apart from this, the number of American visas approved by Pakistani nationals has come down by 40 percent.Pakistanis sanctioned non-immigration visa has decreased by 40 percent compared to the monthly average of March and April 2016. The Obama administration last With a monthly average of 6553, a total of 78637 non-immigration visas were released to the Pakistanis, which is 40 percent higher than the present average. Indian citizens in April this year, 87,049 Ija, while granting 97,925 visas in March this year. Last year, 72,082 non-immigration visas were approved for citizens of India every month.

Pakistan is in trouble with the growing friendship of India and Afghanistan

Neighboring country Pakistan is troubled by the growing influence of India in Afghanistan. The US intelligence department said that Pakistan wants to keep India's influence, not within Afghanistan. And, more, he could also raise his friendship with China in the wake of India's growing influence on its western border. According to Dawn's news, recently there was a meeting about the war in Afghanistan within the US Congress. There was the talk of Pakistan's concern about the growing friendship between Afghanistan and India. The Trump Government is engaged in deciding the new policy on Afghanistan. And there is a continuation of discussions in this regard. If the terrorists try to target the American army inside Afghanistan, then the Trump administration can start military action against them again.

Appeal in Supreme Court, Kulbhushan Jadhav hangs soon: Pakistan

Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav has demanded to be hanged soon. If Jadhav fails to overturn his conviction, then his sentence should be done soon. Supreme Court lawyer Mujmil Ali has filed the petition on behalf of the opposition leader and former Senate President Farooq Naik. If any appeal is pending from Jadhav, then any decision should be taken according to the law of the country. Let it be said that Pakistan claims that its security forces had arrested Jadhav from Balochistan province on March 3. Pakistani military court has sentenced him to death for the crime of espionage. Although the International Judicial Court (ICJ), through its interim order, had stayed the execution of Jadhav's execution before any final order.

An Indian citizen arrested in Pakistan under illegal travel

In Pakistan, an Indian citizen has been arrested for not having travel and visa-related documents. This is claimed in a media report. According to the newspaper 'Express Tribune', Sheikh Nabi Ahmed was caught on May 19, when he could not provide travel or visa-related documents. Ahmed is a resident of Jogeshwari East of Mumbai.Police says that the Indian citizen was stopped from going on Nazimuddin Road in Sector F-8 here. If he called himself Indian, then the police asked him for visa documents. Taking her papers, police took her into custody.A case has been registered under Foreign Civil Act-1946 and he has been sent to jail in judicial custody.

Pakistan arrests Indian citizen in Islamabad, sent jail for 14 days

India and Pakistan are face-to-face in the international court regarding Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav, at this time, an Indian citizen has been arrested by Pakistan. She is accused of not having enough travel documents. The name of this Indian citizen is Shaikh Nabi. He is a resident of Mumbai and was arrested from Islamabad. It has been said in the report that Islam police had detained him from the F-8 area during routine patrol. He has been arrested under section 14 of the Forensures Act, accusing him of not having sufficient documents.

Pakistan's terrorists plan to attack India and Afghanistan: US intelligence

US intelligence officials say Pakistan-based terrorist groups are planning to attack India and Afghanistan. In South Asia, the intelligence community has assessed that despite a slight increase in the military aid of the United Nations and its allies in Afghanistan, By 2018, the political and security situation will certainly be spoiled. Pakistan is going to be isolated at the international level the saving may turn to China for help for pakistan

Today will be hearing of Kulbhushan Jadhav Hair in ICJ. India and Pakistan will face to face

Judge of Kulbhushan Jadhav, today will be hearing in the Netherlands. The military court of Pakistan has sentenced Kulbhushan to death, against which India resorted to the International Court. The United Nations Judicial Body ICJ in The Hague of Netherlands According to Indian time, the hearing will start at 1:30 pm. At the hearing, both the countries will present their evidence against Kulbhushan in front of the court. India has already said that Kulbhushan Jadhav is unprotected. It will be tried to save him.
Pakistan has detained Kulbhushan Jadhav for a year on charges of espionage. Kulbhushan Jadhav was sentenced to hang on April 10. Pakistan, Jadhav was arrested from Balochistan on March 3, 2016. The hanging of Kulbhushan Jadhav has been banned.

Pakistan's bunker has been blown out by India.

Pakistan's bunker has been blown out by the Indian Army. The bunkers of Pakistan have been flown in the Naushra sector. Indian soldiers attacked Pakistani bunkers built on LoC and demolished their 7 bunkers. Naushara Pakistan had broken the ceasefire. Pakistanis violated the ceasefire. Because of this, the Bharati army broke his mouth and demolished him by 7. Mortars were fired on Pakistan's side. In this attack, two Indian soldiers were martyred in Pakistan. Not only this, the bodies of Indian soldiers were also vandalized.

Pakistan attacked its troops in a nefarious move, a martyr, 18 wounded.

The terrorists again attacked the security forces in Shopian on Wednesday. A local driver died in the attack of terrorists. The deceased Nazir Ahmed Shaikh was driving the vehicle of the army in which the jawans were riding. The shooters of the terrorists took the driver Nazir Ahmed Shaikh and he was martyred on the spot. Four jawans have also been injured in the attack of militants.Lucky terrorists fled Junaid Mattoo and hid in a village of Kulgam. The security forces are searching for militants in more than 20 villages of the Kashmir Valley. According to sources, it is reported that Junaid Mattoo, the terrorist terrorist of Lashkar, was hiding in a village in Kulgam with his two companions.

30 Indian fishermen were arrested by Pakistan

Pakistani maritime security officials arrested 30 Indian fishermen for catching their watershed. A spokesperson of PMA said that 30 Indian fishermen were detained and all their five boats were seized.Some months ago Indian fishermen had taken this custody and seized five of their boats. Indian fishermen caught twice. 100 Indian fishermen were arrested on March 26, while in the beginning of March, PMSA had taken about 85 Indian fishermen in custody. Indian fishermen were handed over to the port police for further legal procedures. Indian fishermen will be presented to the judicial magistrate tomorrow and then sent to jail.

Arrested an ISI agent in Faizabad, got training after visiting Pakistan

Uttar Pradesh ATS today arrested an ISI agent from Faizabad. According to sources, this person named Aftab Ali has been trained by Pakistan intelligence and is in touch with the officials of the Pakistani high commissioner.American Intelligence and UP Intelligence have taken Aftab Ali, son of Wajid Ali, from Khawaspura in Faizabad under a joint operation. Have been arrested. He was working for ISI. IG ATS Asim Arun told that ISI agent Aftab Ali was arrested from Faizabad, 120 km away from here.
According to IG Asim Arun, Aftab Ali has gone to Pakistan and has been trained in the spy agency ISI from the ISI. In India, he was in constant touch with an official of the Pakistan High Commission

Indian army gives back answer to Pakistan, killing 7 Pakistani soldiers and destroying two posts

The Indian Army has given an answer to Pakistan's objection to attacking the army in the Krishna Valley of Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian Army has completely destroyed both the post-firing posts from Pakistan in retaliation. In this action of the Indian Army, seven soldiers of Pakistan were killed. Pakistan yesterday fired at these posts, in which two Indian soldiers were killed, on both of Pakistan's posts, about 10 to 16 soldiers of 647 Mujahideen battalions were deployed.

In the Jadhav hanging case, Pakistan persisted on its decision, Pakistan said India is using Afganistan to spread terrorism.

The Pakistan government, on its decision on Kulbhushan Jadhav's sentence, said on April 27 that the decision of the military court was based on ego proof.

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nafis Zakaria, has said that a case has been initiated under a 'transparent manner' under the law of the country for spying against Jadhav. Radio Pakistan, quoting Zakaria, said that Jadhav's punishment was based on his "confessional statement" with specific evidence.

A bomb explodes in a tribal area of Pakistan, 10 children including 6 children

In the troubled northwestern tribal area of Pakistan, a passenger vehicle was exploded with a remote bomb, killing at least 10 people, including six children and two women, and 13 others injured.

13 others were also injured in the blast. The injured were admitted to nearby hospital.

Inter Services Public Relations said that a special Mi-17 helicopter has been sent to Kharram Agency headquarters Parachinar so that the injured could be brought to Peshawar for treatment.

IIT Delhi, DU and AMU websites hacked, wrote - Pakistan Zindabad

The website of Delhi University hacked the Pakistani hackers. Apart from this, 10 groups of educational institutions have hacked this group. Hackers are telling themselves of the PHC group. The PHC is the same group that last year claimed to hack India's 7100 websites. Although the website could only be hacked for a while. And the website was hacked till it was written in Pakistan. These hackers have made a list in which there is a list of the websites of India's renowned educational institutions which they claimed to hack. Hackers have hacked the website of IIT Delhi.Pakistani hacker also claimed to hack Alibad Muslim University website.

500 more insurgents took the surrender to Balochistan in Pakistan.

The surrenders include the Baloch Republican Army, the Baloch Liberation Army, the United Baloch Army and the rebels of Lashkar-e-Balochistan. About 487 insurgents surrendered in Balochistan in Pakistan on Friday. This is the first time in the last few years when so many rebels have organized weapons together in this province. There is no hope of stopping the separatist movement in Balochistan. Balochistan, with a population of nearly 7 million, is the largest in size in four provinces of Pakistan.

Tension between India and Pakistan Pakistan NSA statement for long time India and Pakistan cant be enemy.

Pakistan's National Security Advisor (NSA) Naseer janjua has accused India's India is a violation of the bilateral "talks over the Kashmir issue has been refused, while he hopes India and Pakistan as" enemy "jatayi that don't always stay and communicate both neighbor countries and mutually resolve disputes. A military court of the janjua's comment by Indian Pakistani Kulbhushan jadhav let go of the death penalty in India-Pakistan tensions sunaye uptick in the backdrop of the front.