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Shane warne will be mentor of Rajasthan Royals

Australia's legendary spinner Shane Warne is returning to the Indian Premier League after 10 years as the mentor of the Rajasthan Royals team. Warne was the captain and coach of Rajasthan Royals in 2008, when without the big stars the team surprised everyone by winning the title. Following the two-year ban, the returning team announced on Tuesday the return of Warne.

Ranveer locked in the house for 21 days to roll Khaliji : Ranveer

Ranveer Singh has said that for the preparation of the character of Alauddin Khilji in Padmavat, he had closed himself for 21 days in his house. He said, "I was locked myself from everyone ... I could not add myself to the role of khaliji ... I could not relate myself to the greed and level of ambition.

Increased politics on the Bawana Kand, 50 thousand factories will come to the disaster

The news of the fire flows year after year from the capital Delhi, but the incident that took place in the Bawana industrial area on Saturday evening shook everyone. A fireworks factory killed 17 innocent workers due to the fire. After the incident, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari reached the spot and political rhetoric began to occur. The government ordered an inquiry and the BJP is also looking tough on the statements. These numbers of illegal factories have also raised serious questions while tweeting the Delhi Women's Commission President Swati Maliwal. Swati has written in a tweet, "If the drop of oil burning on hand is in hand, then human be tilted. 17 people died in Bawana, they caught hell in their last moments. Who is responsible for this situation? It is said that 50,000 such illegal factories are operating in Bawana.

Trump's media attack, issued 'Fake News Award' winner's name

US President Donald Trump has announced the 'Fake News Award' for the media institutions, according to what he said. The New York Times has been at number one in the list of Trump's 'Fake News Award'. Trump is called 'Fake News' by media members who have made news reports against themselves since the campaigning for their presidential position.Now the US President has announced these unique prizes on his Twitter account. The list of the names of the winners has also been released on the website of 'Republican National Committee'. The website said, "2017 affected by bias, improper news coverage and even filled with fake news. Studies have found that 90 percent of the news shown about President Donald Trump was negative

FB changes in expensive news feeds, more than 2 trillion losses

Facebook had recently announced the change in news feeds, now the fault of this change has caused the company to suffer as a deficit. According to Forbes figures, the company has lost a total of $ 3.3 billion in the total private property. After the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg's change in news feeds, 4.4 percent has been lost. Facebook had announced that the company would make some changes in the news feed algorithm. This will show more of the feed of friends and family more than the post of business people and media companies. After Facebook's post, until Friday evening, Facebook's shares dropped 4.4 percent to $ 179.37 from Thursday's $ 187.77.Dear, that last few year There is a flood of video and public content on Facebook. Since Facebook has now become more public posts than Friends and Family Posts, the balance of news feeds has shifted from important works done by Facebook, through which people connect with each other.

The startup that Google has bought purchased screen speaker

According to Bloomberg, Google has acquired the ReadX Startup of the United Kingdom, whose technology can convert the device's screen to a speaker such as a phone with the help of vibration. Readx claims that due to this technology, the speakers in the mobile will not be required and other spare parts can be installed in the remaining space.

Centurion Test: The Africa scored 258 runs, India's target of 287

Today is the fourth day of the Second Test match played at South Africa's Super Sport Park ground. Ashwin dismissed Annidi Gave Africa the last shock. The team was out on 258 runs. India has given the target of 286 runs. Team India's bowlers Mohammad Shami, Jasprit Bumrah and Ishant Sharma made a show of South Africa wickets.

President Trump told the news of improving 'relationship' with Kim

US President Trump rejects reports of 'good relations' with North Korea leader Kim Jong. There were reports that Trump has taken a soft stand on Kim and soon there may be talks between the two leaders. Trump has dismissed such reports and described them as fake. Said that his statements in the media have been published incorrectly.

Indian media is more fair and trustworthy than US

While the term 'Fake News' and 'Fake Media' are fast becoming popular in the times of social media, even then a large number of Indians believe that their mainstream media is more neutral. According to the Pew Research survey, Indian media is ahead of the US in terms of fairness. In the US, where 62 percent of people believe that their news organizations are reporting correctly, 80 percent Indians in the Pew survey It seems that the news shown by their news organizations is OK. Not only this, only 7 percent of Indians feel. According to Pew survey, 72 percent of Indians believe that their media is doing fair reporting on the government. Only 10 percent do not believe that. In America, this figure is 41 percent.

Ankker reached the studio with his daughter in protest of the murder of a minor after the rape

The anchor of Pakistan's news channel protested in a strange way about this heartbreaking incident. This anchor of Sam channel asked the studio about her daughter in protest of this incident and her daughter also stayed with her while reading the news of her murder. As she was getting emotional, she was feeling very hurt due to this incident. At the beginning of his program, Kiran says, "Today I am not a Kiran Naaz, I am a mother. In this video, Kiran also raises questions about the country's judicial system and says that no innocent person is born today, but he has taken up the whole humanity. Police said that the girl was murdered four to five days earlier.

The news of the increase of 9 centimeters in the space of Japanese astronauts is false.

The length of a Japanese astronaut living in the International Space Station (ISS) has increased 9 centimeters (3.5 in) in the past 3 weeks. Lieutenant Norisinge Kadai has now expressed his concern and said that due to this extravagant 9 centimeters, he could not fit in the small space of the Soyuz yan at the time of returning to Earth. Increasing 9 centimeters in just 3 weeks is a rare case. Now, Kadai has told his claim to lie in the next post and apologized too. In the social media post, Kadai wrote, "Everyone is a good morning. I am going to make a big announcement today. After we came into space, we measured the length of our body and I really increased to 9 centimeters. I've been so long in just 3 weeks. It was never after high school.

Big news for students about CBSE Date Sheets Class 10th 12th Board exams

The delay in the announcement of the CBSE Date Sheets has raised the trouble of students of 10th and 12th years. No date has been announced yet when the date sheet will be issued by CBSE board. According to experts, due to the delay from the board, students will now have less time to prepare for the exams like JEE and NEET. The board was to release the date sheet in the first week of January. However, the board never made any formal announcement in this regard. Looking at the past few years, it is expected that the Board can issue a Datasheet on 9th or 10th January. After releasing the date sheet, the students can visit the CBSE website to see the date sheet. Those students will be able to avail this, who are preparing to join JEE Main exam after joining the board exam.

Pakistani newspaper printed the calendar with photograph of Hafiz

Despite pressure from the US, India, Pakistan is not able to control the mastermind of the Mumbai attack Hafiz Saeed. Claims that Pakistan's support for terrorists has been confirmed once more. Now there is a newspaper in Kalender on the New Year, in which the Jamaat-ud-Dawa gangster is a picture of terrorist Hafiz Saeed. The Urdu newspaper 'News' has published a new calendar of the year 2018 with the picture of Hafiz Saeed. Photo of this calendar tweeted by Pakistani journalist Umar R. Quraishi. Qureshi wrote in his tweets. Not only this, he also formed an organization named Milli Muslim League, which is a mask organization of its restricted Jamaat-ud-Dawa.

The government will talk to the news on FIR against the journalist, the newspaper and the journalist will talk to the UIDAI

UIDAI was being criticized by reports of FIR lodged against the journalist who revealed the base data leak. After which Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad tweeted on Monday that the FIR was registered against the unknown and the government is committed to the freedom of the press. UIDAI tweeted with its official handles, 'UIDAI is committed to the freedom of the press is. We will talk to the newspaper and the news writer who will be able to reach the real culprits. Along with this, if the newspaper and his journalists have any suggestions, they can share with us. V Shankar Prasad also cleared the entire matter. He tweeted, "The government is committed to the freedom of the press and it is committed to the safety and security of the base.

The news of the return of the ambassador of 'Hafiz Lovers' in Pakistan.

Ambassador Walid Abu Ali, who is seen in Pakistan's 2008 Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed, is not coming back to Pakistan. According to Palestinian Foreign Ministry's statement, "Our ambassador to Pakistan Ali is still in Palestine and our attitude has not changed in this matter." The Palestinians have reported the news of their coming back in the Pakistani media, but Palestine has denied this news. We are still on our last week's stand. In a report of Pakistan's news channel Geo News, Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) Chairman Maulana Tahir Ashrafi has claimed that he sent Walid Abu Ali back to Pakistan. has gone. It has been said in the report that Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas has made Ali again the Pakistan ambassador.

RCom's share jumped 65% in 2 days, impact of news of debt reduction

On Tuesday, Anil Ambani placed his strategy in front of shareholders to reduce the growing debt on Reliance Communications by press conference. Anil Ambani said that his company will have a 4G spectrum sharing agreement with Geo. In relation to huge debt over the company, he said, "We have a complete strategy to lend the company's debt and we have reduced it from 45,000 crore to 6,000 crore." After this news, Reliance Communications shares There was a tremendous surge in sight. The company's stock jumped nearly 65 percent in two days.

RBI clarified on the news of closure of public sector banks.

The RBI has cleared the rumors after the Reserve Bank of India deposited several banks, including Bank of India, into the list of Prompt Action active Action. In the ongoing media reports, 9 government banks, including Bank of India, we're going to shut down. Rbi said clarifying that there will be no impact on the normal functioning of banks. RBI has come to know about many wrong reports on many other platforms including social media, in which some government banks have been told to close. Such reports are being given about prompt action-related action, but this is wrong.

Australia will investigate damage to news media from Facebook-Google

Australia will investigate that there is no harm to the news media industry from online platforms such as Facebook and Google. Here the loss is from the perspective of consumer and publisher. ACC Chairman Rod Sims said that he too Will check whether digital platforms are affecting the ability of traditional media to pay for content. A few weeks ago, a number of journalists who were working in a news website were removed in Australia. Like the other countries in Australia, the digital industry has suffered damage to the media industry. Companies are shifting their ads to digital platforms. More of this is going to Google and Facebook. 

The most popular word for the year 2017 is' Fake News: Donald Trump

The word 'Fake News', often used by American President Donald Trump, has been chosen as the most popular word of the year. This major German-speaking dictionary found that in the last 12 months 365% increase has been observed.American President Trump uses it regularly to criticize some media reports. Recently, in relation to the investigation of Russian intervention in the 2016 elections, he claimed that Fake News is being used extensively this day. But alone, Trump is not a person who uses it. Jeremy Corbin, the Leader of the Opposition in Britain's Prime Minister Teriza and also has used it in his speeches.

'Fake News' spreader person in America had died, due to uses of more drugs

During the American general elections held last year, a person who was involved in spreading the fak news has died. According to officials, 38-year-old Paul Horner was found dead on his bed in Arizona's house on September 18. It is suspected that his death was due to taking a lot of drug. Horner used to publish fake articles on Facebook and later established his own website. He claimed that the Trump became the President because of him. During the American presidential election, the flood of Fake News became a major concern. Some people had also accused them of attempting to influence voters on these fake reports.

US to deploy additional 3,000 troops in Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary James Matisse said that the Pentagon has planned to send an additional 3,000 troops to strengthen its country's military presence in Afghanistan. "We have plans to deploy about 3,000 soldiers and in fact I have not signed the final agreement because Mataji is taking care of very small and special things," Matisse told reporters on Monday.

Taliban top commander killed with four other terrorists

Four security personnel were stabbed while two were injured on Sunday under the security campaign launched in Kunduz province of Afghanistan. Among the killed terrorists is also the top commander of a Taliban. The official told the news agency Xinhua, "The security forces attacked the Taliban base in Kal-e-Jal district, where four terrorists, including the infamous commander Maulawi Ismail, died.

Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon left the White House, returned to the Breitbart News

Steve Bain, who left the White House chief strategist's post in the US, returned to Breitbart news job as the executive chairman on Friday. Last year, before joining Trump to help her win the presidential election, Benn was only in the Breitbart News. Alex Marlau, the editor-in-chief of the city, said, "The people-nationalist movement has become stronger today. Robert got an executive chairman who knows the pulse of the trump agenda.

Bombs news in Akalthak Express, suspicious object found in toilet.

After the information of the bomb in the 12317 Up Akalthak Express train traveling from Kolkata to Amritsar, there was an information of bomb. At about 1 a.m. on the train of B-3 coach, there was information about the bomb, after which was stopped near Akbarganj halt situated near Amohli's Inhana. As soon as the information was received, the heavy police force reached the spot and took off all the passengers safely and started searching for them.

London: The fierce fire that took place in the Kamden lock market, 70 firework workers arrived on the spot.

There is a news of a fierce fire in London's Kamden Lock Market. To control the fire in this large market with more than one thousand shops, 10 fire engines of the fire brigade and about 70 fire workers have been involved. There is no news of any casualty due to fire yet. Due to the fire in nearby areas, there is a danger of a bang in the hotel's kitchen. So far no one has been seen in the injured condition. Last month too, at least 30 people were killed in the fire at the Granfen Tower in Lancaster West Estate on Latimore Road in London.

North Korea: Extremely easy to eliminate our neighboring South Korea

North Korea says it is a 'very easy' work to ruin its neighbors and anti-South Korea. KCNA News Agency says it is a 'piece of cake' for him to eliminate his gangster neighbor South Korea. North Korea tested a ballistic missile (ICBM). For the past several years, Pyongyang is trying to develop a nuclear weapon that could target the American mainland. It is to be said that North Korea's missile can target American territory of Alaska and beyond. Pyongyang stating South Korea as a 'puppet military gangster', "It is a very easy task to eliminate South Korean puppet forces.

Chinese newspaper warned, advised Chinese investors to be cautious in India.

Companies have been advised to be vigilant about the growing tension between India and China. An article published in the Global Times said that between growing tensions between the two countries, China's companies should take steps to deal with anti-China sentiment there. In the newspaper, in 2014, mentioning anti-China sentiment in Vietnam has been said that even in India, China's interests can be attacked. It has been said in the report that even if there is a military tension of small levels on the border, there may be a violent attack on China's people and companies in India. China companies operating in India need to be cautious.

Even before the tour, the Israeli media reported on Modi, the world's most important prime minister.

The Israeli newspaper 'The Marker' has described Modi as the world's most important prime minister. In one of his articles the newspaper wrote, "Wake up, the world's most important prime minister is coming. A leader of the population of 125 crores should be given considerable attention. Israeli media is also discussing Modi's program too. In Israeli and Palestinian disputes, only Modi focusing on Israel is considered to be a very important indicator. Netanyahu wrote in his tweet that Modi's journey to strengthen the mutual relations between India and Israel would prove to be very important.

Prior to Modi's visit to Israel, the Israeli newspaper wrote: Awakening, the world's most important PM is coming.

The Prime Minister returned on a trip to three countries on Wednesday and will now go to Israel on July 4. Prior to his visit, Israeli media has praised him fervently. A newspaper there has written that "wakeup, the world's most important prime minister is coming." Other local newspapers and news portraits of Israel also made comments on 'escaping' from Modi's Ramlah. On the three-day visit of Modi to Israel, The Jerusalem Post has made a separate link in which it has given many news related to India. International Yoga Day was also celebrated in Israel with full devotion. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the relations between India and Israel are continuously increasing.

Presidential election: news of some other parties being upset in the Kovand Opposition camp.

In the presidential election, NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind is launching his election on Sunday. Their campaign is getting started in Lucknow from the capital of UP. On the other hand, Congress is finding it difficult to protect opposition unity.Other opposition parties are not happy with the stand of the Congress on the issue of Presidential elections. In addition to Nitish Kumar, Mamta Banerjee, Sharad Pawar and Deve Gowda are also seen as opposition candidates. Meera Kumar was not the first choice. Nitish had proposed the name of Gopal Krishna Gandhi, but the Congress did not show much interest in his name. Both Sharad Pawar and Deve Gowda wanted to separate themselves from the meeting of June 22 after the Congress stampede in the name of Meera Kumar. , But congressmen convinced them to come to the meeting in the last minute.

Pakistan: Students drinking water in Ramzan students beat up journalists

In Pakistan, a madrasa student beat up a TV channel with the help of drinking water in the month of Ramzan. Students of Madrasa Haqqania beat up the employees of Din News Channel. The Madarsa management claimed that the journalists were drinking water in the day and they were stopped from doing this before, but they continued to drink water after which the students beat them. Communist Ali Usman told the newspaper that he and the team The other members were sent to the attorney Salman Akram Raza for an interview. Raza is the lawyer of Hussein Nawaz, son of Nawaz Sharif in the Panama case.

News of relief for those traveling abroad by the aircraft is no longer necessary to fill the departure card.

The government has freed the Indians from abroad by filling their departure cards, but passengers traveling abroad by rail, waterway or by road will not get this discount. This arrangement will be implemented from July 1. The purpose of this initiative is to simplify the travel process of Indians going abroad. In order to provide detailed information about themselves in the departure card, the passengers have to provide information about name, address in India, birthdate, passport number and flight number etc. The Ministry's told to stop the filling of the departure card system, that the information filled in this card gets registered in the government system from other sources already, hence it is now unnecessary.

American student Otto Warmbier dies who came from North Korea.

American student Otto Warmbier, who was released from prison in North Korea, has died. His condition was not improving in North Korea. He was brought home only last week. This 22-year-old student suffered severe brain injury. This American youth went there as a tourist and was arrested. In March last year, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for stealing a political poster of a hotel in North Korea.

husband beat up in front of pregnant wife and son till its death.

In a minor dispute in Thane, a person was allegedly beaten to death in front of his pregnant wife and three-year-old son. The case has been registered on five accused, including three women, but no one has been arrested yet. On the basis of the complaint, the hill line police registered a case against the accused under section 302 (murder), 452 (forcibly entering the house with the intention of harm or attack), 147 (riot) and 149 of the IPC.

22 years later, Himesh took divorced, news of the relation with the second woman.

After Hrithik-Suzanne and Arbaaz-Malaika, another pair of Bollywood is going to be different now. According to media reports, Popular Singer Himesh Reshammiya and his wife Komal have divorced with mutual consent. After divorce, Himesh said, 'Our divorce has been done by mutual consent, and my wife and I interact with each other, there were some issues that we were unable to live with. In December, Himesh gave an application for divorce in the Bandra court. Himesh was married to Komal at the age of 21 and both have a son too. According to reports, Himesh Reshammiya's affair with TV actress Sonia Kapoor is being described as the reason for this divorce.

Before the match in India v Sri Lanka, bad news for Indian fans.

The Meteorological Department says it can also rain during this match. Before that, in the first match of the team India against Pakistan, the match had to be stopped 4-5 times due to the rain. In such a case, under the Duckworth Lewis system, either a lot of overs can be reduced or the match can be canceled. . If this happens, then 1-1 points will be distributed in both the teams. In such a scenario, Team India will have 3 points in 2 matches and Sri Lanka's 1 match in two matches, which will reduce their hopes of reaching the semi-finals. The Sri Lankan match is to be on the same oval ground, where on June 5 Australia-Bangladesh match was canceled due to rain.

Russian hackers have created diplomatic crisis in Qatar through false news

The matter of Russia's hand is coming behind the diplomatic crisis that arose for Qatar. American investigators believe that Russian hackers have faked news and damaged relations with other countries of Qatar. American Intelligence Agency FBI has sent a team Doha to help the Qatar government in the investigation of the case. In addition, US President Donald Trump has criticized Iran in Saudi during his first farsighted visit. It is being told that on 23 May the Qatar News Agency had published a news, in which the Qatar rich said that Iran is regional and Islamic power in the Gulf region.

Terrorist attacks in Britain again, news of 7 civilians killed in 3 incidents

On the eve of the Indo-Pak match, there is news of a terrorist attack in England. Seven people are expected to be killed in this terrorist attack. Two attacking terrorists have also been killed. After this announcement, the security arrangements had been chalked across Britain. England's Prime Minister Theresa had announced only after the Manchester attacks that there might be more terrorist attacks in London. This attack happened on such occasions when Cricket Champions Trophy is being organized in England and a large number of people from other countries have reached here. The terrorist attack has happened on the London Bridge, located in the central area of ​​London.

Audi announced good news for customers, price cut up to Rs 10 lakh

Luxury car maker Audi has announced a rebate of up to Rs 10 lakh in the prices of its cars in India by June 30. In the local market, they are priced between Rs 30 lakh and Rs.1.15 crore. Audi India head Rahil Ansani said that according to the market trend, it is not an attempt to clear the old stock, but we also want to discontinue our customers on new cars. The price of Audi cars sold in India will be given from 50 thousand to 1.5 lakh rupees. These discounts will be for entry level A3 sedans. At the same time, the company will give a discount of Rs 10 lakhs on the A8 sedan.

Wikipedia's founder launches 'Wikitbune' website to check out Fake News

In this period of Information Technology, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launched a new website Wikitribune against Fake News. This website is a group of professional journalists, a community of volunteers and assistants giving news articles. Any kind of advertisement will not be shown on the Wikitribune website. The information from which source will be published will also be published.

Jimmy Wells said that news channels publish even more news for clicking on more ads. Therefore Wikitribune will prove to be an important weapon.