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First time singer made music concert in Saudi Arabia

This historic event was witnessed in Saudi Arabia this week. For the first time, a female singer made a presentation at a music concert. Lebanese singer Heiba Tawaji participated in the concert at Riyadh's King Fahd Cultural Center. The announcer welcomed the singer's stage as a glorious moment for Saudi. Singer Tawaji said that he has come to Saudi Arabia for the first time and he was warmly welcomed. Hashish is feeling honored to be the first woman to appear on stage in Saudi Arabia. However, recently the Saudi government allowed the live music to the concert. This permission has been given after the reforms initiated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

A big disclosure of Bihar Board, without any examination, was made topper Ganesh

In the last year, the Bihar Board's fake topper 'Prodigal girl' Ruby Rai had written a number of songs by writing film songs and 'Tulsidas Paraman' and later these copies had been changed. 'Music Boy' Ganesh Kumar is also not an arts topper. They did not even test and went top. This big disclosure is done by Ganesh himself in police questioning. Having passed without a practical test, he became a topper of the arts. Patna police is investigating the fake Inter-Art Toppers Topper Ganesh Kumar, on the remand of the Bihar Board examinations. The principal knew that he had forgery in the age. Dalal Sanjay had arranged for the admission in Ganesh's 12th, with the principal of the school and the people of the committee. In return, Ganesh gave money and enrolled four such candidates, who gave a big amount in the name of passing.