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UFOs show flying in the sky of Mexico

A female driver in Mexico saw an unknown thing flying in Asaman. The woman made the video of this strange flying object from her cellphone. According to the news, it is being called a UFO. Seeing the alleged UFO video put on the internet, it became viral. UFO Expert Pedro Ramírez declared it the first UFO development of 2018.

7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, more than 139 deaths

More than 139 people have died since the 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Mexico. Hundreds of people have been injured while many multi-story buildings have collapsed. Relief and rescue operations are being carried out after the earthquake and people are being evacuated from the debris. On Tuesday, the 7.1-magnitude earthquake on Richter Scale has caused a major catastrophe in Mexico City, Morelos and Puebla provinces. The epicenter of the earthquake was close to the Atitsinh of Puebla province. According to the American Geological Survey, the depth of the earthquake was 51 kilometers.

Earthquake-hit in Mexico, 63 killed so far.

The death toll has increased to 63 due to the powerful earthquake following a coastal storm in Mexico. Here, police, soldiers and emergency personnel are engaged in rescue operations to deal with this double catastrophe once in the country.  A magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck south Pacific coast just a few hours from midnight on Thursday, causing many buildings to collapse

In prison of Mexico's Acapulco, 28 prisoners died due to violence.

28 prisoners died due to violence in Mexico's Acapulco jail. Acapulco, Guerrero is the largest city in the state and is one of the most chaotic cities in the country. There was a feud between the two gangs inside the jail which took the form of violence and 28 prisoners died. Apart from this, 3 people were seriously injured. The jail administration saw the whole wing, the bodies inside and outside the kitchen. An official said that the head of 4 prisoners was cut off and separated from the torso. The most dangerous in the incidents of violence in the Mexico jail so far. In the past year, 49 prisoners were killed due to violence between two gangs.

15 dead in a shootout between drug smugglers in Mexico

At least 15 people have been killed in a shootout between two groups smuggling police and drug trafficking in northern Mexico. The security forces reached the spot, the gang members also fired on them. Aparicio said, "The bullets were also fired on the soldiers and the police, but they managed to answer the attack and only one patrol vehicle was the victim of firing. All the 15 killed are from the drug smugglers gang and 5 others have been arrested. A few days ago, 17 people were killed in an encounter between police and gunmen.