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Kapil's show promos on trending at number one on YouTube

How many fans are fans of Comedy King Kapil Sharma's return to the TV, you can predict how they can get their latest promos from the views they get? Promo of 'Family Time With Kapil' is trending on the first number on YouTube. In just 2 days the video has been seen 39 lakh times. Seeing the promo, it is clear that in the first episode of the show, Kapil Sharma will screw up the income tax officer Ajay Devgan. Kapil Sharma comes to make fun with small things. With the other, he knows very well about making fun of himself. Kapil is doing something similar in the new promo. In the video, Kapil actor Ajay Devgn is requesting him to come to the show. But Ajay does not want to take his pinch. Ajay says that your call is waiting