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Continuous performance in Jammu and Kashmir over gangrape and murder case

Eight-year-old innocent Asifa is continuously performing in Jammu and Kashmir for the gangrape and murder case. The situation is that tension has increased between the two communities in Jammu. This whole case has taken political color. The local bar association is performing surprisingly in favor of the accused.When the girl's father Mohammad Yusuf filed a case in Hiranagar police station. According to this, on January 10, around 12:30, her daughter had gone for a horse in the forest to take a fare, after which she did not return. Police filed an FIR after their complaint. Firstly, the case was caught by the police by arresting a minor, but later the case was handed over to the Crime Branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Police. On 9th April the Jammu and Kashmir Police filed an 18-page charge sheet against eight accused in the case.