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Donald Trump Former Chief Advisor Says Sensational Charges on Facebook

Former President of US President Donald Trump and Former President of Cambridge Analyte Steve Bennon, targeting the social media site Facebook's "business system", said that Facebook sells information about people. According to CNBC's report, in a conference organized by the newspaper 'Financial Times' on Thursday, Bennon said that he did not know about the data taken by Facebook, which analyzed political data. "They take your information for free, they sell this information for a bigger advantage, these companies do business for more earnings." In the presidential election, Cambridge Analyca, a working company for Trump, is accused of stealing information from millions of Facebook users of the US. Benn said other than the conference that they do not remember their participation in such a scheme, in which the information purchased from Facebook Use has been done in the election campaign.

Donald Trump congratulated Vladimir Putin for his re-election as president.

US President Donald Trump calls Russian President Vladimir Putin and congratulates him on re-elected President. Giving details of the phone call, it was reported that Trump congratulated Putin on Russia's re-election on March 18 again and emphasized the importance of nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula.

The US has termed the three Pak terrorists as global terrorists.

Donald Trump Administration has termed three people of Pakistan as Global Terrorist. The three are accused of being linked to terrorist organizations like the Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Taliban.Mirica's Department of Treasury has named three terrorists as global terrorists. Their names are Rahman Jab Fakir Muhammad, Hezbulla, and Khalifa and Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan.After declaring the three terrorists as Global Terrorists, America can block the entire three properties. Any American citizen could stop any kind of transactions with these three. Under the Treasury Department's Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Co-ordinator Segel Mandelker said that America is constantly bringing the names of those people who support terrorist organizations. And are running a financial network in South Asia incorrectly.

Trump approves the release of the controversial Republican Memo.

US President Donald Trump cleared a controversial Republican memo on Friday. Trump had accused the Department of Justice and the Investigation Agency FBI of bias, within a few hours after which Trump has taken this step. This move of Trump will increase the confrontation between the President and the country's top investigating agency. It is alleged that the FBI spied on a member of Trump's election campaign Earlier, a senior official of the Trump administration told reporters in the Air Force One plane that the President can inform Congress that there is no objection to issuing written memos on behalf of the House of Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nuns. Donald Trump had accused the Department of Justice and the Investigation Agency, the FBI, that he was suffering from bias in favor of the Democrat Party and the Republican But 'politicization' of investigations against the leaders is done. White House spokesman Raj Shah said that the documents have been sent to the minorities and majority members of the House of Intelligence.

Trump approves release of controversial Republican memo

US President Donald Trump cleared a controversial Republican memo on Friday. Trump had accused the Department of Justice and the Investigation Agency FBI. It is believed that this move of the Trump will increase the confrontation between the President and the country's top investigating agency. It is alleged that the FBI spied on a member of Trump's election campaign Earlier, a senior official of the Trump administration told reporters in the Air Force One plane that the President can inform Congress that there is no objection to issuing a written memo on behalf of the House of Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nuns. White House spokesman Raj Shah said that the documents have been sent to the minorities and majority members of the House of Intelligence. This document has also been sent to Speaker Paul Rayans of the House.

China attacked the US, said- Leave the old mindset of the Cold War Trump.

US President Donald Trump Tuesday described China as a threat to its US values. After this, China described the United States as "the old mentality of the Cold War" and criticized it. At the same time, China also advised the United States to come out of the Cold War mindset. China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chun Ying criticized the United States. He said that we hope that the American side can leave the old Cold War mentality to work for a shared goal with China so that our differences can be corrected and sustain China-American relations as sustainable development. On Wednesday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in Beijing: "America and China are more than equal interests' of our differences and disagreements.

Donald Trump's big decision, thousands of Indians will benefit.

US President Donald Trump has proposed to the US Parliament to abolish the popularized lottery system to grant visas to skilled workers. This move of Trump will benefit thousands of Indian IT professionals who have been waiting for a long time to get green card in the US.

Donald Trump Apologizes For Re-Tacking the Horizontal Right British Group

America's President Donald Trump has apologized for the first time to re-tweet the top-right British groups. In the interview given to Pierce Morgan for the 'Good Morning Britain' event in Davos, Trump said, "If you Tell me that they are very scary racist people, I will definitely apologize, if you want me to do this

Donald Trump departing Davos, to participate in the World Economic Forum meeting.

US President Donald Trump has left for Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum meeting on Thursday. There, their goal should be to reassure the international leaders that their agenda of "America First" is not to be separated from the world stage. They tweeted before leaving for the airport and said, "We will soon be Switzerland Will go to Davos and tell the world how great America is and how it is doing. Our economy is growing and I want to make it better. Our country is finally winning again. On the diplomacy front, Trump has a meeting with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and UK Prime Minister Teriza Me. This meeting of the two leaders is scheduled to take place after a few weeks of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. While this meeting between Trump and Terrija May is concerned with the relationship of US-Britain in the background of unusual stress.

Trump's media attack, issued 'Fake News Award' winner's name

US President Donald Trump has announced the 'Fake News Award' for the media institutions, according to what he said. The New York Times has been at number one in the list of Trump's 'Fake News Award'. Trump is called 'Fake News' by media members who have made news reports against themselves since the campaigning for their presidential position.Now the US President has announced these unique prizes on his Twitter account. The list of the names of the winners has also been released on the website of 'Republican National Committee'. The website said, "2017 affected by bias, improper news coverage and even filled with fake news. Studies have found that 90 percent of the news shown about President Donald Trump was negative

Trump's New Visa Rules, Beneficial for Indian Professionals

The President Donald Trump favors almost completely with the new system set up for immigrants in the US, and it is beneficial for Indians to do so.American President Donald Trump has the number of migrants coming to the US Emphasizing on the eligibility-based immigration system, the Trump administration believes that the qualifying-based migrant workers The best and brightest people from around the world will come to America, while people will be hard to come to the country illegally. They said, "We want people from any part of the world to come, they love this country, love the people here, who are skilled, be talented, who speak the English language, our values and the like We live in life, be committed to supporting him

Donald Trump says after the charges, I am not a racist

US President Donald Trump demanded to end the dispute arising out of alleged offensive statements made against some immigrant migrants. He said that he is not a racist. In a meeting last week with the lawmakers of the party, he had said that some participants in the meeting are pressurizing the strangers of the poor countries. The wide level against the alleged comment Faced criticism. He did this in a meeting with MPs about reforms in immigration. On leaving the International Golf Course for dinner with Leader of the Opposition Kevin McCarthy in Florida, the US President told reporters, "No- No, I'm not a racist. I am the least racist of any of the people you have interviewed so far. I can tell you this

Trump Family will Treat on Trump Tower flat buyers.

Trump Towers, owned by US President Donald Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. has started selling flats in Gururgram. The Trump tower is going to start within the next three months in Gururgram and Kolkata adjacent to Delhi. Pankaj Bansal, director of the tower maker in Gurugram, told that Trump Junior Gurujram is coming in February. They said that the first 100 buyers will also be given a banquet in the first Trump Tower Garfield Estate made in New York. This tower will be one of the most modern residential flats in the world. Trump organization, M3M and Tribeca developer took 24 months to complete the design of this tower. On the first day of the sale of the flat, 20 flat towers were booked, which cost around Rs 150 crores.

China's second overseas military base to be built in Pakistan

After openly resenting US President Donald Trump against Pakistan, Beijing and Islamabad can increase economic and defense agreements. According to China's official media, China is acquiring Pakistani military base near Chabahar Port of Iran. However, such reports have been totally rejected by Pakistan. Rashtrapati Trump tweeted on January 1, Pakistan But after the allegation of not taking action against the terrorists, the relations between Pakistan and China have been strengthened. It has said in Islamabad that Islamabad In Kshiy business is recognized currency of China.

Trump gave reply to Kim , said - I have a bigger and stronger nuclear button

Jubani Jung is continuing between US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong. On Tuesday, Kim threatened the United States by pointing out that an atom bomb's hand was in the hands, Trump reversed it in the same fashion on Wednesday. Trump said that he also has a nuclear button which is bigger and more powerful. The Trump said in his tweet, "North Korean leader Kim Jong has just said that the nuclear button always remains at his desk. Will anyone tell them that they have a button of nuclear bombs, but they are bigger and more powerful than their buttons and my button works?

North Korea: Donald Trump accused of giving oil imposed on China

Donald Trump said that while Korea was supplying oil to North Korea, Korea crisis could never be solved peacefully. Earlier China had rejected allegations of violation of UN sanctions on North Korea. Under the new sanctions passed in the United States last week, oil exports to North Korea were reduced to 90 percent. China had supported this proposal of the United States in the United Nations.

Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

American President Donald Trump, while announcing the protests, on Wednesday night declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He said that America will take its embassy from Tel Aviv to this holy city. America has always been in favor of peace in the world and will continue to do so. We will not have any role in the border dispute. Tell us that America has always considered Jerusalem as a holy place. Before this decision of the Trumpet was started in protest against the Arab countries. 10 Gulf countries, including Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, have warned America on this. Meanwhile, the US has advised its citizens to avoid letting Israel go.

Donald Trump: I never asked James Commy to stop investigating the flynn.

U.S. President Donald Trump denied that he had never stopped investigating the then FBI Director James Commy from investigating his former security adviser Michael Flynn. He said that he and his campaign in last year's election campaign had no connection with Moscow. He accused it of the Justice Department and his political opponent, Hillary Clinton.I never stopped comic from examining the Flynn. The fake news covering another lie of commy. "Another Twitter post made his situation complex, in which he indicated that he had removed the Flynn because he was not honest to both Vice President Mike Pains and the FBI.

Preparing to surround North Korea on missile testing: Donald Trump

After the missile tests on Wednesday from North Korea, there has been a stir in the whole world. US President Donald Trump discussed this issue provoking provocation from South Korean counterpart Moon J-in and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on this issue. The American president is proving to be a big challenge for Trump. The ballistic missile also covers the eastern coastal coast of America, including Washington. After the Missile test, in a conversation with reporters in Roosevelt Room of the White House, Trump said, "We will handle it, we will deal with this situation. The latest provocation of North Korea is not just for America, South Korea, and Japan, but for the whole world.

America's newly elected President Donald Trump was chosen 'TIME Person of the Year'

America's newly elected President Donald Trump has been selected as Time Person of the Year. Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the claimant of Time Person of the Year this time. Modi is also a favorite of the public in the online readers' poll. He was nominated for the annual honor of Time magazine's 'Person of the Year', along with Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This international magazine chooses the Person of the Year for anyone influencing the news at the annual level. In this sense, Time's editors selected 11 people as the last contenders for this honor.Memory gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Simone Bills, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and singer Beyoncé among others were included.

5th day of Asia tour, US President Donald Trump in China,President Xi Jinping praised

US President Donald Trump was in China on the 5th day of the Asia tour. He praised President Xi Jinping on Thursday in the capital Beijing. In the Communist Party's Great Hall of People, Trump said, She has given her support to our agenda to curb North Korea's arms program in recent times. Thank you for this. Trump said that due to the poor policy of my predecessors, the US has lost $ 300 billion. I will give credit to China to take advantage of the opportunity. Trump has sent three ships to pressurize North Korea. These are the world's largest warships.

American President Donald Trump on tour of 11-day Asian countries.

Donald Trump is on an 11-day tour of Asian countries. On Monday for the second consecutive day in Japan, he warned North Korea. Trump said that the time for showing strategic patience against North Korea is now over. North Korea's nuclear program is a threat to global civilization, international peace, and stability. Trump said in an interview that I can sit with everyone. I do not consider it weak or strong. Getting up with people is not a bad thing. A. You can not wait 20 years to talk to Korea. Abe also announced the ban on properties of 35 Korean groups and people.

Twitter's employee dactivated the account of Donald Trump on Twitter's job last day!

US President Donald Trump's Twitter Handle on Thursday evening became mysteriously invisible for a few minutes. During that time Trump's official Twitter handle @realDonaldTrump was searching for a message, 'Sorry, this page does not exist!' This mischief was made intentionally with the President of the world's most powerful country. Twitter immediately after the incident said that the account 'suddenly got deactivated' with the mistake of an employee of 'Twitter'. Twitter also issued an official statement saying it seems that this action was deliberate. The twitter account of Trump's Twitter account, which was deactivated on Thursday, was the last day in office.

The most popular word for the year 2017 is' Fake News: Donald Trump

The word 'Fake News', often used by American President Donald Trump, has been chosen as the most popular word of the year. This major German-speaking dictionary found that in the last 12 months 365% increase has been observed.American President Trump uses it regularly to criticize some media reports. Recently, in relation to the investigation of Russian intervention in the 2016 elections, he claimed that Fake News is being used extensively this day. But alone, Trump is not a person who uses it. Jeremy Corbin, the Leader of the Opposition in Britain's Prime Minister Teriza and also has used it in his speeches.

Poll Result Finds Trump Loses Ground on Puerto Rico's Response

Donald Trump's job-approval rating is going to the downside, largely because of his administration's relatively weak performance in helping victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the feuds that so frequently preoccupy him, according to a new poll.

Former US President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter arrive for the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 20, 2017. Only 42 percent of voters approve of the job Trump is doing while 58 percent disapprove, according to the latest Harris-Harvard poll. That's a decline of 3 points from September when Trump's job-approval rating was 45 percent amid public satisfaction with his administration's response to hurricanes that battered Texas and Florida. However, Trump still gets the support of a stable 80 percent of fellow Republicans who approve of the job he is doing.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong are fighting like children of school: Russia

Jubani Jung is continuing between North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump, for whom Russia has taken a look at both the leaders. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are fighting like children. US President Donald Trump had warned North Korea to completely eliminate the first speech in the United Nations, on which the North Korea described his speech as a bark of dog. Not only that, Kim Jong, he has confessed the Donald Trump to the mad.

Donald Trump said in the United Nations General Assembly, if we are in danger, then North Korea will be destroyed.

In his first address to the United Nations General Assembly, US President Donald Trump attacked against North Korea and Islamic terrorism. Trump warned North Korea directly that if the United States had any danger or fear, then there would be no other way than to completely destroy North Korea. Trump also thanked China and Russia for cooperating with Nuclear Nonproliferation Press on North Korea.

Donald Trump's daughter Evanka told Sushma Swaraj: 'Charismatic' Foreign Minister

America's President Donald Trump's daughter and advisor Yankara Trump meets with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, other than the United Nations General Assembly session in New York. Iwaka called Sushma Swaraj a charismatic foreign minister. He wrote on Twitter, "I respect India's skilled and charismatic foreign minister Sushma Swaraj for a long time. It is an honor to meet them. ' Iwaaka, who is going to lead a US delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in India in November, discussed women's entrepreneurship and workforce development in both countries.

The threat of Donald Trump, if the new bill does not pass, will stop the insurance payment.

Trying to End Obama Care Once again the furor of Donald Trump provoked the fiasco. The US president said that if the Congress does not pass a new healthcare bill, then the insurance payment from the government will be stopped. Trump wrote, "If the new health care bill is not approved immediately, the bailouts for insurance companies and Congress members will soon be over. Deadline to increase insurance premium has been fixed August 16. For the past 7 years, the Republican Party is opposing Obama. ObamaCare was one of the most ambitious plans of former President Barack Obama. Finishing it was one of Trump's most prominent election promises.

Donald Trump made John Kerry the Chief of Staff, Prebus Vacation

American President Donald Trump has appointed John Kelly, Chief of Homeland Security's Department, Chief of Staff. Rhine Prebus, who remained in the post till this afternoon on Twitter, was freed from the post.
Prebus was constantly under pressure to step out of the post since he had a finger on leaking information about the appointment of Trump's new Communication Director. Anthony Skarcomy, who became a communications director a week ago, had accused Prius of leaking information to the media.

Impeachment motion against Donald Trump appeared in Parliament

Donald Trump won the presidential election last year in the US. Although losing to him, Hillary Clinton was believed to be the main contender for the win. To win Donald Trump, the news of Russian interference in the presidential election started becoming media headlines. Now the problems of trump are increasing in this case. An Opposition Democratic MP has presented an impeachment motion against Trump in the House for obstructing the investigation of this case.

Second blow to the Paris agreement, we are not a definitive candidate: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

After the decision to separate from the US President Donald Trump's Paris agreement, Turkish President Rajab Tayab Erdogan has said that his country will not confirm the Paris climate agreement. The news came that the remaining 19 G20 countries, except the US, would continue to be on the Paris Agreement. After the step taken by the US, our position is in the direction of not passing it in Parliament. Erdogan said that the remaining 19 countries have doubts about the deal. Former French President François Oland had promised him that Turkey would be given the category of developing economies rather than the industrial economy, which means that instead of paying money on climate change, his country would get money from the Global Climate Fund.

Donald Trump accepts Russia's interference in US elections, the warnings given to uttar korea

US President Donald Trump has acknowledged that Russia might have interfered in the past year's presidential election. Said that many other countries could also be involved in this. Trump said I believe many people have interfered. Trump took the North Korea during this time and warned of the consequences. He said that the 'consequences' of this action of Pyongyang will definitely happen and warn that he is considering a strong reaction. Trump said I call on all countries to face this global threat and show North Korea publicly that its consequences will be the result of this very bad behavior. Trump said we are considering very strict things.

Cartoon competition organized for joking of Donald Trump in Iran.

A tournament of 'joke' was organized in Iran by US President Donald Trump. The winning artist made a trump cartoon in which he is wearing a suit made of money but his hair is burning. The theme of this competition was 'Trumpism'. It included 1,600 cartoons taken from artists from 75 different countries around the world. Hadi Asadi of Iran won the competition. The organizer's organization, Ali Asghar Jafri, said that on selected cartoons, exhibitions will be organized in 11 countries including Iran, Netherlands, Belgium, Indonesia, Brazil, and Turkey.

Trump warns North Korea, Said The patience is now over.

North Korea has been warned by missile trials being carried out continuously by US President Donald Trump. The era of strategic presence on North Korea failed, and patience is said to have ended. Let's go - these have said that the threats and provocative policies of neighboring countries will be given a strong response. Moon told that the US President has accepted the invitation to visit Seoul. The US has now been forced to take tough action against North Korea. The President said that the era of strategic piety over North Korea failed and asked for boldness that the patience is over.

On the issue of terrorism, neighboring countries flared up by the US authorities.

During a bilateral dialogue between President Donald Trump and PM Narendra Modi, the neighboring country of India has been disturbed by the direction given to the US by Pakistan on terrorism. Pakistan, in turn, has accused Washington of speaking the language of India. 'The Dawn' was written that the blood of the people of Kashmir does not matter to the US. Human rights laws do not apply in Kashmir. India has been telling the nation to terrorize Pakistan as a terrorist. India has been blaming terrorists for training and financial help on Islamabad.

The US also announced the implementation of the 'White Shipping' approval for the sale of the Guardian drone to India.

The American President Donald Trump India resolved to our defense cooperation and deeper and America gave its approval to the sale of the Guardian drones' able to deliver six foes India. And also announced to implement White Shipping. India offered to buy a Guardian drone in front of America, which would enhance India's security capabilities. The Guardian drone specializes in gathering intelligence, monitoring, and reconnaissance of the enemy. The drone can fly up to a height of up to 50000 feet at 27 hours at a time. It can take up to 1746 kilograms of explosives with it. Trump welcomed Modi's firm support for joining America as a supervisor at the Shipping Symposium 'Indian Ocean Naval Symposium' in the Indian Ocean.

PM Modi meets Donald Trump, said, "Thank you for the grand honor"

Trump and his wife warmly welcomed Modi Before his talks with Narendra Modi, the American President said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing a very good job. He said that India is doing a very good job and it is a matter of honor to welcome such a great Prime Minister. When the two leaders sat for the meeting, Modi thanked Trump and his wife for a warm welcome. He said that he is welcome to 125 crore citizens of India.

Donald Trump and Narendra Modi will try to strengthen the relationship.

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time in Washington face-to-face Despite differences on Trade, Visa and Paris agreement, both will try to strengthen relations between Indo-US. The nature of both of them is almost the same and therefore the possibility is expected that both of them will be good together. Both leaders talk about their own minds and Indian officials are keen to see how their relationship will be. This is the first time when organizing dinner for a foreign guest in Trump White House. Trump ordered an improvement in the H-1B visa system, which gives Indian youth the benefit. After this, he made many allegations against India by declaring that he was coming out of the Paris accord.

US: PM Narendra Modi arrives in America, Donald Trump said 'true friend.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached America on a two-day visit. There is a lot to be expected in those five hours. During the conversation on the phone, three issues are expected to be given special attention - Defense, Terrorism, and Energy. Approval of the sale of 22 Guardian Non-Weaponized Drones to the Indian Navy by the US Navy will be a special aspect of this journey. The US president is expected to emphasize energy partnership, and it is a coincidence that this visit is taking place when the energy week is being celebrated in America. President Donald Trump realizes that India is a force for good and this will be reflected through the tour on Monday.

The White House did a clean, H-1B visa issue before the visit of PM Modi.

Prior to the meeting between PM Modi and Donald Trump in the White House, a senior administrative official told reporters, there is no plan to negotiate on the H-1B visa issue. But if this issue was raised by India, then the United States is ready for it.The home security minister has to offer a proposal to prepare proposals for possible reforms in the H-1B visa program. However, in the process of issuing visa or application No changes have been made immediately, so we are not in a position to predict the possible outcomes of the review.

India needs India to curb the growing influence of China

The Atlantic Council told the Trump administration that the US would need India to stop China's growing influence. Trump needs to believe that India is not only regional support to balance the power of Beijing, but it is on top priority in US foreign policy. In order to continue to strengthen the Indo-US relations, we need more initiative and effort. The proposed Asia-Pacific Initiative can be an effective way for Senator John McCain to show India's intentions. If the proposed 7.5 billion dollar funding is approved, then it may be a new beginning for the coming time.

American President Donald Trump photo on Girls Swimsuit.

A California-based company has launched a swimsuit that has a picture of US President Donald Trump. This swimsuit appeared on the Internet on Tuesday, with a picture of 'confused face' of Donald Trump, and soon became viral. About the swimsuit created in America, the company itself said, "It is your body's Shines the shape, and its purpose is to cheer"| Swimsuit is being sold at the rate of US $ 49.95 (each) by California's costume company 'Beloved Shirts', and it will not be reversed or returned  Believe Shirts' in May ' Heyy Chest 'started selling swimsuit, which has been tremendously trending on social media On seeing this swimsuit, there is an appearance of seeing a man who has a lot of hair on his chest.

US Ambassador to Trump's economic affairs will be the first US ambassador to India.

US President Donald Trump's top ally and India's specialist expert Kennith I. Jester is set to be the next US ambassador to New Delhi. Deputy Vice-President of the U.S. President and deputy director of his National Economic Council will be replaced by the 62-year-old Jester and will replace Richard Verma when sanctioned by the Senate. White House Deputy Spokesperson Lynji E Walters said that being able to be highly qualified, Kennith Jester is being made the ambassador of India. This step was taken before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first meeting with Trump on June 26 at the White House. After taking the position of Barack Obama of Trumpet as President of the United States, Verma was decided to step down from this post. He is the first American of Indian origin to serve this position. Jester has much experience working on Indian policy issues and US-India relations.

Donald Trump canceled the proposal for exemption of illegal immigrants from the country

Donald Trump canceled a proposal for exemption on the plan to expel millions of illegal immigrants from the country on Thursday. This threatens to remove about 40 lakh illegal immigrants, including three lakh Indians. However, the Trump Administration 2012 will allow the "Deafard Action for Childhood Arrivals" i.e. "Daka" policy to remain. Under this, temporary immunity to minor children entering the US will provide temporary relief. They will be allowed to stay until they complete their studies in American schools.

Donald Trump announces the cancellation of Obama's agreement with Cuba

US President Trump has announced the cancellation of the deal signed with Cuba by Barack Obama two years ago. However, the US has decided not to close its embassy in Cuba. President Trump said at a rally that the US agreement with Cuba was unilateral, so it is being canceled. According to the White House the cancellation of this agreement will no longer allow US companies to do business with Cuba.

Donald Trump's call on Father's Day, children are everything for the father.

Announcing the 'Father's Day' on 18th June, Trump said in his declaration, "The original value that remains to our adult state is the father's ability to fill us inside us." Donald Trump said that As son and daughter, we accept the affection and acceptance of them. We are celebrating the inevitable role of father in our lives and communities. Donald Trump said that we remember those small moments of paternity such as throwing a baseball, writing essays, driving a car, showing the path, which give us shape. We thank our father for being a helpful hand and big heart. Gives an opportunity to thank those present in the lives of those who have raised the responsibility of nurturing their children.

Indians are looking for jobs in India due to Donald trump policies in America.

Most of the employees living in the US are now looking for a job in India so that they can return home. Since assuming the power of Donald Trump, there has been a huge increase in the number of job applications in Indian companies by Indians living in the US. Between December and March, such applications have registered a 10-fold increase. In December 2016, 600 people working in the US applied for jobs in India. By March, the number had increased to about seven thousand. According to the American Citizenship and Immigration Office, for the first time in 2018, the H-1B work visa application has been declining for the first time in five years.

Qatar to stop providing financial assistance to terrorism: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has accused Qatar of promoting terrorism for long and providing financial assistance. Donald Trump has asked to stop terrorism financial assistance immediately from Qatar and other Gulf countries. Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have terminated relations with Qatar and accused him of supporting fundamentalist groups.

America withdraws back from Paris climatic agreement, Trump said - No strict provisions for India - China

U.S. President Donald Trump has removed the United States from the historic Paris climate agreement. Trump has said that strict provisions have not been made for India and China in this agreement, while these two countries are not making any plans to work for pollution. Trump said in the Rose Garden of the White House, "America will withdraw from the Parisian climate agreement to fulfill its serious duties of conservation of our citizens. We are withdrawing from it and will resume dialogue and a proper agreement for American interests in the Paris Agreement regarding climate change.

America separated from Paris agreement Donald Trump did the announcement to everyone.

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced to separate from the historic Paris accord on environmental protection. He said that he will discuss the issue of environment for a new agreement. He said that adhering to the Paris Agreement for India and China is not so difficult as it is for America. With a large number of 200 countries in Paris, there was a very important agreement regarding environmental protection in Paris. Trump had indicated this in the G-7 meeting of the organizations of developed countries in Sisli, Italy last Saturday. India, China, Canada and the European Union have said that they will remain firm on the promise made under the Paris Agreement.

Donald Trump gave his phone number to world leaders, said, 'Talk to me directly on my phone'0.

US President Donald Trump has given his phone number to world leaders and asked him to call them directly. This invitation of Trump is a violation of diplomatic protocol and concerns about the safety and confidentiality of the American. Former US and current officials said that Trump has asked the Canadian and Mexican leaders to call them directly. Officials said that only Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudo, has taken advantage of this proposal. Trump changed the number of private phone numbers with French President Emmuel Maceron, while according to the officials of the france, both spoke earlier this month, after the victory of Macron.

International planes will soon be banned by any gadget larger than smartphone.

Washington (IANS) Donald Trump Administration is considering the ban on bringing and receiving laptops in all international flights to the US. US Secretary of State for Home Security John Kelly said that in the March this year, the ban announced in March will affect 50 flights that fly from 10 cities daily. It will not be possible for passengers to get laptops, tablets and other devices. Checking all the big-sized electronics from the smartphone will be mandatory. This will be applicable to BEN 10 international airports. Airports - Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Amman, Jordan, Kuwait City, Kuwait, Cairo, Istanbul, Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Casablanca, Morocco, Doha, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Donald Trump denies Iran's support for 'terrorists and fighters'.

Donald Trump has extended his words of war against Iran on his first presidential visit to Israel and the West Bank. And demanded. That Tehran immediately stopped its financial and military support for "terrorists and fighters", and repeated that it should never have the right to nuclear weapons.The United States and Israel can declare with a voice. That Iran should never be allowed to keep nuclear weapons. And anytime, its deadly wealth, training and the training and struggle of terrorists and battles should end. And it should end immediately. Trump said in a meeting in Jerusalem with the Israeli president, Rivoen Revlon.

Trump deals $ 110 billion with Saudi Arabia What dance

Donald Trump traveled to Saudi Arabia on his foreign tour With Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, about Rs 7 lakh crore Signed on the Defense Deal. Trump also made a sword (sword) dance with the Saudi rich, including King Salman. According to Rix Tillerson, apart from the $ 110 billion defense deal, there can be many other agreements with Saudis.In this 9-day tour, Trump will also visit Israel, the Vatican, Italy, and Belgium.Trump had a traditional Sward dance in Murabba Palace. It also included the officials of King Salman White House and Saudi rich.

China's pressure has no effect on North Korea. Donald Trump

China's pressure has no effect on North Korea. Donald Trump said that Chinese President Xi Jinping is pressurizing North Korea but nothing is affecting North Korea. Trump said these things a few days after another Pyongyang missile test Tension has increased in the Korean Peninsula by testing North Korea's missile.Donald Trump said that if North Korea does a nuclear test then I will not be happy and will answer it.

Speaking on the Paris agreement, Trump- Pollution spreads by India and we give money, now it will not be like that.

US President Donald Trump soon promised big decisions on the Paris Climate Agreement. Trump said that some of the polluting countries like Russia, China and India are not contributing anything for this. The climate change agreement was signed by 194 countries in 2015 and approved by 143. Trump claimed that it is anticipated that the US GDP will be weakened by $ 25 billion by 10 years in accordance with the agreement. This agreement was made to bring down the rise in the temperature of this settlement to two degrees Celsius. Under this, it was agreed upon to take steps to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses, and in order to tackle the problem of water vapor, developed countries committed to provide $ 100 billion every year for the year 2020 to help developing countries.

Donald Trump warns of major conflict with North Korea, may be its a symptom of war.

Donald Trump has said that a “major conflict” was possible with North Korea though he would prefer to solve the standoff over the country’s nuclear and missile program through diplomacy policy. Trump warn Pyongyang from carrying out major new weapons tests. trump also sad china doesn't want to see death, they are also trying hard to solve the issue but apart of this, there is the possibility and the risk that North Korea could launch an attack on its neighbors but we also need to safeguard our alliance.

America can not attack North Korea like Syria: know why

US President Donald Trump ordered the sudden attack on a Syrian military base A few days later, the US dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb on IS in Afghanistan. If Syria and North Korea's current military capabilities are compared, then Syria does not stand in front of North Korea in this case. But see North Korea So it looks more powerful than Syria. If you look at America's perspective, after the attack on Syria, the US has no direct sign Received not mirrored. But not so in the case of North Korea. In the past, a Pentagon official told the media that he has received reports that North Korea has created an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). US According to defense experts means the ICBM technology to North Korea that the United States could hit its target.

Donald Trump has cut the biggest tax cut in American history.

On April 26, the US government has signed a significant reduction in rates of tax in both business and personal categories and it was described as one of the "biggest tax deductions ever made in American history".
Under the new tax rule, the current rate of corporate tax decreased from 35 percent to 15 percent, significant reductions in personal tax rates and elimination of rate of several taxes like death tax.

Donald Trump has said that he plans to bring the corporate tax rate up to 15 percent.
He said the aim of lower rates is to promote smaller companies, not the rich. He said that the administration wants to move this amendment as soon as possible through parliament.

Donald Trump has respected the entire Senate for White House briefings

Mark Toner, State Department spokesman said This meeting will give the Security Council an opportunity to discuss the ways of maximizing the effect of the measures of the current Security Council and to demonstrate their determination for more stimuli with appropriate new measures.
The Council should be prepared to implement additional and strong restrictions on North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
There are no big security facilities for such classified sessions in the form of Congress.
And Anton said. "Keep in mind that this is still a Senate meeting, not a White House meeting.

America said North Korea conducted a nuclear test, we would attack: Donald Trump

In the United States, US Ambassador Nikki Haley did not rule out North Korea's attack against him in the case of another nuclear test. Niki said We can not do anything unless we give reasons. North Korea can attack the nuclear test on the Army Day, America is disturbed.After these steps, the US President Donald Trump The development policies of North Korea will also be examined.

Trump has done a US visa interview by June, the Indian IT companies felt the shock.

US President Donald Trump has issued an executive order by saying 'Bye American, Higher American', a shock given to Indian IT companies. For the companies in America, the citizens there will have to give priority to jobs. The Trump Administration says that this step has been taken to prevent the misuse of H-1B visa. The turnover of Indian IT industry is $ 150 billion. Every year 85 thousand foreigners have been issued H-1B visas in the US.
Every year, 85,000 thousand visas are issued, in which work of scientific, engineer and computer programmer.