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Chinese leader tells Indian film 'Dangal' a Great Film .

Aamir Khan's film 'Dangal', which earns more than a thousand crore rupees in China, has been termed as a great Chinese leader by the 'Great Film' and it is an example of cooperation between the BRICS nations. In China, 'Dangle' released in the name of 'Let's Wrestle, Dad' is about a father of male dominated society who trains his daughters to make world class wrestlers. Liu Unashan said that "Dangle" is one of the most successful and influential movies in China recently. It is important that Aamir is one of the most popular Indian actors in China and the media here is very much about the wonderful success of the film Is writing This movie has also influenced the people of China, because it is also a male-dominated society.

Collision in Dangle and Bahubali-2 Dangle earns 200 crores from China in 10 days

Collision in Dangle and Bahubali-2 Dangle has earned 200 crores from China in 10 days. Within 10 days the film has earned 200 crores in China. The total collection of riot has reached approximately 930 million. The film has now reached the collection of 1000 crore, while on the other hand, the rivalry has become the biggest movie of Bollywood. By the day of the riots in China, Bahubali had earned a total of 770 crores. The riotous global earnings was 723 crores. In this way, both of the films started with the equals of 1000 crore rupees.