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Sanju Box Office Collection Day 1: Ranbir Kapoor, who passed over Salman Khan, made the record on first day.

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor's film "Sanju (Sanju)" has got the biggest opening of the year 2018. Based on the life of Sanjay Dutt, the audience was eagerly awaiting the movie and the movie got televised at the box office as soon as the theatres reached. According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh, 'Sanju' has made excellent earnings of Rs 34.75 crore on Opening Day. With this, Ranbir Kapoor starrer got the biggest opening of the year 2018. Ranbir Kapoor's 'Sanju' has left behind 'Padmavat' starring Salman Khan starrer 'Race-3', Tiger Shroff's 'Baghi-2', Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in the collection case. Not only this, Ranbir Kapoor has got the biggest opening of his career till now through 'Sanju'.

Ranveer locked in the house for 21 days to roll Khaliji : Ranveer

Ranveer Singh has said that for the preparation of the character of Alauddin Khilji in Padmavat, he had closed himself for 21 days in his house. He said, "I was locked myself from everyone ... I could not add myself to the role of khaliji ... I could not relate myself to the greed and level of ambition.

Sushmita Sen can return to the big screen after 8 years

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen was seen in the film 'No Problem' in 2010. He said that he has been looking for a good script for the past one and a half years. He said, "I think I am ready to give my film six months of a film, but the story should be good.

Anushka Sharma returning to scary form after Honeymoon ends

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma on Sunday shook the country and the world by capturing the Indian cricket team's Captain Virat Kohli secretly. Photos of Haldi-Mehndi, music from the wedding to the reception, was seen in the beauty of Anushka. Immediately after returning from honeymoon, Anushka is seen in a horrible incarnation. On a late night, Anushka posted a horror video on social media, in which she is not seen less than any ghost. He has adopted this scary look for the upcoming movie 'Pari'. Anushka has extended the release date of 'Fairy' to avoid any kind of clash. Now this movie will be released on March 2 on the occasion of Holi.

Salman Khan's first earning was only Rs 75

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan today turns 52 today He celebrated his birthday with close friends and some celebrities in Panvel. At the TV show 'Entertainment Night', Salman was asked why did not you marry. On this, Salman replied in a fun way, because I had got a very nice girl and I did not want to ruin her life. After this, when another question was asked in the show what do you do on Karva Chauth? On this, he laughs that I laugh and cry. After that, Mallish asked the question, what did you buy from his previous earnings, he told that one show I did that was where I was dancing back. For that, I got 75 rupees for him.

This year on Google search, Bollywood and cricket are Stay tuned. Number 1 Bahubali in Google Trending

Google releases year-in-search every year, which has searches throughout the year, it has been released in different countries. According to Google, this year India is hosting Bollywood and cricket on Google search. This year Google has been number one in Google trending. The second number in this chart is IPL, that is, it is clear that cricket and entertainment are the most popular among people this time too. People searched for live scores for IPL. Live Cricket Stores has been ranked third in the trending quarters in India this year.

In Mumbai, Bollywood stars came to give a final farewell to Shashi Kapoor

On Tuesday afternoon in Mumbai, the famous Bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor merged in Panchatantra between rain and humid eyes. His funeral was done in Santa Cruz with full state honors During this time many of Bollywood celebrities were present to give him last farewell to many. His close friend Amitabh Bachchan, who has done more than a dozen films with Shashi Kapoor, reached the burial site along with his son Abhishek. The policemen, Had been wrapped in, which was later removed for rituals. Three rounds of bullets were played in honor of this departed actor who spent more than four decades in Hindi cinema. After that one-minute silence was kept and then his funeral took place in the Electrical Cemetery.

After many Bollywood actors like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, now Shahrukh Khan also became the victim of 'rumor of death'.

European news network Ei Pius TV ran a story under its breaking news story, in which a private plane crashed with news of 7 people including Shahrukh Khan. From this news, from the plane of Shahrukh to his Paris, he gave all the information. In this way thousands of fans of Shah Rukh Khan, who were present abroad, suddenly became unconscious. Shahrukh Khan, after actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and TV actress Shweta Tiwari, has also become a victim of this false news of death. On the outbreak of the rumor, Mumbai Police's Joint Commissioner Deven Bharti also called on the Shah Rukh Khan team to confirm this rumor. After which Shah Rukh's team told him that Shahrukh is absolutely fine and is shooting right now in Mumbai.

Sara Ali Khan is very excited about the entry in Bollywood.

Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan's daughter, Sarah Ali Khan, is often in the discussion. Sarah is also keen on starting her innings in Bollywood and there is evidence of her latest Instagram post up on this. This starkid from the film 'Kedarnath' is about to start his film career. Sushant Singh Rajput will also be in the film.

Sachin's biopic looked passionate Bollywood, Big B.

Sachin A Billion Dreams premiered in Mumbai on Wednesday, based on the life of great batsman Sachin Tendulkar. Actor Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and the entire Indian team were present to watch the film on premiere. After watching the movie, Amitabh Bachchan praised Sachin Tendulkar on a special note. Amitabh wrote on Twitter: "Last night, 'Sachin A Billion Dreams' was seen and proud and filled with emotions. I am a resident of that country where Sachin flows." Sachin Tendulkar thanked Amitabh Bachchan, "I am very respected by your presence at the premiere of my movie. Thank you for your blessings and good wishes.

Bollywood's 'star mother' Rima lagoo passed away due to heart attack,

Rima, who plays a mother full of affection and affection, passed away on Wednesday night.His age was 59 years. Due to death heart attack is being reported.His funeral will be done at 2 o'clock in this afternoon.His contribution to Salman Khan's career is huge.In many of Salman Khan's big films, Rima has become his mother, which is a super hit.People started calling him Salman Khan's mother. Though Rima and Salman Khan did not have much distance in their age, Rima Enforcement will be remembered as a new-born mother starting in the 90s in Bollywood.Rima and Salman Khan did not have much distance at the age, but on their face, Mamta and Sneh made them the mother of Salman Khan in Reel Life.

A famous actor, Vinod Khanna, died at 70, the wave of mourning in Bollywood

Bollywood legend Vinod Khanna is no longer among us. 70-year-old Vinod Khanna was suffering from cancer for a long time. Vinod Khanna was last seen in the film 'Ek Thi Rani'. Prior to this, he starred in 'Dilwale' in 2015 with Shahrukh Khan.
Vinod Khanna breathed his last at Harkishan Das Hospital, Mumbai. But health spoiled and thus he passed away today. Vinod Khanna was MP from Gurdaspur. With the passing of his death, the wave of grief has risen in Bollywood.