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This is the world's most advanced currency notes, learn specialties.

Australia is making currency notes of advanced technology. The biggest feature of this note is that it can be seen across it. Currency note with $ 5 is water proof. There is no effect of moisture and dust on this note. It is also very difficult to copy the security features of this note. Blind man can also feel the note by touching.

Live IPL Auction 2018: Jaydev Unadkat gets 11.50, Australia's Andrew Toy sold for 7.20 million

For the Indian Premier League (IPL) -11 or the IPL 2018, the players' auction ends on the second day of the third round. The fourth round auction will start at 2:30 then. In the morning session, left-arm fast bowler Jaidev Unadast was the most expensive player to sell. Jaydev bought Rajasthan Royals for Rs 11.30 crore, then bought Mujib Jadran, Afghanistan's 16-year off-spinner, and U-19 World Cup, for Punjab for 4 crore rupees. The second day's surprise package was Australia's Toy, which was bought by Punjab for 7.20 crore. In the first round, Rahul Chahar was bought by Mumbai Indians for Rs 1.90 crore, while Jharkhand's left-arm spinner Shahbaz Nadeem was declared by Daredevils 3.20 Bought in millions. Apart from these, in the morning session, Karnataka's 29-year-old all-rounder Krishnappa Gautam shocked everyone by jumping Rs 6.20 crore. Gautam has bought Rajasthan Royals. Apart from this, Murgan Ashwin was bought by RCB for 2.2 million.

Australian Open: Roger Federer enters the last 16

Roger Federer has entered the final 16 of the Australian Open. Federer defeated Richard Gaskets of France 6-2, 7-5, 6-4 Now they will face Marton Fuscovics of Hungary. Six-time champion Novak Djokovic defeated Spain's Albert Panos Vinolas 6-2, 6-3, 6-3.

India also got membership of Australia Group

India has become part of a larger group that controls the export of nuclear weapons. India has also got success in becoming a part of Australia Group (AG). The Prime Minister thanked on tweet and said that this will help India's stature increase in the field of nuclear non-proliferation and it can help in achieving critical technology.

Australian Open: Roger Federer enters the last 16

Roger Federer has entered the final 16 of the Australian Open. Federer defeated Richard Gaskets of France 6-2, 7-5, 6-4 Now they will face Marton Fuscovics of Hungary. Six-time champion Novak Djokovic defeated Spain's Albert Panos Vinolas 6-2, 6-3, 6-3.

The impact of global warming Australia is the hottest in the world, America is the coldest.

America is battling a snowstorm. On the other hand, Australia is facing the most grueling heat of 79 years. New Hampshire was the coldest place in the U.S. with minus 73.3 degrees Celsius, while the warmest place in Australia was recorded at 47.5 degrees Celsius in Sydney. In 1939, the temperature was recorded at 47.8 degrees. In Australia, the average temperature in January is 27.5 degrees. 20 degrees Celsius is higher. Between 2,000 and 2014, there are 14 records of heat before a winter record in Australia. The reason for the Burfile storm is Polar cyclonic wind. It has been stuck in the US due to low pressure. Can not move forward. This has caused the incidence of snow storms to increase for many years.

If I come to India, the hardcore mullah will go on an Emergency Holiday: Australian Imam Tehadi

The well-known Imam Mohammad Tahadi, who runs the campaign against Islam, wants to come to India. He tweeted another. In this, he wrote, "If I come to India, the fundamentalists will have to go to Mecca on an emergency vacation." Because of his statements, he is mostly targeted by Muslim Imams. That is because whenever there is a terror attack in the world, then they bother all the imams. They urged the Imams to stop preaching on jihad. At the same time, the Muslim extremist organizations asked to condemn the attacks.

Australia's found its first submarine after 103 years of disappearance

Australia's first submarine AE1, missing in World War I, was found on Thursday after searching for 103 years. AE1 was missing on 14 September 1914 near New Guinea Island (New Britain) and it had 35 members from Australia, New Zealand and Britain. The submarine was found 300 meters below sea in Papua New Guinea.

Elice Perry of Australia becomes ICC Women's Cricketer of the Year

Australian all-rounder Alice Perry won the title of 'ICC Women's Cricketer of the Year' on Thursday. 27-year-old all-rounder Perry played 905 runs in 19 ODIs and 22 wickets during the voting period. Perry, the international debutant at the youngest of the Australian team, is the first ICC title

Australia will recall their 6 warriors from Iraq and Syria

Australia's Defense Minister Maris Payne has said that Australia is in Iraq and Syria. Will stop air strikes against them and call back their 6 fighter planes. Australia has been involved in the US-led military alliance campaign in West Asia for three years. According to Payne, this decision has been taken after discussions with Iraq and colleagues.

Australia discovered 103 years after missing submarine in World War I

Australia has solved the biggest knife in its naval history. Australia has discovered its missing submarine in the sea during the first world war 103 years later. This was the 13th mission of submarine inventions, in which Australia was successful. The HMAS AE submarine, patrolling the sea for the German warship, was suddenly disappeared between the New Britain Islands and New Ireland in north-eastern Papua New Guinea on September 14, 1914. At the time the submarine was aboard the 35 Australian Navy members.

In Australia climbing cars on people walking on the sidewalk, Many injured including an Indian.

Australia's Australian citizen of Afghanistan, in Australia, offered a car to people walking on the sidewalk. In this, 19 people, including an Indian Rohit Kaul, were injured. A school child is also injured. The condition of four of them is serious. Victorian State Police arrested the accused after the incident. The witnesses said that the people on the white SUV sidewalk at the speed of 100 km went to the trot. Many people jumped away from the collision of the car and went away. The car stopped and stopped. The wife of Rohit Kaul (45) told that he was crossing the road while talking to his son. Only then did the SUV driver deliberately put people on the train. There is a bone fracture in his leg.

A case was registered for North Korea's missile sale on a person in Australia.

A Sydney man has been booked on behalf of Pyongyang in favor of working as an agent of North Korea in Australia and selling items including ballasts used in ballistic missiles.Police said that 59 The Australian Australian used encrypted communication for the brokerage and negotiated the supply of genocide weapons. Police said that this person was collecting hundreds of millions of dollars for Pyongyang by managing the sale of missiles, weapons and special items in international companies. He was also trying to get coal from Indonesia and Vietnam to Vietnam.

Australia supports India's big role in East Asia
After America, Australia also openly supported India's major role in East Asia. Foreign Secretary Francis Adamson said that the security interests of both the countries are similar in the context of keeping the India-Pacific region open and stable. Adamson said that Canberra triple and quaternary talks with India and other countries to maintain order in the Indian-Pacific region is the center of his strategy. He said that Australia strongly supports India's strategic interests in East Asia. It is noteworthy that the Trump administration has also come in favor of India's big role in the Indian-Pacific region.
Australia will investigate damage to news media from Facebook-Google

Australia will investigate that there is no harm to the news media industry from online platforms such as Facebook and Google. Here the loss is from the perspective of consumer and publisher. ACC Chairman Rod Sims said that he too Will check whether digital platforms are affecting the ability of traditional media to pay for content. A few weeks ago, a number of journalists who were working in a news website were removed in Australia. Like the other countries in Australia, the digital industry has suffered damage to the media industry. Companies are shifting their ads to digital platforms. More of this is going to Google and Facebook. 

Australia: Two children die in a class room breaking the boundaries of the car school

A car broke out on Tuesday in Sydney, Australia, a car broke into the class breaking the school wall. Two children died in this accident. Three children are severely injured. A 52-year-old woman was driving the car.This incident happened at Bankaia Road Public School. SUV car breaks the boundaries of the school when it comes to a classroom. There were female teachers and 24 children. Two boys of eight years were killed after the car hit them. The woman running the car did not consume drugs or alcohol, her medical tests have been done for this.

Team India shock, opener Shikhar Dhawan out of the first three ODIs

India's first one-day series against Australia has shocked. Team India's opener and this time, Shikhar Dhawan, who has been in form, has been out of the first three ODIs. According to the information, Shikhar's wife is poor and she has asked for permission to stay out of the first three matches of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. The BCCI has accepted this request. Instead of Shikhar Dhawan, no replacement has been selected in Team India. It is likely that in the absence of Shikhar, Lokesh Rahul or Captain Virat Kohli will start with Rohit Sharma.

In the advertisement, Lord Ganesha was shown eating meat, India protested, YouTube stopped advertising

Controversy over the advertisement of God Ganesha, which has been eaten by lamb, has increased. India has registered a diplomatic protest against Australia. The Indian High Commission in Canberra has sent an objection to the controversial ad for 'Meet and Livestock Australia' in 3 government departments, foreign affairs, communications and agricultural department of Australia, and appealed to take action in this matter. The advertisement has hurt the religious sentiments of the Indian community.

Terrorist plan to drop plane in Australia is failed, 4 arrested from Sydney

Australian police have foiled the terror plot to drop airplanes. Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin said that the information related to the plot was being raised. As if its timing and location, however, a lot of information has been gathered by the police, the passengers have requested the airport to arrive at the airport two hours in advance so that there is no problem in the security check. Also, travelers have been asked not to carry much luggage and travel.

America and Australia warned China, due to tension between India and China

America and Australia have warned about the growing political and military ambitions of China between China and India's stereotype in the South China Sea. Where the top Pentagon commander took the Chinese military mobilization in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia has opposed the Chinese maneuver to establish dominance over the South China Sea.

In China, 16 employees of Australian Casino Company are imprisoned.

Guilty of Australian and Chinese employees of a casino company in China, 16 people have been sentenced to 9 to 10 months in prison. Organizing tournaments for casino gambling, casino marketing and gambling abroad in China, in which 10 or more people are involved, is illegal. On Monday, 3 members of the Australian Crown Resort Ltd's sales and marketing team, including 19 members, appeared in the Shanghai-based court, who were convicted.

India made world record, score more than 300, breaks Australia records

The Indian team, performing spectacular batting, set a world record by scoring a huge score of 310 runs. In ODIs, India has so far scored more than 300 scores of 96 times and in this case it has now become number one. Australia have scored more than 300 in 95 ODIs in ODIs so far. India has shown such a wonderful 96 times.

Winner of Kidambi Srikanth by defeating Olympic champion Chen Long in the Australian Open Super Series

Indian badminton player Kidambi Srikant defeated Olympic champion Chen Long and won the men's singles title of Australian Open Super Series. In the first game of the match, there was a tough fight from both sides. In the beginning, both the long-held players played an aggressive game. At one point, both the players got tough competition.

Instructions for returning illegal weapons to citizens in Australia.

Australia has asked people with illegal arms to return weapons from next month, and no penalty will be imposed for this. It is the first nationwide apology program to hand over weapons since 1996, which will last for 3 months. In 1996, a gunman killed 35 people, and after that guns began to rise for gun control. Justice Minister Michael Keenan said that this decision has been taken because of reducing the number of guns in the community and new security threats including Islamic extremism.

Uber driver in rape case sentenced to nine years.

Australia's Sydney driver has been sentenced to nine years in prison for raping a woman. Due to drunkenness, the victim woman slept on the back seat of the car. At the same time, the driver rapped with him. New South Wales State Distict Court Judge Deborah Penne sentenced the accused Mohamed Naveed to a minimum of six years and four months in jail. After this parole will be considered. 41-year-old Mohd Naveed argued that he is not guilty of raping a 22-year-old woman. Naveed claimed that this was done with the consent of the woman.

White Cliffs: The Australian town where people live underground

Twelve hours drive in the west of Sydney, the rugged residents of different opal mining cities of White Cliffs lead a very different life for their coastal counterparts. The number of white rocks is not easily recorded. There is only a small collection of buildings on top of the ground, most resident remain underground. If you want to meet people in White Cliffs, then you have to head down, quite literally below, below. The temperature recorded in opal was recorded at 48.6 degree in 1973, while the Australians were generally accustomed to making the scotures sustainable. In recent years, record breaking temperatures and longevity heat uptrend times. Enjoying the temperature of the year between 22-24 degrees Cree's underground house is an expression of his personality. "I do not have any intention of cutting it, even if I live in a cave, it is a magnificent cave, when you are living underground, it is easy to disconnect from nature. We have glass blocks and skylights in the bedroom Grill hole is used to provide natural light under the shaft means that we can hear the bird singing in the morning.

Australia will cancel passports of child sexual harassment convicts.

Under the new stringent rules of Australia, passports of child sexual abuse victims will be canceled so that they can not go abroad for committing a crime. Bills will be brought to Parliament this month to ban declared criminals or to try to leave the country. Australia is taking this step to ban child sexual tourism. Last year only about 800 registered child sex offenders went on a foreign trip from Australia. He said that many of these criminals were like those who went on a tour of the developing countries of Asia and they violated the rules by not giving information of their visit to the police. Of these, half of the culprits are such that the risk of repeating the crime was very high.

Australia encouraged to focus on trade with China, India.

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia said in the report that protectionist policies of US President Donald Trump and the UK vote to leave the European Union, as two key factors clouding potential deals with key emerging markets so now the focus for the development will be on India and China as a growing industry. currently The amount that flows to China and India only accounts for 2.9 per cent of Australia's total outbound investment. CEDA estimates that Australian investment in traditional partners like the US and UK is valued at more than $540 billion a year. But the report said there was a major opportunity for Australia to be a premium food provider to Asia and recommended setting up "food processing clusters" to speed integration into Asia markets.

North Korea amid clashes between US, US send aircraft carrier to Japan post.

American Carl Vinson in the coming few days, a racial vessel in the sea of Japan will reach. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said that North Korea should not be looking at any misunderstanding in this area of the world our interests is to protect our allies America has enough resources. North Korea's missile tests and its sixth nuclear test suspect ready since the United States and North Korea in recent weeks has increased the tension. US Vice President on the burgeoning nuclear program of north Korea visit Japan and allied before Australia.