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Warrant for arrest of former President Lee Myung Buck in South Korea

South Korea's court on Thursday issued warrants for the arrest of former President Lee Myung Bank over allegations of corruption. According to the news agency Xinhua, the Seoul Central District Court has decided to detain Lee. However, Lee has denied all allegations. According to the court verdict, the denial of these charges has increased the possibility of destruction of evidence and many of the Li's crimes are justified. Lee was summoned for questioning last week. The Seoul Central District's Prosecutor's Office had on Monday asked for issuing warrants to arrest them in several cases, including bribery, embezzlement and tax evasion.

Group Captain stuck in a week's sex chat.

The Air Force officer, arrested for allegedly spying for Pakistan, has made several important revelations in the inquiry. According to the information, in the accused IAF, who was killed in Hunitrap, Group Captain Arun Marwah has confused the issue of leaking documents. Smartphones are not allowed at Air Force Headquarters, Delhi. Some high officials are allowed to take the smartphone inside. The accused, Arun Marwah, was a group captain, so there was no restriction on taking him inside the smartphone headquarters. An assistant officer Marwah accepted the hunt for Honey Trap during the interrogation. She told that about six months ago, two women were friends with her on Facebook and talked to them. Later, the alleged maid got started chatting through Marwah through WhatsApp and other social platforms. There was porn chat between the two. Both of them used to send porn messages to each other. According to the information, this series of sexual intercourse for more than a week is going on.

Software Engineer Arrest accused of making fake Twitter account of Sachin's daughter Sara

In the case of making a fake account in the name of Sachin Tendulkar's daughter Sara, the Mumbai Police has arrested a software engineer. The teacher posted an objectionable post to the NCP leader Sharad Pawar by creating a false Twitter account of Sara's name. After the matter came to light, Sachin Tendulkar expressed resentment. Later, there was a complaint in the cyber police. The accused's name is Nitin Sishode (39). He is a software engineer. It was arrested from the Loksaritya apartment in Andheri. The cyber police say that this case is on 9th October 2017. Nitin made a fake account on Twitter in the name of Sara. It also used to download Sarah's photo from Google and used it. Later on this fake account, Nitin had done some objectionable posts. When posted, Sarah was in London. For this reason, Sachin's PA complained at the cyber police station.

The main accused arrested in the Kasganj case.

UP Government has submitted its report to the Home Ministry on the violence on the day of Republic Day in Kasganj. In the report, the UP government has given information about the arrest so far. Apart from this, the information was handed over to the circumstances which led to Chandan Gupta's death. Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested Salim Khan, one of the main accused in the violence on Wednesday itself. The ADG (Law and Order) has confirmed this. The house where Chandan Gupta was shot. Saleem lives in the same house. Home Minister Rajnath Singh will also make a statement in this regard in the Rajya Sabha. Let us know that the notice has been given to discuss the Kasganj issue in the Rajya Sabha. Significantly, the UP government has so far arrested more than 100 people in this case.

Kasganj violence: 123 people arrested, The main accused of the Chandan massacre, 3 brothers is still absconding.

The effect of violence in the Kasganj district of UP is still intact. 6 separate FIRs have been lodged. A total of 123 have been arrested. In the case of the murder of Chandan Gupta, 11 out of 20 nominated have been arrested. The main accused in the massacre, three brothers - Naseem, Wasim, and Salim Vermki are still absconding. The police have released the photo of all three. Meanwhile, Bareilly collector R. In a controversial post on Facebook, Vikram Singh raised an objection to the procession by sloganeering Pakistan Muradabad in Muslim neighborhoods.

Tampering from TRP: Cyber crime police arrests 5 including producer

The Oscars will be on March 4. In the nomination, actress Meryl Streep has been nominated for the 21st Oscars. Merrill has been nominated for the film 'The Post'. Actor Ali Fazal's film, Victoria and Abdul, was nominated for Best Costume, Best Makeup. Call Me by Your Name ',' Dark Hour Hour ',' Dunkirk ',' Get Out ',' The Post 'Best Films Nominated in

US told PAK- Expelled to Taliban leaders.

The US has demanded immediate arrest or expulsion of Taliban leaders from Islamabad who are conducting terrorist activities on the Afghan border. So that Pakistani land could not be used to carry out such activities. This statement has been issued by White House a day after the Taliban took over the responsibility of the attack on the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters at a daily press conference, "We have asked Pakistan to immediately arrest or expel Taliban leaders so that this group can not use Pakistani land to carry out terrorist activities.

Bin Laden of India 'Abdul Arifat arrested, Mastermind of Gujarat Serial Blast.

Delhi Police has had great success in view of the terrorist attacks before Republic Day. Police arrested Abdul Wahid Qureshi, the most wanted terrorist of SIMI and Indian Mujahideen. Qureshi is the mastermind of the 2008 serial blasts in Gujarat. This is called Bin Laden of India.Delhi Police is continuously raising the raids. Meanwhile, Gupta got the secret information that the master of Gujarat Serial Blast, Mind Abdul Subhan Qureshi, is present in Delhi. It is about to create a conspiracy to storm Delhi on Republic Day.It is engineered by the notorious Abdul Subhan Qureshi alias Tauqir, who has been named by bin Laden in India. It's mastered to make bombs. The security agencies were looking for it in a train blast in Mumbai on 11 July 2006. Apart from this, it is also hand in blasts in Delhi, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

In Kanpur, the builder's home got about Rs 100 crore

Kanpur Police has arrested 16 people, including the old currency worth 97 crores from the builder's house. All these notes are closed notes of 500 and 1000 rupees, which were kept in bed. The police were informed that some people have come to the old notes kept hidden by the big businessmen of the city who stayed in a hotel. They have been arrested. Apart from the police, the Income Tax Department team is also interrogating people arrested. After interrogation of the people caught in the hotel, the police arrested Reddy in the house of businessman and builder Ashok Khatri. Uttar Pradesh Police took this action on NIA inputs. According to police sources, 97 crores Khatri's houses were kept in two to three rooms.

African nation going to India from Nepal on fake visa was arrested

An African citizen has been arrested on the Sonauli border in Nepal's Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh. Fake documents have been recovered from him. At present, officers from the police and the intelligence agencies are interrogating this foreign citizen. The young man living in Central African Republic was trying to visit Nepal on fake visa. Police told that Bismarab Baku came to India on December 8, 2017. Since then, many big cities of India were living without visa.

Andhra Bank's former officer arrested in fraud case

In the Gujarat Money Laundering case, the ED has taken another arrest. ED arrested former Andhra Bank director Anoop Prakash Garg yesterday evening. This arrest has happened in connection with the bank loan fraud of Rs 5,000 crore related to the pharma company of Gujarat. This is the second arrest in connection with a bank loan fraud of Rs 5,000 crore related to a pharma company. Let us tell you that the agency had arrested Gagan Dhawan, a Delhi businessman, in this case in November last year. Garg has been arrested under the Money Laundering Act PMLA. D. had filed a case of money laundering while taking cognizance of CBI's FIR.

Mumbai Kamla Mills Incident: One Above Pub's Three Owners Arrest

The main accused of the fire at Kamla Mills compound and three people of Van Above Pub, Kripesh Sanghvi, Jigar Sanghvi and Abhijit Mankar have been arrested. Both Kripesh and Liger were caught from outside their lawyer's house. Both of them went to their lawyer to seek legal opinion to avoid the arrest. While Abhijeet Mannar has been arrested on the trail of both, the police had declared a reward of one lakh rupees. A hotel owner, Vishal Kariya, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly providing shelter to these two men. Sandhvi Brothers are coming to Bandra on the West Linking Road. The police investigation team in the plain uniform waited for Sanghvi Brothers. As soon as the two brothers arrived, the police caught them.

50% commission for sent money to abroad via hawala, air hostess arrested.

An Air Hostess of 25 years of Jet Airbase has been arrested with a sum of 80 thousand dollars i.e. around 380 million. The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has arrested him from Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport. The air hostess is accused of sending out foreign currency through the hawala. Arrested Air Hostess has been presented before Delhi's Patiala House Court.

11 princes arrested in protest against royal palace in Saudi Arabia

The 11 princes, who protested in a royal palace in Saudi Arabia, were arrested and will now be prosecuted.Authorities have informed that a unit of National Guard, which is responsible for the security of the royal family, It is said in the newspaper that the captured princes have been sent to the top jail of the capital Riyadh. The prisoners, criminals, extremists and al-Qaeda terrorists are kept in this prison. According to the website, the princes who were arrested were demanding financial compensation in relation to the court decision related to one relative and the decision to change the government's payment of electricity and water bill of the royal family to the people.

Police arrest 3 Naxalites in Chhattisgarh, 10 kg of Tiffin bombs recovered

Three Maoists have been arrested from Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh and 10 kilograms of Tiffin bombs have been recovered from their possession. Additional Superintendent of Police, Kondagaon, Maheshwar Nag said that these Maoists were caught from forests between Rampal and Navagaon area of Mardapal police station area. Road construction is going on between Rana Pal and Bayanar in Mardapal area. Nag said that the 10 kg Tiffin bomb, a bundle wire, a battery, Maoist literature and the banned CPI (Maoist) Banners have been recovered. They said that the arrested Maoists were identified as Laxminath Korram (28), Chandan Korram (19) and Jaitram Korram (21).

During the flight, sexual harassment in the plane, Indian citizen arrested

An Indian citizen (34) has been arrested for allegations of sexual harassment from a woman hitchhiker during a flight from Detroit in Las Vegas in the US. According to the Washington Post news, Lord Ramamurthy has been facing serious charges of sexual harassment. The charged was presented in a federal court on Thursday, which did not grant him bail. Ramamurthy is accused of harassing a 22-year-old woman sitting in the window seat beside a flight of Detroit from Las Vegas on Wednesday. His wife was sitting on the other side of the person. The victims told investigators that during the flight, she had fallen asleep and the accused lodged her sexual harassment during this time. Waking up, she found herself wearing clothes. The woman complained to the incident in the back of the plane and the flight attendant. According to court documents, Ramamurthy was arrested after landing the aircraft.

Kamla Mill fire accident: 2 manager Arrest accused of harboring pub owners

In Kamla Mills compound fire case, the police arrested two managers of the forest above the pub. Both of these pubs are relatives of Hitesh Sanghvi and Jigar Sanghvi. Mumbai police are looking for the owner of the Pub's owner, Hitesh, Jigar and Abhijit Manaka. These two men are accused of sheltering Sanghvi Brothers. The police have so far questioned 27 people. The incident took place on Thursday midnight and Friday. The fire started on the roof of the four-story building on the Abbey Pub and spread to two restaurants. In this 14 people were killed and 21 were injured.

Arrested in corruption 20 Prince and officials of Saudi Arabia were released

20 Saudi Arab officials arrested and arrested in cases of corruption have been released. According to the local media reports, they were released on Monday after accepting the terms of the financial agreement. Reports from the Saudi government's advisor said that the people released included a former finance minister and several businessmen. The Saudi government had earlier arrested 159 people for alleged corruption in the beginning of this month. A statement issued by the top Khalifa states that it is Islamic responsibility to fight against corruption.
- The government says that the Anti-Corruption Committee has the right to issue a warrant of arrest to people, seize the bank accounts of people and ban them.

China's big action on the harm to the environment, 6 thousand officers arrested

The Chinese government has taken major action on its officials in one case. The Government has taken over 6000 officers in custody. Not only this, they have imposed a fine of $ 8.33 million on these officials. The government has adopted this tough stance against the harm to the environment. In eight areas of the provincial level, the government has taken action against 6,471 officials in custody.

A man accused of molesting a flight from zaira wasim, arrested from Mumbai

The accused of the film Dangle's actress Jaira Wasim has been accused of tampering the Extra airline. He was arrested here by the Mumbai Police here on Sunday evening. He has been identified as Vikas Sachdev for 39 years. Jaira mentioned the incident with her by sharing a live video on her Instagram account. Actress Jaira wrote, "I was traveling from Delhi to Mumbai Flight. A middle-aged man got upset on a two-hour journey. I tried to record it on the phone to explain it well, but because of the slow light in the cabin, it was not able to do. For about 5-10 minutes, he kept touching me with the waist and neck.

Topper arrest of Judge Recruitment Examination, contact done by Recruitment registrar

In the civil services judicial branch paper (HCS) leak case, the police arrested Sunita, who was a topper in the examination, from Najafgarh in Delhi. The court sent him on a 3-day remand. Police want to recover her mobile phone and hard disk so that she can get solid evidence against him. Lys said in the court that Sunita had got the question paper earlier, so she was able to top it. So, Sunita got 760 times contacted by the registrar.Punjor's lawyer Suman filed a petition in the High Court saying that the paper was sold for 1.5 crores. She was also offered. Suman had written an audio clip of Lecture from a girl named Sushila, but she accidentally sent the audio clip of her conversation with Sunita. There was a conversation record on the questions in the paper.

The arrest of 11 princes in Saudi Arabia, Prince Bin Salman became stronger.

Saudi Arabia has arrested 11 princes, including billionaire businessman Al-Waleed bin Talal, who is believed to be Warren Buffett of Asia, in a major action against corruption in Arabia. These arrests took place on Sunday after the formation of a new Anti-Corruption Commission headed by 32-year-old Saudi Prince Yuvraj Mohammed bin Salman. Salman is shaking his opponents through this action. King Salman declared his son, Bin Salman, the Crown Prince of the country in June this year instead of his cousin Mohammad bin Naif (57). Yuvraj Salman has also dismissed the President of the Saudi National Guard Mittib bin Abdullah.Additional analysts believe that this step has been taken to eradicate corruption, it is difficult to say.

380 people arrested during protest against Putin

Police took 380 activists into custody for organizing unauthorized demonstrations against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Opposition leader Vyacheslav Maltsev had called on people to protest against Putin's atrocities by posting on his website. OVD-Info, a human rights organization that monitors people detained during political demonstrations, said, "We have information about 380 people being detained." 13 people have been taken to St. Petersburg and 346 in Moscow.

Indian billionaire businessman arrested by US police for fraud

Indian billionaire businessman in the US has been accused of cheating with insurance companies for bribing the doctors to bribe doctors for making nation-wide conspiracies and profit making in order to give a powerful opioid to patients. The FBI arrested John Nath Kapoor (74) on various charges, including cheating, conspiring and fraud, from his house in Arizona yesterday. Entrepreneur identified for Amritsar and philanthropic work came to India from the 60s in the 60s and is an existing member of the board of directors of the drug company 'Insise Therapeutics'.

Cockroach in the plate of dinner in Congressman canteen, two drivers arrested

In Karnataka, the police has arrested two auto rickshaw drivers for allegedly indulging in cockroaches in the food of Indira Canteen being run by the state government. Police say that during the interrogation, both of them accepted that they had deliberately put cockroaches in the food to get publicity. Hemant and Devraj, two auto-rickshaw drivers, went on Friday to eat at the Indira canteen of Kamakpipala along with two other companions and when they got cockroaches from their food, they started making a furore. Police said that both the rickshaw drivers threatened the staff of the canteen and also told people not to eat food there. Police said that CCTV cameras have been installed in the canteen, with the help of which Hemant and Devraj were caught. When the CCTV footage was discovered by the police, he saw that Hemant had put a cockroach in the food, which he brought with him.

Seven fishermen of Tamil Nadu arrested by Sri Lankan Navy

Sri Lankan navy arrested seven fishermen of Tamil Nadu tonight for allegedly fishing them within their limits. Police said that seven fishermen from Pamban this morning got out of the sea in the boat and were arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy. They said that the fishermen were handed over to the police in Talaimannar in Sri Lanka and their boats were also seized. In the second week of October, the Sri Lankan navy took five Indian fishermen into custody in the boat. They were catching fish near Delft Island The fishermen were from Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu.

Noida: Shopkeeper arrested with crackers of millions of rupees

Despite the Supreme Court's order to stop the sale of firecrackers, arresting a person on charges of illegally storing fireworks, the police have recovered crackers worth lakhs of rupees from him. Police Station Station-2, Faiz-2, Savage Khan said that at night, Vijay Kushwaha received information about the storage of firecrackers in Nangla Charandas village. On the basis of information, police raided Vijay and recovered the crackers worth lakhs of rupees from him. He told the police that he was in the greed of huge profits on the occasion of Deepawali and Chhath, despite selling the firecrackers despite orders of the Supreme Court Was in Firak.

Honeypreet was presented in Panchkula court, sent on six-day police remand

JNN, Panchkula. Hari Pripat, daughter of Dera Sacha chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim, was presented in Panchkula District Court. She was sent to the CJM Court on a six-day police remand. There was a long debate between the Panchkula police and the defense in the court. It is said that the police asked Honeypreet for a 12-day remand from the court, but the court gave a reminder for six days. The second hearing, Honeypreet's lawyer, demanded bail by stating the charges against him as incorrect. Sukhdeep Kaur, who was caught with Honeypreet, has also been sent to police remand for six days. If the Panchkula police kept their side about the remand of Honeypreet in the court, the defendant gave his arguments for his bail. The hearings were held in the court for about an hour between the two sides. The police said that there is a serious attack on Honeypreet and questioning him for the disclosure in the case of conspiracy to commit violence in Panchkula is necessary.

Mallya was arrested for the second time in London, in the last 3 hours, Bell.

Vijay Mallya was arrested for the second time in London It is being said that this action happened in the money laundering case. India had urged the UK government to extradite him. On this, the London Administration had arrested Mallya on April 18 for the first time on the basis of a Red Corner Notice. Mallya has outstanding of 9,432 crores of 17 banks. ED and CBI were looking for Mallya. In one case related to the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), the Special Court of Mumbai had declared Mallya a fugitive. Mallya was arrested on extradition warrants on Wednesday. After the warrant was issued, Mallya himself reached the Central London Police Station.

Honeypreet caught in Chandigarh near Giripur, police confirmed

Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim's daughter-in-law Honeypreet was arrested today. He was arrested from Girakpur in Mohali district near Chandigarh. The team of Panchkula Palis has been arrested with the help of the Punjab Police. Honeypreet was caught 39 days later. The Haryana Police has confirmed the arrest of Honeypreet. It is said that after being caught, Honeypreet said that the father (Gurmeet Ram Rahim) has become lonely since going to jail. According to the police, it will be presented in court on Wednesday.

Police say that Honeypreet has been arrested from Girakpur-Patiala Road. The police will now present him in Panchkula's court. The police is taking him to court. DCP Manvir Singh of Panchkula has confirmed the arrest of Honeypreet. According to him, Honeypreet will be produced in court and remanded on remand.

Dawood Ibrahim's brother arrested Iqbal Kaskar, court sent on remand

Iqbal Kaskar, younger brother of Dawood Ibrahim of the Mafia gang, was arrested by the Thane police late on Monday evening. Kaskar was presented to Thane Court. Apart from Kaskar, the court has sent two others to the police remand of 8 days.Iqbal is accused of bullying and build up a builder. Iqbal was arrested by the Thane Police Weekly Detention Squad (AEC). The squad's Special Investigation Specialist Inspector Pradeep Sharma has been named. A builder of Mumbai, accused of intimidating for the weekend against Iqbal.

Hizbul's two terror piles, one arrested in encounter with Army in Kulgam of J-K

Security forces have killed two militants of Hizbul Mujahideen in the encounter in Kulgam of Jammu and Kashmir. A terrorist has also been arrested. Two militants named Saar Ahmad Wani and Dawood Ahm Wani was killed in a clash in Kulgam, South Kashmir's Lonavla. Along with the terrorists, the army has also recovered two weapons.

Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir arrested one Hizbul militant in encounter, another killed

Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir's Shopian have arrested a terrorist along with arms during the encounter. The terrorists have been arrested from Barabag village of Shopian. The name of the arrested terrorist is Adil. In this encounter, the security forces killed another terrorist Tariq Ahmed. The terrorists attacked the two places in Kashmir on Saturday. The first attack was carried out at the army vehicle in Shopian. The second attack took place in Anantnag, where the terrorists fired on the police party.

Chinese citizen attacked with knife, 5 arrested in Bengaluru

Chinese civilians have been attacked in the Indiragner area of Bangalore. In this case, the police have arrested five accused. The Chinese citizen has been identified as a vehicle. He came from the Bangalore business dealing deal. While waiting for the cab, five people attacked the vehicle. People coming from the bike were beaten with knives. It is being told that the vehicle was attacked with the intention of robbery.

Terrorist plan to drop plane in Australia is failed, 4 arrested from Sydney

Australian police have foiled the terror plot to drop airplanes. Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin said that the information related to the plot was being raised. As if its timing and location, however, a lot of information has been gathered by the police, the passengers have requested the airport to arrive at the airport two hours in advance so that there is no problem in the security check. Also, travelers have been asked not to carry much luggage and travel.

17 killed in building collapse in Mumbai, Shiv Sena leader arrested

In Ghatkopar area of Mumbai, a four-storey building collapsed on Tuesday morning, killing 17 people. Many people were trapped there. In this case, Shiv Sena leader Sunil Sepap has been detained for threatening another's life. On Tuesday evening, people living in the building had alleged that this happened due to renovations in the ground floor. This floor was bought by Shiv Sena leader Sunil Sepap and he was working there.

200 crores of drugs seized from India across the border

In the joint operation, 200 crore heroin and brown sugar have been seized from the truck. A truck driver has been arrested. On Friday, Baramulla police and security forces seized 25 kg narcotics drugs from a truck coming to India under joint action. This drug was being sent to India from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) for the purpose of cross border trade. Police arrested the accused truck driver. The police are interrogating him.

Woman carrying 102 Iphone arrested in China

A woman has caught 102 iPhones. He was carrying these mobile phones in his clothes. His theft has been caught by the customs department. Apart from the mobile, 15 luxury watches have also been recovered from him. Customs officials suspected him because he was wearing cardigan in the summer.

6 people were detained in connection with leaking Jio customers data

After the data leak, Geo Company has been questioned. The company is investigating it. Rajasthan Police has detained six people from Churu district and the interrogation continues. A key suspect, Imran Chipa (24), has been detained in the six arrested in police custody from Surajgarh, Churu, Rajasthan. Chipa Churu is a resident of Rajasthan. The police suspect that the Reliance Geo has its hand in the data leak.

Arrest of the American soldier in suspicion of being associated with ISIS.

An American official said on Monday that the soldier was arrested for his relationship with the Islamic State Group. It is reported that this soldier was posted in the 25th Infantry Division of Scofield Barracks in Honolulu. Spokesman Arnold Lanui told that special agents of Swat team arrested 34-year-old Akiyaka Kang on Saturday.Kang is not in contact with people who are in danger of protecting the wind. In the Wheeler Army Airfield, Kang was acting as an air traffic control operator. FBI Special Agent Incharge Paul de Delacorte told that the US Army and FBI were monitoring the Kang since the last S Kang has alleged that he has provided military documents to the ISIS and was trying to train the terrorist organization.

Jet Airways's security head arrested, accused of grabbing 30 million land

Jet Airways's security head Avneet Singh Bedi has been arrested for illegally possession of land. According to the police, Avneet Singh Bedi has prepared bogus papers and captured the land of the municipal corporation. In this case on June 21, the corporation authorities had complained to the police. After this the police started scrutiny of the charges and Bedi was arrested on Sunday morning.

Car thieves are now hi-tech, talk about theft on the Whatsapp group.

Car thieves are now hi-tech. Now they decide the rates of things in virtual meetings. Where to meet, what time to meet and how to unlock the car, all these things they decide on the Whatsapp. 3 thieves told this story after the arrest. To keep the mission secrecy, they used to decide everything in the Whatsapp group. He stole nearly 500 cars in the last one year and sold him in UP and Darjeeling. These gangs were specializing in stealing cars of Honda City and Hyundai Crata. Police did some work and found some blank keys, modern tools and gadgets, 80 thousand rupees cash, a Honda City and a Creta SUV.

International Airlines 14 officers arrested in drug smuggling case.

14 international employees of Pakistan International Airlines were arrested on Saturday for the offense of drug smuggling (ANF) by aircrafts. 9 out of 14 were arrested in Karachi, five were arrested in Rawalpindi and Lahore.
ANF ​​Maj Gen Musrrat Nawaz Malik said that the arrested employees are Sayed Ghulam Yazdani, Vice President of People's Unity of PIA Employees of Karachi chapter, senior technician Syed Anwar Shah, who was in the PIA Information Technology Department. In the Airport Security Force, two staff members were involved in drug smuggling but their name was not known.

People returning from Namaz, outside the mosque in London, were crushed by car, 1 arrested

A speeding vehicle in northern London tried to crush the passersby, in which at least three people were seriously injured. London's Metropolitan Police told that a suspect has been arrested so far in this case. Metropolitan Police said that the officials were on the spot and emergency services have been called. The present people said that they were leaving the mosque, only then a high speed vehicle wanted to trample the passersby.

WASHINGTON: A senior Congress MP in the United States arrested an accused.

America's House Majlie Vip Steve Schlesi has been shot dead. Scolis was present in the Congress MPs' Baseball Practice in Virginia. He is a resident of Louisiana. In this incident, the police arrested a suspect. The injured has been admitted to the George Washington University Hospital and his condition is stable. MP Mo Brooks, R.Alla said that many other people were also injured in the attack. Among the injured, there are two other officers. The 51-year-old Scolis was shot behind and fell to the ground.

Jyoraditya Scindia arrested, can not go to Mandsaur

Jyoraditya Scindia has been arrested in Jawara of Madhya Pradesh. Scindia was stopped in Dhodhar area of ​​Ratlam district, he was going to meet the farmers in Mandsaur. Earlier, Gujarat's Patidar leader Hardik Patel had reached Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. Hardik was trying to go to Mandsaur, but he was already arrested by the police. Hardik Patel had sought permission from the administration to go to Mandsaur. But due to the situation worsening, the administration did not allow him to go to Mandsaur.

Bangladeshi diplomats arrested for not paying salary to the servant.

A Bangladeshi diplomat has been arrested in New York City, the foreign servant was working under him without any payment and beat by owner many occasions. 45-year-old Mohammed Shheldul Islam has been charged with fraud, molestation, labor trafficking and several other charges. Between 2012 and 2013, he had brought a Bangladeshi servant named Mohammad Amin for domestic work and took his passport from him. Amin was not paid for his work, he even threatened and beaten. Islam is currently posted as Deputy Consul General of Bangladesh in America.

Demonstrations against Russian President Vladimir Putin, 250 including opposition leader arrested

 In the case of anti-corruption demonstrations in Russia, Major opposition leader Alexei Navalny was arrested on Monday. Thousands of people were arrested in St Petersburg, 150 people were arrested, while at least 97 people were detained in Moscow, this group raised slogans against Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The Prosecutor's Office of Moscow said, we warn that any attempt to perform unlawfully in Moscow will be a direct violation of the law.

Chhota Shakeel's Sharpshooter was arrested, attacking the conspiracy.

Gangster Chhota Shakeel's associate has been arrested for plotting to target Pakistani-born writer Tariq Fatah. Police Commissioner PS Kushwaha told that Junaid Chaudhary has been arrested from Wazirabad Marg in North-East Delhi on the night of seven and eight June. He was planning to target the writer. Fatah is known for his controversial statements. A police officer says that a pistol and four live cartridges have been found from him. These people were planning to assassinate Swami Chakrapani, Chief of Hindu Mahasabha at that time. Chaudhary again contacted Shakeel but later canceled the bail. After being sent to Tihar Jail, Later he has released on bail again and then came in contact with Shakeel.

14 year old Japanese boy arrested for making Ransomware

A 14-year-old in Osaka has become the first person in Japan caught for allegedly creating Ransomware. The high school student, who was arrested the same day, is suspected of merging free encryption programs to build Ransomware, which makes computer files encrypted unless the victim paid a ransom. The student uploaded the Ransomware to a foreign website and informed users of the platform to download and use it, according to sources quoted by the Kyodo news agency. The young boy, who supposedly learned by himself how to create this type of program, revealed to the investigating authorities that he only wanted to become famous, according to state television channel NHK. This ransomware has been downloaded over hundred times, allowed the users to infect the victim’s machines and demanded a ransom to be paid over Bitcoin. The police have not announced the identity of the teenager (Ransomware maker), but have told that the high school student just needed about 3 days to develop the ransomware program using his personal computer.

20 Apple's employees arrested in China after ‘selling’ personal data of customers

Chinese officials say that they have uncovered a massive underground operation of selling Apple's personal data of computer and phone users by employees. Of the 22 suspects, 20 were Apple employees who used to collect the names, phone numbers, apple IDs and other data that allegedly used the company's internal computer system, which is 50 million yuan ($ 7.36 million). In the statement, it was not specified whether the data was of Chinese or foreign Apple's customers.

12 people arrested after the terrorist attack in London

After the terrorist attacks in London, Britain's police investigated the attack and detained 12 people. Seven people were killed in this attack. Islamic State militant group today took responsibility for this attack. The major political parties of the country have temporarily stopped the election campaign a few days before the general elections. The Prime Minister has said that the elections will be held on Thursday at its scheduled time as 'violence can never be allowed to obstruct the democratic system.' Islamic State has issued a statement through its own amcad agency . It has been claimed that the 'attacker' of the Islamic State is responsible for the attack.

An Indian citizen arrested in Pakistan under illegal travel

In Pakistan, an Indian citizen has been arrested for not having travel and visa-related documents. This is claimed in a media report. According to the newspaper 'Express Tribune', Sheikh Nabi Ahmed was caught on May 19, when he could not provide travel or visa-related documents. Ahmed is a resident of Jogeshwari East of Mumbai.Police says that the Indian citizen was stopped from going on Nazimuddin Road in Sector F-8 here. If he called himself Indian, then the police asked him for visa documents. Taking her papers, police took her into custody.A case has been registered under Foreign Civil Act-1946 and he has been sent to jail in judicial custody.

Pakistan arrests Indian citizen in Islamabad, sent jail for 14 days

India and Pakistan are face-to-face in the international court regarding Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav, at this time, an Indian citizen has been arrested by Pakistan. She is accused of not having enough travel documents. The name of this Indian citizen is Shaikh Nabi. He is a resident of Mumbai and was arrested from Islamabad. It has been said in the report that Islam police had detained him from the F-8 area during routine patrol. He has been arrested under section 14 of the Forensures Act, accusing him of not having sufficient documents.

Mathura Jewelers massacre, arrested after six gunmen arrested.

Police in Mathura of UP settled Mathura Jewelers massacare The police got big success After the encounter in the night, the police arrested six gangsters. The protesters of the state had protested against the massacre of Mathura. Such miscreants had killed two jewelers on Monday.
ASP told that: At four o'clock in the Kotwali Chabiya Padra area, the siege of the miscreants began and at six o'clock in the encounter. Jewelery, diamonds and cash recovered from the miscreants. Apart from this, pistols have been found from the miscreants

30 Indian fishermen were arrested by Pakistan

Pakistani maritime security officials arrested 30 Indian fishermen for catching their watershed. A spokesperson of PMA said that 30 Indian fishermen were detained and all their five boats were seized.Some months ago Indian fishermen had taken this custody and seized five of their boats. Indian fishermen caught twice. 100 Indian fishermen were arrested on March 26, while in the beginning of March, PMSA had taken about 85 Indian fishermen in custody. Indian fishermen were handed over to the port police for further legal procedures. Indian fishermen will be presented to the judicial magistrate tomorrow and then sent to jail.

Arrested an ISI agent in Faizabad, got training after visiting Pakistan

Uttar Pradesh ATS today arrested an ISI agent from Faizabad. According to sources, this person named Aftab Ali has been trained by Pakistan intelligence and is in touch with the officials of the Pakistani high commissioner.American Intelligence and UP Intelligence have taken Aftab Ali, son of Wajid Ali, from Khawaspura in Faizabad under a joint operation. Have been arrested. He was working for ISI. IG ATS Asim Arun told that ISI agent Aftab Ali was arrested from Faizabad, 120 km away from here.
According to IG Asim Arun, Aftab Ali has gone to Pakistan and has been trained in the spy agency ISI from the ISI. In India, he was in constant touch with an official of the Pakistan High Commission

Vijay Mallya arrested in London but bail in only a few hours.

Indian businessman Vijay Mallya has been arrested in London. On the request of the Indian government, he was arrested today via Interpol. After the arrest, Mallya was brought to the London court where he was being summoned in a few hours. This is the big success of the Modi government. Mallya will be presented in court after the arrest. Vijay Mallya had started Kingfisher Airlines in 2003. For the first time in 2005, airlines started flying between Delhi and Mumbai. Mallya is accused of borrowing more than Rs 9, 000 crores from Indian banks.