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300 million crossed Padmavat, earning record breaks at the Global Box Office

Released January 25, the film is earning a record break in the Global Box Office. Until the 9th day of the release, the film has crossed the figure of 166 crores in India. But the total worldwide earnings of the film have crossed the 300 million mark.As Rani Padmavati's role is to be praised, Deepika's praises will be less. The beauty of Deepika's performance in the beauty of the journey from the princess to the queen is very much appreciated. Deepika has done the prowess and fondness of the Queen in the scene of Johar. Actor Ranveer Singh leaves an impression with each of his characters. Ranvir has done everything as a Khilji, from the greedy candidate of Taj to a whimsical tiller. Shahid's acting in the cool and gentle role of Raja Ratan Singh Rawal is wonderful. Shahid Khilji has seen a lot of places in many places.