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35 terrorists pile in air attacks in Afghanistan's northern Jojan Province

35 terrorists got stuck in air strikes at the locations of IS (Afghanistan) in North Jazan province of Afghanistan Army spokesman Mohammad Hanif Rezai told Xinhua, "35 terrorists were killed in the air raids at 4.45 pm on the bases of the Kush Tepa and Rakhab districts, in which seven foreign fighters were injured and 13 terrorists were injured. Are. " The terrorist organization IS has not responded anymore to this. In the last month, 17 terrorists were killed in air raids of security forces on the bases of Islamic State (IS) in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. They said that the security forces Haska campaigned in Meena and Achin districts and killed 17 rebels, destroying the firing of terrorist bases and their weapons. There is no comment from IS on behalf of so far.

Egypt army killed 10 terrorists, 400 suspected detainees

In Egypt, the army issued a statement saying that the security forces have killed 10 terrorists during the encounter and detained 400 suspects. In fact, 38 terrorists have been killed in the army and police campaigns since Friday against 'terrorists, criminal elements and organizations' in Egypt.

The US has termed the three Pak terrorists as global terrorists.

Donald Trump Administration has termed three people of Pakistan as Global Terrorist. The three are accused of being linked to terrorist organizations like the Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Taliban.Mirica's Department of Treasury has named three terrorists as global terrorists. Their names are Rahman Jab Fakir Muhammad, Hezbulla, and Khalifa and Dilawar Khan Nadir Khan.After declaring the three terrorists as Global Terrorists, America can block the entire three properties. Any American citizen could stop any kind of transactions with these three. Under the Treasury Department's Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Co-ordinator Segel Mandelker said that America is constantly bringing the names of those people who support terrorist organizations. And are running a financial network in South Asia incorrectly.

Two terrorists already present in Srinagar Hospital

There was a major terror attack in Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday afternoon. Two policemen were martyred and many were injured in this attack. During this attack, the attacker managed to destroy Abu Lehzal, a LeT terrorist. The policemen had brought the six doctors to the hospital for a medical checkup, during which the attack took place. The remaining 5 terrorists are in the custody of the police. In the hospital, six policemen wearing Ferran (Kashmiri clothes) were present there before they reached the hospital with six prisoners. Two terrorists wearing Faeran attacked 3 policemen, these policemen He was engaged in security. In a procession, a constable was shot and he became a martyr. A constable is injured, the third is not yet there. Perhaps the policeman is hiding somewhere to keep himself safe. Because the terrorists are still in the vicinity.

6 Jash terrorists killed by the army in Uri

Operation of the Indian Army for the elimination of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir is continuing. The army got big success in Kashmir on Monday morning. The army killed six terrorists trying to infiltrate into the Uri sector on Monday morning. This operation was jointly organized by the Indian Army and Jammu and Kashmir Police. Jammu-Kashmir Police's DGP SP Vaidya himself informed about this by tweeting on Monday morning. Six terrorists are reported to be Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Fear of terrorists hide in Jama Masjid area

Security agencies have issued alerts before January 26 in the capital Delhi. Delhi Police has been warned about the terrorist attack. According to sources, 3 suspects may be hidden in the Jama Masjid area of Delhi. On the occasion of January 26 of these three suspects, there is a possibility of a terrorist attack plan. Let us know that all the three suspicious passwords speak in the language. All three are suspected of being of Afghan origin. Directions are being given to three suspects from Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir. The suspects of Afghan origin have been stranded in Pakistan's terror camp. In addition to the special team of Delhi Police especially on this input, all the investigation agencies are working.

US State Department declares Al-Qaeda three terrorists to be international terrorists.

The US State Department on Thursday announced three people as a specially designated global terrorist. According to the news agency Xinhua, strict restrictions will be imposed on Mohammed Al-Gajali, Aboukar Ali Aden, and Vanas al-Fakih. The Department of Foreign Affairs said that they are "affiliated with al-Qaeda affiliates", who have been called by foreign terrorist organizations by the United States and The terrorists have been declared a global terrorist to carry out the activities.America's Foreign Ministry said that Pakistan has surrendered more than $ 1.1 billion Mumbai decisions trump administration to prevent Rasha aid against the mastermind Hafiz Saeed a terrorist attack has nothing to do with not taking any steps to Islamabad.

60 IS terrorists killed, 18 injured in security forces in Afghanistan

Afghan security forces on Tuesday killed 60 terrorists of Islamic State (IS) in an action taken on militant hideouts in Nangarhar province. According to a news agency, the terrorists were killed in Haska Meena district. 18 terrorists have also been injured in the morning attack. According to the officials, the terrorists are using civilian homes in the district.

15 terrorists were hanged in Egypt

In Egypt, 15 terrorists were hanged on Tuesday. These terrorists were convicted of an attack in the North-East of the country in 2013, in which nine security personnel were killed. According to the AGENCY AF, a government official said that 11 people were hanged in the Burj Al-Arab prison, which is south of Alexandria It is located 55 kilometers away in the west. The remaining four convicts were hanged in Wadi al-Natrun Jail. This prison is located 120 kilometers from the west of Cairo. A military court convicted 15 people in June 2015 and an Appellate court upheld the verdict on November 13 this year.

America warns, Pakistan can lose a lot on providing protection to terrorists

The US has adopted a tough stance against Pakistan for providing safe havens to the terrorists. Vice President Mike Pains has said that US President Donald Trump has kept Pakistan on notice to provide shelter to the Taliban and other militant organizations on his own territory.Pence told the American soldiers, "Long time Pakistan Taliban and other terrorist organizations, But now those days have now come. While giving a strong warning to Pakistan, the Vice President said, 'The President Ti has said so that I can say that Pakistan can achieve a lot with a partnership with the United States, but it may have to lose a lot on providing protection to criminals and terrorists.

Iraq: 38 terrorists of Al Qaeda and IS were hanged on the same day.

In Iraq, 38 Sunni militants were hanged on Thursday. He was awarded death sentence in cases of terrorism. According to the Ministry of Justice, these terrorists were hanged in a prison in the southern city of Nasiriya in southern Iraq. Earlier on September 24, 42 terrorists were hanged. They received the punishment for killing of security forces and for car bomb blasts.

terrorist attack in Pakistan's college, 12 killed; terrorists were wearing Burqe

Three Taliban terrorists attacked an agriculture college on Friday morning. The terrorists had come in an auto and were wearing a burqa. 12 people were killed in the attack. More than 30 injured The condition of 4 has been severely reported. The three terrorists have also been killed. They entered the campus of the Agriculture Training Institute. Started firing there. Before entering the campus, he shot the injured guard at the gate of the institute and shot him. According to the media reports, the voices of bomb blasts were also heard twice inside the campus. However, it could not be confirmed. According to Inspector General Salahuddin Mehsud, there were many students in the institute during the attack, but most of them were taken out. The Taliban took responsibility for the attack. Let us know that in December 2014 Pakistan Taliban attacked the army school of Peshawar only. It killed 134 children and school staff.

Attack on Afghanistan checkpost, 22 policemen killed, and 40 terrorists were also killed.

In the Kandahar province of Afghanistan, 22 policemen were killed in the attack on two police checkpoints by Taliban militants, while more than 12 were injured. 40 terrorists were also killed in this attack. According to Kandahar police spokesman Jiah Durrani, the terrorists targeted the check post of Jhari and Mewand district at 8 pm on Monday night.

In Jammu and Kashmir, Bandipora encounter, two terrorists were killed, a soldier martyr

Security forces killed two Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists in a encounter on Sunday morning in Hajin, Bandipore, north Kashmir. Meanwhile, a police officer of the state police and another security personnel were injured. Meanwhile, after the death of the terrorists in the encounter, there was a tension in the entire area and security forces had to use force to overcome the violent terror supporters.

US air strikes on Yemen, 5 al-Qaeda terrorists killed

American drones are constantly targeting targets of ATC in Yemen. Five terrorists of Yemen-based al-Qaeda were killed in a US drone strike in Al Bayda province in the middle of Yemen. The security officer told that the American drone attacked the terrorists 'vehicle.' Drone targeted al-Qaeda's vehicle. Five militants were killed in this attack in the Sharkans area of Al-Baida province. These terrorists were going to the place of their hiding in the tribal area. '

US military official claims ISI's relationship with terrorists

India has always been standing in front of the world in connection with terrorist bases in Pakistan and their ISI. But now India's claims have begun to be sealed. In the latest case, a US Army officer has claimed that the Pakistan-based ISI is concerned with the terrorists. General Joseph Dunnford of the American Marine Corps has said in a statement that I clearly believe that ISI has links with terrorist organizations and it has its own foreign policy. Josef is currently the Chairman of the Chief of Staff.

PAK has hidden at 9 bases, nuclear weapons, the possibility of going to the hands of terrorists

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khakan Abbasi had said in the last week that his country's strategic and extravagant nuclear weapons were meant to deal with the 'cold-start' strategy of the Indian Army. Abbasi said that there is a worrisome discussion about the nuclear weapons which were being told in the entire control and security of the government. A report by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) has said that Pakistan has kept its nuclear weapons at 9 different bases of the country. American nuclear weapons specialist Hans Kristinson, who was involved in making this report, said that Pakistan has kept these nuclear warheads in storage located in different military bases capable of launching nuclear weapons.

In Myanmar found 28 Hindu mass graves, Muslim Rohingya terrorists responsible

Myanmar's army said on Sunday that a mass grave of 28 Hindus has been found in violence-affected Raiyan province, including women and children. The army has blamed the Muslim Rohingya terrorists for this. According to the Myanmar army, thousands of Hindus have fled from the villages where they were living because they were being targeted by Rohingya militants. However, it has not been confirmed independently yet.

300 terrorists of IS killed in air attacks in Iraq

Army aircraft in Iraq have fiercely bombarded the Islamic State (IS) bases. According to media reports, many of the hideouts of IS were destroyed in these attacks and about 306 terrorists were also killed. Between September 11 and 16, 42 air strikes were carried out on the IS bases, while six air raids were carried out on the posts of IS in the Eastern Sudan's Myadin area. The news agency Xinhua told the statement that 29 bases of IS were bombarded in the Akhasht area, where 120 terrorists of IS were stacked.

Pakistani army is trying to promote terrorists in politics!

In Pakistan, the army is trying to promote the parties related to the terrorist group in the country's politics. In fact, the candidate of a terror-supported party is contesting in the sub-election of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan, a former military officer has described as the plan of the army. Let us know that recently Nawaz Sharif was sacked from the post of Supreme Court and now sub-election is held on Sunday (September 17th). The favorite candidate of the Milli Muslim League, which was launched by the organization of Hafiz Saeed, accused of 2008 Mumbai blasts in this sub-election, is also trying its luck.

Taliban top commander killed with four other terrorists

Four security personnel were stabbed while two were injured on Sunday under the security campaign launched in Kunduz province of Afghanistan. Among the killed terrorists is also the top commander of a Taliban. The official told the news agency Xinhua, "The security forces attacked the Taliban base in Kal-e-Jal district, where four terrorists, including the infamous commander Maulawi Ismail, died.

Exhibition against Pakistan in POK, said- Pakistan sends terrorists

In Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) stricken by Pakistan's atrocities and forcible occupation, people came on the streets on Saturday and fiercely slogans against Pakistan. According to the report of the ANI conducted the rally organized by Jammu and Kashmir National Students Federation. People in Jandali started sloganeering for freedom from Pakistan. Here, regional leader Liaquat Khan organized a rally here at Hajira Degree College and raised slogans against Pakistan. This rally was organized in Jandali by the JK National Students Federation Organization.

For the elimination of terrorists from Kashmir, the army take help by Marcose commandos

The Indian Army has launched an intensive campaign against the terrorists in the Kashmir Valley these days. The army is now taking help of the Marine Commandos to eliminate these terrorists from the islands made in the Jhelum river. Navy has permanently deployed 30 marine commandos under the leadership of a lieutenant commander in Wooler Lake to eliminate the terrorists here. This team is involved with those commandos who are mastered under the water (underwater) campaign.

Indian Army killed three terrorists involved in attack on Amarnath pilgrims

In an encounter on Monday night in the Anantnag district of south Kashmir, the security forces killed three LeT militants. It is being told that the dead terrorists were with the mastermind Abu Ismail of the attack on Amarnath yatra. The militants killed in the encounter have been identified as Mukhasar Hajam, Shaukat Lohar and Lashkar Commander Jibran. All the three suspected LeT operatives were terrorists and they were also involved in the killing of six policemen including police station officer in Anantnag in the last days.

Two militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir encounter between army and terrorists

In the South Kashmir, the army killed two terrorists on Saturday morning. After the information of the hideout of the terrorists, the army-police and the CRPF jointly launched a joint operation. Officials said that the army was on the routine search operation when the terrorists started firing. After this, the search operation turned into an encounter. The dead terrorists have not been identified at the moment.

Indian citizen Yahya punishes Al-Qaeda terrorists for helping terrorists

In the US, Yahya Farooq Muhammad, an Indian citizen, has accepted the offense of supporting terrorism. He had conspired to financially support Al-Qaeda's big terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki for attacking American soldiers and a judge. Yehya, 39, married an American woman in 2008. He had conspired to support the equipment on Al-Awlaki's request to support Jihad. Attorney David Siraleja said Yahya had conspired to attack the American soldiers stationed overseas and a judge of the Toledo. He is a dangerous criminal and deserves a long sentence.

Iraq's PM al-Awadhi congratulated the soldiers to wipe out terrorists.

Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider, now the tribals go to Mosul on Sunday to meet the soldiers. They congratulated the soldiers for destroying the terrorists from Mosul. Prime Minister Al-Awadi was present on the banks of the river Tigris to announce the independence of Mosul. The Prime Minister announced the victory of Iraq's army against IS. IS has taken Mosul from its possession since 2014. After the nine-month campaign, the army forced the terrorists to leave the city.

More brutal and cruel than men, ISIS women

Female terrorists are just as brutal and cruel as their male colleagues. When the war of Mosul has reached its last phase. In such a situation, these women did not hesitate to make their younger children even shields. A TV channel from Iraq imprisoned a woman suicide bomber in her camera. Which is taking her little child together It was a suicide bomber from ISIS, who used his child for his cover. This woman pressed the child's trigger with the trigger of a bomb attached to it, as well as the child's heartbeat. His motive was to kill Iraqi soldiers. As soon as he passed beside the soldiers, he tried to break the bombs inside his hijab by pressing the trigger. His attempt was not successful though. When the soldiers went away from him, his bombs exploded.

The biggest threat to the world is the Partnership of terrorists!

The news is that Baghdadi has aligned. Al-Qaeda from a dreaded terrorist organization like its own. What will be the result of this alliance now? It is also difficult to get an idea of it now. The last attempt has been made to find hope in the absence of terrorists arising from the current situation of Iraq and Syria. ISIS has joined hands with terrorists, the world's largest al-Qaeda. To save his desolated sultanate, Baghdadi has extended his hand to Zawahiri and Zawahiri for Baghdadi. Even if ISIS is eliminated from Iraq, he is not going to die. These Rams are going to get stretched because ISIS has now spread to the whole world.

The attack on the army on the day of Burhan Wani kills, three soldiers injured.

In Jammu and Kashmir's Bandipora Saturday, terrorists attacked the army. Three jawans were injured in this attack. The incident is in the Hanging area of Bandipora. After the attack, the army launched the search operation in search of terrorists. In Poonch sector adjacent to the LoC, Pakistan violated the siege fire on Saturday morning. Two members of a family died in this.

Britain's withdrawal of Burhan Rally after India protests

After the protest against the British government against the 'glory of the terrorists the Birmingham City Council has withdrawn the permission for the rally to be held on Burhan Wani Day. Deputy High Commissioner of India Dinesh Patnaik sent a message to the British Foreign Office on Monday, in which he also mentioned the violence of Wani and the violence in the Kashmir Valley. A spokesman for the Birmingham City Council said, "We had taken a booking to take out a peaceful rally on the violation of human rights in Kashmir. Nonetheless, we are aware of the concerns raised about publicity campaigns. How can the British law and order permit terrorists to inflame glory and violence

Two terrorists were killed in encounter with the security forces in the house in Pulwama, Kashmir

CRPF and police are encountering militants in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. So far two terrorists have been stuck in Bamanu area of ​​Pulwama. The police stationed for the Amarnath yatra fired indiscriminately by the terrorists. A police constable has been killed in the attack. Several policemen were also injured. The security forces had surrounded them after the news of the presence of two to three terrorists in Malangpura area of ​​Pulwama on Sunday evening.

After the terrorist attacks, 9-year-old young children are also being asked to be terrorists.

After 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, young children of 9 years are now being described as terrorists. Childline, an organization working for children under the age of 19, has informed about this. Told that they are often called by names and they are accused of meeting Islamic State (ISIS). Younger girls and girls said that due to the hijab they are often mistreated. In many cases, these children became so disturbed by the misbehavior with them that they tried to harm themselves. Many children left it until they went to school to avoid this misbehavior.

2 terrorists killed in DPS school, Srinagar, 3 soldiers injured

The search operation has been intensified to arrest the hideous terrorists in the school. Two terrorists have been stacked on Sunday. The search operation is still in progress. Army and Jammu and Kashmir also joined the CRPF's search operation till late night. The school was surrounded. Drone cameras and other equipment were used to detect the situation of the terrorists.

In Srinagar terrorists attacked CRPF convoy, injured sub-inspector and 2 jawans

In Kashmir, the terrorists once again attacked the CRPF vehicle by targeting the attack in which one jawan was killed and two seriously injured. Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) has taken responsibility for this attack. After firing on the CRPF convoy, the terrorists fled to DPS School of Srinagar. The CRPF has surrounded the entire area. The injured jawans have been admitted to nearby Army Hospital.

In the Philippines the terrorists entered the school and made the children hostage.

In Pigakavian city of Philippines, some gunmen attacked a school and made many children hostage. Bandit attackers belong to the terrorist organization named Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF). The encounter between militants and security forces continues. What is the number of hostages, it is not known yet. The attackers have captured a school and many people have taken hostage. We are just trying to figure out how many hostages there are in school. ' The city's mayor told Philippine Radio that he is not aware of any casualties in the incident. There is a fight between the army and the terrorists. There is a distance of 190 km between the Maravi and Pigakavayan.

Teach terrorists a lesson to those who give refuge to terrorism: Trump

The Trump Administration is ready to take a tough stand against Islamabad to eliminate active terrorist organizations in Pakistan. The main concern of the US has been to take action against those Pakistani terrorist organizations who target Afghanistan. To prevent economic funding given to Pakistan and to reduce the status given to Islamabad as a cooperative country, there are measures like this. They say that Pakistan should stop helping its active terrorist organizations. If the United States closes its financial support to Pakistan, the backbone of the terror will be broken. Now America is seriously focused on the problem of providing safe havens to Pakistan by the terrorists. Will give

Lashkar terrorists attacked police, 6 policemen martyred

On Friday evening, six policemen, including one SHO, were martyred in terror attack. The terrorists of Lashkar-e-Taiba also fired on the faces of the policemen and snatched their weapons. 10 to 15 terrorists were involved in the attack by the police force. Earlier, a citizen was killed in the firing of security forces in Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir.

Army thwarted another attempt to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir, 6 terrorists dead

 Indian Army has foiled the fifth attempt of infiltration in the last three days near the Line of Control in the Uri sector of Kashmir and on Friday killed six militants killed. An anti-infiltration campaign was launched in Uri from Thursday. During this campaign, six terrorists were killed. A defense spokesman had said that the soldiers failed many attempts of the Pakistani army to send the intruders to India from across the border in several sectors near the LoC within 24 hours. He told that during this time seven terrorists were killed.

Pak ban on bank accounts of more than 5000 suspected terrorists

Pakistan, after the incident of the horrific school attack in Peshawar in 2014, has barred the transaction of bank accounts of more than 5000 suspected terrorists from the amount of more than three crore rupees. More than 150 people were killed in the Peshawar attack, mostly school children. "There is a provision for the ban on economic activities of terrorists and terrorist organizations in the country at the sixth point of  Pak government.

Indian Army killed 5 Pakistan soldiers, 2 terrorists in Baramulla

In Jammu and Kashmir's Bimber and Battal sector, Indian Army on Thursday responded to the firing of Pakistani soldiers. During this, 5 Pak soldiers were killed and 6 wounded. These terrorists were hiding in a house. For 3.30 starters, the search operation started in Nattipora area of Sopore. In the meantime, Pakistan has made a seamless warranty in the Naushera and Krishna Valley sectors near the LoC. It was also answered from India. Two AK-47 rifles, 5 magazines, 107 live rounds, 2 pouches, 2 thousand rupees cash and rubber stamps have been recovered from the dead terrorists.

Air strikes on Taliban militants in Afghanistan, 25 terrorists killed

After the terrorist attack in Kabul in Afghanistan, the US has sparked airstrikes against Taliban militants. There is news of the death of 25 Taliban militants. While more than 20 Talibanis are reported to be wounded. The US Army was executed on Wednesday night near the city of Taenakot. The leader of a Taliban militant in this attack also got stacked. Besides the bulk, the Taliban have been damaged in large quantities in the attack.

Two terrorists dead, two AK-47 and ammunition recovered in Sopore's encounter with security forces

In the encounter with security forces in Sopore, two terrorists were killed in the morning and two AK-47 and huge ammunition was recovered in the morning. These encounters are still going on. In order to control the situation, mobile service has been stopped in North Kashmir. An official said that after getting information about the presence of terrorists, security forces started the search operation in Nipiora area of ​​Sopore at 3.30 am this morning. During the search operation, two militants fired on the security forces, after which the encounter started.

Indian army killed Burrah's brother Hizbul Commander Subazar in Tral, two more terrorists were killed

Indian Army has killed top Hizbul commander Subhasar Ahmed Bhatt in Talal area of ​​Pulwama district. Two more terrorists have also died there. The terrorists had attacked a patrol group of the army on Friday night, after which the army had siege in the area. On the basis of the information of the presence of some top militants of Hizbul Mujahideen in the area, the security forces started siege and search operation in Soemoh village of Traal, 36 kilometers away from here. He said that as soon as the terrorists started moving towards the whereabouts of the security forces, they started firing, after which the security forces also responded. There is no news of any harm to any of the security forces in this encounter.

PoK's national anthem, before the cricket match in South Kashmir, award given to the name of the terrorists killed

During a cricket match in southern Kashmir, the national anthem of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has gone. This national anthem was played during a cricket tournament played on Sunday and it was also live on Facebook. In this match played in Pulwama, both the teams had wear a blue jersey, in which they are seen singing the National Anthem of Azad Kashmir 'Vatan Ours, Azad Kashmir'. The police has started investigating it. This is the same degree college where protests are performed many times. The Karimabad village is also called the fortress of terrorists near Degree College ground. Not only the national anthem of Azad Kashmir was sung in the stadium but posters of terrorists who were killed there were also installed. At the same time, the awards were also distributed in the name of the terrorists killed.

In the encounter between the security forces and the terrorists, two jawans martyrs, two militant piles.

In the encounter between the security forces and the terrorists in Naugam sector of Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir, the martyrs of two jawans. In the encounter with the terrorists trying to infiltrate, the security forces have also killed two terrorists.The news of the terrorists was found on the Line of Control. The security forces attacked and attacked the terrorists. The army encircled four to five terrorists.A jawan was injured in the landmine explosion on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir.The youth has been taken to Udhampur Command Hospital for treatment.

Pakistan's terrorists plan to attack India and Afghanistan: US intelligence

US intelligence officials say Pakistan-based terrorist groups are planning to attack India and Afghanistan. In South Asia, the intelligence community has assessed that despite a slight increase in the military aid of the United Nations and its allies in Afghanistan, By 2018, the political and security situation will certainly be spoiled. Pakistan is going to be isolated at the international level the saving may turn to China for help for pakistan

Lashkar-e-Toiba's two terrorists stack up in the encounter, army launched search operation

In an encounter between militants and the army in Kupwara of Jammu and Kashmir, the army has killed two terrorists. These terrorists were associated with Lashkar-e-Taiba. Army has started the search operation in the area.The Army has said that two terrorists were killed in an encounter with the security forces in Kupwara district of north Kashmir today. Based on the intelligence inputs of the security forces, there was information about the presence of terrorists in Bhagatpura located in the district's Hondwara area and the search operation started.

The eyes of the terrorists are noticeable on the special children of the valley.

In order to spoil the situation in the terror valley, we are using weak students in the studies and students failing in the examination. In the Kashmir valley, the terrorist organization is keeping an eye on the failed children in the examination of 10th and 12th. Since January 2017, nearly 13 new Kashmiri boys have been included in this 'United Jehad'. Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has asked the terrorists sitting in the cross-border camp to intensify the infiltration in the Kashmir Valley. During the course of any operation against the terrorists, school students are being involved in stone pelting

Two days before the election, terrorists targeted the ISIS in Paris, the liability liability.

In Paris's Champs Elysées, a terrorist suspect shot dead a police officer, in which two others were injured. The French anti-terrorist police knew about the attacker in France since the year 2015 terrorists have done many attacks. In which around 250 people have died. Gunmen were killed in police response after injuring cohorts.US President Donald Trump expressed condolence over the attack and said, "It appears that this is another terrorist attack, we have to be strong and alert