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NASA discovered 95 new planets outside the Earth's solar system

NASA has discovered 95 new planets out of the Earth's solar system with the help of Kepler spacecraft data, which are shaped like Super Earth, Mini-Neptune (Gas Dwarf) and Jupiter Planet. One of these planets is orbiting the brightest star ever discovered by Kepler. Kepler spacecraft was launched in 2009.

Mars Mission: In 2020 NASA will send eight new devices Rover Yan on Mars.

American Space Agency NASA will send a new rover vehicle to the Red Planet in the Mars Mission-2020. It will discover the potential residues of ancient creatures on Mars. This rover of the next edition of Curiosity Rover successfully sent in 2012, will have eight new devices and will be equipped with new types of wheels. Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that the new Mars Yan is the atmosphere of Mars, its surface, and the layer below the surface Will research. It will also collect samples of mud and stones. JPL is also developing new technology for landing on Mars, which will enable it to go where it was risky to reach Curiosity.

The dream of human settlements on Mars will soon come true, NASA is experimenting on the energy.

Soon people will start settling on Mars. Space Agency NASA is trying to develop a small nuclear reactor. If this attempt is successful, then the last technical barrier will end in the direction of life on Mars. NASA is investigating six and a half feet high reactors under its 'Kill power' project. About 40 kilowatts of energy is needed to send human missions to the planet. This energy equals 8 hours of energy consumption on Earth. The need for this energy will be there in generating fuel, air, and water. In addition, the same energy will be used to recharge the batteries used in the equipment. It has been developed after hard work of last 3 years. The Project of over 81 crore rupees is being executed jointly by the US Department of Energy and NASA's Glen Research Center.

Hackers claim, NASA has discovered the alien

An unknown group of hackers have claimed that NASA has detected the existence of aliens and can soon announce it. According to a report by the website 'RT dot com', these unknown people, in addition to some recent discoveries made by NASA, in April, the comments of the NASA spokesperson on the title of 'Advance in the Search for Life' These claims are made on the basis of that.

NASA may soon disclose the existence of the Aliens.

According to Anonymous, the American space agency NASA will soon be able to make big disclosures about the existence of aliens. Anonymous wrote on their website, "NASA says that aliens are coming. Nasa has detected the presence of hydrogen on Saturn's Moon. Also, the Hubble team has also received some specific information related to the sea of ​​Jupiter's Moon 'Europa'. Referring to all this, Professor Jürbgan said that NASA is very close to finding important evidence related to Aliens. NASA is on the verge of detecting one of the most serious and unprecedented discoveries in human history.

Indian origion US Air Force officer selected for new mission: NASA

NASA has selected 12 new astronauts for its space mission. Which includes King Chari of India. King of 39 years is Lieutenant Colonel US Air Force. More than 18,000 candidates applied for NASA's next seminar orbit and deep space mission. NASA will train selected selectors for two years. After this, they will be sent to the Space Mission. Selected candidates have 7 men and 5 women. Of these, 6 military officers, 3 scientists, 2 doctors and one engineer. Studied astronautics and took 1000 hours of flight experience. Physical fitness was also observed as well. Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams of Indian origin have also gone on NASA's space mission.

"Parker Solar Probe" NASA will launch the world's first mission on the sun .

NASA will launch the world's first mission on the Sun next year. In which our star's atmosphere will be explored. Answers to questions about solar physics will be searched for those who have implicated scientists for six decades.
The name 'Parker Solar probe' has been named in honor of legendary astrophysicist Eugene Parker. He predicted the presence of solar wind some 60 years ago. Thomas Zurubchen said, "NASA has named the space shuttle for the first time in the name of a living person." The spacecraft, a small size space for a small car, will reveal many big secrets about our star. It will also try to take curtains from this mystery that why the sun's corona is so hot from its surface.

NASA's new technology will help drones to get off the shelves.

NASA scientists have developed a new software that helps the drones to find the best location for 'crash landing' in emergencies, so that no one on the ground is harmed. In the US, NASA's Lange Research Center has developed 'crash-landing' software for aerospace technician Patricia Glab and her colleagues. The danger on the people and property on the ground seems to be hindering that if there is a systemic malfunction in these unmanned airliners, they can come down and bump into them.

The restriction imposed by the US will send the satellite from space to the same rocket. NASA

In 1992, US President George W. Bush banned the Indian Space Research Organization. Withholding Russia from giving cryogenic engine technology with the Indian Space Agency so that India could not build a missile. But two decades later, American Space Agency NASA has joined hands with ISRO to develop the world's most expensive Earth imaging satellite. The cost of this project is more than $ 1.5 billion.ISRO and NASA are currently busy making 2200 kg of NISAR satellite. These satellites will show a detection view of the Earth through modern radar technology.

Rifat created the world's lightest satellite weight at 64 years of age, less than 64 grams, NASA will launch

18-year-old Riphat Sharuk, who lives in Palpatti, Tamilnadu, has made a new record. Just at the age of 18, Riphat Sharuk has created the world's lightest satellite. The weight of this satellite is less than 64 gms. The name of this satellite is Kalmasat.Rifat named the satellite after the name of Indian scientist APJ Abdul Kalam. NASA will launch this satellite on June 21. The main function of this satellite is to demonstrate the ability of 3D printed carbon fiber. This satellite is made up of the Renfosed Carbon Fuel Polymer.

Today will launch NASA. The rocket will take 1,500 photos of the sun in 5 minutes.

NASA has said that a rocket capable of taking 1,500 photographs of the Sun will be launched today in about five to five kilometers of height of about 320 km. Apart from this, NASA is planning to send the Observatory like a balloon to space. Which will measure emissions from cosmic material between stars. The Sun is approximately 14.90 million kilometers away from Earth. The temperature of the sun surface is only 5500 degrees Celsius, but the temperature of the atmosphere is 20 million degrees Celsius.