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Independence Day: When the first morning of August 15 reached Amritsar station a 'corpses'

Today, 15th of August (Independence Day) is the country's Independence Day. There is an atmosphere of glee on every side and the country is immersed in the celebration, but on August 15, 1947, the atmosphere was a bit different. On one side, the country was celebrating liberation from the slavery of the British, and on the other side, people were bewildered. 3rd of August 15, 1947 (15 August) There was a crowd at Amritsar station. 10 Down Express was coming from Pakistan. The station master chisel licked the crowd, but they did not even know what would happen in a few moments. Unfortunately, it was a matter of daily breakdown on crowded compartments, the screaming of finding the children, the crying of the children, and the loud crying of the names. Station Master Chhanei Singh appeared on the train in Jhooram and they got injured. When he came near the train, he started showing a red flag. Chhinni Singh was stared at that car of 8 coaches and realized that there was something very wrong. Actually, it was not a train but a 'carnage'. Famous historian Dominic Lopier and Larry Collins call this car as 'ghost van' in their book 'Freedom at Midnight'. When the stationmaster Chheni Singh entered the 10 Down box and strengthened his heart, his heart trembled. There was a heap of corpses on the floor of the train. Someone's throat was cut, then someone's intestines came out. In that heap of corpses, Chheni Singh heard somebody's crooked voice. They thought that someone might have survived and raised a loud voice, 'Amritsar has arrived. All Hindus and Sikhs are here. There is also the police. Do not be afraid ' Many people started shaking with their heaps of corpses. These were the people who became 'alive zombies' by fear.