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CBSE papers were leaked on the Whatsapp group.

In the case of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) two papers leak, the crime branch has got important clues. According to the Crime Branch, 12th Economics papers were leaked to 10 Whatsapp groups. According to the Crime Branch, the Economics Paper of 12th was leaked to the 10Whatps Group. There were about 50 people present in every group, from whom the tutors, students, and parents were connected. Apart from this, on the 26th of the Rouse Avenue Office, on the 26th of the Solv paper received through parcel, the 4 number of mobile numbers mentioned, are all numbers tutors, which were somebody who did add in the Whatsapp group. The Delhi-based examination of the CBSE paper leak case The police crime branch of the police has now gone in search of that whistleblower,

Messages deleted on Whatsapp can also be read

Whatsapp's popular feature 'Delete for Everyone' can erase your message. Now the new information is revealed that the deleted message will be read. If a user receives the message to reply to your message, then the message will be clearly visible in chat. Even if you have already erased it.

Whatsapp for new iPhone brought a new feature

To get the YouTube PiP (Picture-In-Picture) support feature, users will need to download WhatsApp version v2.18.11 for the iPhone from the app store. There is a link to a YouTube video on WhatsApp, so you will not have to go out of WhatsApp to see it. YouTube videos will start running on your chat window.

WhatsApp will be linked to Instagram after FB's new feature

If you use both WhatsApp and Instagram, then Facebook can issue a special feature for you. These features will be especially loved by Instagram Lovers. According to the reports, the company is testing a new feature, so Instagram users will be able to share their Insta Stories as Whatsapp status on Direct Whatsapp. Facebook is only testing this feature with some users. The company has not issued any statement about this. Users will be able to share pictures, videos, and GIF files without any hesitation since this feature. Because all these content will be encrypted.

Sentenced to death for sending anti-Islam messages on Whatsapp

In Pakistan, a Christian was sentenced to death for sending abusive messages to Islam at Whatsup. Nadeem James Christ was charged in July. Prior to that, his friend had complained to the police that Christ sent a poem on Whatatsup, which was insulting Islam. After this incident, Christ escaped from his house to escape the fierce crowd in the Sara-e-Alamgir town of Punjab province but later surrendered to the police. His hearing lasted more than a year in jail for security reasons.

Now features like Money Transaction and Message Edits will be in WhatsApp

In February 2017, Whatsapp crossed the 200 million mark or 200 million active customers in India. Since its acquisition by Facebook many changes are being made in WhatsApp. From now on you will not only send money online to your friends and family in the coming days, The company will use the UPA's unified payment interface for which it has already sought permission from the Indian government for typing with several Indian banks. Now you will be able to watch YouTube videos without the exit of Whatsapp window with the help of Picture-In-Picture mode.

Car thieves are now hi-tech, talk about theft on the Whatsapp group.

Car thieves are now hi-tech. Now they decide the rates of things in virtual meetings. Where to meet, what time to meet and how to unlock the car, all these things they decide on the Whatsapp. 3 thieves told this story after the arrest. To keep the mission secrecy, they used to decide everything in the Whatsapp group. He stole nearly 500 cars in the last one year and sold him in UP and Darjeeling. These gangs were specializing in stealing cars of Honda City and Hyundai Crata. Police did some work and found some blank keys, modern tools and gadgets, 80 thousand rupees cash, a Honda City and a Creta SUV.

Now you will be able to get back your message sent to the Whatsapp.

Messaging app is going to give an option to recall messages sent soon. In this facility, named after 'Recall', the user will get the chance to withdraw any message sent to him for five minutes. Sometimes the message written for someone accidentally goes to the number of others. Whatsapp's new feature-tracking website WABITINFO has informed about this. The Independent said that after this facility, people will be able to withdraw the messages, photographs, videos or other documents sent within five minutes. WTSAP added an option to edit the message sent in beta version. The convenience of recalling the sent messages also comes with Google's mail service in Gmail. Gmail allows people to return mail within a maximum of 30 seconds.

Facebook said if not like whatsapps do not use it.

Whatsapp users will share their numbers and details on Facebook. Users were given a moratorium for a few days, but then it was necessary to access this privacy policy. The case went up to the court and the German court banned it. It was claimed that there is no user data protection on Facebook and WhatsApp. Kapil Sibal did not say that the message and voice call is endless and encrypted Full attention has been taken to privacy. In Germany, Facebook has stopped taking data from WhatsApp users for now.