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Appearing in the court of the court for sexual harassment of Indian children in Germany.

A German man accused of sexual harassment of Indian children was presented in a court in Berlin. It is alleged that he raped at least 6 children while working in India. Karl-Heinz N. (59) was convicted by a Thailand court in 1996 for sex crimes against minors in 1996. According to the TV channel RBB, investigators in Germany had recovered more than 250,000 pornographic photographs and videos of children from a hard drive in a Berlin-based flat in Karl-Haines. Karl-Haines is accused of raping six children aged five and 11 in 2015-16 while working in India. According to the RRB, Karl-Hain has spent four years in a prison in Thailand. He was released later.

Nobel of Physics, Gravitational Waves done by 3 scientists from Germany and the US

For the work related to Nobel Prize Gravitational Waves of 2017 for physics, three scientists from Germany and America, Ryan Weiss, Barry Sea Barrish and Kip S. Thorne will be given. He has worked in the field of Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observation (LEGO). They will be given 90 million Swedish cron (about 7.25 crore) as a reward. Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of 20 Cambridge. He is a professor at the same institute. Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. The Ph.D. from the University of California at Berish Berkeley. He is a professor of physics at Pasadena's California Institute of Technology. Ph.D. from the Princeton University of Thorne America. He is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Pasadena's California Institute of Technology.

Hitler's Halfpant, which was left in the Austrian hotel, will now have auction for 3 lakh rupees.

During an auction in America, a couple of German dictator Adolf Hitler will be auctioned for Boxer Shorts (HalfPant). This halfpant is expected to sell in 5,000 dollars (about 3 lakh rupees). According to America's Leccendor Historical Actions, white stripe shorts have a length of 19 inches. Its waist width is 39 inches. signature 'AH' Is also registered.

Attack with a knife in Germany's Hamburg's supermarket, One killed, many injured

In a supermarket in the northern city of Hamburg, a person was killed by a knife attack by a person and many others were injured. It is heartening to say that the attack was done by what motive. On the spot, the police asked the people to evacuate the incident. The policemen tweeted, "We have no clear information about what was the motive of this attack and how many people were injured in it.

Wants to return home now, ISIS militant German girl Linda

After the elimination of Islamic State in Iraq, those people are now realizing their mistake, who came under the guise of this infamous terrorist organization and took the path of terror. One of these is also the teenager Linda W of Germany who is now in the Iraqi jail and wants to return to her home somehow. Linda is now missing her family. That war, the sound of the guns, the roar of war planes wants to go the most distant and it is being cursed that day when he comes out of his house to join this terrorist organization.

Chinese part supplied on the name of Germany for Dhanush cannon, CBI filed FIR

Made in India Dhanush Cannon parts have been supplied on the name of made in Germany. All these parts were made in China. The CBI has registered FIR on the accused company. Dhanush is called the Desi version of the Bofors cannon. But allegations have been made that a company has supplied Chines parts for the Dhanush made in the name of made in Germany.

G20: During protests, 76 people injured in a clash with police in Hamburg

76 people were reportedly injured in the clashes of police in Hamburg, Germany. According to the police, he is expected to raise more than one lakh protesters on the streets. Therefore, more than 20 thousand policemen have been deployed throughout the city. These protesters, wearing black clothes, attacked the police vehicle with bottles and bricks. One of the demonstrators, Stephen Hubert, said, "It is a nonsense that the police are telling us violent while the world's largest arms exporters are coming to our city. This summit is a waste of money.

Tensions between the border will be found in Germany between Modi-Chinfing

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Chunfing will meet during the informal meeting of BRICS countries. China's Deputy Foreign Minister Li Beyond said that this meeting will be held in Hamburg during the G-20 summit. Both leaders can try to reduce the tension on the Sikkim border, such as on Chinfing's India tour, when the dispute was going on in September 2014 in the western sector of the Chuman border. Chinese President will hold bilateral talks with leaders from different countries. But it is not clear whether there will be any bilateral talks between India and China.

Open Liberal Mosque in Germany, for everyone will be open doors.
  1. In this mosque, men and women, Shia-Sunni and gay people will also be able to study namaz together. Here women will not even have the necessity to wear hijab. Anyone can come to pray and equality will be treated with everyone. Here women can also work for Imam. A 54-year-old woman living in Germany, after entering the mosque, said, "I can never be happier more than I can probably. It's like a dream come true. " The name of this mosque has been named 'Ibn Rushd Gohey Masjid' by the name of a medieval scholar Ibn Rushd and the name of Gote of Germany. More than 4 million Muslims live in Germany. Most of these are from Turkey, but there are also a lot of Muslims from Middle East Asia and North Africa. Since 2015, Germany has given more than one million refugees a place here.
unknown person shooted at police officer in Munich city Germany

At Sabarban railway station in Munich's city of Munich, a person snatched his gun from the police officer and killed him in the head of the police officer, causing the police officer to be badly injured, police said that a woman suffered serious injuries. While two people are also injured in the shoot.

Many people injured after firing at the railway station in Munich, Germany

Many people, including a woman police officer, were injured in a firing on Tuesday at a railway station near Munich city of Munich. In this regard, a person has been detained. The officers said that gunshots were carried out by a gun during a police operation at an S-Bahhan station in the suburb of Interbairing suburb of Bavaria city. There is no danger at the spot.

Firing at the railway station in Munich, Germany

Many people were injured in a firing on Tuesday at a railway station near the city of Munich, Germany. In this regard, a person has been detained. The Munich Police tweeted that many people were injured due to bullets. A woman police officer was badly injured.

One billion notes found on the swampy land of Germany

A group of Russians of St. Petersburg has received notes of one billion rubles (Russian currency) in a swampy place. Their value in Indian currency is 113 million rupees. But there is no happiness to those who find them. Because these notes are not of any use. This place is in the Vladimir region, 160 kilometers away from the capital Moscow. This is an old mine, where missiles were kept in the Soviet era. The group had heard rumors that there was a lot of money left in that area. That's why she went to investigate there.

Robots bless the church in Germany, asks people before question.

A church has launched a robot priest in Rimini. A ray of light comes out through its hands and people get blessings. The robot has been named Blaise U-2. This type of special robot has been launched in the historic town of Wittenberg. This launch has been done on the occasion of completion of 500 years of publication of German priest Martin Luthor's 'The Ninety Five Thesis'. It is like a metal box with two arms. Before blessing people, the robot asks them whether they want a blessing in the voice of a man or in the voice of the woman. After knowing what the robot smiles, he stretches his arm and gives a blessing in the chosen voice.