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US drone strikes kill Taliban's deputy chief Khalid Mehsud

Pakistani Taliban have confirmed the killing of their Deputy Chief Khalid Mehsud in the American drone attack. In the name of Commander Sajna, the infamous Mehsud was killed in an attack on Thursday in a village in North Waziristan in Pakistan. The terrorist organization has said that he has declared Mufti Noor Wali as successor to Mehsud.

Honor 7X Amazon Best Seller smart phone.

Honor 7X was launched recently. Now it has joined America's Best Sellers List in the US. Honor has also announced through the press release that 7x and View10 have successfully launched in the US. Honor Global President George Zhao said that we are very excited about the Achievement of Honor 7x and Honor View 10 Its price is around Rs. 12,999 in India.

America mistakenly attacked Iraq, 8 killed

On Saturday, the United States mistakenly attacked Iraq in Iraq, in which eight Iraqi people were killed. These eight people were mostly people of security forces. The deceased included an intelligence officer, five police officers and one woman. These attacks were carried out in a central town of Al-Baghdadi based in western Iraq. In the attack, all the carriages in the convoy were damaged and 20 people got injured.

America mistakenly attacked Iraq, 8 killed

On Saturday, the United States mistakenly attacked in Iraq, in which eight Iraqi people were killed. These eight people were mostly people of security forces. The deceased included an intelligence officer, five police officers and one woman. These attacks were carried out in a central town of Al-Baghdadi based in western Iraq. In the attack, all the carriages in the convoy were damaged and 20 people got injured.

america ship will go to Vietnam

It is news that America is going to send its warship in Vietnam soon. This announcement was made just prior to the two-day visit to Vietnam by US Defense Minister Jim Metis. The full focus of the trip will be on China in the area, which is gathering its pride in the region. This is happening for the first time since 1975, when the US is sending its warship to Vietnam.

Since 2015, 80% of overseas Indians want American citizenship

By 2015, at least 80 percent of the overseas Indians were interested in securing U.S. citizenship. In 2005, the figure was 69 percent. It has increased 12 percent in 10 years. This has been revealed in a study. In Ecuador, the number of people who achieved American citizenship in the same period increased by 12 percent.

Economic Crisis: America on the brink of shutdown, the Trump administration to deal with the situation

The US government is standing on the verge of captivity. The Trump administration is busy in dealing with this situation. This is happening for the first time in the last five years because the Senators rejected the funding bill passed by the House. Through this bill the government was assured funding till February 16. The US government is currently officially under arrest.

President Trump told the news of improving 'relationship' with Kim

US President Trump rejects reports of 'good relations' with North Korea leader Kim Jong. There were reports that Trump has taken a soft stand on Kim and soon there may be talks between the two leaders. Trump has dismissed such reports and described them as fake. Said that his statements in the media have been published incorrectly.

Trump signs given, America could return to Paris climate agreement

US President Donald Trump surprised everyone by withdrawing US names last year with the Paris Climate Agreement. But now America has indicated signs of return. Trump said, "Clearly, I have no problem with this agreement, but the agreement I signed was difficult for him because as usual, he made a poor agreement." Maybe included. In June last year, Trump had expressed the intention to separate from the agreement signed in 2015 to curb emissions responsible for global warming. The process of separation from the agreement is long and complex, and Trump's comments will raise the question whether he really wants to be different or want to make emissions easier in the US.

Terrorist mission in Afghanistan, a challenge for America

Terrorist groups are increasing in Afghanistan. The US has been helping him over the past several years to eliminate terror from Afghanistan. Analysts say that the jihadist people in Afghanistan have helped in expanding the Islamic State group from the turbulent eastern areas of the country to Kabul.In Afghanistan, there is also a challenging situation for anti-terrorist missions in Afghanistan. Michael Kugelman, the analyst at Washington's Wilson Center, said that this is not just a group, which has a stronghold in the rural areas of eastern Afghanistan. This is causing huge casualties and harming the people there. The United States continues to take action against terror in Afghanistan. Terror is also increasing in Afghanistan even after America has taken action. The extremist group Taliban, al-Qaeda, and their supporting organizations have carried out the terrorist border at the peak.

The impact of global warming Australia is the hottest in the world, America is the coldest.

America is battling a snowstorm. On the other hand, Australia is facing the most grueling heat of 79 years. New Hampshire was the coldest place in the U.S. with minus 73.3 degrees Celsius, while the warmest place in Australia was recorded at 47.5 degrees Celsius in Sydney. In 1939, the temperature was recorded at 47.8 degrees. In Australia, the average temperature in January is 27.5 degrees. 20 degrees Celsius is higher. Between 2,000 and 2014, there are 14 records of heat before a winter record in Australia. The reason for the Burfile storm is Polar cyclonic wind. It has been stuck in the US due to low pressure. Can not move forward. This has caused the incidence of snow storms to increase for many years.

Entry bands of Indian officials in all gurdwaras in America

Gurdwara management committees of the United States have taken a big decision after the restrictions imposed by Indian authorities on their entry into the gurdwaras on behalf of 14 gurdwaras in Canada. The Sikh Coordination Committee of East Coast and American Gurdwara Management Committee, the biggest institutions of Sikh gurudwaras, prohibited Indian officials and diplomats from entering the 96 gurdwaras in America, becoming part of any social or religious program including Nagar Kirtan. Decided to apply. By telling the migrant Sikhs the supporters of Khalistan, how long will the government continue to keep away from their legitimate right? We can not dismiss most of the arguments given by the Overseas Sikhs to be stopped.

In the US, minus 35 also in Ladakh, minus 30 degrees Celsius.

North India is not only breaking records in North America. Cold storm Grayson has hit the temperature of minus 35 degrees Celsius in many parts of the US. If the factory says it is cold and also feeling terrible. The condition in America's East Coast and the Midwest is the worst, where in many areas the air coming from the polar Arctic has disrupted life. These areas include Vermont, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Maine and New Hampshire. The cold storm has become so cold with the effect of Grayson that it is also being called a bomb cyclone. Due to the cold winter, the famous Niagara waterfall has also been frozen. Here the temperature has dropped to minus 23 degrees. According to the Meteorological Department, the winter is so terrible at some intervals of some years. Some such cold was also lying in February 2015.

NASA scientist John Young died, who made a record of going into space

John Young, the great American astronaut who travels the space six times, orbiting the Moon, and flirting on its rocky surface has passed away. This information is provided by NASA. The Space Agency reported that he was 87 years old and died due to pneumonia on Friday night. Yang lived in a suburb of Houston located just minutes away from NASA Space Center. Young is a person who went into space from Gemini, Apollo and took part in space shuttle programs and went into space six times. NASA said that once he had made the world record of spending the most time in space.

China's hiperSonic missile danger for India, America, Japan

China's new HyperSonic Ballistic Missile will not only challenge America's defense sector, but it is also capable of influencing Japan and India's military targets. The Diplomate Magazine in Tokyo published the news of the trial of two missiles at the end of last year in China. This report was followed by 'South China Morning Post' on Tuesday. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman refused to give any information on Tuesday and said that it should contact the Ministry of Defense for this. Compared to conventional bullish systems, HGV warheads can go much faster in low-lying and untrackable terrain.

In America, Muhajirs welcomed Trump's stance on warnings to Pakistan

In America, a group of idioms has welcomed the warning given by the Trump Administration to Pakistan on the shelter of terrorist groups. The word 'Muhajir' is used for the Urdu-speaking immigrants who left India in 1947 and went to Pakistan. US Vice President Mike Pence recently visited an undisclosed trip to Afghanistan to take stock of the ground reality in a war-torn country. During this visit, he had said that President Donald Trump has warned Pakistan against providing safe havens to the Taliban and other terrorist groups. Pence had said, "As the President said, I am now saying that. Pakistan has benefited greatly by partnering with the United States, and Pakistan can take a lot of risk because of harboring criminals and terrorists.

Strict America on Pakistan, Hafiz's party can be put on the terrorist list

The United States has once again adopted its tough stance on Pakistan. Most Wanted terrorists can put other political organizations, including Milli Muslim League, in the United States terrorist group, of Hafeez Saeed. While taking action on the appeal of India, the US is treating many Pakistani organizations as a terrorist organization. A recent appeal was made in a conference between India and the US held in New Delhi. An official from the US said that Pakistan is a good ally of the United States, but America is always trying to eliminate terrorism. However, the official did not clearly name the name of any Pakistani organization. The spokesman, Heather Knott had said, "In November, the United States gave a very strong response to Saeed's release from detention. Saeed is the leader of the Mumbai attacks, leader of Mind and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The American MP's suicide, compared to Barack Obama's with the monkey.

A Republican lawmaker who posted a post comparing the former US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's monkeys on Facebook committed suicide on Wednesday. A teenager accused of sexually assaulting Republican MP Dan Johnson from the province of Kentucky. The investigation was going on in this matter. In 2013, the daughter's 17-year-old friend was accused of sexual harassment in his house in 2013. In response to this, Johnson had claimed that what happened on that night of New Year, he does not remember because, At that time, he was drunk.Built County Sheriff Donny Tynell said that 57-year-old Johnson shot himself on a bridge in Mount Washington, Kentucky.

In the American list related to terrorism, North Korea can be involved.

US President Donald Trump will announce his decision to keep North Korea in the US list of terror sponsored states next week. White House Advisor HR McMaster said that due to the inflammatory action of North Korea, America should seriously consider it North Korea has been placed in terrorism-sponsored lists with Sudan, Syria, and Iran. Also, McMaster named the dictator of North Korea as the killer of his stepbrother Kim Jong-Nam. Sudan has also expressed his commitment to breaking all trade and military relations with North Korea, whose US welcomes. The US State Department said in a statement released yesterday that the US welcomes this decision of Sudan and he will continue to cooperate with Sudan in this case so that it can be fully implemented.

5th day of Asia tour, US President Donald Trump in China,President Xi Jinping praised

US President Donald Trump was in China on the 5th day of the Asia tour. He praised President Xi Jinping on Thursday in the capital Beijing. In the Communist Party's Great Hall of People, Trump said, She has given her support to our agenda to curb North Korea's arms program in recent times. Thank you for this. Trump said that due to the poor policy of my predecessors, the US has lost $ 300 billion. I will give credit to China to take advantage of the opportunity. Trump has sent three ships to pressurize North Korea. These are the world's largest warships.

Masood Azhar is a bad man, be declared a global terrorist: America

Describing militant outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar as a bad man, the US has said it has been declared a global terrorist. The US said this while staging a protest by China in the United Nations attempting to declare Azhar, a mastermind of Pathankot terror attack, in a UN effort to declare terrorists. Jaish-e-Mohammed, a terrorist organization formed by Azhar, is already in the list of the United Nations's banned terrorist organizations. Knott said that about China's move you will have to ask the Chinese government why they did this, but of course, He believes that he is a very bad person.

Now the magic of Jack Ma started in film , owner of property about 25 trillion rupees will be seen on the big screen.

CEO of China's e-commerce company Alibaba. Jack Ma is about to make a comeback in the movies soon. Jack Ma will be seen working in a short film, Gong Shuo Dao, to promote Chinese traditional martial arts Kung-Fu. They will also do stunts in the movie for the promotion they share the picture while stunts. Jack Ma is the property owner of 25 trillion rupees. In the film, Jack Ma Martial Art Expert will be seen in the character of Jet Li. Doni Yen and Tony will be seen in the film with them. The 20-minute film has been produced by Jet Li. A poster of the film has been released which is being shared on social media. Jack Ma's character and successful businessman are excited to see the movie.

Jack Ma's movie will be released on November 11. It will be released on China's YouTube, site, Hickoo. On 11th November, there is a special purpose behind releasing it. Actually that day (11/11) is singles-day. It is considered the biggest day to shop in China.

Russia Post reached 12.6 million Americans

Facebook has said that the content posted by Russia's users over the past two years has reached 12.6 million Americans. According to the social networking site, 80,000 such posts were released before and after 2016 presidential elections. Most of these posts were divisive societal and political messages. There are times when the Senate is going to hear a hearing on how much influence Russia has made on these popular websites. Russia has consistently denied these allegations. That he tried to influence the last presidential election, in which Donald Trump became President by defeating Hillary Clinton. Confirmation of fresh data Uk news agency of Reuters and the Washington Post newspaper.

Osama was looked Kashmir for its terrorist plan.

Osama bin Laden, the leader of the al-Qaeda militant organization, was keeping an eye on Kashmir. They also looked into the judicial investigation of David Colman Headley, accused of the Mumbai attacks. On May 2011 night, US soldiers killed Osama in Abbottabad, Pakistan. On Wednesday, the US intelligence agency CIA has released 4 million 70 thousand files related to the operation.
These files were forfeited during the same military operation. These files have covered the many secrets associated with Osama's life. This includes the wedding videos of bin Laden's son and some diaries.

firing at Walmart store in Colorado, USA; 2 people die

Firing has been done in Walmart's store in Colorado, USA. According to the information received , 2 people have been killed in the firing while 1 person is injured. The police has evacuated the store. Earlier, a terror incident was also held in Lower Manhattan in New York, where a van was given on foot and bicycle route. In yesterday's attack 8 people were killed and 11 were injured.

Do not take the threat of nuclear bomb attacks lightly: US Korea

North Korea is constantly threatening a nuclear attack. North Korea also threatened to attack the hydrogen bomb in the past. North Korea says that America does not mistake the threat of taking their threat lightly. Washington should not take the light of the threat of the most powerful nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean from Pyongyang. The Americans take these threats seriously. North Korea's External Affairs Minister answered in reply to Trump's statement that his country could test the powerful hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean. North Korea's senior ambassador Reyeong Pill said that the threat of nuclear strikes should not be taken lightly at all. Ryong Pill said, "North Korea's Foreign Minister, Kim Jong-aware of his wishes. So I think you should take these threats seriously.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan says - MP road is better then america road.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has told the roads of Madhya Pradesh better than the streets of America. Shivraj said that when he got out of Washington airport, I saw that the roads in Madhya Pradesh are better than the US. He also said that it is necessary to improve the roads in order to improve the state. Shivraj Singh said that his government has constructed roads for two lakh km in Madhya Pradesh and connected the villages to the cities.

Xi Chenfing elected second time president of China
Xi Jinping has been elected President of China for the next five years. The ruling Communist Party of China stamped the second term of President at the end of the last week's conference. More than 2350 delegates took part in the conference that would be held in five years. Let us tell you that as a President, with the second consecutive term, Xi Jinping has become one of the most powerful leaders from China. Increasing the height of Xi Jinping his name has also been included in the Constitution of the Communist Party. Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Qing (62) are the first and second positions respectively in the Communist Party of China (CPC). Both will remain on top leadership based on two terms of five-five years. Some new members will also be selected for the seven-member Standing Committee of this party, which will rule the country. XXi Jinping and Lee took power in 2012 and both leaders will remain in power till 2022. On Wednesday, when they appear formally before the media during a live broadcast, the new standing committee will also be announced.
CM Shivraj spoke in America, today's India is quite different from 1962

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, speaking strongly on Pakistan and China, said that today India is not as it was in the year 1962. He also said that India will not spare anyone from the issue of terrorism. The Chief Minister said that India is not a country of 1962. It has happened to China. His soldiers had entered the Dockham Who had to retreat due to the firmness of Indian soldiers and the rise of strong India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Chauhan delivered his speech in Hindi. On the issue of terrorism, he also provided an indirect warning to Pakistan. He said, "If a country tries to invite us on the issue of terrorism, then India will not leave anyone.

CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan arrives in America, meet corporate people

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan arrived in Washington today on a week-long visit to the US. During his visit to America, he will give an address in the US Capitol and meet the people of the corporate world and invite him to invest in his state. According to officials, he will also visit New York. On the way from Washington DC to New York, he will also visit the Aksharathnam Temple in New Jersey.

Indian Air Force will soon fond American drones, Trump administration can take the decision.

Indian Air Force can soon get American drones. A top American official has claimed that the Trump administration is seriously considering the demand for Indian armed drones. India will add these drones to its air force.The Indian Air Force believes that with the acquisition of these drones, its defense capability will become strong.The Indian Air Force requires about 80 to 100 units. And this deal will be approximately $ 8 billion. In the last week, US Defense Secretary Rex Tillerson said in his statement that the Donald Trump Administration is committed to further strengthening the partnership between India and America. Tillerson took a stand against China and Pakistan and said that Beijing's "provocative action" is against those international laws and methods. Whose India and America are favorable.

Let us stop watching now from the discriminatory attitude of America: china

China has expressed displeasure over the statement of US Secretary of State to strengthen relations with India. US Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson described China as a lawbreaker. He said, "In this period of anger and uncertainty, India needs a trustworthy partner, which is America, compared to India, China has caught the path of development by mistake, where China broke the International Rule to move forward. While India is moving ahead of other countries, taking care of sovereignty, Tillerson said in his speech, "India's Positive Thinking, Powerful Democracy and Increase in the World Because of the stature the US should increase friendship and much of India. Also, try to make that friendship last for the next 100 years.

For India the UNSC can not do anything for the seat alone: Chinese media

China's official media said on Friday that the US is using India as a 'lever' to control the growing influence of China.But this will not be so easy for America and India.America Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson had said of growing cooperation with India and criticized China for its "hunter-gatherer economics". The editorial said that New Delhi does not need to be more pleased with Tillerson's statement as the US can not guarantee India's seat in UN Security Council without the consent of China. China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang On Thursday said, "We are happy to see that the relationship between India and America is on the rise. If these relations are happening for peaceful development.

For permanent membership of UNSC, India will have to abandon Vito demand: America

There has been a big statement from the US about the permanent member of the United Nations. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has said that if India wants permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council, then she will have to leave her rhetoric on "veto". Halley said at a function organized by the US India Friendship Council, This improvement in the United Nations Security Council is far greater than the veto. The five permanent members of the Security Council have the right to veto. Russia, China, America, Britain and France have this power and none of them want to leave it.

George Saunders, the second American to win the Booker Prize of 2017

American author George Saunders has been given the Man Booker Prize of 2017 for his first novel 'Lincoln in the Bardo'. George is the second such author in American history, who has been awarded the title of Britain. In the book, George spoke to the death of Abraham Lincoln's 11-year-old son, Willy after talking to hundreds of people. Saunders said it was a great honor while taking the award, and said that I hope I will be able to do this in my next work and life. For the last year, Paul Bitti was given the award for his novel, The Sellout. That it became the first American to win it.

Nadella had returned the green card for the wife, ready to leave Microsoft's job for his love .

Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella has uncovered the very interesting things related to his life. Nadeela said that he had returned his green card to bring his newly married wife to America and had applied for an H-1B visa. Indeed, the permanent residence in the United States was being allowed to bring his wife here. After this move, he was criticized in the Redmond-based Microsoft campus. In the initial period of his career, despite having a green card in his hands, at one time he thought seriously about leaving a job in Microsoft and returning to India.

The Nobel Prize announced to American scientists who discovered waves from a black hole collision.

American astronomers Barry Barish, Kip Thorne and Rainer Wes has been announced this year's Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of gravitational waves. This process is done by the collision of the black hole or by the fragmentation of the center of the stars. G. K. Hanson, head of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, said that his discovery shook the world. All the three scientists have been making their names in the field of astronomy. Thorne and Wes had created laser interferometric gravitational-web observer (lego) jointly in the prestigious California Institute of Technology. After this, the Barrish finalized the project. Name of the Nobel laureate of economics can be announced on Monday.

First consignment of oil imported from America reached Paradip

The first shipment of oil imported from the US reached Odisha's Paradip today. Indian Oil Corporation has imported 1.6 million barrels of oil. This is the first time that oil has been imported from the US. The ship carrying crude oil, MT New Prospecti, left the US Gulf Coast on August 19.

On Monday it reached Paradip port. In this vessel, two million barrels of crude oil can be transported. "IOC will process this crude oil in its refinery located in Paradip, Haldia (West Bengal), Barauni (Bihar) and Bongai village (Assam)," the company said in a statement. A ceremony was organized on the arrival of the vessel with crude oil consignment. On this occasion, IOC, Petroleum Ministry and US Embassy officials were present.

Women police officer, who started breastfeeding to silence the hungry child of the prisoner.

Our faith begins to rise on the day of humankind, due to violent incidents, increasing animosity, discrimination and malice. We think that the world has become so mean and furious that people have no meaning to anyone other than themselves. But then we see some such pictures that we would like to rely on in humanity again. We start to believe that the world is not so bad and it is still worth living. One such case came to light in China where a police officer not only silenced the child who was crying during the woman's cell in the court but went ahead ten steps further to breastfeed him.

'Fake News' spreader person in America had died, due to uses of more drugs

During the American general elections held last year, a person who was involved in spreading the fak news has died. According to officials, 38-year-old Paul Horner was found dead on his bed in Arizona's house on September 18. It is suspected that his death was due to taking a lot of drug. Horner used to publish fake articles on Facebook and later established his own website. He claimed that the Trump became the President because of him. During the American presidential election, the flood of Fake News became a major concern. Some people had also accused them of attempting to influence voters on these fake reports.

Russia has ruined its last known chemical weapons, Putin said 'historic moment'

Russia completely destroyed its last chemical warfare in the Southwest region of the country. Mikhail Babich, President of the State Commission for Chemical Disarming told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the process of destroying the natural weapons has already been completed before the scheduled time. "We can say that this is definitely a historic moment," News Agency Xinhua quoted Putin. According to Mikhail, experts say that the reserves of chemical weapons can destroy human life many times on Earth.

North Korea is preparing huge army recruitment of 4.7 million citizens.

About 4.7 million people of North Korea have volunteered to join the North Korean Army. This news comes from the report from the state media, which says that 1.22 million women, including students and workers, were included in the army. It is said that he was being asked to join the army ranks of the Korean People's Army for the past six days. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un issued a statement on September 22, condemning the US threat that threatened to completely destroy North Korea in the United States.

60 percent of Americans believe that the trump is not worth the presidency

Most Americans are not happy with the functioning of President Donald Trump. The popularity of trump is rapidly declining. According to the latest survey, in the eyes of majority Americans, Trump is not worth the presidency. According to the National Pole of the Quinnipiak University, 59 percent of the people said that Trump is not honest. 60 percent admitted that they did not have good leadership, while 61 percent said that they do not share their values. 51 percent said that they are embarrassed by the reins of America in the hands of Trump. Earlier, 53 percent of the people in the survey conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post on the first 100 days of the trump had disdained their work.

Claims 21 States of America, Russian hackers try to win Trump

On behalf of 21 U.S. states, it has been claimed that Russia tried to win Donald Trump in the presidential election in 2016 in the United States. These states claim that the hackers of the Russian government tried unsuccessfully to change votes in support of Trump. Although before this, Russia has denied any kind of interference, and Donald Trump has also declined to agree with such a deal with Russia.

Rahul said - Gandhi-Nehru-Patel was an NRI, they came to the country and changed a lot.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is on a US tour this time. Rahul is communicating with students from American universities to industrialists. Rahul has started laying his political board in the US through the NRI community. Rahul Gandhi told people in the historic Times Square in New York that the country needs you. You come along with good ideas and work for the country. Rahul referred to the contribution of Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar to Azad, and called the real movement of the Congress as the NRI Movement.

Osama's son Hamza bin Laden can handle Al-Qaeda's command post

Osama bin Laden's son Hamza bin Laden may soon command Al Qaeda Explain that Al-Qaeda has published a photo on the 16th anniversary of 9/11, in which the face of Osama bin Laden was shown in the twin towers of flames. In this, Laden's son Hamza is also seen. Hamza is now 28 years old. Some analysts believe that under his leadership, al-Qaeda can take advantage of the military weakness of the Islamic State (IS) and try to unite the jihadists across the world.

Donald Trump said in the United Nations General Assembly, if we are in danger, then North Korea will be destroyed.

In his first address to the United Nations General Assembly, US President Donald Trump attacked against North Korea and Islamic terrorism. Trump warned North Korea directly that if the United States had any danger or fear, then there would be no other way than to completely destroy North Korea. Trump also thanked China and Russia for cooperating with Nuclear Nonproliferation Press on North Korea.

Donald Trump's daughter Evanka told Sushma Swaraj: 'Charismatic' Foreign Minister

America's President Donald Trump's daughter and advisor Yankara Trump meets with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, other than the United Nations General Assembly session in New York. Iwaka called Sushma Swaraj a charismatic foreign minister. He wrote on Twitter, "I respect India's skilled and charismatic foreign minister Sushma Swaraj for a long time. It is an honor to meet them. ' Iwaaka, who is going to lead a US delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in India in November, discussed women's entrepreneurship and workforce development in both countries.

Poster of 'Free Balochistan' in Switzerland, Pakistan says its an attack on 'sovereignty'

Pakistan has urged the Swiss authorities to take action against the posters of 'Free Balochistan' planted in Geneva. The media told this on Monday (September 18th). According to the report of 'Dawn', Pakistan's permanent representative and Ambassador to the UN, Farooq Amil, told the United Nations permanent representative and ambassador, Valentin Jelweger, through a letter that the poster appeared in the area around Grande Saconx's Rue de Fern , In which 'Baluchistan House (BH) has been mentioned as a sponsor.' The letter said, "United Nations in Geneva The permanent mission of Pakistan has counted eight posters and a digital poster since December 3. "

PAK's largest bank banned in US, figured 1400 crores loss.

The United States, which has tied Pakistan's ears over terrorist activities, has given another blow to Pak. The US has ordered Habib Bank, Pakistan's largest private bank to close its branch in New York. This action has taken place due to tire funding on the bank. Not only this, the New York Financial Department (DFS) has imposed a fine of about Rs 1400 crore on the bank for violating the rules.

North Korea warns of US-threats will continue to be destroyed

The administration of US President Donald Trump has again warned against pressurizing North Korea. The Trump administration said if North Korea did not end the nuclear and ballistic missile campaign it would be destroyed. Meanwhile, the US president will address the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday to find ways to control Pyongyang by the United States and its affiliates. Also on Thursday will meet with Japan and South Korea's counterparts. Washington's ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley tried to put pressure before the upcoming meeting in New York. It also said that if North Korea creates a serious threat to America or its allied countries then North Korea will be destroyed.

Radiation attack on American diplomats in Cuba? Ill 21 diplomats.

The US embassy in Cuba's Havana has begun to open the path of a relentless attack on diplomats. Over the past one month, more than 21 American diplomats have been defective and some of the diplomatic mental illnesses are being reported from this health attack. After this serial attack on the Embassy in Havana, the pressure on the US President Donald Trump to stop the embassy as early as possible has started increasing.

In the world when Apple new phone x was launching then Google related some sites was down.

While awaiting the launch of Apple phone in the world, the same thing happened when some Google sites related to the Internet connected to the internet world  were found to be down in parts of the world. According to the report, some of Google's services such as YouTube, Gmail, Drive and Google Map are down in parts of the world. It is being reported that those who use Google's products in Europe, North America and parts of Japan have had difficulties.

Russia drops bobm on ISIS 'Father of all bomb', four times stronger than American bomb

The Russian army has attacked the top commanders of the dreaded terrorist organization IS, with the powerful 'Father of All Bomb'. The attack was carried out in the late Syrian city of late Aj-Jor. It was told that this is the largest non-nuclear bomb dropped on IS leaders. Four leaders of the Islamic State were killed in the attack.

Earthquake-hit in Mexico, 63 killed so far.

The death toll has increased to 63 due to the powerful earthquake following a coastal storm in Mexico. Here, police, soldiers and emergency personnel are engaged in rescue operations to deal with this double catastrophe once in the country.  A magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck south Pacific coast just a few hours from midnight on Thursday, causing many buildings to collapse

Iran will continue to follow nuclear deal, if America wants to go out it can .

Iran will continue to comply with the international nuclear deal with global powers and it will not make any difference to the fact that America will exit from this agreement. Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (AOI), said on Friday (September 8th), "If the United States goes out of the United Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA), the rest remain in it, in which the UK, France, Germany, China and Russia, then Iran will likely be tied to the agreement of the agreement. "

McDe breaks friendship with CPRL, canceled franchise agreement

August 21 MacDonaldas India has terminated business agreement for all 169 restaurants operating in AR and Eastern India by the CANAT Plaza Restaurants Ltd. CPRL. The company has taken this step while charging CPRL on the violation of contract terms and defaulting in payment and hence CRPL will not be able to use McNonald's name, chin, systems and intellectual property. McDonald's has said that a new license partner is being searched for these areas.

Emma Stone, one of the highest earning actresses, in a forbs in the top list.

Forbes Magazine has announced the world's highest grossing actress for six Oscar Awards, La Leland's lead actress Emma Stone. The 28-year-old Hollywood actress has earned $ 2.6 million (166.4 million) in the last one year.

Around 200 Indian tourists stranded in Nepal, the number of people killed in floods and landslides reached 55.

Nearly 700 tourists, including 200 Indians, have been trapped due to floods in Nepal. While the number of people killed due to floods and landslides reached 55 on Sunday. Nepal has received heavy rains since last three days. This has increased the water levels of many rivers and thousands of families had to leave their homes. According to the Himalayan Times, floods in the river Rapti have flooded nearly 1000 houses and 100 hotels in Chitwan Valley. About 700 tourists are stranded in hotels around Chitwan's National Park There are about 200 Indians and so are from other countries.

New restrictions on North Korea over deepening nuclear crisis

North Korea, with a long history of fluctuations from the international community for several decades, could soon gain the ability to make nuclear attacks to the US. After the new restrictions of the United Nations Security Council, he has again given the threat that he could also target America's friends-Japan and South Korea.
The crisis has been going on for North Korea's nuclear program for a long time, but since last week, such fears have become deeper that there can be a war between North Korea and the United States, in which nuclear weapons can be used.

US is feeling the impact of climate change.

A federal investigation report states that due to unprecedented increase in temperature in the last four decades, the United States is feeling the effects of climate change. The New York Times newspaper has received a copy of the report of scientists from 13 federal agencies, in which it has been said. It has been said in the report that lu walking has become commonplace and since the year 1980 very cold winds are running low

69 years later, History Repeat,bolt proved to be the track's Bradman.

The world's fastest runner Usain Bolt could not get a golden farewell in his last race. He finished third in 100 meters of the World Athletics Championships. His failure proved him the Bradman of athletics. In fact, all-time great batsman Sir Donald Bradman, who was batting average of 99.94 in the Test, was also dropped out for zero in his last innings.

Terrorist Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan's preparation to join politics

Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief and mastermind of the Mumbai attack, terrorist Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has decided to join politics. Hafiz Saeed has petitioned for the recognition of political party by the name of 'Milli Muslim League' in the Pakistan Election Commission by its organization Jamaat-ud-Dawa. Media reports say that Saeed wants to launch his party in a function in Lahore on the Independence Day of Pakistan.

Trump told the American President's residence White House "a litter heap"

President Donald Trump considers White House a 'litter heap' According to Trump, the White House is a worthless thing. There is a lot of objections being raised by Trump giving this adjective to White House. After this statement of Trumpet, once again the debate has arisen whether he also respects the post of President or not. Some people say that Trump has accidentally become president. According to the magazine, Trump recently said this while playing golf in his club in New Jersey.

Trump told the American President's Housing White House Heaps of Garbage.

Former US President Bill Clinton believed that the White House was 'America's Best Public Housing'. Clinton said that the White House is actually an unsurpassed gem of the Taj crowned on the head of the American justice system. The current president, Donald Trump, considers the White House as a 'garbage pile', totally different from these views of Clinton. According to Trump, the White House is a worthless thing.

US plans to tighten crab on China, plans to ban trade

The US Trump Administration is considering using the provisions of US Business Law to prevent its unfair trade practices against China, which have so far been used very little. This has been said in the report published in the American media.The Wall Street Journal report says, "The administration is considering to implement some of the coded provisions of American Business Law which have been used so far. Under these, it will be ascertained whether China's intellectual property policies are in line with unfair trade practices.

After firing on the Chinese Embassy, the assailant has committed suicide.

Firing on the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles city of America on Tuesday morning. There is no harm to the person related to the embassy in the firing but the bullets are on the building. After firing, the assailant sat in his car and shot himself. The assailant's life has been lost in the incident. The police have gathered in the investigation of the incident. The Chinese Embassy has expected the administration of adequate security arrangements.

China issued a 15-page statement on the issue of objection, said: India should remove army unconditional terms.

China has issued a 15-page statement on Wednesday in the ongoing dispute over the issue of Docklam. In this statement, China has asked India to remove its army from Dockalm without any condition. China has alleged that India is using Bhutan as an excuse, if there is a dispute between China and Bhutan, then the two countries should remain between the two countries. India has no role in it. In his statement, China said that India is entering into this matter as a third party. India, which is debating in this issue, is challenging freedom of Bhutan and sovereignty of Bhutan, not just the sovereignty of China. This statement from China is similar to those statements that were continuously being done by the PLA and the Foreign Ministry since the dispute.

North Korea ready for war with trump: American senator |

Senior Republican Senator said on Tuesday that US President Donald Trump sees war as an option with North Korea. Senator told that the President would prefer to fight North Korea instead of allowing long-range nuclear missiles to develop. It is believed that the missile tested by North Korea recently is capable of killing America.

101 year old become again mother of the 17th child, the doctor was also surprised.

The 101-year-old woman who lived in Italy, has been proved wrong by the people who bind the women in the age of becoming a mother. The 101-year-old woman gave birth to the child and surprised the world as well as science. This proves that there is no age limit for fertility in women. Actually, many people believe that as well as aging, women also have less fertility capacity. But this fact has proved that the 101-year-old woman of Italy has given birth to a child. The woman gave birth to a baby of 9 pounds.

Children start learning the language in the womb: American University Research shown.

Scientists say that children can learn languages in the womb. They found that children can distinguish between English and Japanese language a month before their birth. This was revealed by the difference in the behavior of children in older studies. It was noted in these studies whether there is a change in the speed of cutting the body by a child after moving from one language to another with different rhythm. Associate Professor Utsa Minai of Kansas University of America said that embryo can hear other things including speech in the womb. On average, about two dozen women of nearly eight months pregnant women were examined through 'Magnetocardiogram'.

Princess Diana wanted to run with Bodyguard.

The princess of Wales Princess Diana has some aspect of her personal life often becomes the headlines of the media and once again an interesting story of her life has surfaced. It is revealed through some new videos related to him that he loved his bodyguard from a bodyguard and wanted to run away with him. Princess Diana recorded the tape in 1992-1993 at Kingston Palace with Peter Setleran. These tapes will now be part of a documentary broadcast next week on Channel 4. In these recordings, Diana admitted that she loved her bodyguard Barry Mankey very much. He also disclosed the love affair with his husband Charles's Camilla Parker Bowles.

Selfie taken with the trump has caused divorce.

Divorce is common among spouse, but divorces of a high profile couple in the US remain a matter of discussion between people and social media. Actually, the reason for this divorce is the world's most powerful man. Yes, this linking has blamed President Trump for his divorce. Lian, who has been a former Miami cheerleader, and Dave Aronberg, who has been a top lawyer in Palm Beach County Florida, has decided to break her marriage honorably. Both had announced the separation last week. This divorce is being called "trump divorce" in the American media.

North Korea threatens to take action against America

US President Donald Trump has said that the North Korea to push them to China's stance. This statement of Trump has come after North Korea's ballistic missile test. North Korea successfully test-fired missile successfully for the second time on Friday. Trump said that now he will not give much chance to make North Korea arbitrarily. Successful tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles on July 3 and July 28 by North Korea have led to a threat to the United States. The ballistic missile is being claimed to reach the US.

Russian President Putin asked 755 American diplomats to leave Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked 755 US diplomats to leave Russia. At the same time, Putin also said that he is not looking at improving relations between the two countries soon. The decision was taken on Friday, but Putin has confirmed the number which has been asked to leave Russia until September. Now after September one, the number of American employees in Russia will be equal to 455 in Washington.

North Korea has claimed, our nuclear weapons range is in full range of America

North Korean leader Kim Jong has claimed that after the second trial of the intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM, his country can now attack the mainland of the United States. Analysts said that most US areas including Los Angeles and Chicago are now in the North Korean arms range. Korean Central News Agency said that the Hwassong-14 missile touched the maximum height of 3725 kilometers and set a distance of 998 kilometers before falling into the sea of ​​Japan. This missile is capable of carrying large size, heavy nuclear weapons.

Bezos behind Bell in just a few hours, Bill Gates again became the world's richest person.

Jeff Bizos, founder of e-commerce retailer Amazon, became the world's richest man for a few hours. He overtook Microsoft founder Bill Gates. In fact, Amazon's stock has gained about 2.5% due to its wealth rise. However, this growth disappeared until the stock market was closed. With this, Bill Gates again became the richest in the world.

A successful rocket launch of Iran.

Iran has claimed to have successfully launched a rocket capable of installing the satellite into space orbit. Meanwhile, after the House of Representatives in the US, the Senate has now passed a new ban on Iran, Russia and North Korea. However, despite the White House's objections, this bill has passed in both the Houses. The Phoenix Rocket was launched from a new Space Center in Semnan, Northern Iran. America condemned this launch and took steps to provoke it. Since 2009, five rockets made in Iran have been launched. Iran's official TV channel said that the launch of a rocket of 250 kilograms can be taken to a height of 500 kilometers.

UK plans to send warships to China Sea

The UK is planning to send a warship to the naval exercise next year in the disputed South China Sea. Come on tour in Australia, British Defense Secretary Michael Falon said that last year the UK after sending four fighters for joint exercises with Japan in this area is now claimed to be Kregakchin the Sea naval exercises while neighbor countries claim to some part of the Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. Despite the verdict against China in this regard from the International Court, China had refused to accept the order.

Amazon's owner, Jeff Bezos, became the richest person in the world by overtaking Bill Gates.

Biggest Gates of Microsoft is no longer the richest person in the world. Jeff Bezos, founder of e-commerce retail company Amazon, has overtaken him. According to Forbes's latest report, Bezos currently has $ 90.6 billion worth of assets, while Gates has a net worth of $ 90 billion. This increase in Bezos's estate has led to the surge in the share price of his company. According to the report, the price of Amazon shares rose 1.3 percent to the level of $ 1,065.92 on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday morning. In this case, the 17 percent shareholder of the company, Bezos's total assets reached close to $ 90.6 billion.

Give nuclear power to the Indian Navy to answer China: Former Senator

Amid a growing dispute between India and China, a former US Senator says that America should help the Indian Navy, which can lead to strong message to China. For this, the US must help the Indian Army with nuclear weapons. This will result in a major setback to China's growing war in Asia. Former Republican Senator Larry Presler said this in his book 'Neighbors in Arms: An American Senator's Quest for Disarmament in a Nuclear Subcontinent'. Pressler has previously worked in Vietnam. He wrote that the Chinese Navy is fighting the US Navy in the Philippines and Vietnam.

The son did not get a seat in American Airlines usairways, the mother sat three hours in the lap.

In the US, a teacher of Asian origin has decided to take legal action against the airlines if the child does not get the seat. On getting the seat, the woman had to take the child on her lap for the whole trip. The airline had given the child's seat to any other passenger. The woman expects her step to stop the hassle of other passengers. According to the local media, Shirley Yamchu is a school teacher in Kapolei in Hawaii. She was going from Boston to Houston. In the nearly three-and-a-half-hour journey, the woman had to put her son Taizo in the lap. 

India is number one in the use of Facebook platform for social media.

According to media reports, the number of people using Facebook in India has grown to more than 24 million, and at the same time, the number of Indians on this social media platform has exceeded the people of other countries. According to Facebook, the 'potential people' who come to Facebook on July 13, 24.1 crore are from India while 24.0 crore people in the US use this platform. According to The Next Web, Facebook has gained a huge lead in India and USA since the beginning of the year 2017, but according to some statistics, Facebook doubled in the face of the US against India.

So now the world will not know the 'Secret' of China.

China is going to launch a communication network that will be 'unhackable" between growing issues and threats of cyber attacks across the world, that means that it will not be possible to hack it. At least this would be better in this case that any kind of hacking attempt will be detected immediately. This new technique is being called quantum cryptography and it is considered to be completely different from traditional cryptography methods. According to the official media of China, the work being done in this province of Jinan has been called 'Milestone'.

Warning to the US, Iran said: - The breaking of the nuclear deal will be answered accordingly.

President Hassan Rohani on Thursday said that if the US manipulates the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran will respond accordingly. This statement has come from Iran after passing a new bill concerning the ban by the US House of Representatives. In a Cabinet meeting circulated on the official broadcaster IRBI, Rohani said, "If the enemy takes action on some parts of the agreement, we will do the same, and if they take any action on the entire agreement, then we will do the same ' The National Security and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Iranian Parliament said that he will call an extraordinary session on Saturday to respond to it.

Chinese media praised PM of India Narendr Modi.

There is ongoing agitation between India and China due to the Sikkim border dispute. Chinese media is constantly trying to put pressure on India through its articles. But there was a shocking news among all these. China has praised India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. China has praised the leadership of PM Modi and India's "open foreign economic policy" on Wednesday.

America raises new sanctions on Russia

There is a huge majority in the House of Representatives in the United States to impose new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea. With the support of 419 members, this bill has been passed in the House of Representatives, only three members voted against it. If this bill was passed then the alleged Russian interference in the US Presidential election and the Russians for intervention of Russia in eastern Ukraine Officials of the International Parliamentary Committee of the Parliament of Russia, Leonid Slatsky, said that these new copies The relations between USA and Russia will be complicated by the rules.

China speaks: America is adopting a South China Sea formula by provoking India.

China, which constantly threatens India since the deep controversy over the Sikkim border, is now engaged in the friendship of America-India. The dragon said that America is adopting the South China Sea formula by inciting India. Although China and India do not want to fight. The western country is in the process of gaining strategic advantage by inducing India and China for military conflict, but the US-China dispute is not going to benefit the US. China can not stop protecting its territory due to the intervention of the US.

Chinese planes disrupted American naval aircraft in East China Sea - Pentagon

The US Pentagon has said that two Chinese J-10 fighter aircraft in the Eastern China Sea blocked the US Navy's surveillance aircraft in an "unsafe manner" between the dispute in the East China Sea. One of them came down sharply and after that slowed the speed. "Davis said that the American pilot had to go there to save the plane from the collision. "We saw it very closely." Another Pentagon official described the move of China as "unsafe".

Kashmiri will become Syria if called America or China: Mahbuba

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday said on the statement of Dr. Farooq Abdullah to mediate the US-China mediation on the Kashmir issue that there is no scope for the third party to be included. If the US intervenes in Kashmir, then the situation here will definitely be like Afghanistan and Syria. He stressed the dialogue with Pakistan and said that we have to talk together, then America, Turkey and England will do what we want.

The former ambassador of China said that for India only the 3 options in Dokalam - be withdrawn, captured or killed.

For more than a month, China's former Ambassador Liu on the ongoing military standoff in Dokalm in Sikkim region has said that India has only three options left. The first is that India should retreat from Dokalm, capture or China attack. China is constantly insisting that there will be no negotiation till Indian soldiers return to their borders. Liu Youfa, former Consul General, now works as a Strategic Expert  of china. 

America and Australia warned China, due to tension between India and China

America and Australia have warned about the growing political and military ambitions of China between China and India's stereotype in the South China Sea. Where the top Pentagon commander took the Chinese military mobilization in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia has opposed the Chinese maneuver to establish dominance over the South China Sea.

In america 40 minutes the heart beat was stopped, of a person.

In North Carolina, a man's heart beat stopped. That too, up to 40 minutes. But with the help of emergency personnel, they defeated death. 36-year-old John Ogburn was working on a laptop in his home when he suffered a heart attack. Soon after, with the help of emergency service 911, two officers reached them. The police officers tried to bring Ogburn's beats back for about 42 minutes, and eventually, he managed to do it. Police Officer Lawrence Guiler and Nicolina Begic in Charlotte-McClelburg performed this miracle.

India tops the list of active Facebook users, leaving America behind

The number of Facebook users in India has increased to 24 million. With this, India has reached number one in the number of Facebook users. On July 14, Facebook's active users of Facebook reached 241 million. This figure is more than the US. The number of active users of Facebook in the US is 240 million. Facebook users in India are doubling faster than the US. In the last six months in India, active users have increased by 27% (+50 million) faster. At the same time, this figure is 12 percent (+26 million) in the US.

In the first place in the world in terms of trust in the Modi Government ahead of America and Britain.

A report in this prestigious global magazine 'Forbes' has been printed, which shows how much India relies on its government. According to the OECD survey printed in Forbes Magazine, 75 percent of the world's largest Indians trust their government and its policies. In the survey report entitled "Government At Glance 2017", it has been reported that in the last few years, public confidence in different governments has been changing. A total of 15 countries have been given this list. While Greece is down with the lowest 13 percent, India is up 75 percent. India is named after Canada, Turkey and Russia.

India is making missile targets all over China: American experts

Two US top nuclear experts say that India is constantly making its nuclear weapons burner, and traditionally, keeping the policy in mind, this country, which is making nuclear policy, is now more interested in China. Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris has written in the article 'Indian Nuclear Forces 2017' that India has estimated that so much plutonium has been deposited, from which it can make 150-200 nuclear weapons, but possibly only 120-130 weapons.

Arrest of the American soldier in suspicion of being associated with ISIS.

An American official said on Monday that the soldier was arrested for his relationship with the Islamic State Group. It is reported that this soldier was posted in the 25th Infantry Division of Scofield Barracks in Honolulu. Spokesman Arnold Lanui told that special agents of Swat team arrested 34-year-old Akiyaka Kang on Saturday.Kang is not in contact with people who are in danger of protecting the wind. In the Wheeler Army Airfield, Kang was acting as an air traffic control operator. FBI Special Agent Incharge Paul de Delacorte told that the US Army and FBI were monitoring the Kang since the last S Kang has alleged that he has provided military documents to the ISIS and was trying to train the terrorist organization.

Viral Patel's Dryer will dry clothes in five times less electricity cost.

Located in the US state of Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Indian-American Research and Development Associate sparse Patel and his team not only most existing dryers in drying one has made instruments of clothes, which the large clothing large than it takes half the time, using most conventional dryer generally simple technique - is drawn within the surrounding air, And it is heated, flows through the heater or gas burner has been reached in a drum, which rotated the clothing, and if it draws moisture from the summer season, and out of the dryer. 

America gave the answer to China, Fighter aircraft flying over South China Sea

Challenging China, two US Air Force fighter aircraft flew over the disputed southern China Sea. American Air Force insists China's claims on this area while treating it as an international territory. There is speculation that US President Donald Trump will meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Xinfing other than the G20 conference in Germany. It is being said that America has tested the intercontinental ballistic missile that Korea has. On the other hand, China has always been claiming itself on the South China Sea. Every year there is a trade of about $ 50 trillion in the South China Sea. Marica's 2 B-1B aircraft flew over Guam to the South China Sea. At the end of May, American warships also came to patrol the area.

Now war for China is not easy, India is no longer weak.

China does not consider China's progress to be a challenge for itself.Chinese leaders who chanted the chorus of Hindu-Chinese brothers and sisters in 1962, dumped the daggers in India's back. India was pushing its journey on the road of development. Nehru, who believed in peaceful coexistence, did not expect China to have such a big betrayal. And India had to face a shameful defeat. But in 2017 India has changed a lot. China is uncomfortable with the rising proximity of America and India. China is also upset with India and America's activism in the Indian Ocean.

North Korea Dictatorship: The Missile Test, gift given to Americans.

US Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th. Kim Jong-he said that on the spot he has given America a gift of his freedom day by testing missiles. Kim Jong-he used the abuse of the US and said, 'This missile is a gift given to us by Americans on Independence Day. After speaking this, Kim Jong- laughed and laughed and said, "To eliminate America's boredom, we have to send such gifts to him from time to time. North Korea has achieved a new feat in its nuclear program by testing this missile. North Korea claims that soon he will develop such weapons, which will be able to target any part of the earth.

Indian passengers will get special services at American airports.

America has now included Indian citizens in its special service called 'Global Entry Program'. Apart from India, this facility is available for citizens of 10 more countries. This program has been started by the Department of US Customs and Border Security (CBP). As the rest of the passengers do not have to wait in the long line of immigration. For the Global Entry Program, the passengers will have to first get approval by enrolling. Apart from India, citizens of US and Green Card holders, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Switzerland and the UK have this facility.

Helicopter Hijack failed in USA.

The man was trying to steal the helicopter at the tip of the gun outside Hillsborough Flight Aviation Flight School in Oregon. As soon as he came to know that a policeman had seen him, he tried to run away from the fence, but the policeman killed him. Hilsborough Police spokesman Lieutenant Henry Ramon told that the incident took place at 11.23 in the morning at the local time, When a masked man went to the helicopter. At that time a flight instructor and a student were inside the helicopter.

North Korea conducted another ballistic missile test.

While the United States and China are intertwined with North Korea's nuclear program, on the other hand Pyongyang's missile tests are continuing. North Korea has tested another ballistic missile. The missile fell into the sea near the borders of Japan. South Korea and Japan have confirmed these tests. South Korea's army told that Pyongyang had left an 'unknown ballistic missile' and that the missile went to sea in Japan and dropped out. Since the beginning of this year, North Korea has done 11 missile tests. The latest missile test US President Donald Trump just before talked with Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan on North Korea's missile and nuclear weapons program and China's President Xi Jinping.

Indian student won, America's National speech and debate competition

In America, JJ Kapoor, a Sikh student of Indian origin, has won the national speech and debate competition. It is considered the most prestigious competition of high school level in the US. He started his speech with Bollywood and mentioned his experiences as a Sikh-American. He was elected as the winner in the original speaker category. According to the school, Kapoor, who topped the semifinals and final round, got the championship trophy. In his speech, he said, "I found that Bollywood separates story and reality and shared their experiences about the identities of Sikhs and Muslims. At the time of the terrorist attack, he was only two years old.

In the Central American country Panama and Costa Rica have severe power crisis, millions of people in the dark.

From Central America's Panama to Costa Rica and El Salvador, officials are busy trying to restore the power service. Only about 5 million people are affected in Costa Rica by going  off electricity. At the same time, after the power crisis in the country for almost 5 hours on Saturday, officials were able to restore power services in some way. Officials have blamed the power supply line of Panama for the power crisis. Which has affected the power supply in most of the area. The disaster spread due to the closure of the traffic light due to the power crisis in Costa Rica. At the same time, power supply in San Jones was restored with the additional power equipment available to the main airport.

America signs deal with Taiwan to sell 1.42 billion dollar weapon

US Department of State has approved the sale of 1.42 billion dollar weapons to Taiwan. This can lead to some trauma of China. America considers China as a country and Taiwan is no different in it. But it is believed that the sale of arms to Taiwan can increase China's hardship. Significantly, America has been telling China that it has banned the attempt  for  nuclear weapons on North Korea. America's deal to provide arms will have bitter relations with regard to China and the US. State Department spokesman Heather Nart said yesterday that the Trump Administration has informed Congress about the intention to grant sanction of seven proposed deals worth approximately $ 1.42 billion.

Johnny Depp stranded in controversy by suggesting Trump murder

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has got into contention by suggesting that an actor should kill American President Donald Trump. Johnny Depp, a Hollywood actor attending a program, was questioned by the crowd there that when was the last time any actor killed a President? His question can be seen in the context of the murder of Abraham Lincoln in the year 1865 by actor John Wilkes Booth. Depp commented during the Glastonbury Music Festival.

Shiv Sena praised Modi for giving tough message to PAK from US.

Shiv Sena has once again praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his headline. It was written in the face that the manner in which the PM delivered a strong message by referring to a surgical strike against Pakistan in the US, the amount of commendation that is commended for it is less. This is the second time recently that Shiv Sena has praised BJP or Modi. Even now, he forgot and thanked farmers for forgiveness of farmers in Maharashtra. Shiv Sena said that seeing the welcome of Modi in foreign countries, Modi has tried to change the picture of Hindustan in the world.

60 dead in air strike in Mayanadin by US.

The prison operated by jehadis in Syria was attacked. Nearly 60 people were killed in the air strikes of US-led coalition, targeting the jail. IS-operated prison located in Maydine, Syria has been targeted. Since 2014, 352 people have died in air strikes in Iraq and Syria.

US will give new resources and technology to India for security in Asia region.

After the end of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the US, US Vice-President Mike Pains said that the US will provide India with the necessary resources and technology to strengthen security in South Asia. US will sell C-Cartwine UAV, Apache combat helicopter and C-17 transport aircraft to India. The United States has accepted India as a major defense partner. More recently, agreement on the creation of India of the US F-16 aircraft was reached.

Ebola is spreading in the world by South America's bats

A team that researches on transmigration of animals has described South America as a virus in the world. It has been revealed in the investigation that bats have more viruses against other mammals. Researchers have expressed that this research can prevent the spread of viruses like HIV, Ebola and flu in the future. According to the study published in the Nature Journal, every species of bats has 17 zoonotic viruses and every primet and rodent has 10 zoonotic viruses.

Snapchat launches location sharing feature 'snap map'.

Photo-sharing app Snapchat has launched a new location sharing feature 'snap map' on its platform. In his blog, Snapchat said, "We have created a new way of finding the world! See what's going on, find your friends, and get inspired to go on a thrilling journey! ' Snap map also provides 'Story Search' feature for users looking for stories. The Snap map will be from the Live Messenger feature of Facebook Messenger. But the snap map updates only when you open its app. Snapchat, there is more privacy with this feature, along with the battery is saved too.

To show the adv, Gmail will not keep an eye on your mail

Actually many users raised questions related to the privacy of Google about doing so. In this practice since 2004, Google has been keeping an eye on their account to show users' choice of ads. It monitors the mail and searches keywords of the user. For example, if you are searching mobile phone on Google then Google will show ads for mobile phones on other sites. People who are using paid Gmail, Google does not scan their account. For all the rest of the users, the ban on mail will be stopped by the end of the year.

NASA may soon disclose the existence of the Aliens.

According to Anonymous, the American space agency NASA will soon be able to make big disclosures about the existence of aliens. Anonymous wrote on their website, "NASA says that aliens are coming. Nasa has detected the presence of hydrogen on Saturn's Moon. Also, the Hubble team has also received some specific information related to the sea of ​​Jupiter's Moon 'Europa'. Referring to all this, Professor Jürbgan said that NASA is very close to finding important evidence related to Aliens. NASA is on the verge of detecting one of the most serious and unprecedented discoveries in human history.

US: PM Narendra Modi arrives in America, Donald Trump said 'true friend.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached America on a two-day visit. There is a lot to be expected in those five hours. During the conversation on the phone, three issues are expected to be given special attention - Defense, Terrorism, and Energy. Approval of the sale of 22 Guardian Non-Weaponized Drones to the Indian Navy by the US Navy will be a special aspect of this journey. The US president is expected to emphasize energy partnership, and it is a coincidence that this visit is taking place when the energy week is being celebrated in America. President Donald Trump realizes that India is a force for good and this will be reflected through the tour on Monday.

American President Donald Trump photo on Girls Swimsuit.

A California-based company has launched a swimsuit that has a picture of US President Donald Trump. This swimsuit appeared on the Internet on Tuesday, with a picture of 'confused face' of Donald Trump, and soon became viral. About the swimsuit created in America, the company itself said, "It is your body's Shines the shape, and its purpose is to cheer"| Swimsuit is being sold at the rate of US $ 49.95 (each) by California's costume company 'Beloved Shirts', and it will not be reversed or returned  Believe Shirts' in May ' Heyy Chest 'started selling swimsuit, which has been tremendously trending on social media On seeing this swimsuit, there is an appearance of seeing a man who has a lot of hair on his chest.

IS is killing children, so that citizen does not leave the mossul.

Terrorists are targeting children for saving Islamic State (IS) fighters, so that citizens living in Mosul can not escape from there. Iraqi forces are wielding IS in the country from its last stronghold. UNICEF said that they have details of many such cases, in which the IS fighters killed the children of those families, who were trying to flee from outside the areas controlled by terrorists. Iraqi forces are gradually pushing the IS fighters away from the old city of Mosul, but the speed of the operation has slowed due to the presence of close to 100,000 citizens in dense areas. UNICEF said that about 1,075 children were killed and 1,130 children were injured after IS terrorists captured one-third of Iraq's territory in 2014.

Prior to PM Modi's visit to the US Parliament, bill introduced against Pakistan.

Prior Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to America starting on Sunday, two senior US lawmakers presented a bipartisan bill, in which demand for a cut in US relations with Pakistan has been sought. Republican Ted Poe and Democrat Rick Nolan presented the bill on Friday, demanding the cancellation of Pakistan's 'Major Non-Nato Allie' (Important Non-NATO Associates or MNNA) status, because Pakistan 'surrenders terrorists' Is there. This bill has been introduced at a time when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to meet American President Donald Trump for the first time during his visit.

Before the visit of PM Narendra Modi, the US approved the 22 unmanned drone deal.

Just before his first visit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Washington visit, and the current US President Donald Trump, the US has approved the sale of 22 Guardian unmanned drones to India. According to the report, the deal has been approved by the US State Department, and it has been conveyed to the Government of India and the California-based manufacturer of drones, General Atomics. The deal will be approximately US $ 2 billion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave for America on a two-day trip on Sunday. US President Donald Trump had met Chinese President Xi Chunfing in April this year, and since he took charge in January, he has also met the leaders of Japan, Britain and Vietnam, to worry about this matter in India. It was said that relations with India for the US are no longer important.

decline in US markets, Dao records fall

Tuesday's trading session saw a decline in US markets. The US markets have closed down 0.3-0.8 percent. In fact, crude oil has worked to spoil the mood of American markets. Crude oil slipped to the lowest level of 9 months. Not only this, NYMC crude is expected to slip below $ 40. Oil and gas shares have seen a decline of more than 1 per cent. The Nasdaq has closed at a level of 6,188, with 51 points ie 0.8 per cent weakness. In addition, the S & P 500 index closed at a level of 2,437 with a decline of 16.4 points i.e. 0.7 percent.

On the strength of Tania Sachdev, India defeated America

Tania Sachdev saved the Indian team 2.5-1.5 in the second round of World Women's Team Chess Championship, while defending against the attack of American champion Sabina Foiser. India played with high ranking Georgia with draws. On Monday, the draws on three other boards were also drawn. From De Harika to Anna Jatanskiyah, Padmini Raut plays with Katrina Nakhkova and S.Vijayalakshmi with Akshita Gotari. At the top of the table with four digits. Poland, India and Ukraine are second with three points. America and Egypt have not opened the account yet in the tournament.

American student Otto Warmbier dies who came from North Korea.

American student Otto Warmbier, who was released from prison in North Korea, has died. His condition was not improving in North Korea. He was brought home only last week. This 22-year-old student suffered severe brain injury. This American youth went there as a tourist and was arrested. In March last year, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for stealing a political poster of a hotel in North Korea.

Russia ready to deal on Kamov helicopter after F-16 with america.

American company Lockheed Martin on Monday signed an agreement with the Tata Group to build an F-16 fighter aircraft in India. Under this, the aircraft of this company will also be manufactured in India. On the other hand, Russia has also received good news for India. New Fighter Aircraft and Kamov helicopter deal can be done in India and Russia on the forthcoming Russia tour of Defense Minister Arun Jaitley. Arun Jaitley will leave for his 4-day Russia visit on 20th June, and stay there till June 23. Apart from the 5th generation fighter aircraft on this tour, Kamov Helicopter approval is very important.

Death of American student released from North Korea's prison

American college student released from North Korea's jail in coma condition has died. This student was sentenced to 15 years. The student of the University of Virginia was kept in jail for 17 months and was brought from North Korea for treatment last week. Doctors told that when he returned he was a victim of brain damage. It is not known how it happened.

Indians are looking for jobs in India due to Donald trump policies in America.

Most of the employees living in the US are now looking for a job in India so that they can return home. Since assuming the power of Donald Trump, there has been a huge increase in the number of job applications in Indian companies by Indians living in the US. Between December and March, such applications have registered a 10-fold increase. In December 2016, 600 people working in the US applied for jobs in India. By March, the number had increased to about seven thousand. According to the American Citizenship and Immigration Office, for the first time in 2018, the H-1B work visa application has been declining for the first time in five years.

Between the Gulf Crisis-Qatar F-15 Fighter Jet Deal with america

The United States has signed an agreement to sell F-16 fighter jets to Qatar. With this $ 12 billion deal, the US has also indicated that it is closely monitoring the Qatar diplomatic crisis. Earlier, US President Donald Trump had accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, but this decision surprised the Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia. Earlier, US President Donald Trump had signed a $ 110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

India shocks America before touring Modi

India has shocked America before touring Modi. The Ministry of Defense has canceled the deal to purchase 16 helicopters from the US. Ministry of Defense has decided to promote 'Make in India' in the military sector so that imports can be reduced in the defense sector. After not talking about the helicopter price, the Ministry of Defense has taken this decision. In order to buy 16 helicopters for the Indian Navy, a deal worth Rs 6,500 crore was made from American aviation manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft.

Naval helicopter purchase deal canceled by India with America.

The Ministry of Defense has canceled the deal to purchase 16 helicopters from the US. The Ministry of Defense has taken this decision after not talking about the price of the helicopter. In order to buy 16 helicopters for the Indian Navy, a deal worth Rs 6,500 crore was made from American aviation manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft. Now the Ministry of Defense has decided to promote 'Make in India' in the military sector so that imports in the defense sector can be reduced. The decision of the Ministry of Defense came just two weeks before the visit of PM Modi. Due to lack of budget for modernization of the army, the Ministry of Defense has to negotiate to reduce the cost of military equipment and aircraft.

Plane dropped in an area in America, the death of both pilots

A small private plane crashed on Monday afternoon. Two pilots aboard the plane died in the accident and a fire broke out in three buildings. There is also a storehouse in it.The two-engine aircraft, which was heading towards Tetroboro Airport, had been crashed at around 3.30 pm on Monday. FAA said that the aircraft dropped from a height of 1.5 km. Both pilots of the plane died. Apart from this, there was a fire in many trains. The news is that there were no passenger riders in the plane. Airport officials say that Tetherboo Airport has been shut down and the arrival of the aircraft has also been stopped till further notice.

Modi will visit America, meet President Trump on 26th

During his first visit to America after the new administration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will discuss various issues, including the difficulties of India, on the 26th of June with President Donald Trump, potential changes in 1 visa. During his annual press conference last week, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj had said that Modi will raise the issue in front of Trump. On the regional security situation including the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and other international issues, the two leaders are expected to be discussed prominently during the meeting.

Iran accused terrorist attacks on it by Saudi and US.

Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard on Wednesday blamed Saudi Arabia and the United States for the terrorist attack on the Parliament and Khomeini Tomb. He has said that Saudi has supported the ISIS, a dreaded terrorist organization for the attack on Tehran-based Parliament and Khomeini Tomb. Apart from this, before the terrorist attacks on Wednesday, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Abdul Jubber had openly threatened that the blatant failure of Iran to interfere in the Gulf region and support terrorist organizations will certainly suffer. At least 12 people were killed in attacks on the Iranian parliament and the Khuman tomb, while more than 35 were injured.

US envoy Nikki Haley in the United States of America to withdraw from Paris deal

US envoy Nikki Haley also defended the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Treaty. Haley said that despite the separation from the agreement, the US is dedicated to stopping the pace of climate change. He is committed to this work.Dr. Donald Trump had announced to withdraw from the Paris Convention last year in 2015. It aims to control the emission of carbon dioxide. Haley said that just coming out of the agreement does not mean that America does not care about the environment. Defending Trump, Haley said that the President knows that the environment is changing.

America successfully test interceptor.

America successfully used the long-range advanced interceptor to successfully integrate the intercontinental ballistic missile, designed to deal with the increasing threat from North Korea. The US Army left an armistice like the intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday (May 30th) from Khwajalen Atoll in Marshall Island, which was killed by the interceptor launched from the Wendenburg air force base in California. The success of this trial has been a historic moment for US Army's efforts in establishing a land-based effective defense system against ICBM missiles, which cost $ 25 million on a single trial of this defense system.

American distance from North Korea is about 9,000 kilometers. The minimum distance of ICBM missiles is around 5,500 kilometers, but some missiles have been developed to go to 10,000 kilometers and beyond. These systems have been made keeping in mind the same danger.

Japan launches satellite for high-precision positioning system to complement GPS.

Japan on Thursday launched a satellite to help build a high-precision geolocation system. An H-IIA rocket blasted off at 9:17a.m. (0017 GMT) from the Tanegashima space center in Kagoshima Prefecture carrying the Michibiki No. 2 satellite, footage by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency showed.Satellite geolocation systems, initially designed for the U.S. military.Japan aims to build its version with four satellites focusing on the country and wider region.The first satellite was put into orbit in 2010 and the third and fourth are to be launched by March 2018 to start the service.

Laden was found idea to hit the plane from America's World Trade Center.

Osama Bin Laden, the world's most dreaded terrorist and al Qaeda chief, is in the news again. His wife Amal bin Laden has seen the eyes of May 2 night for the first time in front of the world. He told that the idea of colliding the plane from the building was met by a pilot. According to the 'Jerusalem Post', a pilot named Gamil al-Batawati dropped a plane of Egypt Air into the sea in 1999. This plane was going from Los Angeles to Cairo. In the accident, 217 passengers, including pilot gamil, were killed, including 100 American nationals. When bin Laden heard of this incident, he came to the idea that why not use the plane for terrorist attacks.
After this, he started working on such a conspiracy. And after two years, 4 planes hijacked the biggest terror attack in America.

Eyeing North Korea, U.S. plans first test of ICBM intercept.

Preparing for North Korea’s growing threat, the Pentagon will try to shoot down an intercontinental-range missile for the first time in a test next week. The American interceptor has a spotty track record, succeeding in nine of 17 attempts against missiles of less-than-intercontinental range since 1999. North Korea is now the focus of U.S. efforts because its leader, Kim Jong Un, has vowed to field a nuclear-armed missile capable of reaching American territory.

Amul Thapar of Indian origin, Judge in the American Appellate Court.

The Senate has approved the appointment of Amul Thapar of Indian origin to the Chief Justice of the Appellate Court of America. He is the first Indian to be nominated by President Donald Trump as the judge of the Circuit Court of Appeal. The Court is hearing the appeals of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan provinces.
His appointment in Senate got approval from 52-44 votes. He has become the second South Asian judge to be appointed to this post. Senate Majority Mitch McConnell said on Thursday, "Judge Thapar will make a great contribution to the US appeals court." Trump nominated him for the post on March 21.

North Korea did ballistic missile test, America warned.

North Korea tested a ballistic missile capable of hitting about 500 kilometers. A week ago, he had tested the missile, which had received an international response and banned. South Korea President after the trial Moon Jaane -in has convened a meeting of the National Security Council.

The meeting of the FBI Committee to America is the biggest threat to Russia.

During the recent meeting of a committee, the US threatened Russia with the greatest threat to Senator Lindsey Graham, that "it is right to say about Russia that it actively provides shelter to cyber criminals." . Komi has fully agreed on this. In view of the intentions of Russia and its capabilities, Russia can certainly prove to be the greatest threat to any country in the world. "MPs also expressed concerns about Russian activities in cyberspace . During the presidential election, Russia could not change the number of actual votes, but she could succeed in doing this one day. Komi said that the FBI is also working against Russian hackers.

SpaceX successfully launches NROL-76 U.S. military satellite for USA

SpaceX successfully launches NROL-76 U.S. military spy satellite for USA the main work of this satellite is not clear as its a confidential data. SpaceX succeeded in its second attempt to launch NROL-76.The rocket lifted off from LC-39A at 7:15 AM EDT as planned, move quickly to its target orbit.The first launch attempt on Sunday, April 30 was not taken place due to a sensor issue.

Trump vows to fix or scrap South Korea trade deal, wants missile system payment

U.S. President Donald Trump told Reuters on Thursday he will either renegotiate or terminate what he called a “horrible” free trade deal with South Korea and said Seoul should pay for a U.S. anti-missile system that he priced at $1 billion.Trump called the 5-year-old trade pact with South Korea “unacceptable”. U.S. goods trade deficit with South Korea has more than doubled since KORUS took effect in March 2012, from $13.2 billion in 2011 to $27.7 billion in 2016, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Trump said the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense or THAAD, missile system now being deployed in South Korea cost about $1 billion which is paid by south Korea only by Donald trump.

Donald Trump warns of major conflict with North Korea, may be its a symptom of war.

Donald Trump has said that a “major conflict” was possible with North Korea though he would prefer to solve the standoff over the country’s nuclear and missile program through diplomacy policy. Trump warn Pyongyang from carrying out major new weapons tests. trump also sad china doesn't want to see death, they are also trying hard to solve the issue but apart of this, there is the possibility and the risk that North Korea could launch an attack on its neighbors but we also need to safeguard our alliance.

Stock markets dip as Trump's tax plan disappoints investors in America.

Due to relaxation in tax american stock has been slow down its growth as investerws are not satisfied with the decision.
1. Trump’s tax plan leaves City cold
2. Investors criticise lack of detail
3. Plan may struggle to get through Congress
4. FTSE 100 drops, but pound rises
European markets fall at the open

Donald Trump has cut the biggest tax cut in American history.

On April 26, the US government has signed a significant reduction in rates of tax in both business and personal categories and it was described as one of the "biggest tax deductions ever made in American history".
Under the new tax rule, the current rate of corporate tax decreased from 35 percent to 15 percent, significant reductions in personal tax rates and elimination of rate of several taxes like death tax.

Donald Trump has said that he plans to bring the corporate tax rate up to 15 percent.
He said the aim of lower rates is to promote smaller companies, not the rich. He said that the administration wants to move this amendment as soon as possible through parliament.

India, US and Japan plan major joint naval exercise in Jul.

India and the US are all set to conduct naval exercise Malabar in the Bay of Bengal in July, the first major military drill after Donald Trump took over as President. China has been suspicious of the trilateral engagement and has even lodged protests over Japan’s participation.
1. An Indian Navy officer said the drills could see the participation of aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines and frontline warships.
2. 2015, India and the US renewed a significant pact to deepen bilateral defence cooperation in several security-related areas

North Korea threatens to blow up the warship to America

Along with North Korea, Japan also threatened that the Trump had ordered the fleet to move closer to North Korea in view of mounting tensions after the missile tests. The dictatorship of North Korea used to test the weapons. Under their leadership, missiles capable of killing America are also being developed rapidly. Japan has also sent two ships. North Korea has warned against attacks on South Korea and Japan along with the United States. After World War II, there is no army of Japan that can handle such a situation.