• SHORTHEALINE is a unique Mobile and Web application developed by SHORTHEADLINE that allows Users to view and use News, Live TV, Astrology, e study material, Job and other contents including but not limited to videos, images, GIFs, memes etc., aggregated from different sources (hereinafter referred to as 'Contents').


  • Shortheadline undergoes deep analysis of news and cut the clutter to deliver the authentic under 100 words news. We understand time value of our customer and dignity of the news, to deliver the highest performance we shorten the text and put main core instead of full descriptions.


  • We made multiple categories for the easy accessible of news in different sections areas as required by our customers from news , trending, business, startups, lifestyle astrology and videos, not only this we shorten above mention according to continent’s  and provided two ways view in app for the customer.


  • This App is merely acting as an intermediary and uses an intermediary and/or enabling technology that categorizes Contents from various sources and allows Users to explore, search, access, view and share the Contents with third parties based on these categories.