Strengthen the hands and shoulders muscles, do Chandrasan Yoga

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Strengthen the hands and shoulders muscles, do Chandrasan Yoga

First of all, you should stand straight by adding legs together. Stay in the position of Tadasana to a great extent. Let your hand remain side by side. Turn the anus and support the lower part of the waist with the palms. Now bend as much as possible while breathing. Keep this condition and breathe slowly and slowly Slow down slowly. Keep in mind that the balance of balance while maintaining the currency. Then come back to the original state, leaving the breath. This is a cycle. This way you do 5 to 7 times.
This posture is affected by knee, blood, kidney, small intestine, liver, chest, lungs, and neck up to one side so that the exercise of the above-mentioned organ group remains healthy. Benefits in breathing, abdominal, cervical, legs, shoulders, beads and spinal cord.
If you have a side or a baking pan, then this asana is done according to the doctor's advice.

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First Published: 03 November, 2017, 09:45 AM
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Stomatal and hemorrhoids are very beneficial in the case of Paschimottanasana yog

First of all, you sit on the ground.Now you spread both legs in front. Leave the muscles of the back loose. Take your hands up while taking the breath. Then leaning forward, leaving the breath.You try your hand To catch fingers and to nose with knees. Take a breath slowly, then slowly release the breath and hold this practice according to your own. Slowly keep increasing the duration of this period.This is a cycle. Like you 5 cycle 3.
1 The person who has more anger should do this posture.
2 Due to this asana, dwarfism is removed.
3 This posture removes semen defects and cleanses the stool by removing constipation.
4 Beneficial in Sugar disease
5 removes body fatigue

By doing Balasan yoga, tension happens and gets away, Divine Power.

Sit on your ankles, place the heel on the hips, lean forward and bend the forehead on the ground. Keep the hands moving from both sides of the body to the front, towards the palm towards the sky (if it is not comfortable then Keep the forehead resting on the second palm on top of one palm.) Slowly press the thighs on your chest. Sit up slowly and sit on the heel and gently straighten the spinal cord. veg out.
1 deep back relaxation.
2 relieves constipation.
3 calms the nervous system.
4 Flexible comes in the internal organs of the body.
1 If there is pain in the back or knee operation, then practice
 Do it.
2 Pregnant women do not practice infant posture.

60,000 people will lose life due to air pollution in 2030!

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Jason West, principal assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, said: "Since climate change affects air pollutant concentrations, health can affect the lives of people around the world, due to which air pollution The number of millions of people is expected to increase. " For this assessment, the research team used many global climate models to determine the possibility of deaths due to ozone and angular elements in 2030 and 2100.

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Balasan is helpful in increasing body flexibility.

First of all, sit in a ventilated and open space and sit on the edge of AD, ie, keep your hips above Eddie. Now tilt your forehead towards the ground and breathe deeply. Keep both of your hands close to the body, then keep both of your hands on the floor and keep the palm upwards. Now rest your two aneurysms. Now you have to bring your hands on the back with sparks and bring them back. Now gradually spray your forehead on the ground.Now, this posture should remain for 2-3 minutes and keep breathing slowly. Now finally I gradually leaving the breath back to the normal position I earn Not.
1.Marudunda becomes flexible.
2. To get rid of the tale.
3. There is a break in the block collection.
4. Is beneficial in constipation and acidity.
5. Health remains fit.
6. Beneficial in Sugar disease.
7. The nervous system is strong

Tobacco consumption is decreasing in India, 81 lakh people found that getting rid.

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8 cm tall glass come out from the bottom of the stomach of a person's

A 30-year-old man suddenly suffers severe pain in the stomach, he is admitted to the hospital. over ther doctor  gives medicines to that person. after this, doctors used to do x-ray of his stomach Decided that even though everything was normal because all this happens in the hospitals .But when X-ray reports shoked  whole staff, including the doctor, remains surprised the lower part of his stomach Part From the 8 centimeter tall glass was collected. 

101 year old become again mother of the 17th child, the doctor was also surprised.

The 101-year-old woman who lived in Italy, has been proved wrong by the people who bind the women in the age of becoming a mother. The 101-year-old woman gave birth to the child and surprised the world as well as science. This proves that there is no age limit for fertility in women. Actually, many people believe that as well as aging, women also have less fertility capacity. But this fact has proved that the 101-year-old woman of Italy has given birth to a child. The woman gave birth to a baby of 9 pounds.

Children start learning the language in the womb: American University Research shown.

Scientists say that children can learn languages in the womb. They found that children can distinguish between English and Japanese language a month before their birth. This was revealed by the difference in the behavior of children in older studies. It was noted in these studies whether there is a change in the speed of cutting the body by a child after moving from one language to another with different rhythm. Associate Professor Utsa Minai of Kansas University of America said that embryo can hear other things including speech in the womb. On average, about two dozen women of nearly eight months pregnant women were examined through 'Magnetocardiogram'.

Doctor was doing the brain surgery and the youth was playing guitar.

A 32-year-old man was operated after a neurological disorder, while the doctor was performing surgery on the operation table, at that time the young man was playing guitar alongside. The young musician has great relief after 7 hours of surgery in the City Hospital last week. This young man has made a composer from an engineer. At the time of playing the guitar, his fingers were very painful.

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It is beneficial for diabetic patients. Ardha Halasan Yoga

Lie down on the back and hang your hands near the thighs.
Now you slowly fold one of your legs and then lift it at 90 degrees. Touch the breath from the ground on the lower side of the foot while leaving the breath.
Yoga has now taken the form of a semi-currency halasana. Breathe slowly and slowly stop breathing. Hold this posture as far as possible. Then slowly come to the original state. This is a cycle. In this way, you can cycle 3 to 5.
1. This posture is low in waist and stomach fat.
2. Harassing makes food digested properly.
3. This posture is beneficial for diabetic patients.
4. Back, waist, neck, and shoulders are strengthened by doing this asana.
5. This posture removes infertility, headache, sleep problems etc.

Beneficial in diabetes and female diseases, Gumuksan Yoga.

Keep the heel close to the left foot near the right buttocks and keep the right leg above the left thigh. Keep the knees above each other. After this move the left hand behind the back. Then move the right hand back on the right shoulder. Tie hands together to each other. While doing asana, keep your neck straight and your eyes closed. According to convenience, holding a claw of hands can hold back from thirty seconds to one minute. You can repeat the cycle of this asana two or three times. Now after doing it on one side, do this from the other side. Keep doing this till you can be comfortable in this step.
This seat also removes stress, it is a very good posture to attain mental Saturn.
This posture strengthens your chest, as well as strengthens the lungs, it benefits in many respiratory diseases.
This posture also proves to be very effective in reducing sexual disorders.
If you have stomach in your shoulders and neck, then you should practice this posture.
It is beneficial in back pain and back pain.
In diabetes and gynecology, this posture is very useful.
Apart from this, it is beneficial for many diseases such as arthritis, piles, decomposition etc.

Controlling weight, preventing hair from falling, do Sarvargasan Yoga

First, lie down on your back. Gradually lift your legs up to 90 degrees. Gently try to bring the head towards your feet. Keep your chin biting. Try to maintain the currency for 30 seconds or more. And then slowly come back to the old state. This is a cycle. In this way, you do 5 cycles.
Benefits of universalization: -
Activates and nourishes the thyroid and thyroid glands.
Strengthens hands and shoulders and makes the back more flexible.
Nourishes the brain by reaching more blood.
The heart activates the muscles and transmits pure blood to the heart.
Relieves constipation and activates the digestive tract.

Piles of hermaphrodite herbs etc. to the diseases. do Shirshasan Yog

You keep the nigres of your hands on the ground. Then place your head over a thick cloth. And try to lift your stomach and full legs upright towards the sky by giving full head to the head and hands. When your whole body gets upright then understand that you have come to the absolute state of hermaphrasean.
You can do this even by standing in the wall of the wall in the beginning. Or with the support of a human. Sheshrasana should initially be done for half an minute. Slowly, you can increase your time slowly.
By doing the top posture, the brain receives pure blood, which increases memory and increases intelligence.
This posture is very helpful in removing mental illnesses such as epilepsy, hysteria, insomnia, muscle and frustration. The spinal cord and the veins are strengthened.
Leprosy is removed from the headache and piles of hernia, etc. are known to calm the disease. Diseases related to the eyes are removed.
The hair is not white. White hair again turns black. Puberty prevails. Physical fatigue is eliminated.
You can get rid of the disease of heart by doing a head surgery. The lungs are strong. Sheershasana increases age and provides health.

Everyday pain like back pain, back pain and cervical relaxes. Do Makarasan Yoga

First, get the bed sheet or mat. Then lie down on the stomach. Now place the elbows on the ground. Then lift the head and shoulders with the support of the elbows. Now let your chin stay on your palms. To reduce the excess of pressure on your neck and waist, stretch the elbows slightly.
By crushing, the problem of insomnia goes away.
Doing this with asthma or respiratory diseases benefits.
Regular practice also provides mental peace. The practice of Makrasan is also helpful in increasing the length. Doing this posture gives benefits in winter, cold, cough etc. It enhances the astral power within the body, the result is a strong body. It is beneficial to do this posture for some time to relax, due to fatigue. It gives relief in everyday pain like back pain, backache, and cervical. The practice of this posture gives freedom from all the diseases that occur in the lower part of the spinal cord. It is particularly beneficial to do it in high blood pressure, asthma, slip disc, neck and waist pain.

Man gets knowledge of strength and accomplishment: Kundalini Yoga

First, first make the brain stable, then start meditating between the two eyebrows. While sitting in the post of Padmasana or Siddhasan, move the left foot ankh between the genitals and broach it in such a way that its bottom straight touches the thighs. After that, take the left thumb and index finger between the right thigh or the currency of the Padmasan. Then you press the right nose to the thumb of your right hand and slowly remove all the air from the navel to the throat. Leave all the air out in this way.
While leaving the breath out, place both palms on both knees. Then keep your eye on the front of your nose.
It is also beneficial for those who want weight event.
It brings the mind, body, and soul to a line.
It helps to tone legs, chest, arms, belly, hips, and shoulders.
Kundalini yoga is effective in reducing the smoking and alcohol addiction.
With awareness of the seven chakras of Kundalini, man gets the knowledge of power and accomplishment.
This yoga strengthens the senses, consequently, increases the ability to see, smell, feel and taste.
Kundalini Yoga converts the negative energy inside a human into positive energy. This yoga enhances self-confidence.

Vision of Eyes returned and other problems of the eyes are also removed. Kapalbhati Yoga

When you do kapalabhati pranayama, 80% of the toxic elements of your body go out of breath. By the continuous practice of kapalabhati pranayama, all the organs of the body become free from the toxic element. Kadalbhati Pranayama in the morning in the morning, before sunrise, there is more benefit.
To do: -
Sit comfortably, keeping your spinal cord straight. Keep your hands on the skies, comfortably on the knees. Take a deep deep breath inside. Lean your stomach into the inside while breathing. Take your stomach in such a way that it touches the spinal cord. Do as much as you can. To shrink the stomach muscles, you can feel by placing your hands on your stomach. Drag the navel inwards. As soon as you leave the muscles of the stomach loose, breathing automatically gets in your lungs. To complete a round of Kapalabhati Pranayam, leave 20 breaths. After a round finish, rest and close your eyes. Feel the excitement manifested by Pranayama in your body. Complete two more tours of Kapalabhati Pranayama.


It cures cough disorders, memory increases, etc.
Kadalbhati also relieves many problems of Balo.
By doing this yoga action reduces weight and decreases in body fat.
By doing this, negative emotions are removed and positive thinking is attained.
It cures many stomach diseases and benefits also in asthma, allergy, and sinus.
It also benefits the disease like diabetes, cholesterol, and cancer.
Due to fast breathing in the embryonic action, the clean air comes in the lungs, resulting in the body gets out of the contaminated material.
Kapalabhati pranayama will bring the light of eyes and other problems of the eyes are also removed.
Due to this, perspiration is more and the body is completely clean. Its practice also brings brightness and glow on the face.

Living with ease without eating anything, sunlight meets energy

A couple in the US say they do not have to eat to live. 34-year-old Camilla Kestello and her husband, Akhil Ricardo, say that they stay alive on the strength of the energy earned by sunlight instead of food. They eat only 3 times a week. They eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable broth in the food. Both say that they have not eaten anything for 3 years and despite this they have neither weakness nor feeling of hunger. Camilla said that when she first became pregnant, she had only eaten only 5 times in nine months. According to the National Health Service, about 6.7 percent of the total population in the UK has food and drink disorders. They claim that they live on the power of energy present in the universe and within themselves. Camilla and Akeha give it the name of 'Cosmic Nutrition'.

Strive to do hands, feet and waist. do Veerabhadrasan Yoga

To do -
First of all stand straight on your feet. Keep in mind that the distance between the two feet is at least 3 to 4 feet. Now keep your left foot straight, keep it lightly on the left side. Move the right foot slightly forward and then fold the two legs exactly as much as you can see in the picture. Keep your hands up and down, giving shape of Hello. Stay in this post for a while and repeat this verb.
Benefit -
Strengthens hands, feet and waist.
Increases balance in the body, tolerance increases.
It is extremely beneficial for those who sit and work.
Very effective in the tightness of the shoulder.
Frees up immediately in the tension of the shoulders.
Enhances courage, grace and peace in them.

If you walk for longer, you have less fatigue. Do Titali asan.

To do: -
First, sit at a level place. And spread both legs away from the loose on the front. Now turn your two legs inwards by kneeling. And mix both the soles together. Now with the fingers of both feet, the fingers of the feet get hold. And pulling the heels of your legs close to your body. Try to keep your hands and body straight. Breathe slowly at normal speed and take your feet up and down like butterflies quickly. Perform this action thirty to forty times. And then gradually straighten both legs.
Benefits of: -
Butterfly posture makes our body flexible.
If butterfly asana is initially done, it is beneficial to do other yoga easily.
Reduces the fatigue of your feet.
Uterus is very beneficial for women.

Keep the lower back and kidneys, prostate and bladder healthy. Dobaddha konasana Yoga

To do: -
First of all, put a cloth in a clean and clean place and sit down and lie down. Now take your pov away from the body and mix the soles of both the legs together. Bring the two soles with your hand gradually towards your stomach, stay in this condition for some time. In the beginning, practice for a few minutes and gradually increase your yoga time.
Advantages: -
Regular practice of strains is transmitted to the knee parts. In addition to the feet, the stomach, waist and lower part of the back and the kidneys, prostate, and bladder are healthy. Will help you to make your body flexible.
Caution: -
Those who have serious problems in the knees, stomach or waist should not do this posture.

In BHU operation theater, the doctor refused to stir at the death.

In Operation Theater of Sir Sunderlal Hospital, BHU, there was an incident of nine deaths after the operation. There was a stir in hospital administration. MS Dr. OP Upadhyay of the hospital has issued an order to shut down the Operation Theater for two days and convene an emergency meeting. Only after the meeting with the authorities will the matter be clear, after all the deaths of the patients after operation Gone? Upon this case, the medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr. OP Upadhyay, admitted that there has been a sudden death of three patients within two days after the operation, although they have denied having nine deaths.

Balasanas done by tension away,gain divine powers.

How to do Balasan: -
To make bathing, sit in a ventilated and open area. You have to sit on your ankles by placing the awakening of Vajrasana. In this situation, hang the upper part of your body on the litter. After this, put the body in front of the body, as it is shown in the picture. Keep your hands straight from the head, and the palms should be touching the ground. To keep your breaths normal, this condition is called Balson. In this stage, you can live from 15 seconds to 2 minutes according to your capacity.
Advantages of doing: -
1. Doing this posture leads to stretch in the spine and waist.
2. Get rid of stress.
3. Blood circulation becomes normal.
4. Removes the stress of shoulder and neck.
5. Stretches knees and muscles.

6 The Kundalini awakens, from which spiritual consciousness develops and the divine powers begin to develop in the person.

Neck neck and shoulders should be fully strengthened. do Kapotasana Yoga

Begin by getting into Marjariasana Cat stretch.
Breathe out and bring your right knee forward to touch the right wrist. Bending the knee, bring your ankle near the groin region. Now slide the right foot towards the left hand, till the toes touch the left wrist. Slide the left leg back so that it touches the floor. Keeping the knee straight, ensure that the front of the foot is touching the ground, while the sole faces the ceiling. Lower your right buttock to the floor and press your tailbone forward to lengthen your lower back. You may strengthen the lower back further by pushing your fingertips firmly to the floor.
Take a few deep breaths in this position. Taking support of your hands, slide your left knee forward while exhaling and get back into the Cat stretch. Stay in Cat stretch and take a couple of deep breaths and repeat the process with the other leg.


1 waist becomes flexible and strong.
2 necks and shoulders muffs are completely pulled and strengthened.
3 The chest opens and widens.
4 The weight of the body falls on the nerves and below the limbs, hence the blood circulation increases there.
5 Regular practice of this asana strengthens the digestive system.
6 It helps a lot in fixing the body poster.
7 Prevents complications related to thyroid.
It is said to repair 8 urinary system.
9 Sachs helps control the desires.
10 Regular practice of this posture comes with flexibility in the hips.

Beneficial Halasan Yoga for Diabetic Patients

First, put a mat on the clean place. You will lie down on the ground on the ground like a normalization. Mix your legs together and keep your palms near the waist. Close your eyes with your face towards the sky. Leave your body completely loose. Taking your breath inwards, lift your legs slowly. When the two feet become the right angle, leave your breathing. After coming into the state of universalization, try to keep your legs on the ground behind your head after taking it. Support your both hands to bend your back and back, keep the back from the back of the hand with the elbows of the hand. Then gradually start putting your back and leg on the ground. There is no knee turning in this seat.

1. This posture reduces the waist and stomach fat.
2. Harassing makes food digested properly.
3. This posture is beneficial for diabetic patients.
4. Back, waist, neck, and shoulders are strengthened by doing this asana.
5. This posture removes infertility, headache, sleep problems etc.

London scientists have discovered the gene switch which will stop the development of cancer.

Scientists have identified such gene switches, with the help of which the development of cancer cells can be stopped. Swedish researchers found that cancer cells and healthy cells use different gene switches for their development. If we only stop the gene switch, which is helpful in the development of cancer cells, then cancer can be prevented. In this process, there is no harm to healthy cells. With the help of this discovery, effective treatment of very less side effects of cancer can be possible. During the experiment on the scientists, scientists removed the genes in the development of cancer cells.

To overcome menstrual problems in women, please do Ushtrasan Yoga

To do: -
Laying a thick gap on the ground, sit on the knees.
Spread the knee equal to the width of your hip, not much Put both your hands on the waist in such a way, that the fingers are towards the stomach and on the kidney in the thumb, in this position, the neck should be tilted behind the neck and the back. In this situation, the Hawks should be right above your knee. When you bend completely, take out the hands from the waist and take it to the soles of feet, fill your stomach with your breath and move the neck back and move the body completely. Now take a deep breath, stay in this situation for a while and then slowly come back to the starting position.
Stay awhile Slowly rehearse.

Digestion power grows.
Opens the chest and makes it strong.
Strengthen the back and shoulders.
Reduces pain in the lower back.
The spinal cord also improves flexibility and mood.
Relieves the trouble of menstruation.

If there is a weak memory problem then do Bhadrasan Yoga

Method :
The first method - by putting a gap, first sit on the condition of punishment. Then, folding the knees, together with the fingers of both legs, place the ankles on the bones below the anus or penis. Applying the claws of both hands to the forearm to get the forehead on the ground. Then, joining the hands of the two hands, holding the claws of the feet and keeping the head on the ground. To focus for a while, keep your eyes on the nose. This posture is also called Gorakhshanasan.


(1) This posture increases the concentration of mind and also makes us patient by keeping our mind calm.

(2) This posture puts emphasis on the back, waist and spinal cord so that they have flexibility.

(3) Regular use of this posture strengthens the nervous system and also improves blood circulation.

(4) This posture strengthens the nervous system and blood vessel of men and women.

Shoulder strengthens and enhances the brightness and beauty of the face, do the Mayurasana Yoga

Lay the gaps or blankets in the ground. And now you sit on the knees.Now you place your palms on the ground. And now place the elbows in two strips adjacent to each other. As shown in the picture. Thumbs of thumb are joined together. Now take the burden of all body with the support of the elbows. In this way, your body will be like a peacock shape. That is, it is the full position of Mayurasson. Regarding Mayurasan, it is also said that by regularizing this yoga, it can be extended till the age of human beings. Fierce diseases are easily cured by this posture.
It regulates blood circulation in the body.
The shoulder is strong, the stress is removed and the brightness and beauty of the face increases.
Fixes the problem of the eyes.
Hunger fondly appears
Many diseases related to stomach are eliminated.
Constipation is very easy to remove.
Calming the Gastar Goni

Beneficiaries for gynecologist, dysmenorrhea and uterine diseases, do Pawanmuktasan Yoga.


 First, lie down in the position of respiration. Then attach the two legs to each other. Now attach the hands to the waist. Then fold the knees to the ground and turn the toes on the ground. After this, gradually put both the knees on the chest. Hold the knees by making a scissor of hands. Then, taking out the breath, lifting the head above the ground, mix the chin with the knees. Press the knees on the chest with hand scissors and arms. For 10 to 30 seconds to stop breathing, keep the head on the ground for the return. Then, opening the scissors of hands, place the hands on the ground, then keep the feet on the ground and come back in the state of respiration. Make it 2-4 times.


Gynecology is also beneficial for hypersensitivity, dysmenorrhea, and uterine diseases. It is also beneficial in acidity, heart disease, rheumatism and acute pain. There is considerable benefit in slip disk, cytica, and waist pain. 

Pawan Muktasan Yoga is beneficial for dysmenorrhea and uterine diseases.

 First, lie down in the position of respiration. Then attach the two legs to each other. Now attach the hands to the waist. Then fold the knees to the ground and turn the toes on the ground. After this, gradually put both the knees on the chest. Hold the knees by making a scissor of hands. Then, taking out the breath, lifting the head above the ground, mix the chin with the knees. Press the knees on the side of the chest with hand scissors, as convenient. Staying in this position while keeping the breath out, keep the head on the ground for the return. Then, opening the scissors of hands, place the hands on the ground, then keep the feet on the ground and come back in the state of respiration. Make it 2-4 times. This seat is done with the first leg, in the same way with another leg.

Gynecology is also beneficial for hypersensitivity, dysmenorrhea, and uterine diseases. It is also beneficial in acidity, heart disease, rheumatism and acute pain. Especially this reduces the weight of the stomach to the increased fat. There is considerable benefit in slip disk, cystic, and waist pain. This seat is very good for indoor air disorders.

Three cases of Zica virus in India, Ahmedabad, WHO report.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the cases of Zika virus in three people, including a pregnant woman. These cases have come up in Ahmedabad from Gujarat, which is the first case in the country. All the cases are from Bapunagar area of ​​the city. WHO has not recommended any travel or trade ban for India on the basis of existing information available. According to the statement, the confirmed case was found in regular monitoring in the Zika Virus Disease Laboratory through RT-PCR examination in B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad.

To spread the chest to the lungs in the right quantity of oxygen, do the Matsyendrasana yoga.

Sit feet while spreading the legs in front, keep both legs together, the spinal cord is straight. Bend the left leg and place the left leg of the right foot near the right hip. Place the right foot on the top left knee. Keep the left hand on the right knee and right hand behind it. Look at the right shoulder, turning the shoulders and the neck from the right side to the right shoulder. Keep the bone straight. Maintain this condition, keep taking long, deep breathing. Leaving the breath, leaving the right hand loose first, then the waist, then the chest and finally the neck Sit down comfortably. Repeat the process from the other side. Return to the front by leaving the breath.

 Nodes coming out of them with spinal cord also get a good workout. They have a good effect on the back, abdominal nails, feet, neck, hands, waist, the lower part of the navel and good strain of chest pneuma. As a result: the bondage is far away. Gastric intestines are intense. This posture is beneficial for chronic, liver, spleen and inactive kidney. The pain of the back, back and arthritis quickly disappear.

Very dangerous for a child born in the womb if infection if from Zika Virus in pregnancy.

According to a new study, Zika virus can be more dangerous than our thinking in pregnancy. It can lead to long-lasting eye diseases. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison University researched monkeys, discovered that the infection of the zicha virus goes from the secretion to its embryo, causing damage to the tissues supporting the embryo. Ted Golose said, "It is a serious matter. If microscopy is a small part of the problem for the children suffering from infection in pregnancy, then the rest of the problem can be much larger than ours. "This study has been published in the medical field magazine 'PLOS Pathogens'. |

It is possible to remove the mouth tumor without cutting mouth with the help of the robot now.

In India, there is a new technique to remove tumor with the help of robotic surgery, and according to the doctors, it is relatively less pain. This technique does not cut the mouth of a person suffering from mouth or neck cancer, but the tumor is removed with the help of robot. This technique consists of a robot and several arms, one of which is attached to the camera. Through this, the portion of the mouth, throat and neck can be reached, where there is a tumor and can not reach the doctor's hands. With the help of a robot, the tumor is removed and cut and no incision is made in the mouth and neck of the patient. Through this technique, 500 operations have been done at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute and the hospital has also done a study on 57 people. Which has been done in a period of two and a half years. Doctor says that 43 out of 57 patients got rid of cancer.

Alzheimer's, brain disorders also have a serious risk of less sleep.

Researchers at Marche Polytechnic University of Italy studied the brain of two groups of rats. As per their wish, a group wished to sleep or woke up for 8 hours. The other group was kept alive for five consecutive days.Researchers found that astrocytes were found to be about 8% active in low-sleeping mice. At the same time, the level of sleeping rats was not less than 13 percent. The team found in their study that astroscope was found to be about 6% active in brain sinuses of uninterruptant sleep mice, according to researchers, this procedure can be beneficial in the short term, but in the long-term context, it can be found in Alzheimer's and other brain disorders There is a growing risk of danger.

How To Make The Lower Bottom Strengthen, Do utkatasan Yoga

Method :-

Standing straight while holding the distance between the two legs.
Hands towards the ground while spreading hands toward the front, the holes are straight. Bring the pelvis down slowly by turning the knees down. Stay in such condition. Be aware that your hands are parallel to the ground.
Sit upright while pulling the spinal cord with caution, relax.
Keep breathing and reverse the newspaper pages, enjoy the national and international news. Slowly sit in the chair and sit down, but keep in mind that your knees do not go beyond your fingers. Go slow down slowly and then sit in a dry house.
Benefit :-
Spinal cord, hips and chest muscles are good exercise.
The bottom of the back provides strength.
Thighs, heel, legs and knees muscles get strength
There is firmness in the balance and mind in the body.

Many more products including Patanjali's divine amla juice, failing in quality test

Many Ayurveda products of Patanjali, Baba Ramdev, claiming the best quality have proved to be a failure in the quality test. The RTI has revealed that 40% of the Ayurveda and Greek offices of Haridwar have found that 40% of the Ayurvedic products, including Patanjali's products, have been found to be poor in quality. Of the 82 samples collected between 2013 and 2016, 32 failed the quality test. Among the low-quality products, Patanjali's Divine Amla Juice and Shivlingi seeds are also included. Acharya Balkrishna, managing director of Ramdev and Patanjali's dismissed the report of the laboratory. He said that this report is an attempt to malign Patanjali's image.

Uttanasan Yoga strengthens shoulder, knee and spinal cord.

First of all, stand in a flat place, standing in the gap. Put your feet on a distance and keep the shoulder straight. Now breathing in the normal way and lowering it from the waist. Bending in such a way that your chest touches your knees, stretch your body a little bit, and try that your chest and stomach are sticking to your hip's thighs. Now raise your butt up and raise your hands with your hands Try to catch Paajo.
Some seconds remained in this currency. You can stay for 30 minutes with 1 minute. Do not close your eyes during this posture.

Advantages: -
It removes the pain of the back, shoulders, and neck, removes its pain.
It also brings flexibility in the hood
It improves the body's posture.
This improves your digestive system.
It makes the lateral parts of the legs flexible and strong
This is useful for activating your stomach muscles.

After a few minutes of being born, the child started walking, the world with the doctor was also shocked.

Not only the doctors but the whole world is shocked. Even then, no one is trying to walk as soon as it is born.After the child was released from the womb, the doctor took the child in his hand and started trying to walk. Of course, this is a strange sentence.But this child appeared with a doctor's support. The child looks so agile, just like he did not have been born a few minutes but had been a few months. The child is becoming very comfortable on his feet in the hands of doctors.

How to make chest and shoulder strong, make Chakrasan Yoga

This is similar to the asana chakra, so it is called chakrasan. This seat is exactly like the wheel.

Method :-

Select a clean and airy place and take a clean mat. Now lie right back to the bench. Now fold both the legs and keep your ankles slightly holes in the center of the lye pero. Turn the two fingers to the elbows and fold the finger part of the palm to the shoulders, keeping the loins close to their shoulders. Now keep the palms and feet on the floor firmly on the stomach and raise the chest. Wait 30 seconds at this stage. Let the breath stuck in the asana to come. Now leaving the breath, come back to the ground and straighten the feet and take hands to back to the lower side. Now relax in the breathing.

Benefit :-
1, the spinal cord is flexible.

2, diseases such as constipation are removed, digestion is good.

3, obesity is low, the fat around the waist decreases.

4, the chest is made, the shoulder becomes strong.

How to keep the spinal cord flexible and genitals balanced with Dhanurasan yoga.

This seat is named after it because of its bow shape. Laying on the side of the plate, keep the buttocks wide in the feet and keep both hands straight on either side of the body. Turn the knees to the waist and hold the leopard with your hands. Raise the chest filling from the ground and drag the feet towards the waist. Look at the face while keeping a smile on your face. Keeping the breath in mind, remain steadfast in the asanas, now your body is like a bow. Long breathe deeply, relax in the asana. Be careful, do the same according to your ability, do not tolerate excessive body. After 15-20 seconds, exhale, lift your legs and chest slowly back to the ground. Resting while releasing the leopard.


Provide strength to the back, spinal cord and stomach muscles.
Balancing genitalia
Removal of chest, neck and shoulder stiffness.
Confirming the hands and abdominal muscles.
Making the spinal cord flexible
Free from stress and fatigue.
Wellness in the work of kidneys.

Indian-origin doctor made unique app, now women can order online sperm!

Indian doctor working in a UK sperm bank has started a mobile app that women can order sperm of such a person. Whom she considers as her child's potential father. Dr. Kamal Ahuja, who works as a scientific director in London Sperm Bank, believes that this is the first of its kind in the world. This is the first app of its kind in the world. ' The newspaper has named this app from London Sperm Bank 'Order A Daddy'. With this, a woman can order the sperm of her choice. By looking at things like color or length of children or eyes, a woman can choose the potential father of her child..

Beneficial to the health of the indigenous cow's milk |

A recent research has revealed that the milk of the native cow India, which is called A-2 milk, is a boon for our health. On the other hand, most of the milk sold in the market is of cross breed or foreign cows, it is not suitable for health. A2 is very beneficial for milk health because it is easy to digest. According to the news of Times of India, big companies like Amul are now entering the market with A-2 milk.