Now there will be hallmarking on gold

Last Updated: 13 February, 2018, 17:21 PM By: Shortheadline
Now there will be hallmarking on gold

Modi government can make hallmarking of gold ornaments compulsory from January next year. Under the Indian Standards Bureau Amendment Act, the government can do this. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has taken this decision. Hallmarking is planned to be compulsory for three categories of 8, 14 and 22 carat ornaments. The decision has been postponed till March 31.

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First Published: 13 February, 2018, 17:21 PM
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nature havoc: 718 deaths in the country, 29 people died in Kerala due to floods.

In many states across the country floods are rife with rain. Due to these, 718 people have died so far. The maximum damage to the flood has occurred in UP, West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, North Eastern States, Assam and Nagaland. At the same time in the last 50 years in Kerala, there has been a devastation due to rain for the first time.A total of 29 people have died since the ravages of floods and rain in the state. There are conditions like landslide and flood in place. Water is flooded in the fields of Wayanad in Kerala. Farmers are afraid of ruining their crops. Water is flooded in the residential areas of Kochi. People are driving in the risk of life here. The army has secured 30 foreign tourists stranded in the resort in Munnar, Kerala.According to the fast and rain, 171 people have died in UP alone so far. In the last 24 hours, six people have died in UP. According to the National Disaster Response Center (NERC), 171 in Uttar Pradesh, 170 in West Bengal, in Kerala, in the state of Bihar, the villages of UP's Basti district are flooded with flood water due to which they are imprisoned in houses and forced to live in fear. In 178 and Maharashtra, 139 people have died so far. At the same time, 52 people in Gujarat, 44 in Assam and eight in Nagaland have died.

Diesel prices in Delhi break all previous records of inflation

In Delhi, diesel has been priced at Rs 64.58 a liter from today, which is the highest level ever till date, while the petrol price has reached Rs 73.73 per liter, which is four years high. Public sector petroleum companies last year Fuel prices are revising on daily basis. According to the price notification, petrol and diesel prices were increased by 18 paise a liter in Delhi today. Petrol in Delhi is now Rs 73.73 per liter, before the price of petrol at Rs. 76.06 per liter on September 14, 2014. Had reached. Diesel price has reached its highest level of 64.58 per liter. Earlier, on February 7, 2018, diesel touched a high of Rs 64.22 per liter.

Maharashtra will invest Rs 60,000 crore in 10 years: Mukesh Ambani

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani has said that his company will invest 60,000 crore in the next 10 years to make the country's first integrated integrated area in Maharashtra in collaboration with global companies. Ambani said that over the past few weeks, more than 20 global companies have agreed to invest in Reliance.

In a branch of PNB, ₹ 11,356 crore illegal transactions revealed

Punjab National Bank (PNB) said on Wednesday that unauthorized transactions of about `11,356 crore ($ 1.77 billion) in one of its branches in Mumbai have been traced. PNB said that these transactions were done to benefit selected account holders and on the basis of transactions, other banks paid these account holders abroad.

Banknotes were held for 15 months, RBI still doing the counting of old notes

Note 15 months after the ban, the RBI is still working on the accuracy and authenticity of the number of notes closed. The Reserve Bank said that this work is being done very fast. This information was received in response to the RTI application filed by PTI. Complete information can be shared only after this process is complete

These 8 officers will answer questions related to GST on Twitter

According to an official order, the Ministry of Finance has nominated eight tax officials to handle GST related questions on social media site Twitter. It has been decided on behalf of the Ministry of Finance that 8 officers with immediate effect be available to answer questions arising through Twitter and e-mail.

SEBI released high alert after seeing the stock market boom today

Today the budget session has started. In the beginning of the week, the stock market recorded a surge. In view of the rising market bounce, SEBI has given high alert. On the SEBI directive, the stock market has ordered brokers to collect large margins from large and foreign investors. With the current surge in the market, SEBI is facing a risk of increasing systemic risk in the market.

Petrol and diesel prices will be increased from Monday, prices will go up

The cess will be applicable on petrol-diesel from Monday. After that, the price of petrol and diesel will increase by 12 o'clock. The price of fuel will increase by 1 percent on Sunday night from 12 a.m. The Madhya Pradesh government has issued notifications. Make it clear here that the increased price will be applicable in percent on every liter of fuel.

Alibaba becomes second Asian tech company to cross $ 500 billion

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba's market capitalization went up by more than $ 507 billion on Thursday and it became Asia's second technology company, crossing the $ 500 billion mark. Earlier, the tech company tensent capitalized on November 20, 2017, more than $ 500 billion. Significantly, Alibaba has become the eighth most valuable company in the world.

Gold rose to a 14-month high of Rs 31,450 per 10 gram

Due to demand, gold has reached a height of 14 months. Gold prices jumped Rs 350 to Rs 31,450 per 10 grams on Thursday. Silver prices surpassed Rs1,100 per kg to Rs 41,000 per kg. Due to seasonal marriage, gold has also been strengthened.

Prime Minister's Round Table Meeting with Global CEOs in Davos

World Economic Forum 2018, Davos has been launched. The program was started on Monday-Tuesday night, according to Indian time. Let Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrive at Zurich and meet the President of Switzerland. After this, he moved towards Davos to participate in the World Economic Forum.

Petrol was priced up by 2.4 rupees and water was 3.5 rupees per liter.

So far in January, gasoline has become more expensive than 2.4 rupees. At the same time, the price of diesel has been more than Rs 3.5 per liter. In Delhi, diesel has crossed Rs 63 per liter. At the same time, the price of petrol has come up to Rs. 72 per liter. On Tuesday, petrol was sold at Rs 72.38 per liter and diesel at 63.20 per liter.

IT department sent notice to 2 lakh people, did not file returns

The government has sent a notice to 2 lakh people, who have deposited more than 20 lakh rupees in the bank after the note-taking. Such people did not respond to IT department questions or file tax returns. Central Board of Direct Taxes is raiding across the country. The CBDT chairman said that the tax collectors should be honoured by holding the thieves and honouring the honest people.

Market capitalization of 6 of the top 10 companies increased by Rs 1 lakh crore

Market capitalization of 6 of the top 10 companies in the Sensex increased last week by ₹ 1,07,370.4 crore. Meanwhile, the biggest increase in TCS's market capitalization, which increased by `34,811.32 crore to` 5,65,624.13 crore and the capitalization of HDFC rose by 22,238.48 crore to `3,03,614.28 crore. At the same time, ONGC and Maruti Suzuki's market capitalization declined.

Copyright law was applied today in India 60 years ago

On January 21, 1958, the first 'Copyright Act-1957' of independent India was enforced, which secures the rights of original compositions. For violating the law, there can be a fine of at least 6 months and a fine of 50,000 and it has so far been amended 6. Prior to this law, the Copyright Act -1914 was applicable in India.

Tax notice sent by government to those who invest in Bitcoin

According to information provided by the Income Tax Department, survey done across the country has shown that transactions of $ 3.5 billion in 17 months have happened in the Kryptokrancisanj. After this, a decision has been taken to send a notice to the people who invested it.

Now Hindustan Petroleum will be part of ONGC

Government Company ONGC has announced to buy more than 51 percent of the government stake in Hindustan Petroleum for Rs 37 thousand crore. Hindustan Petroleum will now be a part of ONGC. The price will be paid according to Rs 473.97 per share. Hindustan Petroleum will end the government's direct stake.

Women's Leading Top Women Women Leaders include Shikha Sharma

India's own Shikha Sharma has been CEO and MD of Axis Bank since 2009. The most important work of the crest is strengthening the franchisee, which offers retail loans, investment banking, expanding payment products etc. Since then the shares of the bank increased by 90 percent. The mother of two children, Shikha started her career in the finance industry with the ICICI Bank in 1980.

Economic Crisis: America on the brink of shutdown, the Trump administration to deal with the situation

The US government is standing on the verge of captivity. The Trump administration is busy in dealing with this situation. This is happening for the first time in the last five years because the Senators rejected the funding bill passed by the House. Through this bill the government was assured funding till February 16. The US government is currently officially under arrest.

TRAI offers tips on how to provide mobile and internet services during the flight

TRAI suggested today to provide mobile and internet services to the passengers through satellite and ground network during the flight. TRAI said in the in-flight connectivity suggestion, the Authority authorized the passengers in the air and mobile communication Both facilities suggest to be given in-flight connectivity.

BitCoin rolled 10 thousand dollars in 1 month, plunged into 6.5 hours in 24 hours

All the Cryptocurrency (virtual currency) prevailing in the world have been in decline since the last one and a half months. According to the market insider, Bitcoin saw a decline of 12 percent on Wednesday and its price slipped below USD 10 thousand to US $ 9,936.

Aadhaar card required for online access to insurance company LIC

Insurance company LIC has now made the Aadhar card necessary for online access. Now it is necessary to give the Aadhaar number for taking the LIC's new policy or filling the amount of any insurance. In the new design, the policyholder will be required to provide registration numbers to the policyholder. At the same time, access to your own policy page will also need to provide the details of the base.

Warrant issued against Vijay Mallya in Kingfisher Airlines case

The special court in Bangalore against Bhagora Vijay Mallya and other 18 people issued an arrest warrant in the Kingfisher Airlines case. The complaint of the case was made by SFIO. The investigating agency informed that there was the considerable irregularity in case related to Kingfisher Airlines. The court set up under the Companies Act has issued warrants of arrest against Mallya and 18 others.

Ramdev's claim- Patanjali's business will grow bigger than HUL

Patanjali has claimed that by next year, his business will be more than the country's largest consumer goods company Hindustan Unilever. According to the last annual sales report of both the companies, Patanjali's sales in the year 2016-17 was Rs 10,561 crore, which was almost one-third of the HUL. In 2016-17, HUL achieved sales of Rs 34,487 crore.

Government Survey Comes In Front - Delhi's richest people

Statistics from a government survey show that Delhi remains the richest one in the world. These figures have been released by the Central Government's National Family and Health Survey. Apart from Delhi, Punjab is also the richest in the state. Bihar is at the bottom of the list. More than half of people in Bihar do not even have their own home.

Jio's plans for 19, 52 and 98, know the benefits of this plan.

You get 1.05 GB 4G data as well as local and SDT free calling and 70 SMS free SMS per day in Geo's 52 rupees plan. The plan will also be given there. At the same time, Local, STD calls are being provided free of charge. The validity of this plan is 7 days.

There will be gratuity up to 20 lakh tax free!

The staff working in the organized sector will soon get a good news. Actually, the upcoming budget session can be passed in the Payment of Gratuity Amended Act 2017. After this, tax exemption limit on gratuity for employees will be Rs 20 lakh.

The effect of simplifying single brand FDI rule: 10% will reduce business

This week, the Central Government has approved 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from the automatic route in single-brand retail trading. At present, the organized retail sector accounted for about 9 percent of the retail market. For this reason and other reasons like GST, the stake will increase to 22 percent in the next five years. In the next two years, 30 new foreign brands can come to India. According to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), the government's decision will have the opposite effect on retail traders. By 10, 2019 10% of the business is expected to be reduced. According to the report of industry organization Ficci and Deloitte, the retail industry in the country is about Rs 45 lakh crore. It is expected to grow at a rate of 10 percent every year.

Reliance Jio is now ready to bring JioCoin: report

According to reports, Reliance Jio is now preparing to bring a crypto named JioCoin. A report in Mint states that Mukesh Ambani's eldest son, Akash Ambani, is leading the JioCoin project. There are 50 young professionals in this team and they are working together on blockchain technology.

Buying a house now cheaper due to GST and Note ban

The ban on bondage and GST not only happened on the country's economy but also on the real estate sector. These two decisions of the Modi government helped reduce the prices of the house. In 2017, the prices of homes decreased by 3% on average. In addition to the note-taking and GST, the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) was also responsible. Property consultant Knight Frank has released a report. According to this report, property prices have come down significantly in the year 2017. According to the report, the decline in homes prices in the big cities of the country is an average of 3 percent.

Free services to be found in banks will not be finished, IBA clarifies

The Indian Bank Association (IBA) has denied the reports of fees being levied for all banking services, including depositing and withdrawing money from January 20. The banks' organization, IBA, described the ongoing news in this regard as totally baseless and false. He told that the banks have made such a decision, and there is no such proposal. However, the IBA said that keeping in mind the operational and commercial viability, the bank will continue to review the various charges related to the transaction.

RBI stops making coins , says - there is no place to keep

The work of making coins has been stopped. RBI's treasury is packed with currency deposited in the queues for hours and hours during the note-ban and the RBI is raising the coins less than the mints. Coins have been stopped because of this. Public sector security printing and mining corporation of India has mint in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Noida. ET has seen copies of the notices sent by the Mumbai and Noida units to the staff, in which it has been said to stop coin casting.

World Bank rely on India's potential, 7.3% growth forecast in 2018

World Bank has projected India's growth rate to be 7.3 percent for the year 2018. The World Bank says that with the comprehensive reform measures being taken in the existing government in the country, India has more potential in terms of development compared to many other emerging economies of the world. At the same time, according to World Bank estimates, India is likely to grow at a rate of 7.5 percent in the coming two years. According to the World Bank, which has issued its 2018 Global Economic Prospect, according to the notebook and the GSAT system in the country had got some effect in the beginning. But despite all this, India's growth rate has been estimated at 6.7 percent in 2017.

The middle class can get big relief in the budget, 3 lakhs can be income tax exemption limit

Modi government can give great relief to the middle class in the upcoming budget. In the coming general budget of 2018-19, the government can increase the tax exemption limit as well as make changes to the tax slab. There is a proposal to increase the personal income tax exemption limit in front of the Finance Ministry from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. The general budget of the year 2018-19 will be the last full budget of the current government of the Modi government.

Make money from companies that can benefit from technology

Managing Director, TVF Capital Advisors
If the budget is not populist, then it will be astonishing because the general elections are due after 12 months. The state's elections will not have special significance for the market. In the budget, special attention can be given on the rural front. The Indian stock market is worried about overvalued mid-cap segments. This was said by Shiv Puri, managing director of TVF Capital Advisors of Singapore. They say that despite the expected profit growth, there could be a fall in valuation of mid-cap companies. In an interview given to Sanam Mirchandani, Puri said that the companies which are benefiting from the change in technology should invest in them.

Nifty first time reached 10600, Sensex also opened on alltime high

After the start of the new year with slow pace, the stock market has gained momentum. On the first day of this business week, the stock market open on its new record level on Monday. On Monday, Nifty reached its first figure of 10600. At the same time, the Sensex touched the all-time high and opened at a level of 34,216.

Ministry of Finance - Warning of doing business on your risk in Bitcoin

The central government has issued a statement on Friday and said that investing in bitcoin is highly risky. Because of this, your car can earn earnings. The Finance Ministry has said that every person should invest in it on their own responsibility. In his statement, the Finance Ministry said that there is no natural value of virtual currency like bitcoin. It is not connected to any kind of property. Because of this, the boom and fall in the price of bitcoin is directly based on speculation.

Airtel introduces 1 GB data plan for Rs 93

Telecom company Bharti Airtel (Airtel) has introduced a new prepaid tariff plan of Rs 93. This prepaid pack of Airtel includes unlimited calls (local, STD and roaming calls) in addition to 1 GB 3G / 4G data and 100 SMS per day. The validity of this plan is only 10 days.

LPG decision taken back, price will not increase every month now

Modi government has given great relief to the common man on LPG. The central government has withdrawn its decision, under which the price of LPG cylinders was increasing every month. With the withdrawal of the Modi Government's decision, the price of the LPG will not be affected every month on the common man. "The decision has been withdrawn in October only," the PTI quoted a top source as saying.

RCom's share jumped 65% in 2 days, impact of news of debt reduction

On Tuesday, Anil Ambani placed his strategy in front of shareholders to reduce the growing debt on Reliance Communications by press conference. Anil Ambani said that his company will have a 4G spectrum sharing agreement with Geo. In relation to huge debt over the company, he said, "We have a complete strategy to lend the company's debt and we have reduced it from 45,000 crore to 6,000 crore." After this news, Reliance Communications shares There was a tremendous surge in sight. The company's stock jumped nearly 65 percent in two days.

India will become the world's 5th largest economy by surpassing UK and France next year

India will become the fifth largest economy of the world by defeating France and Britain in 2018. The Indian economy, which is moving forward towards continuous reforms, will reach this stage next year. This claim has been made in a report released on Tuesday. This is said in the report of the Center for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) Consultancy. It has been said in the report that due to the cheap resources of energy and technology, the global economy has been projected to increase sharply.

Airtel Payment Bank CEO resigns in Aadhar abuse case

Shashi Arora, CEO (Managing Director) and Managing Director of Airtel Payment Bank, has resigned from the post on Friday in connection with misuse of Aadhaar number by UIDAI (Indian Unique Identification Authority). The company has not yet announced the name of Shashi Arora's successor. The e-KYC services attached to the company's base were postponed to December 16 by the UIDAI.

The country's economy will be up to $ 7,000 billion by 2030: Debrooy

Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council (PMEAC) President Bibek Debroy said today that the country's economy is estimated to be between 6500 and 7,000 billion dollars by 2030. That would be $ 10,000 billion by 2035-40. He said that per capita income would be only $ 4,000 billion by 2030 which is still less than many other countries.

Hero introduced the 2018 Super Splendor, Passion Pro and XPRO Bike

Hero MotoCorp today introduced 3 new bikes. The company can launch these 3 new bikes in India- 125cc Super Splendor, 110cc Passion Pro and 110cc Passion XPRO at the beginning of the new year. These three updated bikes are of 2018 models and they have given better style and strong features. The company has given 124.5cc single-cylinder, air-cooled 4-stroke engine in the bike. Bike engine is equipped with Hero i3S technology which provides 11 bhp power and 11 Nm torque. The top speed of the bike is 94 km / h. It has been painted with matelics, as well as its bright graphics make it even more brighter than before.

Sensex Today Live: Sensex bounce by 162 points, Nifty also boosts

Before the weekend and Christmas holiday, the stock market has closed down. The Sensex closed at 33,940.30 with a rise of 184.02 points till Friday's close on the trading day. The Nifty also closed at a level of 10,486 with a 45-point surge. However, the rupee closed at 64.05 with a modest 1-paise. The Sensex rose 36.73 points to 33793, while the Nifty opened at 10458 with an increase of 18.30 points. In Gujarat and Himachal on Monday, after two days of BJP victory, there was a rally in the market for two days, but since Thursday the business is going on normal.

LPG cylinders will now reach your home via Facebook, Twitter

The social media platform is used for advertising and business. Not only this, many facilities are being added to the social media platform, including service for food order and blood donate. Now another service has been added to the social site, where users can book gas cylinders sitting on social media only.

Ambani's power business to buy Adani, Rs 18,800 crore deal

Anil Ambani-led Reliance Infrastructure (R Infra) on Thursday indicated that he has signed an agreement to sell Adani Transmission to its Mumbai's power business. This entire deal has been reported to be around Rs 18,800 crore. Reliance Infrastructure (RInfra) signed an agreement with Adani Transmission (ATL) under which it will sell 100 percent stake in Mumbai's power business, including the distribution of several integrated businesses, transmission and electricity.

Big fall in bitcoin, slipped 30% from record level to below $ 14,000 level

There has been a huge decline in the cryptogenic Bitcoin that has been continuously bouncing for some time. On Friday, it dropped 30 percent from the record level of 20 thousand dollars (12.80 lakh rupees) at the BitsTamp exchange, which fell below $ 14,000 (Rs. 8.96 lakh) i.e., a decrease of about 4 lakh rupees per bitcoin. Before that on Wednesday it fell 15 percent.

Mobile number portability can be increased to a maximum of Rs 4 instead of fee 19: TRAI

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed to reduce the mobile number portability fee from existing 19 rupees to maximum 4 rupees. He has asked the parties to give the opinion on this proposal till December 29. TRAI argues that the operational cost of mobile number portability providers has decreased over the last two years, while the number of requests for porting has increased and given this, it is useless to keep the cost per transaction more cost.

OLA will buy food delivery, Food Panda for $ 200 million

Ola has purchased Foodpanda India from Germany's Delivery Hero Group. Foodpanda is the third-largest food delivery app in the country after Zomato and Swigi. For this, the company has invested $ 200 million and has invested 50 million stock-based investments.
Foodpanda India CEO Saurabh Kochhar has decided to resign from his post. Ola's founder member Pranay Jivraj has been appointed interim CEO of Foodpanda India and he is working with the existing team.